Đồng nghĩa của inciting

Alternative for inciting

incites, incited, inciting

Đồng nghĩa: agitate, excite, inflame, instigate, provoke, rouse, stir, urge,


Providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration
inspirational motivating influential motivational rousing stirring energising energizing inspiring envigorating invigorating persuasive stimulating uplifting affecting arousing encouraging galvanising galvanizing impelling inspiriting moving provoking spirited striking affective animating charged emotional enlivening exciting exhilarating instigating instigative meaningful provocative stimulative touching triggering awakening electrifying refreshing piquing soul-stirring thought-provoking challenging interesting impassioned emotive passionate heartening memorable dynamic breathtaking impactful riveting intoxicating dramatic gripping galvanic lively animated exhilarative thrilling electric impressive poignant anthemic energetic kicky exalting vibrant enthusiastic vigorous hearty mind-bending emotion-charged mind-blowing heart-stopping hair-raising mind-boggling rip-roaring fascinating rejuvenating restorative vivifying healthy fortifying vitalizing revitalizing salubrious strengthening healthful rejuvenative revitalising influencing prompting suggestive intriguing sparkling entertaining piquant sexy bracing spine-tingling titillating adrenalizing exalté appealing hectic tonic giving one food for thought reviving fresh warming gladdening cheerful cheering cordial vital rallying heartfelt sincere eloquent fervent significant profound high hyper quickening brisk health-giving esthetic aesthetic mournful elevating expressive inspirative enriching improving doleful soulful sad heart-warming effective generous convincing pivotal compelling crucial instrumental effectual telling strong efficacious potent alluring masterful swayful powerful guiding seductive enticing momentous operative formative inducing authoritative swaying far-reaching contributory forceful controlling consequential cogent forcible central decisive fateful critical competent hard-hitting robust efficient able monumental useful emphatic purposeful capable considerable responsible successful imposing material


