Đồng nghĩa của shooting up

Động từ

Present participle for to be successful
prospering thriving flourishing succeeding blooming flowering advancing progressing arriving blossoming burgeoning booming doing well expanding going well improving spreading faring well getting on well growing vigorously making it being successful coming on getting ahead picking up becoming rich flying high going places making good making headway making progress augmenting battening bearing benefiting benefitting fattening gaining growing increasing multiplying producing rising scoring striking gold striking oil yielding doing all right for oneself going great guns bearing fruit becoming wealthy catching on doing wonders feathering one's nest getting on getting on in the world getting there going up in the world making good speed making money making out making the big time making your mark going to town growing rich hitting it big hitting the jackpot making a killing striking it rich turning out well living the life of Riley shining profiting developing bourgeoning maturing ameliorating growing well covering ground moving ahead coming along making inroads going forward gaining ground taking steps forward coming of age moving forward working up developing well making strides getting places spreading your wings starring standing out figuring triumphing prevailing leading performing emerging featuring building excelling glowing waxing mushrooming reigning supreme pressing forward cracking on standing in good stead wearing the crown pressing on pushing forward moving onward going ahead pushing ahead becoming better getting better having a gift for having a gift making good use of reaping benefits reaping the benefit forging ahead getting somewhere running riot standing out in a crowd moving forward in leaps and bounds stealing the show making a go making the most of putting to good use having legs turning to one's advantage achieving it cutting it making the grade cracking it getting to the top achieving yielding results hitting the target making a name for oneself carrying off finding a place in the sun carrying all before you bringing home the bacon dominating achieving recognition reaching the top breaking through gaining recognition becoming famous gaining ascendancy attaining ascendancy beating the system attaining control carrying all before one gaining control beating the game striking it big accomplishing winning gaining your end doing all right for yourself

Động từ

Present participle for to make a quantity bigger
increasing raising enlarging improving incrementing boosting building enhancing furthering multiplying adding expanding extending proliferating advancing amplifying doubling elevating heightening maximising maximizing optimising optimizing augmenting consolidating developing enriching escalating inflating progressing strengthening bettering building up deepening magnifying reinforcing tripling widening annexing broadening compounding lengthening accelerating aggrandizing amassing ameliorating beefing up bumping up cranking up dilating distending hiking up inflaming jacking up lifting making better making bigger making greater making larger prolonging pumping pumping up reenforcing sharpening stepping up supersizing swelling topping up upraising mounting padding parlaying protracting redoubling snowballing spreading supplementing swarming teeming thickening waxing blowing up collecting elongating fleshing out following up going up growing hyping jacking marking up pullulating ratcheting up slapping on tacking on upping upscaling adding to soaring rocketing rising mushrooming spiralling spiraling climbing burgeoning surging accumulating intensifying skyrocketing appreciating leaping up bourgeoning ballooning accruing arising aggravating piling up increasing rapidly getting bigger gaining leaping jumping hiking rolling up intensating getting higher mounting up going through the roof rising rapidly putting up booming cumulating rousing gathering upsurging towering escalading vaulting exploding piling ascending exaggerating stoking peaking increasing suddenly increasing dramatically growing rapidly ramping up pushing up going through the ceiling running up goosing up fetching up exacerbating surging up sending through the roof jumping up becoming greater rising up getting larger scaling up prospering picking up upgrading getting better thriving billowing stacking up speeding up uplifting coming on looking up gaining ground shaping up making strides coming around turning the corner promoting meliorating worsening making worse perfecting cultivating helping amending boosting up refining forwarding benefiting benefitting mending fortifying rectifying honing correcting reforming building on brushing up redressing fixing smartening up fine-tuning sweetening piggybacking tagging on bolstering advertising revitalizing advertizing accentuating buttressing supporting revitalising rallying amping up bucking up fostering shoring up pushing righting embellishing moving up curing squaring remedying healing repairing settling resolving civilizing smoothing slicking rounding civilising making clear sleeking explaining sharping up vitalizing patching up putting to rights setting right sorting out putting right making good tweaking clearing up becoming better making improvements to dealing with favouring endowing favoring aiding inspiriting invigorating advantaging stimulating titivating brightening adding value to perking up envigorating driving forward giving a facelift to giving a lift to giving a boost to contributing to doing up polishing up sprucing up encouraging the growth of fixing up revamping excelling changing for the better working on straightening out improving on transcending mitigating polishing touching up remediating assuaging smartening

