Đồng nghĩa của hardly

Alternative for hardly

Đồng nghĩa: barely, just, narrowly, nearly, scarcely,

Phó từ

Scarcely (used to qualify a statement by saying that it is true to an insignificant degree)
scarcely barely faintly just little rarely slightly ill narrowly no none noway only just usually infrequently not not much only comparatively detectably gradually imperceptibly perceptibly scantly seldom simply somewhat sparsely sporadically with difficulty almost not not quite no way with effort almost inconceivably at a push by a nose by a whisker not likely not markedly not measurably not notably not noticeably not often pretty near with trouble by a hair by a very small margin by the narrowest of margins no more than not a bit not by much by no means not at all once in a blue moon practically not occasionally now and then once in a while uncommonly sometimes irregularly intermittently from time to time every now and then every once in a while periodically on occasion hardly ever at times every so often now and again at intervals off and on scarcely ever on occasions unusually almost never spasmodically every now and again on the odd occasion on and off nominally negligibly certainly not unfrequently erratically unoften interruptedly piecemeal fitfully now by fits and starts discontinuously only now and then on rare occasions only occasionally in fits and starts ever and anon once or twice here and there recently just barely noways never sparingly just possibly nothing nowise definitely not surely not not regularly only with effort only with difficulty at random time to time on no account under no circumstances not until at best semioccasionally whimsically inhabitually at most not more than as little as no greater than a few times not very often in a few cases once and again

