Đồng nghĩa của super

Alternative for super

supers, supered, supering

Đồng nghĩa: A-one, ace, crack, extremely, fantastic, first-rate, superintendent, tiptop, topnotch, tops(p),

Tính từ

Of excellent quality
excellent magnificent outstanding superb superior amazing dazzling extraordinary glorious marvellous peerless remarkable splendid superlative ace admirable brilliant divine exceptional exquisite fabulous fantastic fine grand great impressive incredible marvelous perfect smashing spectacular sublime terrific awesome cool neat sensational stellar stunning unparalleled accomplished banging choice deluxe distinguished exemplary immense incomparable matchless notable preeminent sterling striking supreme unrivalled unrivaled cracking groovy hot phenomenal premium prime select topnotch tremendous unsurpassed better brill crucial enhanced ideal improved keen mega wicked wonderful high-quality pre-eminent very good first-class first-rate high-class world-class high-grade top-notch first class of high quality of the highest quality on fleek of the highest standard better than average better than usual tip-top of the best quality of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fab capital swell topping heavenly mean out of this world lovely peachy boss wizard fantabulous dandy top corking phat quality radical topflight jim-dandy bully dope primo crackerjack champion beautiful slick magic bang-up dynamite nifty top-shelf gilt-edged boffo out-of-sight prizewinning top-of-the-line famous A-OK top-hole frontline supernal gilt-edge classic blue-ribbon number one spiffing righteous banner noble five-star par excellence gangbusters gangbuster bumper delightful beaut rad ripping good first-string blue-chip bonny peachy keen bonzer prize four-star numero uno bosting hype down bonnie brave brag gone gorgeous amazeballs stupendous dreamy mind-blowing bodacious enjoyable schmick eminent greatest sound beezer crack spanking best worthy breathtaking def fabby splendiferous far out sik exciting illustrious pleasing leading consummate goodly pleasant bad pleasurable unreal A1 exo belting memorable out of sight chillin' noteworthy too good to be true marvy rare unequalled applaudable nice A-1 lank kif commendable thrilling pearler barrie satisfying unequaled special agreeable masterly formidable tiptop skilful sovereign prodigious premier skillful noted singular finest second to none prominent top-drawer dominant virtuoso splendorous astonishing gratifying chief way-out unique estimable elite congenial wondrous class arresting outrageous important valuable top drawer transcendent inimitable unbelievable unsurpassable solid sweet elegant exclusive tops meritorious honourable awe-inspiring laudable star far-out enchanting attractive beyond compare honorable without equal world class colossal welcome unmatched astounding super-duper rapturous fantastical delectable significant imposing principal nonpareil luxury top-level pretty unexampled awesomesauce positive signal hunky-dory bosker enviable unexcelled praiseworthy reputable zero cool satisfactory radiant main lofty shipshape too much of the first order paramount recherche charming amusing masterful highest first ravishing to die for luxurious miraculous coruscating unforgettable fascinating standout alluring most OK respectable fun blissful frabjous uppermost blessed delightsome scrumptious head dulcet savory grateful darling blest top-of-the-range faultless exalted creditable delicious foremost diverting savoury unbeatable luscious surpassing moving optimum lush state-of-the-art momentous extremely good industry leading prize-winning top-class meaningful top-tier solid gold out-of-this-world acceptable favorable precious something else superfine cardinal entrancing high fancy super-eminent super-excellent gnarly bigger desirable beauteous certified flawless staggering heavy joyous legit sunny likable captivating expert mint vintage eye-catching engaging foxy up to snuff entertaining elevated ingenious plush exhilarating delicate dainty adept upmarket resplendent splashy showy only favourable larger higher copacetic able predominant conspicuous deserving flamboyant cheery genial classy celebrated rewarding deft paradisal paradisaic competent not bad clever eye-popping jaw-dropping enthralling eventful majestic magical idyllic renowned likeable paradisiacal paradisiac adroit noticeable venerable greater ducky posh ritzy lavish lead fly catchy felicitous apex influential jolly palatable primary chic spiritual tasty major unprecedented complete top-grade august ambrosial yummy number-one proud considerable extraordinaire inspired monumental powerful inspiring stately bold weighty dramatic highest quality very best worthy of admiration worthy of commendation hip optimal a cut above the rest best possible of the highest order mind-boggling best ever in a class all by itself never to be forgotten the best deep ka pai like wow top-flight the dog's bollocks out of the ordinary all right unblemished reliable invaluable bewitching grander more hypnotic tough world entire unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact crowning advanced priceless sharp quick splendacious osm smart agile really good upscale replayable rocking juicy paragon model well-known promising handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient spruce rockin awing eloquent surprising agitating especial paradisic superhuman adorable saintly sup rior unmarred cooler largest bright all very well well and good untouchable cream quintessential creative ultimate central key effusive excessive extreme winning hundred-proof cat's meow strong top-quality aces unparagoned alone all-time solid-gold chur really nice insane exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated above average slap-up of a high standard classical baller nang No. 1 virtuous crash hot mighty fashionable unorthodox with it pretty cool wild A-number-1 mostest worthwhile portentous theatrical to your liking a million dollars like a million dollars eximious grade A the very best a standout imaginative big lordly meritable dream unchallenged capable prestigious beyond comparison crazy number 1 unusually good royal awe-striking heart-stopping eye-opening practised hotshot skilled compleat versed demon veteran educated practiced proficient experienced master professed one in a million in a league of their own award-winning commanding emphatic innovational innovative top of the line top of the range Grade A undefeated choicest unbeaten one-in-a-million utopian crown dominating record-breaking big-time sans pareil up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu transcendental sacred uplifting inspirational holy abstract sumptuous tip top ridiculous intense biggest marked uncanny arrestive genius innovatory of highest order above and beyond pronounced opulent rich palatial expensive enterprising original inventive senior elder up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty honest decent believeable organic well-thought-of salient daring stirring impassioned absorbing touching affecting profound rousing massive the most hunky dory talented gifted resourceful appealing costly unco virtuosic batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby cat's pajamas indelible comforting lovesome flashy affable comfortable photogenic amiable hunky clear mild tasteful tempting euphoric fair glamorous seductive presentable arch- plushy Lucullan dollish glossy snazzy fetching taking aesthetic well-favored showstopping drop-dead good-looking glamourous intoxicating in order dishy relief unspoilt glad comely knockout pulchritudinous statuesque cunning cute zingy soothing hospitable sightly prettyish persistent Lucullian swish luxuriant palace silken fancy-pants swanky pricey luxe swank loaded Babylonian of genius passable telegenic elating copasetic esthetic paradisaical calming recreative ecstatic relishable acclaimed distinctive haunting palatian well appointed interesting irie enduring lasting remembered cherished historic rememberable treasured much touted fat consequential of high standing doozie of repute essential material well thought of to the max something mondo highly rated well received of distinction ineffable refreshing very pleasant very agreeable very pleasurable very attractive greatly to one's liking unusual fixed in the mind not to be forgotten citable observable mentionable different namable nameable of particular interest worthy of note uncommon worthy of mention serious murder splash manifest major-league the end worth mentioning utmost underlined stand-out patent evident worth taking a look at red-letter high-profile of note happy festive fine and dandy dear cheerful peak selected impeccable cordial dexterous dextrous celebratory magnolious refined immaculate exceeding favourite heartwarming favorite extravagant plum substantial high quality top quality mooi lekker spendy ultraexpensive pricy joyful very nice big-ticket high-end top-end high-ticket alright piked scintillating vivid picturesque unimpeachable irreproachable A-list sophisticated polished blameless splendent astronomical inviting bestselling tophole pleasureful to one's liking beyond words beyond description convivial balmy crashing definitive authoritative hand-picked elect proper particular whiz jovial sensual very fine popular preferential favored 10 preferred whimsical handpicked spesh favoured cherry-picked red-carpet decorative better than expected pure five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality carefully chosen first-line grade-A couthy 24-karat well-versed merry clubbable distracting unimaginable inconceivable cheering heartening gladdening gee-whizz forcible vital crash-hot of moment atypical abnormal aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant unheard of uncustomary gladsome gay covetable decided effective obvious light-hearted heart-warming huge extra special apparent distinct cushy well-done ascendant blatant plump plummy profitable preferable glaring unmistakable plain excelling palpable kenspeckle discernible noisy distinguishable grabby pointed identifiable recognizable infinite unlimited intellectual intuitive absolute towering eternal primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined boundless innate theoretical finished glowing pick open close recognisable flattering adulatory approving beyond grasp intimate commendatory appreciative complimentary written all over one acclamatory admiring approbatory laudatory loved beloved revered pet endeared fond personal bosom encomiastical laudative panegyrical full of praise much loved most excellent most important

