Đồng nghĩa của quickening

Alternative for quickening

quickens, quickened, quickening

Đồng nghĩa: accelerate, animate, invigorate, reanimate, recreate, renovate, repair, revive, revivify, speed, speed up, vivify, whet,


Necessary for life
stimulating animating appealing arousing bracing challenging electrifying energising energizing enlivening exhilarating gripping inspiring interesting envigorating invigorating moving rousing stirring thrilling titillating vitalizing vivifying adrenalizing breathtaking hair-raising hectic lively provocative spine-tingling thought-provoking rejuvenating refreshing reviving tonic stimulative restorative cordial vital revitalizing inspiriting revitalising uplifting exhilarative life-giving fresh exciting life-preserving healthful fortifying brisk life-sustaining activating rejuvenative livening strengthening salubrious health-giving healthy galvanizing charged life-saving galvanising spiriting crisp cool resuscitative invigorative generative resurrectional chilly salutary beneficial vigorous life-restoring pick-me-up keen cold life-renewing revivifying intoxicating regenerative reinvigorating heady mind-blowing exalting rescue galvanic mind-boggling gladdening mind-bending heart-stopping rip-roaring cheering exhilarant kicky electric giddy elevating eye-popping exhilaratory animative encouraging heartening rallying fascinating high hyper esthetic aesthetic dramatic riveting animated brilliant spirited emotional inspirational overwhelming amazing striking astonishing wonderful motivating enthralling dazzling energetic impressive sensational stunning renewing magnificent spectacular awesome bright intriguing captivating fabulous sparkling wondrous dynamic sexy vibrant incredible provoking entertaining stem-winding anthemic staggering astounding stupendous enchanting shocking soul-stirring vivacious awe-inspiring eye-opening startling powerful roborant innerving wild compelling absorbing emotive impassioned witty affecting sharp passionate clever suspenseful arresting fantastic strong compulsive action-packed emotion-charged awakening piquant memorable magnetic remarkable marvelous jaw-dropping marvellous ebullient out of this world effervescent coruscating scintillating motivational explosive intense influential enthusiastic hearty persuasive engrossing cliffhanging knife-edge biting impelling complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling sprightly mind-altering instigative instigating affective touching meaningful triggering engaging hypnotic spellbinding inciting radiant poignant beautiful vivid outstanding piquing zesty splendid mesmerizing immersing involving consuming amusing amazeballs glorious miraculous enticing bewitching unputdownable alluring entrancing mesmeric seductive fab portentous delightful mesmerising racy unique galvanical inflammatory enabling agitational heart-pumping activation invigoration spine-chilling bloodcurdling terrifying frightening hair-curling alarming chilling horrifying fashionable trendy potent nippy refreshful elating hallucinogenic thirst-quenching restoring freshening cooling heartbreaking heartrending tense parky stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic reanimating envigoration laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated picturesque boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious exalté nerve-racking unforgettable jolting grand shaking trembling heart-pounding adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat buzzy volatile adrenalized shivering quaking vibrating shuddering never to be forgotten eye-catching gee-whizz bold power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable adrenaline-fueled frantic blood-tingling exquisite large mad swinging boss heart-stirring giving one food for thought curious graphic colourful warm blinding attention-grabbing battery operated zero cool notable hot noticeable glaring gleaming pronounced definite exceptional noteworthy surprising colorful extraordinary prodigious sublime phenomenal meaty inviting charismatic eventful hypnotizing tantalising worthy of note preoccupying charming trenchant topical fine unboring buzzworthy hypnotising newsy beguiling splashy relatable prepossessing attractive out of the ordinary pleasurable tantalizing newsworthy showy pleasing emphatic diverting magical excellent imposing superb tremendous unbelievable marked theatrical fantastical superior great royal super impactful glittering first-class awe-striking first-rate mettlesome snappy active airy pizazzy bouncing springy perky kinetic zippy animate peppy frisky jazzy pert gay jaunty spanking sparky pizzazzy glinting glimmering smart transfixing very interesting irresistible seducing buoyant zestful very exciting fiery distinctive rich forceful tart peppery sportive tasty tangy pungent playful gingery forcible


