Đồng nghĩa của death defying


Likely to have adverse consequences
dangerous risky hazardous perilous unsafe high-risk treacherous threatening unsound chancy reckless fraught with danger parlous tricky precarious uncertain unpredictable insecure vulnerable daredevil dicey exposed breakneck hairy touch-and-go dodgy gnarly sticky venturesome alarming dangersome hot playing with fire Russian roulette shaky ugly unchancy unstable desperate unhealthy serious menacing difficult critical unsure grievous grave problematic jeopardizing delicate terrifying loaded dynamite extreme unsteady ticklish touchy wicked rugged in danger at risk in jeopardy jeopardising on thin ice touch and go iffy rocky dire thorny unreliable awful speculative jeopardous terrible problematical dubious life-threatening acute worrying awkward defenceless deadly fatal defenseless bad rickety tough nasty sensitive slippery dreadful severe erratic destructive distressing taxing unprotected adventurous hanging by a thread prickly unsettled knotty profound very bad shonky tight wobbly life-and-death doubtful peracute explosive lethal bleak exigent arduous unpleasant upsetting grim suspect urgent punishing pressing bitter unguarded drastic weak appalling malignant viperous venturous egregious frail troublesome harmful frightful undependable capricious volatile trying flimsy unsecured heavy in the balance onerous vexatious challenging forbidding irksome bothersome wide-open fluctuant endangered tottering rough dark disagreeable worrisome concerning fragile open to attack consequential unfriendly disturbing questionable spartan hostile long shot out on a limb sobering painful brutal madcap depressed tricksy spiny catchy ominous daring haphazard not safe scary tottery incalculable unclear suicidal cliffhanging suspenseful woeful catastrophic ruinous hanging in the balance on slippery ground on a slippery slope built on sand unknown threatened injurious toxic sore tragic loose untrustworthy fearsome calamitous unshielded ill-protected imperative crucial intolerable lamentable hopeless deplorable burning charged tense undefended unlocked assailable compelling harsh intense horrible unsettling ghastly sickening tenuous on a limb turbulent eruptive vital overwrought clamant disastrous significant considerable pregnable unfastened unbolted controversial poor sorry outrageous lousy crying impregnable formidable serpentine mortal portentous queasy impending emergent inflammable inflammatory unsubstantial importunate imperious weighty exacting hard big fierce excessive major intensive strenuous grinding toilsome on collision course strained anxious jerry-built loosened teetery slack slackened lax relaxed spindly decrepit necessitous full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil irredeemable irretrievable chronic nebulous important instant volcanic combustible stressful wonky insubstantial sketchy feeble essential wavering immature rootless vacillating unconvincing sudden decisive knife-edge afflictive all-important highly charged easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken nerve-racking


Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks
audacious bold daring brave enterprising adventurous courageous fearless intrepid reckless valiant daredevil venturesome dashing unafraid gutsy madcap unflinching death-or-glory devil-may-care heroic plucky rash risky valorous venturous wild adventuresome ballsy brash dynamic emboldened foolhardy free-swinging game hardy mettlesome nerved nervy overbold overconfident spirited spunky temerarious dauntless go-ahead have-a-go aweless gutty resolute uncurbed undaunted ungoverned hasty impetuous incautious desperate hot-headed heedless impulsive ill-advised kamikaze harum-scarum precipitous imprudent irresponsible hell-for-leather hare-brained tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop risk-taking hotheaded dangerous violent hazardous furious frantic precipitate lawless headstrong determined monstrous anxious headlong heinous scandalous careless shocking worried distracted atrocious gallant lionhearted doughty stalwart gritty stout heroical manful unshrinking stouthearted thoughtless confident stout-hearted greathearted undauntable lion-hearted overhasty carefree feisty harebrained exciting negligent injudicious unthinking breakneck chivalrous swashbuckling unabashed ill-considered swaggering pushy macho tough brazen unheeding foolish unwise fire-eating regardless noble over-adventurous over-venturesome uncareful spartan frivolous inconsiderate assured steely indomitable cocky strong flamboyant unalarmed ostentatious rock-ribbed unfearful dazzling mindless as game as Ned Kelly indiscreet inattentive giddy casual presumptuous unconcerned cavalier unguarded unwary erratic manly shameless unconsidered unworried positive stupid silly peppy defiant decisive hurried exploratory unfearing flighty unblenching tenacious thrill-seeking dareful capricious impudent helter-skelter out of control abandoned sudden forward abrupt brassy fast and loose suicidal self-destructive crazy impavid crackpot cool high-risk scatty impractical senseless honourable great-spirited unapprehensive remiss unsafe mad assuming bantam aggressive sturdy resourceful crackbrained radge dogged happy-go-lucky nonchalant impervious undisturbed icy haphazard easy-going redoubtable assertive wide open frightless staunch forceful daft chaotic wacky lively romantic rakish airy flippant insouciant urbane extreme life-threatening quixotic hairy suave dignified thrilling honorable dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy sporting off deep end out on limb puissant worthy powerful gung ho untroubled breezy indifferent careless of one's duty fly-by-night firm chin-up fortitudinous herolike eye-catching startling flashy striking gaudy showy romping light-minded disorderly salty smart-alecky cheeky smart obtrusive crusty lackadaisical fire eating go for broke out on a limb hot shot restless seeking roisterous saucy unspeakable pell-mell whirlwind flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene free and easy on the go rumbustious misguided overventuresome precipitant rough tempestuous rushing uncontrolled unsmart overweening cocksure hubristic smug bumptious conceited uppish self-assured playing with fire outrageous overbearing blustering arrogant self-assertive presuming riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish spontaneous ill-conceived decadent unpremeditated fast-paced full of yourself instinctive extemporaneous impromptu snap involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited licentious self-indulgent self-gratifying unconstrained fast immoderate louche carnal corrupt intemperate slack harsh extravagant profligate wanton salacious unrestrained gadabout heading for a fall emotional freakish unprompted unrepressed unpredictable quick offhand swift unmeditated hectic superficial perfunctory speedy passionate unexpected automatic spur-of-the-moment ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it


