Đồng nghĩa của using

Alternative for using

uses, used, using

Đồng nghĩa: employ, exercise, exploit, handle, manage, practice, take advantage of, utilize,

Trái nghĩa: disuse,

Động từ

Consuming, especially an illicit substance

Danh từ

The utilization of something
employment use application exercise utilisation utilization implementation usage adoption onboarding action appliance exercising exploitation operation usance agency exertion function handling interaction play purpose working activity disposition interplay motion putting into operation using something practice administration discharge fulfilment fulfillment execution enactment accomplishment putting into practice carrying out prosecution performance applying management pursuit manipulation praxis enjoyment control effect deployment active enforcement imposition influence guidance movement direction functioning running treatment consumption law administering conditioning maneuvering mobilisation mobilization expenditure capitalization effecting manoeuvring act realization bringing to bear discipline habit ritual routine tradition convention custom achievement commission contrivance fulfilling pursuance effectuation performing perpetration realisation carrying through completion attainment consummation doing fruition undertaking actualization completing acquirement success feat exploit mechanics mechanism conclusion finishing actuality work materialization discharging workings deed perfection culmination conduct dispatch materialisation process delivery engineering machination procedure maneuver manoeuvre close bringing off triumph production reification handiwork end observance conquest crowning winding up implementing redemption conducting positive result enforcing technique method exaction procurement exploits reaching acquittal feats form style gaining accomplishing rendering concluding closing gratification manner winning coup effort maturation masterpiece fashion pass art artistry behaviour pulling off victory stroke successful completion master stroke polishing off sewing up acquisition behavior tour de force feather in cap experience following pursuing operationalization acts bestowal delivering committal committing kick contentedness contentment responsibility transaction exacting imposing mode of operation maturity enterprise inflicting infliction achieving creation provision carrying into action ripeness hit resolution finish carrying off bringing about doling out meting out dealing out dispensation move operating duty task stroke of genius ripening maneuvers manoeuvres kicks observance you got it just the ticket pleasure readiness fruitfulness satisfaction moves nuts and bolts gesture approach machinations operations successful resolution playing acting deeds enactments gestures methods approaches portrayal staging successful fulfillment successful conclusion successful consummation successful finalization successful execution personation representation depiction processes appearance personification actions blows strokes doings undertakings play-acting insistence reinforcement obligation requirement win impersonation presentation playacting duress lash compulsion coercion prescription spur whip pressure necessitation impulsion glory masterstroke ascendancy advance effectuality benefit flying colors ascendency progress jackpot skill effectiveness effectualness baby grand slam eminence walkover strike favorable outcome walkaway favourable result successful outcome efficaciousness auspiciousness arrival favourable outcome éclat miracle successfulness acting out compulsory law martial law

Danh từ

An amount of money spent
expenditure outgoings outlay expense spending charge cost costs disbursement expenses overheads payments consumption outgo payment application dues output use amount figure investment kickback outflow payoff price rate setback splurge squander throw tune valuation value money spent bottom line come to cash on barrelhead overhead budget damage sum fee bill price tag outgoing toll levy tariff tab disbursements fare charges freight ante score assessment worth running costs incidentals damages bite estimate operating costs quotation terms total asking price retail selling price ransom demand sticker appraisal ticket appraisement duty monetary value debit face value payout incidental oncosts fixed costs upkeep premium spend bounty rental squeeze incidental expense surcharge liability debt injection of capital highway robbery payment required hire charge market price an arm and a leg per diem cost of living obligation out of pocket disposal expending disbursal giving donation paying out laying out parting with handing out doling out pay out consideration prize exaction return reckoning pay hire wages wage quote costing salary estimation account estimated price tax remuneration stipend emolument allowance compensation check bid entrance fee evaluation ticket price bid price reward quoted price recompense earnings honorarium handout price sticker tender statement invoice average standard usual fees impost pricing excise packet offer book paycheck monetary worth economic value pay-off imposition admission pay envelope customs tally ballpark estimate tidy sum estimated value list of charges going rate estimated cost entry fee ballpark figure pot label quantity number raise financial value equivalent aggregate rates guesstimate levies tariffs set-back price ticket pledge note of charges running total judgement judgment survey lease amount of money rent entry starting price marked price ask price bill of fare import tax customs duties export tax menu due rent payment entrance slug token passage money ticket money transport cost passage money entry charge admission fee bribe commission percentage contribution liberation money approximate cost approximate price approximate value meed tribute tithe ledger cut take piece house rake-off end slice handle subscription share juice take-in chunk gravy reimbursement emoluments receipt balance register remittance requital income revenue profit inventory itemization computation cess bad news checking account bill of sale amount due statement of indebtedness request for payment statement of charges itemized account note of charge IOU net pay takings gross pay profits gain take-home pay lucre proceeds brokerage capitation giveaway towage salvage custom proportional tax pork barrel fine piece of the action alimony advance pension annuity down amends defrayment support restitution subsidy cash repayment refund portion amortization amortisation redress indemnification reparation retaliation defrayal part acquittal award quittance

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