The act of revitalizing
revitalization renewal revival regeneration rejuvenation resurrection rebirth resurgence restoration resuscitation revivification reanimation rejuvenescence renaissance awakening renascence recovery recrudescence envigoration invigoration risorgimento freshening cheering consolation enkindling reactivation new life repetition recurrence happening again breaking out again cardiac massage artificial respiration re-establishment comeback reawakening reintroduction reinstallation reappearance relaunch stimulation refreshment reinvigoration bringing back rehabilitation resumption reinforcement waking bringing around coming to return rally renovation improvement rebound upturn reformation recharging new beginning recuperation betterment recommencement reopening repair replenishment refilling upswing rekindling re-emergence continuation new dawn refurbishment redevelopment new birth a turn for the better restitution fightback face-lift rehab pickup advancement reinstatement healing cure snapback amelioration turn for the better revamping reincarnation transmigration facelifting belle epoque golden age metempsychosis triumph energizing revitalizing strengthening enlivening restoring return to life new start restart enlivenment revampment convalescence mending reemergence reinstitution restarting carrying on perking up energising revitalising process of getting better return to health getting better intermittence repetitiveness frequency habituation regularity remedy redemption gain rallying transformation return to success modification redintegration reparation conversion reconstruction fresh outbreak taking up again return to reoccurrence transmutation redecoration modernization alteration metamorphosis picking up reorganization transfiguration transmogrification remodeling makeover innovation changeover flux reorganisation remodelling revamp overhaul new look refurbishing


A feeling of excitement, happiness, or elation
exhilaration elation delight excitement happiness joy euphoria exaltation animation rapture ecstasy gaiety gleefulness intoxication rhapsody exultation envigoration invigoration joyousness jubilation mirth bliss cheerfulness ebullience elatedness glee heaven high high spirits hilarity liveliness paradise swoon transport vivacity gladness joyfulness revitalization sprightliness cloud nine electrification elevation enlivenment excitation firing galvanization inspiration seventh heaven stimulation uplift vitalization vivification a rush great happiness head rush pleasure felicity delectation delirium enjoyment exuberance contentment cheer satisfaction beatitude merriment enthusiasm enchantment blissfulness rejoicing joviality gratification cheeriness blessedness transports good spirits content top of the world contentedness warm fuzzies nirvana thrill good humor prosperity triumph transports of delight well-being ravishment lightheartedness merriness jolliness jollity good cheer relish jouissance rhapsodies frenzy geniality laughter playfulness optimism buoyancy passion glory festivity blitheness carefreeness peace of mind revelry fervour fervor fulfilment fulfillment sanctity hopefulness wellbeing jubilance amusement comfort cool diversion great pleasure jocundity perfect contentment fruition light-heartedness joie de vivre Utopia Arcadia Eden inebriation drunkenness trance eagerness infatuation empyrean mirthfulness relaxation madness health dreamland celebration spell verve boozing alcoholism intemperance gayness gayety celestial throne state stupor upper charge kick up kicks buzz jollies crowing boasting gloating heaven of heavens throne of God jocularity joyance fun heaven on earth Elysium communion at-oneness glorying feasting merrymaking fit cloud number nine over the moon walking on air fortunateness timeliness luck halcyon days utopia twilight zone extreme happiness great joy revelling bragging heavy drinking reveling paroxysm vehemence ardor ardour stars in one's eyes Arcady idyll dream strong emotion intense feeling supreme happiness supreme joy Shangri-La liking taste appreciation gusto fondness zest appetite fancy love penchant spice stomach titillation trace piquancy partiality zing smack predilection propensity enjoying bias flair loving prejudice heart leaning radiance wonder frolic prize indulgence regalement charm solace treasure pride luxury humour treat humor gem alleviation exulting pearl jewel refreshment sport pride and joy