Not subject to death or decay
immortal eternal everlasting undying perpetual enduring lasting abiding deathless imperishable constant timeless endless indestructible never-ending unfading ageless dateless perennial ceaseless classic continuing indissoluble inextinguishable ongoing perdurable permanent persistent sempiternal traditional unending ever living immutable never dying amaranthine incorruptible interminable never-ceasing phoenixlike undeadly that will live forever that will never die infinite continual unceasing incessant uninterrupted without end continuous unchanging unbroken boundless long-lasting unremitting durable indefinite forever illimitable non-stop relentless unfailing persisting limitless steadfast steady remaining firm changeless unfaltering sustained lifelong surviving never-changing continued immemorial unlimited unrelenting unabating stable immeasurable fixed unbounded round-the-clock measureless untold inexhaustible prevailing incalculable immensurable bottomless unwavering inestimable unfathomable horizonless fathomless invariable always indeterminate indelible ineradicable monotonous overlong undivided termless fast long-standing long-term long-lived chronic always-on vast immense nonstop undiminished unvarying unsurpassable numberless self-perpetuating multitudinous countless no end to no end of memorable recurrent long-established unforgettable long-running standing unrelieved deep-rooted established returning immovable time-honoured unchangeable unalterable irreversible regular great habitual set old longstanding reliable cosmic without limit in for the long haul tenacious repeated unspoiled youthful fresh agelong atemporal never-dying irrepressible age-defying unswerving ever-abiding undestroyed unquenchable unended strong unshakable frequent staunch stalwart resilient ingrained secure running without respite prolonged unsuppressible irreparable consecutive dependable beyond measure inexpungible anti-aging without ceasing without interruption inveterate perduring undeviating unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent recurring annual yearlong yearly seasonal living unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled unbreakable for keeps set in concrete forever and a day set in stone ever-enduring till the cows come home without limits current sustaining advancing pursuing maintaining persevering progressing going on unflagging lavish total full utter in progress shatterproof with no holds barred resistant carrying on heavy-duty hard-wearing sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout toughened abundant abounding adamantine infrangible undestroyable rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable armoured reinforced irrefrangible inextirpable unyielding made to last armored not stopping having no end classical proven traditionary customary accustomed ritual time-honored conventional routine usual prescriptive orthodox accepted doctrinal popular standard common normal stereotyped ritualistic widespread prescribed tried and true tried and tested widely used extensive innumerable unabated deep myriad around-the-clock long protracted profound huge enormous unfathomed day-and-night abysmal solid lengthy indeterminable untiring long-drawn-out indefatigable lingering unwaning staying repetitive boring tedious oft-repeated undefined extended round the clock long-winded extreme dogged yawning unwearied tireless unplumbed incomprehensible rambling connected aeonian interminate nagging uncountable tremendous unnumberable innumerous no strings consistent periodic without number drawn out drawn-out bountiful stretched out periodical successive very deep spun out dragged out on a treadmill unconfined cavernous uncertain unfixed plumbless chasmic unsounded wearisome neverending plummetless large unwearying undisturbed gaping universal dragging laborious ponderous assiduous diligent niggling jillion unreckonable zillion lengthened meandering wordy verbose abyssal outstretched uniform even wide open copious longish no holds barred incomputable untroubled all-embracing profuse numerous straight gnawing elongated strung out manifold prolix many uncounted various several direct unnumbered without stopping day and night steady-going turgid immensurate unspecified unknown unintermitted unbottomed unstoppable undecided undetermined unresolved unsettled priceless invaluable uncalculable remorseless unsparing inexorable wide-open closed no catch unflinching 24/7 far down pushy regularised regularized standardised unalleviated hard stern sedulous harsh static settled stationary unchanged implacable sustainable no strings attached chasmal unmeasured unplumbable precious maintained standardized stellar supreme sunken million stupendous supertemporal wide all day and all night at all times prodigious valuable soundless impenetrable resolute soporific immeasurate smooth unfluctuating deep-set real full-out all-out full-blown complete totalitarian all-encompassing full-scale rhythmic invariant seemingly endless sound predictable with no let-up for ever and ever without surcease without a break nonrandom beyond price on tap ad nauseam all day long progressive straightforward in succession unruffled through on an even keel all-year-round unbound looped dull very great extendable viable extending far down world-without-end sure unsummed infallible unforeseen erratic unpredictable unforeseeable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy iffy haphazard hit-or-miss renewable replenishable time-consuming omnipresent not to be reckoned never-failing certain plentiful considerable umpteen massive colossal unmeasurable ubiquitous slow marathon voluminous diffuse fail-safe loyal surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring long-drawn crawling with alive with wall-to-wall all-pervasive remote stretched tall stretch expanded delayed distant faraway stringy high stretching far-off elongate towering lanky gangling enlarged rangy lofty far-reaching multifold rife generous superabundant bounteous 24-hour circumlocutory circuitous windy far same tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy dyed-in-the-wool teeming diverse varied multiple legion assorted prevalent ample digressive verbal discursive pleonastic spread out periphrastic tiresome wandering maundering garrulous logorrheic familiar overflowing liberal plenteous rich sundry multifarious multiplied reiterated multiyear multiday circumlocutionary ambagious redundant logorrhoeic rock solid counted on thick on the ground miscellaneous well-provided large-scale motley populous mixed disparate rampant replete well-supplied reiterative thick iterated flowery millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of full of verbiage

Trái nghĩa của death defying

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