Phó từ

In a harsh or oppressive manner
harshly brutally severely roughly sternly hard stiffly ill oppressively cruelly strictly mercilessly grimly savagely unkindly unsympathetically heartlessly pitilessly tyrannically relentlessly inhumanly violently restrictively gratingly firmly powerfully rigorously sharply repressively with a rod of iron like a ton of bricks with an iron hand toughly ruthlessly fiercely uncompromisingly coldly callously intensely exactingly authoritarianly unsparingly affectlessly compassionlessly remorselessly hardheartedly unforgivingly meanly implacably hard-heartedly cold-heartedly hostilely cold-bloodedly unfeelingly unrelentingly inclemently insensitively unmercifully stony-heartedly uncharitably unbendingly gruffly heavy-handedly stonily inhumanely obdurately uncaringly soullessly insensately indifferently unemotionally inflexibly unmovedly inconsiderately unpityingly uncompassionately unfriendlily barbarously unconcernedly thoughtlessly sadistically intolerantly unyieldingly unresponsively coolly austerely dispassionately apathetically inexorably impassively coldheartedly nastily steelily barbarically rigidly hatefully aloofly frigidly rudely detachedly viciously vindictively flintily hurtfully unsentimentally emotionlessly heedlessly illiberally draconianly stringently maliciously spitefully malevolently distantly discourteously unpleasantly imperviously uncivilly ferociously carelessly truculently disinterestedly impolitely brutishly disagreeably wickedly adamantly soberly forbiddingly monstrously unfairly bestially unremittingly dourly bloodlessly wantonly malignantly sanguinarily inattentively fiendishly nonchalantly passionlessly diabolically objectively evilly heinously calmly obliviously atrociously serenely bloodthirstily frostily unlovingly selfishly clinically chillily reservedly murderously uninterestedly phlegmatically stoically insensibly businesslikely gravely remotely tactlessly spiritlessly listlessly surlily neutrally undiplomatically icily wolfishly inexpressively brutely ill-naturedly unappeasably unamiably cattily solidly unaffectedly imperturbably intractably headstrongly obstinately discriminatorily impersonally contemptuously disdainfully impatiently collectedly expressionlessly vilely insouciantly unperturbedly ungraciously indignantly unthinkingly unwelcomingly analytically disrespectfully negligently numbly flatly ungenerously rationally composedly unsmilingly shabbily cynically seriously stolidly sourly vitriolically bitterly impertinently solemnly unmindfully level-headedly blasély rancorously torpidly unempathetically recklessly equably tranquilly blankly brashly boorishly indiscreetly abrasively unimpressionably revengefully abusively snidely deadly pugnaciously aggressively unflappably drastically hastily incautiously curtly obtusely uncommunicatively repellently intimidatingly ruggedly loweringly logically ungently demandingly somberly sombrely tyrannously unchristianly depravedly egregiously flagitiously punishingly quietly extremely stubbornly ferally cantankerously lukewarmly incuriously badly resolutely adamantinely unflinchingly deafly unsympathizingly bleakly bullheadedly matter-of-factly blindly virulently hardheadedly malignly ascetically mulishly astringently passively unapproachably unhappily undemonstratively controlledly stoneheartedly invulnerably impenetrably satanically coldbloodedly torturously tormentingly cuttingly temperately hellishly mortally off-puttingly abhorrently bitingly premeditatedly cannibalistically morosely excessively unjustly forcefully heavily upsettingly woodenly caustically impassibly foully placidly unpassionately dictatorially despotically dismally gloomily sullenly inhospitably appallingly despicably impenitently unperceptively contemptibly onerously suppressively scientifically moderately obnoxiously crassly drearily reticently glacially punitively vengefully constantly frankly bluntly outspokenly unregenerately unrepentingly greedily bloodily avariciously indefatigably odiously loathsomely unexcitedly imperceptively acrimoniously lifelessly rowdily stingily critically hardhandedly carefreely untroubledly untactfully lovelessly bluffly impolitically abruptly abstractly inertly churlishly crotchetily unsensitively uncordially antagonistically belligerently disciplinarily direly immovably domineeringly determinedly steadfastly pressingly formidably doggedly imperiously autocratically absolutely single-mindedly formally annoyingly irritatingly brusquely acerbically starkly mechanically blithely censoriously refractorily desperately immutably inimically bellicosely basely hollowly gallingly relaxedly lowly horribly grayly facelessly greyly subhumanly utilitarianly horridly poisonously antipathetically unaccommodatingly comfortlessly acerbly unworriedly rottenly insipidly vacantly senselessly glassily uglily glumly sulkily melancholically crabbedly saturninely dejectedly stuffily unhelpfully antiseptically contentiously argumentatively spikily uncooperatively tonelessly grossly scummily execrably ignominiously despitefully currishly dishonorably deplorably dishonourably low-mindedly dirtily detestably casually unanxiously easily crossly adversely resentfully obstructively homicidally self-willedly pigheadedly pertinaciously unawarely unwillingly perversely lightheartedly gaily debonairly lightsomely unreasonably unobligingly difficultly earnestly devilishly abominably fixedly rashly imprudently hideously impartially ghastlily indelicately unbiasedly equitably lackadaisically undisturbedly forgetfully undauntedly supinely fecklessly misguidedly unguardedly unwisely inadvertently improvidently foolhardily cavalierly injudiciously uncongenially regardlessly unthoughtfully nefariously bloody-mindedly contrarily cussedly fairly candidly justly equally evenhandedly squarely unmanneredly unhandsomely ill-judgedly ill-advisedly shortly ignorantly unceremoniously immorally perniciously slaughterously wrathfully scornfully superciliously unsocially superiorly silently diffidently haughtily halfheartedly aversively repugnantly