To be triggering enthusiasm or eagerness
exciting thrilling exhilarating rousing stirring animating enlivening enthusing stimulating delighting inspiring inspiriting invigorating moving elating lifting vitalizing buoying charging electrifying enrapturing galvanizing gladdening gripping heartening intoxicating pumping up tickling uplifting bucking up energising energizing envigorating galvanising gingering up jazzing up livening up pepping up perking up picking up stirring up evoking firing getting going giving someone a buzz giving someone a charge giving someone a kick lighting a fire under putting zip into tickling someone pink firing the enthusiasm of firing the imagination of arousing encouraging vivifying provoking inciting bracing reviving filliping awakening activating revitalizing rallying prompting refreshing instigating kindling spiking strengthening firing up motivating spurring jump-starting inflaming juicing up revitalising amping up zipping up triggering enkindling rejuvenating restoring sparking revivifying working up renewing reanimating waking up piquing resuscitating urging brightening prodding kick-starting turning on impelling fortifying promoting goading whetting whipping up spurring on wakening cheering bringing around breathing new life into waking cheering up repairing renovating reinvigorating impassioning actuating titillating fomenting inducing causing sparking off regenerating increasing freshening recharging intensifying resurrecting recreating calling forth recovering driving reawakening revving up boosting fuelling fueling generating rekindling emboldening agitating fostering engendering fanning building up reconditioning touching off reactivating exalting zapping geeing up innervating influencing relieving livening keying up making whole bouncing back touching up raising swaying rewaking rewakening buoying up drawing forth refreshening touching instilling updating replenishing bestirring sending modernizing reinforcing regaining commoving priming modernising giving a buzz egging on producing occasioning speeding up empowering precipitating bringing out elevating tempting incentivizing working enhancing setting going setting off pleasing abetting giving a boost to dynamizing getting heightening grabbing giving a shot in the arm to vivificating informing innerving switching on giving a new lease of life to bringing about challenging bringing to breathing life into persuading pushing growing imbuing infusing ravishing accelerating startling bringing into being calling into being reassuring enchanting comforting steeling affecting tantalizing enthralling effectuating bringing brewing propelling making impressing heating up invoking fascinating catalyzing awaking teasing inclining irritating overjoying striking cooling chirking up bearing up nudging bolstering coming round fermenting consoling transporting sustaining brightening up spicing entertaining wowing riling propping up giving life to sharpening juicing enabling activizing arming snapping up firing with enthusiasm recovering consciousness leading to tantalising coming to carrying resulting in tickling pink restarting regaining consciousness springing up bringing back to life setting up giving rise to bringing back coming to life building a fire under giving new life to steaming up snapping out of it catalysing giving new strength to getting someone going making waves putting new life in bringing on brushing up coming around shocking jolting leading adding zest spicing up eliciting warming moving to action begetting breeding relaunching reintroducing reinstituting re-establishing making something swing blowing away the cobwebs cooling down topping up lighting up entrancing putting life into nerving disturbing angering helping speeding beginning exercising getting something going making alive overcoming recuperating bringing to life bringing round solacing rediscovering calling enticing alerting making wild summoning up hardening giving the kiss of life to saving putting new life into giving a new lease on life getting going again putting some spark into supporting suscitating making for contributing to augmenting putting new strength in putting new heart in putting new heart into gaining converting satisfying convincing stunning astonishing giving a shot in the arm frightening putting a bomb under getting one going acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to stinging acting as a spur to acting as a fillip to acting as a impetus to getting one started putting up to mobilising putting into action mobilizing working into lather captivating spooking calling to mind feeding the fire stirring embers adding fuel to fire incentifying giving a bit of zing making something go with a bang flushing springing up again magnifying crazing asking for it mounting winding up intensating needling bugging redoubling deepening wakening up making lively spellbinding smartening applauding giving joy to racing one's motor blowing away giving pleasure to going over big knocking one's socks off permeating pervading being responsible for giving one an idea starting off giving impetus enduing infecting beghasting prevailing upon prevailing on talking into winning over letting sunshine in putting pep into making more exciting giving a lift making more lively bracing up diverting bewitching rapturing enforcing disinhibiting interesting creating penetrating suffusing effecting building jumpstarting enheartening egging charming rapping rejoicing attracting boosting up igniting assuring reenforcing cheering on lightening transforming modifying slaying trancing carrying away yielding starting up pepping giving someone a thrill turning someone on making very happy giving someone great pleasure seducing seasoning pricking praising doing amusing palpating grappling hooking bielding raising your spirits boosting someone's morale spiriting someone up raising the morale of psyching up stimulating spiritually giving shot in arm giving confidence to giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of coming to one's senses conceiving hatching developing leading on picking starting initiating leavening adding zest to adding zing to propagating mustering reaching impacting involving hotting up bringing forth translating into giving birth to drawing on setting nurturing cultivating nursing marking putting in motion drumming up setting in motion sowing the seeds of sowing the seeds triggering off setting on fanning the flames fanning the flames of having an effect on telling on getting to striking a chord getting through to making an impression on making an impression leaving an impression on touching a chord having an impact on burning up getting smoking jogging dispatching shaking up springing exhorting preparing improving making real bringing alive making brighter operating pressing compelling tripping disposing readying running initializing girding looking up upsetting shaking getting ready raising someone's spirits anthropomorphizing cranking up calling up giving a lift to initialising making lighter charging up taunting refining roiling raising the spirits soothing coercing fulfilling poising obliging incensing irking feeding confirming exacerbating coaxing vexing grilling ruffling getting better recalling forcing magnetizing upraising gearing up maddening flustering rooting on taking heart making happy taking a turn for the better magnetising making happier coming alive forearming honing troubling giving courage coming back to life coming back from the dead rising from the dead exerting reestablishing making brave redeveloping reproducing lifting up filling with joy fleshing out becoming livelier boosting moral stiffening summoning taking off nourishing powering making braver cajoling pressuring making confident changing pouring it on giving courage to stoking up gritting teeth making up one's mind lifting the morale of giving confidence giving pep talk raising spirits making more cheerful seeing someone through giving strength to keeping someone going becoming more cheerful feeling happier reigniting advising inveigling raising from the dead conjuring up restoring to life spiriting up leaning on riding herd on acting upon extending expanding adding fuel to the flames adding fuel astounding amazing pressurizing suggesting to hinting to necessitating pressurising bowling over making your head spin going to your head frenzying consolidating taking one's breath away convalescing mustering up getting into the mood taking your breath away getting up jarring ameliorating working on mending biasing biassing prejudicing impacting on taking hold of becoming cheerful clearing up gaining strength revamping blazing a trail hitting the ground running corroborating upholding substantiating digging driving on procuring rising jacking up gearing oneself up siccing agitating for furthering soliciting fanning the fire forwarding authenticating countenancing cranking favouring favoring taking out of mothballs making active giving the incentive to equipping burgeoning backing predisposing teaching governing making you of a mind to making of a mind to making expectant indoctrinating bending giving weight to lending more weight to making more forceful backing up prospering bearing out organizing assembling circulating marshaling gathering marshalling putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world letting the sun shine in assuaging pitying aiding satiating condoling with succouring easing calming sating gratifying quenching absorbing commiserating with sympathizing with alleviating militarising organising making ready militarizing indulging expressing sympathy expressing sympathy for sensitising showing compassion to expressing sympathy to succoring untroubling giving condolences to enriching showing fellow feeling to sensitizing tranquilizing filling contenting beguiling engrossing intriguing slaking serving humoring meeting suiting hypnotizing riveting rivetting mesmerizing alluring pleasuring transfixing engaging feasting surfeiting flattering satisficing gladding gassing accommodating occupying making merry pandering to agreeing with making someone feel good selling catering to doing the trick making content cloying humouring capturing providing for hitting the spot filling the bill luring drawing witching busying immersing enwrapping killing bedazzling wiling bemusing arresting adding spice to infatuating catching up enamouring inviting enamoring holding spellbound ensnaring hypnotising enslaving subduing mesmerising putting under a spell overwhelming appealing interesting greatly winning overpowering aggravating baiting offending discomposing infuriating chafing


