Đồng nghĩa của soliciting

Alternative for soliciting

solicits, solicited, soliciting

Đồng nghĩa: appeal, ask, beg, canvass, request,

Danh từ

The action of dealing or trading in something, typically illegal
traffic trade business commerce dealing peddling dealings bootlegging exchange market marketplace negotiations smuggling trading trafficking transactions barter doings proceedings closeness communication communion connection custom familiarity industry interchange intercourse intimacy merchantry patronage relations relationship black market buying and selling selling merchandising bargaining transaction retailing marketing sales truck export retail wholesale buying wholesaling deal commercialism affairs industrialism contracts free enterprise production and distribution vending association sale bartering import interaction correspondence transfer contact shopping hawking manufacturing network purchasing consumerism economics production financial transactions networking give-and-take big business capital and labor racket enterprise game undertaking commercial enterprise business relations clientele import and export clientage swapping swap relationships auctioning bandying intercommunication meetings companionship connections relation touch commutation exchanging part-exchanging part-exchange converse shift dicker interface give and take trade off connexions teamwork mesh transacting trade in auction transferring selling off influence reference touchpoint touching base social relations team play commercial transactions quid pro quo collaboration cooperation partnership coordination synergism union alliance interactivity collusion coaction concert coopetition interactiveness unity partisanship federation harmony participation esprit de corps liaisons concord solidarity fellowship fusion coadjuvancy unanimity understanding cahoots reciprocity society company synergy symbiosis interchanges interplay working together mutual effort joint action tie-ups combined effort linkups hookups affiliations confederations interrelations reciprocal action interplays symbioses interfaces meshings synergies coalition confederation affiliation confederacy teaming combinations meshing concurrence liaison cooperating conspiracy accord consorting linkup combination hookup compromise involvement combined effect tie-up doing business compromises coalitions concerted effort teamings concurrences team effort accords mutual support joint effort conspiracies confederacies pulling together playing ball interoperability concerns rapport back-and-forths matters assistance help logrolling kotahitanga traffickings meshes converses bargainings doing business with back-and-forth

Danh từ

A request, typically made in earnest
suit request appeal entreaty petition plea adjuration cry pleading prayer solicitation suppliance supplication conjuration desire imploration invocation application asking imprecation requesting humble request call requisition demand claim obsecration importunity bid begging beseeching orison overture question impetration urge address submission obtestation recourse inquiry earnest request enquiry exhortation cry from the heart intercession rogation litany proposition bidding ultimatum proposal wish command requirement behest insistence urgent request cri de cœur dun ave memorial begging request round robin importuning enjoinment de profundis query market summons pretension right pretence pretense dibs offer commercial beseech postulation invitation tender form letter devotion communion lien reclamation approach draught presentation paper hope supplications worship grace contemplation observances meditation devotions benediction imploring prayers chant service draft order imposition answer adoration want pressure mandate stipulation request for help clamour need condition provision dictate holy rites urging hest drive charge counterclaim arrogation pursuit big ask exaction must-have interest interrogation entreatment clamor suggestion instruction direction prompting injunction motion decree purchase order plan appetite recommendation instigation directive invite instance edict indent scheme will programme word say-so advance proffer program run on rush on game plan pitch feeler persuasion task encouragement assignment auction stress investigation dictum impulse incitement ask proffering fiat call to action precept do rule imperative ruling commandment run exigency rescript calling bell pressing PO rush notice canon beck insistency arm-twisting petitioning purchase requisition expressed desire determination perseverance persistence resolve subpoena doggedness firmness levy project rights terms toll beck and call privilege entitlement manifesto design fee pass big idea outline scenario idea layout setup angle picture brain child payment preemptive declaration dueness first dibs contribution extortion

Tính từ

Expressing an earnest or humble request
supplicating supplicant beseeching pleading entreating imploring prayerful suppliant supplicatory begging persuasive piteous desirous earnest ritual votive precatory craving desperate longing heartfelt petitionary on bended knee devout religious pious godly saintly spiritual righteous sainted faithful reverent devoted saintlike virtuous divine good pure moral believing dedicated devotional angelic blessed pietistic sanctified innocent unworldly spotless upright consecrated hallowed perfect seraphic venerated pietistical faultless untainted revered immaculate uncorrupt godlike sublime humble sacrosanct undefiled glorified just chaste clean venerable god-fearing holy God-fearing sacred sinless dutiful churchgoing ethical orthodox blameless upstanding worthy irreproachable guiltless ecclesiastical sacral unprofane honest decent principled blest consecrate noble honourable uncorrupted law-abiding honorable beatified right exalted respectable straight true ordained canonized high-minded heavenly nice exemplary scrupulous stand-up right-minded meritorious sacramental laudable conscientious praiseworthy noble-minded squeaky-clean canonised trustworthy supernatural commendable all right fair deified anti-corruption adored equitable stainless beatific moralizing reverential smug born-again clerical moralising priestly worshipped set apart among the angels worshiped charitable punctilious reserved philanthropical messianic impartial matchless philanthropic creditable deserving peerless special seraph theological full of good works goody-goody immortal theistic enshrined inviolable eternal anointed numinous solemn devoted to God dedicated to God reverenced proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher

