Đồng nghĩa của hardiest

Alternative for hardiest

hardier, hardiest

Đồng nghĩa: bold, courageous, daring, gallant, hale, healthy, heroic, mighty, powerful, robust, rugged, strong, sturdy, valiant,


Superlative for able to stand difficult conditions
strongest sturdiest toughest fittest robustest ruggedest healthiest heartiest lustiest stoutest soundest halest hardest ablest brawniest burliest firmest freshest heftiest mightiest powerfullest staunchest best best-built huskiest buffest wholest wholesomest beefiest trimmest finest hunkiest starkest muscliest longest-lasting best-made heaviest liveliest stubbornest securest grittiest normalest sportiest feistiest healthfullest stiffest rigidest nimblest lithest agilest doughtiest fastest manliest steadiest safest youngest bulkiest thickest meatiest sanest fleshiest pluckiest slimmest densest tightest studliest rudest peppiest flushest biggest roughest wieldiest strengthiest dourest steeliest shrewdest thickest-skinned steadfastest world-weariest obtusest cruelest stoniest rockiest stockiest chunkiest portliest plumpest dumpiest fattest weightiest chubbiest largest rotundest amplest fubsiest pursiest stubbiest squattest podgiest stumpiest buxomest hulkiest squattiest roundest pudgiest paunchiest tubbiest grossest broadest porkiest fullest lardiest poddiest bravest boldest butchest greatest stodgiest flabbiest tallest hugest girthiest leanest spunkiest shortest stringiest ropiest wiriest hairiest blockiest stateliest widest goodliest tidiest grandest most vigorous most stalwart most cast-iron most hardened most able-bodied most capable most enduring most indefatigable most muscular most resilient most resistant most seasoned most solid most substantial most tenacious most unflagging most hale and hearty most strapping most athletic most durable most active most shredded most jacked most ripped most energetic most sinewy most heavy-duty most hard-wearing most potent most stable most Herculean most unyielding most resolute most forceful most blooming most thickset most thewy most impervious most cynical most thriving most unbreakable most reinforced most bombproof most reliable most up to snuff most virile most dependable most spirited most influential most lasting most important most hard-boiled most unsentimental most restored most determined most indurate most significant most physical most inflexible most callous most mesomorphic most indomitable most puissant most unimpaired most vital most manful most OK most dogged most chipper most masculine most glowing most abled most bushy-tailed most bright-eyed most obstinate most obdurate most cohesive most fixed most perdurable most well-founded most irrepressible most broad-shouldered most muscle-bound most upright most fine and dandy most bulletproof most leathery most headstrong most valiant most intrepid most inexpugnable most macho most well-knit most well-proportioned most upstanding most forcible most stouthearted most together most abiding most diuturnal most dynamic most gingery most serviceable most dominant most leading most aggressive most accustomed most prestigious most controlling most authoritative most predominant most long-lived most impregnable most almighty most omnipotent most established most immovable most waterproof most unaffected most insusceptible most water-resistant most formidable most experienced most self-assertive most airtight most impassible most inviolable most unattackable most concrete most armored most everlasting most stormproof most hard-headed most self-confident most realistic most used most practical most high-powered most matter-of-fact most protected most repellent most immune most bullheaded most relentless most unbending most unwavering most single-minded most unshakable most persistent most contemptuous most prepared most impious most uncaring most unfeeling most hardhearted most benumbed most inaccessible most unemotional most coldhearted most irreverent most heartless most unsubmissive most unrepenting most disdainful most uncompassionate most concentrated most packed most compacted most compact most set most hard-handed most uncompromising most adamantine most compressed most heavyset most corpulent most nuggety most pyknic most abdominous most overweight most manlike most obese most cobby most mannish most pumped up most squabby most blubbery most bullish most handsome most oversize most replete most gargantuan most gallant most stout-hearted most courageous most massive most swole most gigantic most strenuous most generative most bull-necked most pot-bellied most sizable most zaftig most beer-bellied most corn-fed most elephantine most potbellied most porcine most gorillalike most chiseled most chiselled most musclebound most overpowering most imposing most fibrous most redoubtable most chivalrous most swashbuckling most scrub most bullnecked most well-padded most enthusiastic most decisive most lumbering most towering most valorous most fearless most lionhearted most daring most heroic most sarcous most boyish most honourable most adult most honorable most bloated most confident most self-reliant most noble most audacious most dignified most colossal most mammoth most sizeable most considerable most biggish most voluminous most sonsy most morbidly obese most plumpish most bovine most enormous most swollen most distended most ponderous most whalelike most bulbous most inflated most laddish most fecund most fertile most major most large-scale most tremendous most extensive most rounded most driving most procreative most reproductive most vibrant