Phó từ

In a manner filled with grief or bitterness
bitterly ruefully agonisingly agonizingly sadly regretfully painfully woefully sorrowfully mournfully inconsolably unhappily wretchedly plaintively lugubriously resentfully sorely wailfully grievously dolorously hard dolefully unfortunately terribly awfully regrettably deplorably greatly lamentably alas weepingly in sorrow in sadness sad to say distressingly alarmingly worryingly upsettingly excruciatingly insufferably disturbingly dreadfully harrowingly chillingly pitifully markedly clearly excessively torturously disconcertingly unenviably unbearably unpleasantly uncomfortably cruelly embarrassingly unendurably horribly frightfully miserably sorrily heartbrokenly dismally gloomily melancholily forlornly disconsolately dejectedly depressedly glumly despondently joylessly woebegonely crestfallenly bluely downcastly downheartedly melancholically badly desolately direly tragically lowly morosely anguishedly brokenheartedly cheerlessly heavyheartedly droopily dispiritedly pathetically heartbreakingly despairingly distressedly heartrendingly appallingly dolesomely plangently sombrely hopelessly somberly achingly grimly drearily depressingly heavy-heartedly distressfully elegiacally poorly tearfully pitiably bleakly abjectly discouragedly piteously sullenly comfortlessly disheartenedly calamitously unluckily solemnly darkly atrociously blackly funereally disastrously lousily afflictedly rottenly depressively heart-rendingly shockingly gravely nastily morbidly catastrophically ruinously saturninely sepulchrally saddeningly pessimistically mirthlessly godforsakenly moodily lonesomely lonelily disappointedly abysmally abominably horrendously crummily coldly grayly tearily greyly troubledly direfully chronically sufferingly cataclysmically vilely dishearteningly dourly murkily tenebrously spiritlessly devastatingly cloudily sunlessly poignantly affectingly unfavourably afflictively gut-wrenchingly adversely unfavorably lachrymosely inadequately movingly severely execrably unsatisfactorily traumatically foully harmfully horrifically meanly troublesomely oppressively egregiously shamefully inferiorly fatally disquietingly uselessly horridly dispiritingly loathsomely ghastlily repulsively desperately offensively inauspiciously destructively abhorrently frighteningly disagreeably unpropitiously drably uglily weepily distastefully painedly disgracefully touchingly revoltingly emotionally harshly seriously repugnantly distraughtly forbiddingly wistfully difficultly troublingly uninvitingly repellently obnoxiously ominously paltrily worthlessly unwelcomely sickeningly grossly hurtfully substandardly odiously disgustingly ill-fatedly evilly cripplingly hideously gruesomely injuriously disappointingly austerely scurvily woundedly starkly hostilely sinisterly detestably diabolically horrifyingly haplessly monstrously fatefully parlously hellaciously bleedingly godawfully despicably gallingly cryingly ruthfully laughably contemptibly objectionably crushingly unpalatably cheaply displeasingly pensively irksomely damningly stressfully discouragingly deleteriously unwelcomingly stirringly nauseatingly obscenely heavily detrimentally ropily basely scandalously nauseously tormentingly inhospitably humourlessly dingily humorlessly grumpily defeatistly repellantly nightmarishly sourly forebodingly intolerably critically sulkily threateningly lucklessly sobbingly shamefacedly heinously toughly extremely noxiously brokenly unsettlingly dangerously cursedly sheepishly damagingly outrageously dauntingly dirtily lamely shabbily dimly barely perniciously grislily yuckily unacceptably stinkingly hairily lethally brutally noisomely mortifyingly undesirably blandly vexatiously macabrely ickily unconsolably clinically annoyingly impersonally crabbedly unpleasingly uncongenially wearily surlily broodily mopishly meagrely wintrily institutionally jarringly meagerly menacingly defeatedly displeasedly shoddily mediocrely remorsefully worrisomely unsuccessfully abashedly drastically acutely untowardly discontentedly perturbedly hatefully malignantly inopportunely reprehensibly balefully soberly wickedly scummily scabbily anxiously rattily grubbily malevolently sordidly concernedly aggrievedly feebly vexedly minatorily portentously rancidly fulsomely unspeakably forsakenly subduedly intimidatingly arousingly commiseratively intensely compassionately ashamedly mortally unsavorily malignly troublously destitutely tristfully flatly fearfully maudlinly discomposingly discombobulatedly uptightly perilously unfriendlily pressingly scarily helplessly blameworthily unsavourily unkindly irritatingly grottily dysphorically infelicitously nostalgically damnably antsily minaciously naggingly luridly poisonously banefully mischievously profoundly deathlily negatively low-spiritedly concerningly awkwardly malefically impoverishedly exigently taxingly exactingly apocalyptically nerve-rackingly wetly messily off-puttingly moistly waterily savagely dodgily mercifully worriedly guiltily cowedly furtively insignificantly demoralisingly demoralizingly squalidly embarrassedly apathetically disadvantageously unprosperously bunglingly ineptly ill-advisedly degradingly uncommunicatively unsmilingly taciturnly hollowly obscurely strickenly churlishly tenderly meltingly glaringly unpromisingly inimically indigently phlegmatically unresponsively huffily bothersomely damply crankily crabbily cantankerously sluggishly testingly listlessly broodingly sacrificially trickily accursedly droopingly cloudedly atrabiliously dashedly saggingly unrelentingly strongly tryingly homelessly abandonedly jeopardously shadowily doubtfully discommodiously treacherously precariously rockily unstably mercilessly ruthlessly pitilessly viciously wrongly irritably frustratingly unamusingly mephitically perplexingly unforgivingly hellishly bewilderingly disconcertedly agitatedly flagrantly nefariously iniquitously confoundedly defectively vindictively venomously consequentially punily pettily friendlessly antagonistically flusteredly repentantly contritely flagitiously maliciously acrimoniously apologetically penitently hauntedly keenly deeply cynically alonely fruitlessly defencelessly solitarily defenselessly powerlessly weightily villainously vitriolically nocuously prejudicially virulently jumpily overwhelmingly dishonorably dishonourably faultily opprobriously disgruntledly spitefully compunctiously angrily ignominiously indignantly affrontedly inexcusably creepily sedately hauntingly eldritchly doomily spookily uncoolly unappealingly sinistrously irritatedly annoyedly nail-bitingly worse luck doomfully dishonestly loweringly perversely crucially urgently sad to relate dreadly redoubtably formidably irretrievably fearsomely terrifyingly terrifically fiercely in distress in anguish in despair

