Đồng nghĩa của seeking

Alternative for seeking

seeks, sought, seeking

Đồng nghĩa: explore, hunt, look for, pursue, quest, search,

Trái nghĩa: hide,

Tính từ

Looking for

Tính từ


Tính từ

Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences
adventurous daring bold audacious enterprising venturesome daredevil intrepid rash adventuresome reckless brave dashing gutsy venturous dangerous dauntless fearless have-a-go risky unafraid undaunted unshrinking valiant valorous confident emboldened foolhardy free-swinging hardy hazardous heedless heroic nerved nervy peppy spunky headstrong pushy temerarious carefree courageous dareful exciting exploratory presumptuous restless risk-taking thrill-seeking on the go plucky gallant spirited ballsy lionhearted brash doughty game stalwart gritty madcap stout unflinching mettlesome devil-may-care manful heroical gutty resolute impulsive stout-hearted stouthearted greathearted undauntable lion-hearted overbold overconfident hasty imprudent incautious swashbuckling wild determined death-or-glory impetuous chivalrous thoughtless harum-scarum hotheaded ill-advised unfearful brazen precipitate hare-brained indomitable overhasty harebrained flamboyant hot-headed feisty rock-ribbed dazzling irresponsible unabashed injudicious indiscreet tenacious unconsidered headlong unthinking unblenching spartan macho tough dynamic assured precipitous kamikaze brassy hell-for-leather unwise improvident slapdash ostentatious careless romantic showy shameless breakneck jumping to conclusions ill-considered striking noble manly precipitant as game as Ned Kelly strong unalarmed positive fire-eating death-defying decisive lively smart aweless defiant desperate tearaway irrational bull-in-a-china-shop forward unguarded cool go-ahead frightless fiery immature frenzied premature foolish unwary furious insuppressible passionate sporting unheeding unfearing impavid inconsiderate redoubtable assertive stupid silly herolike ill-conceived puissant worthy powerful over-adventurous over-venturesome swaggering rakish nerveless aggressive sturdy resourceful eye-catching startling flashy gaudy roisterous persevering resilient ill-judged saucy unspeakable rumbustious cavalier orped ungoverned uncurbed misjudged unthought-out undismayed reactive staunch forceful shocking stylish firm chin-up fortitudinous dogged high-risk knee-jerk Ramboesque jaunty sporty debonair not thought through badly thought out wide open unsafe mad off deep end out on limb exuberant inattentive assuming bantam outrageous mindless salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky obtrusive crusty negligent breezy extreme life-threatening thrilling crazy gung ho attractive raffish animated buoyant energetic fire eating hot shot regardless misguided crackpot go for broke overventuresome swish elegant impractical senseless out on a limb uncontrolled uncareful unsmart playing with fire out of control helter-skelter fast and loose crackbrained radge urbane dapper daft chaotic wacky frivolous exclusive swank alert gay rousing vivacious keen extravagant steely abandoned unconcerned unrestrained unworried vigorous immoderate wanton intemperate icy eager unapprehensive zealous sassy violent impervious undisturbed unabashed by unshakable undaunted by unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened happy-go-lucky casual nonchalant high-spirited frantic superhuman easy-going brisk strong-willed Herculean lawless airy flippant insouciant capricious ardent gingery peppery classic exaggerated grand epic untroubled indifferent mettled resolved frisky steadfast sprightly elevated high-flown inflated grandiose not scared monstrous heinous scandalous anxious mythological champion lavish lackadaisical having nerves of steel worried atrocious distracted unreserved stand tall bigger than life free and easy profuse abundant free volatile excessive prodigal unfettered decadent fast-paced self-indulgent self-gratifying salacious fast unconstrained slack harsh profligate licentious louche carnal corrupt gadabout

Danh từ

A goal or task, typically achieved by means of an expedition
quest crusade mission exploration undertaking venture enterprise adventure errand pursual hunt exploit experience escapade endeavour expedition campaign caper feat affair pursuit stunt endeavor fling task hazard effort operation gamble romp business speculation project flutter charge deed activity work commission plan engagement process thing job assignment event calling crapshoot vocation happening goal trial exercise scheme risk duty trip act purpose proceeding move proposition attempt experiment essay deal try performance incident game antic episode contingency time labor labour action chance aim function flier flyer jeopardy voyage gest emprise measure plunge objective brief stake detail investment setup office play responsibility trade outfit striving do ballgame cause pet project big idea leap in the dark follow through geste procedure transaction struggle hassle shop occupation programme what one is into concern proposal interest employment lark achievement program conception suggestion idea wheeze accomplishment bag baby province stint onus gig celebration number doing trick fun and games long row to hoe piece of work piece of business plan of action attainment bit byplay tour de force winning securing happenin' shot course peril stab throw wager spec test business enterprise post chore journey trust end profession lifework person's task occurrence scene endangerment go crack bid bash whack assay whirl pass manoeuvre maneuver course of action offer bet shot in the dark exertion step long shot ground plan game plan lottery system throw of the dice design strategy raffle matter blueprint implementation drill master plan coordination punt hunch toil arrangement random shot travail contrivance outside chance tactic racket tactics method risky business one's all problem one's level best toss-up road map line of action initiative spree movement tryout leap lesson agenda handiwork guess proceedings maneuvering triumph shenanigans plot coup luck lick toss up tilt pot luck uncertainty manoeuvring stratagem outline obligation application ploy industry execution device push scam ruse circumstance energy machination stroke burden intention machinations conspiracy subterfuge wile fortune pig in a poke dry run fall of the cards stab in the dark secret plan appointment option go-down gambling foray workout blind bargain productivity progress craps game line issue departure gesture behavior conduct behaviour victory one's best challenge piece backing artifice dodge one's darnedest all one's got preoccupation case blow gambit role craft try-on dealings deployment something done contribution iffy proposition big chance sham con fastie shift pet smart money risky venture right money speculative enterprise dealing worry workflow attempt on crack at bid for path route hard work best shot conquest consummation wish ambition aspiration hope pretension ideal holy grail target contract desire intent crafty designs set-up cunning plan grand design taskwork devoir care spin of the roulette wheel heroic act daring act crash project steps lookout preserve headache fifty-fifty policy practice recipe formula shenanigan game of chance measures expedient layout masterstroke bailiwick pigeon funeral brainchild channels development cabal tour of duty field sphere successful manoeuvre complete success act of genius the luck of the draw training progression prank procedures scrape mischief evolution growth ante reaction response frolic skylarking surmise supposition goings-on perfecta pledge Yankee accumulator tricast diligence conscientiousness acts undertakings potshot antics jape conjecture quinella trifecta rag roguery knavery jest monkeyshines shavie shines waggery capriccio gag dido ante-post bet odds sweepstakes daily double parlay each-way bet betting pot side bet place bet lot folly rib jaunt rollick vagary down on odds on wild guess matter of chance risky thing luck of the draw turn of the wheel flip of the coin toss of the dice practical joke high jinks fooling around accident trouble force stress fate casualty coincidence hap destiny probability fortuity sweat strain happenstance serendipity mishap misfortune providence fluke graft muscle pains power try on dynamite way the cookie crumbles lucky break stroke of luck possibility way the ball bounces lucky hit hundred-to-one expenditure bother while slog moil resolution yakka battle strife determination discipline pull strength tension welly sweat of one's brow hard graft blood, sweat and tears old college try elbow grease hard yakka

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