Đồng nghĩa của initial

Alternative for initial

initials, initialed, initialled, initialing, initialling

Đồng nghĩa: beginning, earliest, first, introductory, letter, primary,

Tính từ

Existing or occurring at the beginning
first early opening beginning inaugural introductory commencing preliminary primary embryonic inceptive incipient maiden original starting earliest premier elementary fledgling foundational inchoate pioneer foremost headmost initiative leadoff preparatory prime rudimentary virgin antecedent basic fundamental germinal initiatory nascent pilot test trial foundation inductive infant leading premature young lead-in primitive prefatory prior precursory prelusive primordial primeval elemental preparative essential primaeval rudimental primal underlying prelim abecedarian preceding basal pristine meat-and-potatoes aboriginal precursive advance preludial budding exploratory previous experimental proemial developing anterior native archetypal forward prodromal prelusory prototype emergent prodromic autochthonous indigenous ancient prototypal radical emerging autochthonic provisional simplest earlier substratal primo new aborning explorative prefatorial necessary dawning growing old preambular preambulatory prolegomenal principal exordial key easy chief central ahead cardinal domestic endemic born lead head underived local capital paramount bog-standard master tentative important number one numero uno past major ABCs uncomplex plain simplified simplex clear before duck soup child's play meat and potatoes unprecedented pioneering launching dedicatory prolegomenous raw basilar lowest explanatory undeveloped first-time first-gen readying preparing first-edition first-ever brand-new immediate nuts-and-bolts uncompleted larval prehistoric immature newborn firsthand direct advanced originating avant-garde unmediated base burgeoning prototypical unfledged up-and-coming expeditionary vanguard beforehand impending foregoing prep precautionary evolving underivative entry-level simple investigative fact-finding virginal first-generation unindustrialized first-hand embryonal prior to unmarried pure intact former at the fore sent ahead in the forefront sent on ahead in the lead in front in anticipation of in advance of start just beginning precedent in an early stage proving unwed chaste undefiled developmental sample model in advance in its infancy ahead of time untapped unused unbroached maidenly fresh untried speculative preexisting preexistent erstwhile home-grown pre-existent pre-existing congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited vital facile straightforward uncomplicated intrinsic indispensable root organic structural supreme top constitutional ingrained inherent crucial best integral profound pivotal critical highest main greatest requisite ultimate significant bottom-line deep supporting sustaining constitutive deep-seated substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom axiological groundlaying top-level first-rate top-tier elite pre-eminent notable preeminent front commanding overbearing outstanding arch sovereign sovran grand big dominant noteworthy great presiding high supereminent overriding predominant overmastering ranking A-number-1 top-notch number-one A-1 hotdog heavyweight heavy champion of note hotshot at the leading edge heavy stuff at the cutting edge hot stuff most important most prominent most skilled most influential most illustrious

Tính từ


Danh từ

(typography) A large initial letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph, usually used at the beginning of a section or chapter of a book

Trái nghĩa của initial

initial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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