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire prompting spurring generating moving urging driving engendering producing impelling initiating occasioning sparking creating promoting giving rise to prodding precipitating inspiriting evoking spurring on fostering bringing on actuating firing leading to pushing effecting quickening bringing resulting in effectuating begetting making breeding catalyzing wakening calling forth invoking catalysing invigorating setting in motion influencing putting in motion affecting spawning persuading whetting envigorating pricking raising yielding propelling translating into abetting bringing to pass waking exhilarating fermenting fanning contributing to swaying drawing forth compelling emboldening pressing incentivizing working getting going heartening beginning leading reviving lighting a fire under vitalizing steeling establishing brewing igniting bringing into being instilling fuelling fueling introducing boosting strengthening keying up turning on buoying hatching uplifting stinging inclining nudging buoying up picking awaking calling into being bucking up making happen firing the imagination of instituting developing inviting coercing cheering cultivating filliping thrilling enticing ending in forcing originating tempting titillating kick-starting setting on cheering up geeing up launching pressuring gladdening helping increasing making for necessitating revivifying setting going elating bestirring challenging livening up making possible firing the enthusiasm of bringing forth putting up to drawing on fanning the flames of reassuring convincing revitalizing refreshing assuring hounding exhorting doing egging whipping drawing entailing getting chirking up bearing up siccing sowing the seeds of exalting innervating gingering up juicing up revitalising amping up jazzing up advancing furthering comforting inaugurating stoking up involving culminating in brightening drumming up fortifying empowering consoling disposing striking impressing building up inveigling summoning bracing touching obliging setting predisposing boosting up cheering on spiking securing dragooning realizing meaning spelling intoxicating setting up giving mobilizing finishing in heightening jump-starting prevailing upon starting the ball rolling realising perking up countenancing prevailing on informing firing with enthusiasm bearing mobilising zipping up summoning up breathing life into getting someone going soliciting demanding cajoling begging for attracting coaxing building rendering incentifying startling opening supporting jumpstarting enheartening disturbing enforcing accomplishing enacting achieving pushing forward restoring conditioning exerting organizing risking adding to founding exacerbating amounting to irritating constraining courting sustaining enhancing commencing warming wooing converting nurturing having a hand in calling pressurizing favouring favoring elevating contributing forwarding expediting mustering propping up raising your spirits spiriting someone up giving a shot in the arm to psyching up giving shot in arm starting up determining procuring getting things rolling cooking up organising having a part in redounding to terminating in propagating conducing to being responsible for setting afoot lashing calling up adding fuel putting in place rooting on conjuring up starting off acting as a stimulus to reminding drawing out adding up to conducing bringing around steaming up talking into winning over putting a bomb under livening bringing on oneself pressurising asking for innerving making waves troubling honing improving refining applauding whomping up disinhibiting shocking bolstering seeking intriguing giving a boost to reenforcing implanting lodging planting hooking exercising putting life into setting in augmenting feeding costing bringing up having as a consequence presenting constituting having as a result suscitating grabbing progenerating multiplying reigniting rekindling rooting badgering cranking up running recalling orienting directing imposing on reawakening praising acting as an incentive to dynamizing conjuring imbuing infusing implying equaling equalling requesting suing pleading petitioning for chivvying giving life to lighting up putting into action resulting posing getting to spooking activizing boosting moral raising someone's spirits getting something going harassing adding fuel to the flames extending expanding advising impacting making alive bringing to life giving new life to breathing new life into giving a buzz bielding boosting someone's morale raising the morale of stimulating spiritually giving confidence to giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of giving incentive to predetermining giving incentive getting in operation setting astir getting under way nourishing powering educing stunning astonishing giving a shot in the arm giving someone a kick frightening zapping bullying giving one an idea carrying giving impetus enduing infecting beghasting sowing suggesting to hinting to wheedling jogging memory crowding sounding calling to mind asking playing a part in magnifying crazing asking for it mounting intensating bugging redoubling deepening rousting getting working getting off the ground getting functioning burning setting on foot causing to appear resurrecting building a fire under teasing pleasing biasing biassing bringing back enflaming gaining satisfying compassing tickling tantalizing getting up sweet-talking mustering up working on smooth-talking managing nursing impressing on making willing bringing round kicking off laying the foundations of laying the first stone of getting the ball rolling setting the ball rolling succeeding playing a role in tantalising alerting sending making wild heating up prevailing resuscitating driving on sowing the seeds fanning the flames being a factor in incenting reactivating reanimating attaining opening the door for engineering tapping bringing off causing to happen contriving actualizing being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying off carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off causing to occur planning plotting hinting rabble-rousing insinuating suggesting scheming reinvigorating agitating for agitating against vivificating dispatching springing growing torching setting burning setting alight setting a match to setting on fire setting fire to setting light to striking up soothing requiring exacting innovating solacing lighting switching on putting on putting match to putting a match to sharpening extorting commandeering brainstorming alluring burning up getting smoking imposing dictating aiding leaving the door open to luring entreating commanding issuing calling for flirting with digging assisting backing wresting making compulsory insisting on cracking down forcing upon strong-arming expecting upraising putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world giving a lift to letting the sun shine in snapping out of it picking up giving a lift bracing up acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to coming out with dreaming up thinking up conceiving sanctioning seconding giving birth to endorsing succouring upholding backstopping condoning championing collaborating with working with cooperating with siding with lending a hand colluding with conniving with backing up participating in conniving succoring giving a push to conniving at going along with advocating lifting


Inducing someone to do something
getting persuading inducing prevailing on coaxing convincing influencing cajoling encouraging talking round motivating enticing inveigling impelling prevailing upon inclining talking into winning over bringing around causing seducing stimulating swaying wheedling converting moving selling urging instigating tempting bribing coercing procuring compelling luring prompting counseling counselling brainwashing making twisting someone's arm bringing drawing bringing round suborning arguing into talking someone into selling one on corrupting paying off manipulating finagling controlling jockeying beguiling exploiting playing steering directing intimidating dragooning working working upon leaning on pressurizing pulling strings with prejudicing browbeating advising impressing disposing leading reasoning exhorting driving turning colouring pressing enlisting propagandizing proselytizing cutting any ice with touching making yourself felt with bringing pressure to bear on carrying weight with bringing pressure to bear upon actuating inspiring pleading with wheedling someone into leading to believe converting to bringing to senses pressurizing someone into prodding someone into reasoning someone into proselytising pressing someone into working over propagandising wearing down pressuring someone into turning on to causing to believe winning argument proving to gaining confidence of proselyting leading to do getting round provoking coloring pressurising triggering sucking in squeezing coaxing into exerting influence on activating wheedling into putting someone up to something bulldozing drawing in twisting one's arm steamrolling prodding into sweet-talking cajoling into soft-soaping bringing round to the idea of putting across satisfying hooking making a believer reassuring assuring causing to feel certain bringing home to gaining one's confidence bringing to reason charming winning around gaining somebody's support getting somebody on your side effecting overcoming affecting arguing putting someone's mind at rest gaining demonstrating to making certain dispelling doubt dispelling someone's doubts putting mind at ease reasoning someone into believing selling to impressing to winning round biasing biassing changing one's mind making one see the light making someone see the light showing one the error of their ways showing someone the error of their ways telling guaranteeing impacting striking guiding reaching promising relieving doubts certifying to confirming to swearing to vowing to affirming to relieving any doubts giving surety to pledging to declaring to guaranteeing to attesting to relieving any doubt declaring confidently to relieving doubt slanting moulding jaundicing leading by the nose conducting telling on cracking turning one's head nobbling working on molding predisposing bending impacting on carrying softening up