Present participle for to hasten or facilitate the progress of
facilitating easing expediting accelerating advancing driving forwarding furthering hastening hurrying impelling precipitating promoting rushing simplifying smoothing speeding spurring stimulating aiding assisting enabling encouraging helping inspiring motivating pushing making easier making easy making smooth making smoother opening doors opening the door for smoothing the path of smoothing the way for assisting the progress of fast-tracking speeding up clearing the way for helping along making possible paving the way for running interference for hand-carrying oiling the wheels of boosting loosening up walking through greasing the wheels fast tracking pushing through giving a boost to giving a push to clearing a path for greasing wheels oiling the wheels for hurrying up stepping up pressing firing up spurring on cranking up dispatching making faster urging urging on escalating whisking revving up pushing forward stoking sending forward cracking on bundling assisting in helping with gathering momentum getting moving goading hurrying on geeing up dashing off finishing quickly making short work of achieving quickly accomplishing quickly shooting through supporting abetting backing fostering succouring serving plugging contributing to succoring backing up working for going with bailing out lending a hand to lending a hand taking care of greasing unclogging lubricating oiling making peace taking the edge off ironing out the difficulties of taking the sting out paving the way cooperating obliging relieving benefiting benefitting working with accommodating seconding backstopping collaborating with cooperating with giving assistance to waiting on attending to attending puffing thumping propping up hyping reinforcing sustaining stumping doing someone a service jacking up pitching in with hiking up doing someone a favour bailing someone out rooting for being a factor in mucking in with opening doors for helping out doing for riding shotgun developing standing up for giving a lift getting stuck in with giving a hand giving a boost championing going to bat for putting on the map making a pitch for giving a leg up to giving a leg up favouring propelling favoring progressing getting someone out of a tight spot going down the line for lending a helping hand to nurturing cultivating nourishing incubating nursing patronizing expanding spreading patronising engendering broadening ballyhooing generating propagating contributing extending lending support to