Superlative for willing, or inclined, to take chances or risks
rashest recklessest foolhardiest boldest bravest gutsiest pluckiest spunkiest nerviest gamest doughtiest stoutest ballsiest grittiest peppiest brashest pushiest brassiest manliest toughest powerfullest strongest riskiest smartest feistiest worthiest sturdiest wildest coolest staunchest sportiest jauntiest breeziest liveliest swishest showiest dapperest gayest keenest swankest crustiest saltiest cockiest cheekiest steeliest iciest sassiest surest hairiest suavest firmest sauciest freshest pertest rudest wisest archest freest most brazen most headstrong most impudent most daring most fearless most intrepid most adventurous most courageous most valiant most valorous most audacious most heroic most dauntless most venturous most gallant most venturesome most dashing most spirited most adventuresome most daredevil most gutty most stalwart most lionhearted most heroical most manful most enterprising most confident most resolute most stouthearted most greathearted most nerved most emboldened most undauntable most mettlesome most unshrinking most temerarious most stout-hearted most unfearful most rock-ribbed most devil-may-care most tenacious most unblenching most spartan most noble most indomitable most swashbuckling most dynamic most madcap most heedless most overbold most unabashed most assured most frightless most dareful most aweless most chivalrous most determined most redoubtable most assertive most unfearing most unalarmed most puissant most aggressive most dangerous most dogged most hazardous most impavid most vigorous most overconfident most carefree most risk-taking most restless most exciting most presumptuous most gung ho most sporting most death-defying most go-ahead most resilient most ungoverned most uncurbed most stylish most orped most positive most debonair most dazzling most herolike most decisive most exuberant most flamboyant most bantam most animated most romantic most raffish most buoyant most attractive most energetic most elegant most urbane most exclusive most rousing most striking most vivacious most alert most impulsive most obtrusive most smart-alecky most forceful most defiant most unshakable most undismayed most honourable most macho most unworried most unapprehensive most unconcerned most impervious most undisturbed most honorable most quixotic most dignified most imprudent most fortitudinous most insolent most shameless most immodest most impertinent most barefaced most overfamiliar most brazen-faced most unembarrassed most cocksure most blatant most familiar most in-your-face most arrogant most brass-necked most self-assured


Superlative for strong, healthy, and full of energy
robustest liveliest strongest healthiest sturdiest finest fittest sprightliest toughest peppiest jauntiest lustiest perkiest playfullest powerfullest spriest zippiest halest intensest soundest bounciest feistiest flushest heartiest spunkiest wickest briskest snappiest friskiest sparkiest airiest pertest jazziest springiest pizzazziest pizazziest gayest freshest breeziest raciest bubbliest ruggedest completest fullest violentest zestiest vividest boldest busiest punchiest gutsiest ballsiest pushiest highest-octane chirpiest nimblest agilest brightest crankest merriest quickest zingiest zappiest blithest sunniest neatest sportiest smartest dapperest eagerest sparkliest keenest lightest happiest joyfullest highest wantonest jumpiest wickedest jolliest fastest newest swiftest wonderfullest excellentest most vigorous most energetic most dynamic most spirited most vital most active most animated most athletic most high-spirited most strapping most vivacious most able-bodied most blooming most thriving most effervescent most buoyant most forceful most indefatigable most vibrant most zestful most forcible most gingery most go-getting most hale and hearty most upbeat most virile most chipper most dashing most driving most effective most efficient most enterprising most exuberant most persuasive most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed most full of beans most strenuous most aggressive most animate most kinetic most unflagging most stalwart most vehement most emphatic most resounding most muscular most mettlesome most hard-hitting most enthusiastic most fiery most potent most industrious most high-powered most uncompromising most thorough most thoroughgoing most wholehearted most assertive most unrestrained most sweeping most committed most total most uncontrolled most unbridled most exhaustive most demoniac most locomotive most moving most motile most mobile most dynamical most kinematic most unmixed most exciting most electrifying most bustling most dazzling most alive most flamboyant most impassioned most passionate most rousing most happening most colorful most zealous most colourful most abuzz most intensive most astir most hopping most determined most stimulating most radiant most sensitive most responsive most aboil most peart most frolicsome most hyper most alert most gamesome most frolic most jumping most cheerful most ebullient most irrepressible most daring most skittish most excited most sportive most refreshing most outgoing most occupied most coltish most boisterous most dexterous most eventful most dextrous most deedful most youthful most blithesome most scintillating most fairylike most swinging most jocund most frolicky most ludic most rollicking most fun most prankish most excitable most lighthearted most larkish most gallant most outstanding most rapid most remarkable most marvellous most exceptional most striking most marvelous most magnificent

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