Danh từ

A sudden increase in amount or extent
explosion increase rise boost escalation growth expansion multiplication upturn burgeoning development enlargement mushrooming rocketing snowballing dramatic increase rapid increase sudden increase augmentation hike increment inflation upsurge appreciation accrual uptick spike uptrend swell swelling surge gain step up buildup accumulation jump aggrandizement accretion extension aggrandisement run-up proliferation bump amplification intensification upgrade raise creep accession magnification enhancement elevation upswing addition spread cumulation boom distension advancement climb accumulating distention advance heightening piling up stacking up ascent gathering collection spiralling assemblage more leap addendum upgrading quadrupling doubling lengthening tripling waxing crescendo lift intensifying plus exacerbation avalanche upping build-up spiraling ramp up upward turn supplement acceleration high bounce ascension raising stimulation soaring creation rising ascendance improvement upgrowth stockpile towering soar promotion increasing amassment aggregation expanding annexation stockpiling pooling pileup assembly enlarging augmenting move up upward movement jump up assembling hoarding collecting amassing reserve annex store flowering annexe reinforcement building up stocking up increasement maximization optimization breakthrough merger exaggeration appendix access incorporation complement elaboration continuation broadening dilation top-up maximisation optimisation large increase maturation progress evolution up progression mass heap stack growing reproduction incubation ballooning buildout agglomeration strengthening gestation gradual growth amelioration worsening mounting augment aggrandization logjam backlog boosting formation concentration enrichment flood rush uprise advertising load hype publicity puff plug life span spurt uprush spreading appendage add-on skyrocketing wax mount beefing up fleshing out adjunct jack up expanse accruement stepping-up imperialism cultivation nurture diversification unfolding diffusion accrument profit unfurling furtherance evolvement embellishment globalisation globalization resilience strength life cycle vigor vigour economic expansion pregnancy scaling up gaining roundup acquisition obtaining cumulus garnering lodgment lodgement reaping compilation spreading out opening out blowing up attainment piling harvesting heaping procuring aggregate increase in size blow up gravidity chunk levying expansionism elasticity buoyancy ripening procreation mound pile bunch hunk reduplification manifolding repetition repeating exponentiation reproducing reduplication recurrence duplication compounding conglomeration deposition stash economic growth parturiency bank pool clump lump bundle high level of activity family way fecundation cluster deposit gob

Tính từ

Beginning to develop
budding incipient nascent beginning burgeoning developing embryonic fledgling growing potential promising aspiring coming future rising aborning flowering germinal inceptive inchoate prospective up-and-coming blossoming fresh germinating maturing opening pubescent pullulating sprouting vegetating wannabe would-be young in the making with potential bursting forth emergent emerging early undeveloped ambitious possible hopeful striving dawning evolving infant likely elementary talented immature rudimentary wishful eager initial enterprising flourishing efflorescent just beginning gifted able keen optimistic latent dormant energetic zealous unformed arising starting longing aspirant unrealized commencing advancing expanding determined go-getting introductory pushing initiatory florescent inflorescent embryonal apt hungry initiative fundamental basic in its infancy blooming in bloom in blossom in flower likely to succeed bearing fruit primary incomplete originating to come to be up and coming upcoming seminal naissant impending sunrise appearing new probationary amateur start resulting emanating emanant coming out outgoing unindustrialized fervid aggressive vigorous in an early stage issuing forth so-called professed amplifying thriving augmenting self-appointed unfulfilled self-styled probable intending succeeding soaring high-reaching climbing go-getter soi-disant quasi- conceivable implicit imaginable viral go-ahead enthusiastic driven committed pioneering self-seeking motivated hard-driving progressive first inaugural inherent impassioned endeavoring expectant purposeful endeavouring earliest coming on strong get up and go on the up and up original foremost eager beaver on the make antecedent imperfect formless virgin preliminary amorphous unshaped unfinished shapeless pioneer headmost just begun leading leadoff

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