Present participle for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushing pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing urging encouraging influencing persuading advising compelling imploring admonishing driving hustling obliging promoting begging bothering hounding spurring advocating constraining expediting harassing badgering browbeating bullying forcing pestering beseeching inducing inspanning prodding soliciting hassling intimidating motivating nagging recommending harrying inspiring making obligating prompting railroading adjuring coercing dragooning goading nudging propelling entreating exhorting impelling insisting steamrolling keying up speeding up trying to persuade pushing around putting the screws to strong-arming press-ganging putting up to railroading into dragooning into pouring it on prevailing on insisting on pushing for steamrollering into bulldozing into turning on appealing to firing up selling on egging on exerting influence on using pressure on going to town on putting the heat on bearing down on browbeating into putting pressure on putting the screws on using strong-arm tactics on instigating provoking enjoining charging pleading stirring stimulating calling on leaning on whipping sounding roweling siccing rowelling triggering bidding counselling warning counseling requesting appealing moving maneuvering sanctioning asking manoeuvring cautioning preaching pricking proposing wheedling countenancing commending rationalising conjuring advancing tempting rationalizing twisting someone's arm psyching up calling upon fomenting importuning petitioning demanding supplicating prescribing suggesting praying pleading with ordering directing impetrating craving suing obsecrating obtesting instructing requiring commanding praying to championing besieging invoking requisitioning pleading to calling coaxing telling espousing favouring favoring backing supporting furthering applying to calling for tipping touting instilling forewarning dictating guiding lobbying applying expecting endorsing stipulating extolling submitting asking earnestly asking urgently propositioning plugging arguing for speaking for steering putting forward beating the drum for going on bended knee to going on record for vouching for speaking favorably of pressing for tipping off speaking in favor of teaching forcefully suggesting recommending forcefully inculcating cajoling prigging leading inveigling getting jogging strongly recommending desiring appealing for challenging seeking referring craving of going on bended knee wooing abjuring canvassing worrying nominating calling to putting in for contesting addressing indorsing opining counting on looking for filing for clamouring campaigning offering recommendation subscribing to rooting for campaigning for lobbying for stumping for requesting earnestly requesting urgently exacting clamoring baying pursuing making an urgent request resorting hitting on making an earnest request making a plea questing giving two cents wising one up giving direction to giving pointer giving advice giving guidance to enquiring drumming bugging inquiring tabling offering posing proffering plaguing blandishing asking forcefully asking authoritatively asking brusquely making a claim putting putting on to something voting bouncing giving a tip putting in two cents offering a suggestion preferring floating mandating beckoning decreeing summoning notifying signaling signalling speaking in favour of pulling one's coat giving the high sign giving the lowdown on


Present participle for to provoke to frenzy or madness
enraging angering incensing inflaming infuriating maddening provoking exasperating aggravating antagonising antagonizing irritating narking galling enflaming gravelling graveling iring madding outraging rankling riling roiling driving crazy driving mad empurpling hacking hacking off needling ticking off umbraging burning up making you angry making your blood boil steaming up teeing off winding up driving up the wall getting your back up making someone see red rubbing up the wrong way whipping up asking for it getting under skin making blood boil making you see red putting your back up rubbing the wrong way annoying piquing vexing offending irking insulting affronting hassling exacerbating bothering upsetting ruffling agitating nettling harassing taunting teasing bugging perturbing getting tormenting plaguing peeving molesting harrying miffing chafing niggling riding grating grilling fretting baiting nagging abrading starting getting to putting someone out getting on one's nerves getting on someone's nerves getting under one's skin sending into a rage trying someone's patience getting someone's back up working into lather trying one's patience making angry making someone's blood boil giving someone the hump putting someone's back up stirring up getting in someone's hair setting one off getting a rise out of making waves putting out hitting where one lives getting across someone taking a rise out of setting on firing up irritating greatly exciting disgusting egging on browning off cheesing off getting at getting across bumming out getting your goat making one see red raising your hackles making your hackles rise

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