Phó từ

With great endeavor or resolve
assiduously arduously determinedly diligently hard industriously intently laboriously purposefully resolutely amain doggedly intensely intensively sedulously slavishly strenuously mightily actively busily energetically conscientiously zealously perseveringly vigorously steadily obstinately steadfastly willfully unwaveringly with a will tirelessly painfully earnestly bravely firmly decisively eagerly painstakingly with gritted teeth like a Trojan nose to the grindstone without slacking onerously exhaustingly burdensomely heavily troublesomely difficultly not without difficulty with effort with a struggle with difficulty after a struggle keenly dependably dutifully persistently enthusiastically dynamically spiritedly unflaggingly indefatigably untiringly tenaciously single-mindedly stubbornly unyieldingly committedly staunchly unrelentingly unfalteringly obdurately dedicatedly pertinaciously unflinchingly fixedly unbendingly unswervingly strong-mindedly ardently unshakeably forcefully stalwartly uncompromisingly insistently relentlessly intransigently immovably inflexibly assertively enterprisingly ambitiously adamantly undeviatingly seriously fervently steelily boldly strongly constantly undauntedly perseverantly unshakably unhesitatingly unremittingly pushily decidedly passionately fanatically indomitably unshakenly grittily gutsily aggressively avidly pluckily implacably fiercely aspiringly patiently wholeheartedly militantly stout-heartedly emphatically devotedly spunkily hungrily progressively pioneeringly courageously deliberately thoroughly surely truely fervidly solidly ruthlessly purposively faithfully mulishly desirously self-willedly toughly rigidly thirstily inspiredly valiantly obsessedly importunately grimly stoutly meticulously headstrongly expeditiously carefully animatedly heartily devoutly manfully enduringly sincerely hopefully feistily sturdily studiously loyally unmalleably inexorably definitely positively obsessively methodically pigheadedly bullheadedly stiffly correctly thoughtfully vivaciously wilfully concentratedly unweariedly scrupulously strictly intractably stolidly in earnest restlessly vigilantly refractorily burningly hardily hardworkingly rigorously intrepidly stanchly with forethought fierily unfailingly resourcefully adventurously lustily domineeringly piously pushingly confidently unflappably unabatedly dourly vehemently assuredly ferociously exhaustively certainly independently compulsively self-confidently unchangingly goodly deeply through thick and thin robustly recalcitrantly gamely consumedly resiliently drivingly lionheartedly competitively obsessionally responsibly inveterately daringly radically immutably perseveratively unstoppably fastly involvedly resolvedly cocksurely impulsively rabidly sagaciously single-heartedly stickily sustainedly for keeps whole-heartedly like all get out operosely cohesively firm stringently bloodthirstily heroically irrepressibly perceptively tough-mindedly meanly coherently unshrinkingly unappeasably very hard unalterably dominantly determinately stably zestfully defiantly scrappily brutally gladiatorially self-assuredly perversely possessively tight prevailingly unqualifiedly inexpugnably like the dickens like the devil feverishly consistently explicitly frenetically ripely itchily antsily extremely perfervidly hotly wishfully optimistically potentially tightly with dedication with enthusiasm with commitment up and down really hard wearilessly continuously possibly likelily prospectively futurely inconvincibly opinionatedly hardheadedly patly contrarily adamantinely fast soundly bloody-mindedly efficiently professionally considerably with perseverance like mad flatstick all out with application like billy-o like crazy regularly systematically routinely calculatedly stonily unquenchably furiously bitterly expectantly practically matter-of-factly significantly meaningfully completely substantially competently disciplinedly unchangeably unmovably slickly practisedly profoundly detailedly comprehensively extensively with decision pragmatically solemnly gravely with a rod of iron with heavy hand soberly skillfully skilfully directly effectively businesslikely pensively sombrely humourlessly sternly ruminatively meditatively contemplatively sedately with sobriety with a poker face without smiling with a straight face attentively precisely punctiliously scrutinizingly fastidiously watchfully delicately sharply raptly particularly alertly heedfully regardfully observantly exactly searchingly trustily fully reliably providently honorably honourably in detail