Present participle for to move or proceed very quickly
whisking rushing dashing racing hurrying speeding running shooting careering flying hurtling scurrying bolting zooming hastening tearing zipping haring scooting belting scuttling barrelling barreling pelting blasting bustling buzzing bombing bundling driving whirling careening trotting blazing breezing hustling bowling rocketing blowing motoring chasing coursing hying hieing jetting hurling rustling cannonballing ripping nipping highballing jumping stepping travelling traveling darting humping ramming charging sprinting galloping streaking flashing whizzing scampering whipping bucketing boogying boogieing sweeping bounding posting wheeching accelerating flitting pounding doubling fluttering bulleting catapulting cracking on hotfooting it going hell for leather legging it burning rubber going like lightning barrelling along cutting along getting the lead out hightailing it speeding up going like a bat out of hell going like the clappers fast-tracking going like the wind getting a move on scrambling making haste hasting getting cracking shaking a leg hurrying up making time hightailing clipping fleeting expediting rolling dispatching stepping on it stepping on gas getting your skates on running like the wind sailing festinating stampeding diving plunging zapping steaming pressing pushing scudding breaking flinging putting on some speed getting one's skates on moving quickly going fast pressing on whooshing scuttering losing no time beetling pushing on vrooming shifting getting moving jogging whishing bestirring beelining yeeting putting foot bursting sallying smoking spurring laying rubber making tracks digging in getting a wiggle on turning on steam moving along making short work of winging swooping scorching springing spanking along fleeing bowling along skipping tripping moving skedaddling rattling along skimming beating it leaping cantering ambling putting one's foot down loping making it snappy going burning escaping lungeing lunging decamping making off tearing along spurting driving fast jogtrotting dogtrotting stepping on the gas cutting and run running away clearing out going quickly boiling splitting hopping it pacing vamoosing surging raging passing rushing around being busy flooring it leaving making a run for it floating fussing really moving whipping along taking flight going like a bomb whirring hitting the gas departing gathering momentum putting your foot down stirring proceeding getting going skittering storming dusting riding busying yourself skiting ploughing gamboling gambolling skirring kiting running off tumbling lashing tooling prancing streaming flowing frisking retreating waltzing scramming scraming going faster scatting bugging out hooking it scarpering belting along throwing oneself going headlong launching oneself cannoning bombing along heading going like a bullet plowing moving faster lighting out doing a runner making a break for it moving fast covering ground booking it taking off putting the pedal to the metal showing a clean pair of heels fanging it putting pedal to the metal bucking up going flat-out absconding pattering dogging it getting out piling humming cracking romping rolling along going briskly outstripping progressing stepping lively hopping along stepping along bumbling droning burring gushing tearing out roaring going rapidly running fast cascading winding gusting expressing swooshing rushing at moving rapidly going by passing by moving forward going at top speed getting on it pouring whistling looking alive getting it on hopping to it snapping to it frolicking going away slipping away starting running very fast tearing up the miles going like greased lightning bowling over gearing up going all out flickering marching rattling flicking slooshing flooding dancing capering going at breakneck speed running like mad racking hurdling going like lighting striding blitzing railroading steamrollering bucking making yourself scarce hopping pumping pitching launching thrusting heaving rushing headlong putting on a burst of speed chucking it down whipping around plunging ahead flourishing flittering surging through brandishing rushing off speeding away bouncing wasting no time taking wing nailing it opening the throttle not losing a minute scattering beating a retreat turning tail moving apace flirting showing quickly passing quickly clearing off running for it playing cavorting bobbing levanting skipping off cruising cutting out heading for the hills making a quick exit beating a hasty retreat peeling out hovering gliding kicking rocks doing a fade taking a powder making oneself scarce getting lost going through flying the coop doing a bunk shooting through dipping having it away making steering setting forth bearing setting out heading off making a break veering setting off cutting advancing aiming drifting strolling slipping coasting brushing sauntering sliding rattling your dags looking lively moving it snapping it up hurrying it up moving briskly walking casually


