Đồng nghĩa của hardening

Alternative for hardening

hardens, hardened, hardening

Trái nghĩa: soften,


Present participle for to make or become physically hard or harder
solidifying setting congealing freezing stiffening indurating annealing crystallising crystallizing tempering densifying ossifying thickening toughening bracing clotting coagulating concreting fortifying harshening petrifying buttressing caking firming gelatinizing girding inspissating strengthening vitrifying amalgamating calcifying cementing compacting consolidating curdling fixing fossilising fossilizing jelling precipitating pressing settling vulcanizing firming up becoming hard becoming solid gelling jellying drying condensing steeling gelating seasoning clabbering jellifying reinforcing inuring rigidifying coalescing turning into stone baking starching concentrating loppering getting hard glopping up compressing going hard acclimatising acclimating acclimatizing chillin chilling coarsening tightening cohering expanding swelling widening adding enlarging growing thick making stronger toughening up fossilifying fossilating encrusting becoming firm nerving closing callousing casehardening contracting rigidizing refrigerating gelatinating case-hardening ruggedising galvanizing forging moulding brazing molding tamping globbing up lumping deepening steadying inflating stabilising propping stabilizing starkening becoming stiff candying benumbing lapidifying clarifying mineralizing forming clots galvanising becoming thick becoming more concentrated becoming firmer becoming thicker forming going rigid setting hard becoming fixed becoming rigid pressing down roughening shaping up becoming inflexible turning to stone climatizing developing becoming unyielding becoming obdurate sticking finalising materializing taking shape becoming clear materialising finalizing coming together forming crystals making stricter building up shoring up abrading beefing up making more severe roughing up roughing scratching

Trái nghĩa của hardening

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