Phó từ

Not noticeably, too small to be detected, too little to be perceived
imperceptibly invisibly slowly subtly unobtrusively unseen gradually inappreciably indiscernibly scarcely unnoticeably just barely little by little by a hair's-breadth slightly minutely tinily faintly negligibly infinitesimally indistinctly insignificantly microscopically minusculely undetectably impalpably inaudibly inconsequentially inconsiderably indistinguishably meagrely meagerly vaguely insensibly minimally inconspicuously triflingly nominally obscurely paltrily trivially unapparently hiddenly finely insufficiently littly gently exiguously softly minorly quietly unclearly muffledly scantly piddlingly lowly marginally slenderly sparsely shadowily unimportantly indefinitely skimpily pettily imponderably diminutively dimly scantily subduedly hushedly rarely intangibly bittily evanescently imperceivably feebly pifflingly shortly unperceivably thinly unobservably weakly modestly lightly veiledly petitely insubstantially atomically ephemerally unintelligibly slimly limitedly dinkily momentarily inadequately mutely ethereally flatly deficiently inarticulately stingily punily dwarfishly scatteredly unobservedly tenuously sporadically unnoticedly immaterially superficially unassumingly uncommonly infrequently Lilliputianly easily babily poorly unsubstantially latently covertly untraceably mildly discreetly occasionally miserably derisorily pitifully pathetically elusively scrubbily incidentally mingily ghostlily undistinguishably middlingly crampedly basally embryonically imaginarily distantly fractionally unfrequently leanly perfunctorily odorlessly hollowly half-heartedly compactly moderately incomprehensibly indifferently cryptically cabalistically symbolically unfathomably barrenly portably fadedly ordinarily unemphatically plainly secretively unremarkably retiringly unostentatiously shily emptily wantingly sparely sparingly fragmentarily illusively hazily fuzzily hoarsely meekly odourlessly sheerly impliedly unperceivedly daintily pokily cutely reedily abstractly impenetrably occultly darkly unsuspectedly airily unseeably understatedly incorporeally unusually cloakedly delicately by degrees untouchably improbably isolatedly implausibly remotely cloudedly surreptitiously disembodiedly aerially palely secretly unreally supernaturally spiritually spectrally transcendentally frivolously nigglingly picayunely foolishly doubtfully dubiously inconceivably iffily frailly absurdly fragilely questionably flimsily silently soundlessly wordlessly voicelessly noiselessly uncommunicatively conservatively simply subnormally phantasmically phantasmally vaporously gaseously stuntedly unquantifiably hypothetically abstrusely uncertainly unsurely indeterminately evasively mellowly stubbily repressedly suggestively neutrally indirectly babyishly fleetingly briefly youngly immaturely hastily

Phó từ

Used to emphasize something surprising or extreme

Phó từ

(of liquor) Adverb for having an intoxicating nature

Phó từ

(of drugs or narcotics) Adverb for strong or potent in nature

Phó từ

(of the elements) Adverb for harsh and severe


Used to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified

Trái nghĩa của hardly

hardly Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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