Động từ

Present participle for to implore or make a request for
requesting asking begging petitioning entreating imploring beseeching importuning supplicating demanding seeking appealing requisitioning pleading impetrating requiring conjuring calling craving claiming besieging obsecrating desiring questing exacting pressing bespeaking lobbying postulating applying querying questioning pressuring bumming cadging cadgin appealing to asking for calling on calling for pleading with pleading to applying to pleading for pressing for suing for applying for putting in for hitting up begging for petitioning for speaking for drumming up hitting on praying for whistling for passing the hat praying urging suing enjoining bidding adjuring ordering appealing for exhorting obtesting invoking summoning canvassing commanding obtaining calling upon praying to expecting directing compelling inviting inquiring bidding for instructing insisting on raising enquiring attracting asking earnestly charging obliging getting forcing gathering collecting rounding up looking for pushing for proposing telling pestering sponging challenging beckoning sending for stipulating for clamoring for securing engaging necessitating invocating pushing insisting bracing propositioning encouraging stipulating asking urgently requesting earnestly dictating putting in mandating decreeing wheedling nagging wishing warning putting in an application appointing inquiring about buying trying to obtain going on bended knee to clamouring for badgering for making a claim pestering for nagging for baying for laying claim to insisting upon taking promoting mobilizing prigging inspiring bringing to pass inciting provoking inducing bringing on prearranging referencing suggesting pleasing fundraising mobilising plaguing blandishing coaxing referring making a plea to persuading extorting extracting crying calling forth imposing crawling filing interceding electing ordering beforehand submitting wooing abjuring worrying advocating reciting saying contesting addressing advancing constraining craving of working on aspiring barking spieling canvasing calling to making bearing squaring things clamouring campaigning requesting urgently coercing arrogating crying for hailing clamoring baying goading pursuing prompting summonsing putting in a claim for putting dibs on speaking hustling going on bended knee touting copping a plea making up for making an urgent request resorting making an earnest request making a plea holding out for enquiring after making an entreaty making application asserting oneself obligating causing counting on filing for badgering investigating exploring paging placing an order drumming prodding bugging nudging drumming up support making a pitch for going after putting in an order holding out putting in a plea submitting an application booking acquiring going in fetching reserving asking forcefully asking brusquely asking authoritatively egging on campaigning for discovering commissioning hiring freeloading imploring for lobbying for digging up putting in an order for placing an order for sending away for sending off for writing off for contracting for leeching mooching accepting donations asking people to give panhandling for scabbing ordaining needing prescribing bludging borrowing tasking succeeding in finding subpoenaing authorising authorizing ruling scrounging calling the shots giving orders forcing upon giving the command to giving the order to giving orders to giving directions laying down the law bossing around imposing on putting foot down sorning on someone for touching someone for