Present participle for to become or make more intense
intensifying boosting increasing heightening strengthening raising concentrating escalating extending deepening magnifying reinforcing sharpening amplifying augmenting enhancing stepping up widening compounding adding to aggravating exacerbating redoubling accentuating broadening building up consolidating emphasising emphasizing expanding gaining strength inflaming picking up worsening accenting aggrandizing amping up beefing up brightening darkening exaggerating exalting intensating lightening making worse pointing rising rousing spiking stressing whetting adding fuel heaping on heating up piling on setting off toning up pouring it on hastening annexing enlarging multiplying proliferating improving swelling developing building advancing inflating growing spreading mounting accelerating furthering doubling progressing waxing making greater lengthening tripling dilating distending thickening prolonging padding supplementing protracting teeming swarming snowballing pullulating marking up slapping on tacking on sending up irritating incrementing adding optimizing elevating maximizing enriching bettering cranking up making better making bigger bumping up jacking up making larger reenforcing supersizing pumping up hiking up upraising amassing topping up lifting ameliorating pumping parlaying burgeoning upscaling ratcheting up collecting following up going up hyping upping elongating blowing up fleshing out jacking shooting up mushrooming ballooning bourgeoning maximising optimising appreciating accumulating climbing booming gaining soaring upsurging rolling up running up growing quickly

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