Động từ

Present participle for to attract or lure by temptation
luring enticing alluring tempting seducing beguiling decoying baiting betraying leading on inveigling coaxing drawing entrapping persuading attracting cajoling ensnaring inducing charming fascinating pulling hooking deceiving sucking in misleading captivating wheedling enchanting deluding bewitching inviting mousetrapping wooing winning over steering sweet-talking roping in coming on turning on duping tricking suckering conning trapping stringing along wiling appealing to soft-soaping tolling whetting the appetite of sweeping off one's feet leading astray bedeviling bedevilling blandishing beckoning enrapturing snaring leading touting shilling distracting ensorcelling dragging training roping witching killing magnetizing honeying daring drawing in hitting on egging one on leading up garden path tantalizing intriguing convincing smooth-talking magnetising tantalising drawing out making mouth water batting eyes at prevailing on dangling a carrot in front of sweeping off feet giving the come-on to making your mouth water dangling something manoeuvring maneuvering bribing fooling coming on to hoodwinking entrancing taking in mesmerizing bamboozling spellbinding hypnotizing dazzling blinding gulling double-crossing cheating snookering snowing cozening shafting having hoaxing humbugging misguiding buffaloing bluffing hornswoggling gaffing misinforming diddling catching spoofing gammoning burning juggling buttering up befooling hypnotising having on taking advantage of sticking flimflamming shaving faking out scamming jockeying gypping chiselling rooking exploiting finessing chiseling playing mesmerising manipulating taking playing for a sucker taking for a ride putting one over on pulling a swifty on leading up the garden path pulling a fast one on imposing on swindling defrauding bilking stinging ripping off stiffing doing kidding outwitting victimizing doing a number on finagling fleecing victimising mulcting pulling one's leg flattering euchring fiddling buncoing blarneying influencing illuding screwing jiving leading one down the garden path pulling the wool over one's eyes putting on swizzling urging talking into chicaning hosing skinning selling a pup to taking to the cleaners hustling pulling the wool over somebody's eyes faking wangling fudging swaying lying selling teasing palavering shortchanging giving someone a bum steer reaming pulling the wool over someone's eyes disinforming beating getting round outmanoeuvring outfoxing overreaching outmaneuvering working on stitching up bleeding setting up squeezing getting shorting sandbagging skunking thwarting pressing thimblerigging worming chousing prevaricating plucking bantering pestering plaguing nobbling bringing round fabricating goldbricking robbing misstating double-dealing misrepresenting catching out falsifying shucking lying to arguing into perverting distorting making a fool of pretending shaking down doing in pulling somebody's leg pulling strings pulling wires sending on a wild goose chase putting on the wrong track throwing off the scent disappointing flirting joking entangling misdirecting jollying feigning frustrating shamming enmeshing bartering jawboning soothing importuning contriving circumventing milking baffling gouging flirting with stroking soaping oiling clipping outsmarting propagandizing playing a trick on dissimulating getting around prevailing upon propagandising dissembling mocking crossing rigging jerking around sweetening up arm-twisting gaslighting pulling someone's leg four-flushing covering up pulling fast one making up to winding up one-upping doing the dirty on spreading it on having someone on passing off fixing letting down double dealing selling down the river putting on an act putting on false front taking someone in selling out taking someone for a ride putting up a front playing games pulling wool over eyes putting up smoke screen giving wrong information to wrong steering playing trick on imposing bending the rules stacking the cards stretching the rules pulling something funny hitting below the belt pulling in using dusting embezzling juking stumping foxing trifling bunking pulling something dallying toying pilfering coquetting wantoning putting someone up to something talking playing dirty blagging tripping up two-timing impressing throwing courting psyching out flamming leading down the garden path flattering into play-acting giving the runaround flannelling flanneling fawning biasing biassing giving the wrong impression sending on a wild-goose chase cuckolding playing a jest on playing a prank on framing playing a joke on pulling a fast one selling a pup making a sucker of getting the better of making prodding playing a practical joke on suckering into doing out of doing someone in the eye taking to the cleaner's doing number on selling a bill of goods to pulling wool over taking for imposing upon playing away crossing up stepping out obsessing coercing pressuring arguing pressurizing reasoning ingratiating playing for a fool hocus-pocusing running a game on playing games with angling operating beating out of taking to cleaners playing joke on taking for ride backstabbing failing stupefying kowtowing pressurising brownnosing pushing softening massaging crowding bootlicking toadying caressing defeating defying foiling breaking faith with stabbing in the back splitting playing false rushing stage-managing twisting around your little finger besotting softening up arranging trimming cribbing belirting roguing lirting blenching rogueing pandering to bringing pressure to bear on laying it on torturing tormenting titillating building up working over rebelling against belying eluding disobeying infatuating short-changing joshing chaffing japing yukking gagging yucking quipping funning wisecracking jesting handing a line sucking up to playing up to getting next to challenging taking out breaking the rules giving bum steer screwing over exciting provoking taunting rubbing the right way laying it on thick bringing off plotting working conniving colluding swinging conspiring machinating lobbying licking someone's boots encouraging sweeping you off your feet bothering ridiculing ragging netting affecting annoying worrying badgering beleaguering gnawing harrying harassing capturing vamping counterfeiting simulating assuming professing fibbing philandering with toying with alleging appeasing mollifying entoiling implicating bagging embroiling ensnarling meshing immeshing tangling keeping hanging poking fun at yanking somebody's chain making sport of making fun of trifling with chatting up acting claiming converting placating landing keeping someone hanging on making someone's mouth water keeping hanging on impersonating purporting aspiring propitiating conciliating pacifying sweetening catching up betrapping involving benetting making eyes at talking into something letting on whitewashing making out shucking and jiving laying claim passing yourself off as stonewalling jazzing claiming falsely masquerading passing for malingering fishing exaggerating assuaging gentling perjuring equivocating twisting somebody's arm misspeaking boxing in setting a trap for reeling in laying for humouring bulling misinstructing overdrawing paltering forswearing faking it forswearing yourself telling a white lie departing from the truth perjuring oneself forswearing oneself telling a lie making up a story stretching the truth not telling the truth lacking candor framing someone perjuring yourself telling an untruth concocting a story BSing saying something untrue inventing a story telling a terminological inexactitude committing perjury telling a falsehood telling stories bearing false witness breaking promise telling untruths putting off guard winning the affection of unarming humoring disarming setting at ease

Động từ

Present participle for to make or offer inappropriate proposals or services

Động từ

Present participle for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushing pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing urging encouraging influencing persuading advising compelling imploring admonishing driving hustling obliging promoting begging bothering hounding inciting spurring advocating constraining expediting harassing badgering browbeating bullying forcing pestering beseeching inducing inspanning prodding hassling intimidating motivating nagging recommending harrying inspiring making obligating prompting railroading adjuring coercing dragooning goading nudging propelling entreating exhorting impelling insisting steamrolling keying up speeding up trying to persuade pushing around putting the screws to strong-arming press-ganging putting up to railroading into dragooning into pouring it on prevailing on insisting on pushing for steamrollering into bulldozing into turning on appealing to firing up selling on egging on exerting influence on using pressure on going to town on putting the heat on bearing down on browbeating into putting pressure on putting the screws on using strong-arm tactics on pleading enjoining plaguing importuning requesting appealing instigating moving maneuvering sanctioning asking manoeuvring besetting petitioning proposing stimulating wheedling countenancing commending rationalising charging conjuring advancing tempting rationalizing mithering bugging calling on twisting someone's arm leaning on psyching up dunning bulldozing bludgeoning fast-talking squeezing brainwashing provoking blackjacking stirring impressing muscling sandbagging whipping bouncing triggering putting the squeeze on siccing bringing pressure to bear on sounding roweling rowelling turning on the heat breathing down someone's neck steamrollering compressing threatening tyrannizing squashing condensing constricting ramrodding tyrannising acting on working on putting under an obligation rousing inflaming exciting stinging challenging pricking politicking selling requiring needling coming at lashing rousting working up titillating working over fomenting commanding causing twisting arm tightening the screws on having having someone do something tightening the screw on hectoring ordering prevailing upon blackmailing menacing turning the screw on effecting turning the screws on demanding imposing on

Động từ

Present participle for to put forward one's questions
asking posing putting raising positing proffering proposing submitting presenting propositioning putting forward querying questioning tabling asserting pitching propounding suggesting tendering advancing extending offering stating volunteering asking about throwing up getting the answer to seeking the answer to preferring accosting approaching advocating postulating voting broaching setting forth peddling discussing promoting introducing bouncing mooting contending mentioning hypothesizing counselling adducing affirming promulgating inviting urging spreading nominating naming advising recommending requesting pressing proponing yielding counseling kibitzing spitballing bringing up putting forth hypothesising holding out laying before putting up laying on the line making a motion bringing forward speaking one's piece putting to coming up with making a pitch laying down setting out moving for hitting on giving lodging delivering airing imparting citing moving producing declaring expressing trotting out providing laying ventilating prescribing exhorting filing laying out entering bringing expounding exhibiting exposing intimating announcing putting on rolling out bringing about staging showing mounting carrying plugging setting before registering bidding committing floating putting in handing in selling rendering conveying alleging placing recording representing conjecturing essaying adverting speculating opining saying organizing supplying acquainting forwarding putting on record evoking venturing projecting initiating putting on the table building up puffing beating the drum for aggrandizing publishing serving hyping putting on the map making a pitch for ballyhooing laying forward made known throwing out throwing spotlight on exalting offering as a suggestion doing canvassing encouraging referring giving an introduction turning transposing translating venting furnishing fixing up making acquainted with getting together acquainting with opening to view sent in organising putting on to something giving a tip steering putting in two cents offering a suggestion touting tipping off tipping pressing for daring to say illustrating demonstrating displaying unveiling issuing relating demoing arguing reporting launching previewing casting manifesting contributing handing out putting on display putting before the public setting establishing inquiring enquiring

Động từ

Present participle for try subtly or deviously to elicit a response or some information from someone

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