Tính từ

Fitted together of huge irregular stones
cyclopean huge enormous massive immense colossal gigantic vast monumental prodigious mammoth tremendous giant titanic monstrous gargantuan mountainous elephantine mighty humongous jumbo mega monster whopping grand astronomical cosmic astronomic bumper herculean oversized Brobdingnagian whacking humungous great gigantesque leviathan supersize walloping pharaonic cosmical stupendous oceanic supersized heroic vasty heroical galactic planetary large Himalayan hulking ginormous sizable Bunyanesque behemoth pythonic Brobdignagian king-sized king-size super-duper king size towering thumping epic whopping great thumping great substantial whacking great Herculean big very large extensive bulky stellar very big gross heavy weighty hefty considerable impressive magnificent oversize immeasurable sizeable grandiose extraordinary terrific boundless inordinate fantastic infinite marvellous brobdingnagian imposing limitless almighty staggering marvelous handsome awesome outsize outsized expansive blimp behemothic wide majestic broad phenomenal striking formidable lofty fabulous splendid princely voluminous ponderous excessive generous extra-large overwhelming sublime amazing significant wonderful remarkable extreme tall heavyweight solid goodly copious incalculable astounding Homeric unusual overgrown profuse abundant august excellent measureless spectacular dirty great awe-inspiring ambitious exorbitant fine superb titan barn door exalted rich super-colossal eminent very great mondo serious high illustrious unreal whale of a mastodonic outstanding glorious stately capacious husky noble incredible commodious largish biggish boxcar spacious regal ample stunning astonishing brilliant miraculous breathtaking imperial proud giant-sized giant-size royal gallant baronial mind-boggling sensational wondrous endless mind-blowing healthy eternal extravagant whaling kingly intense extremely large extremely big mortal lavish larger-than-life plenteous prolific interminable abnormal Cyclopean palatial illimitable cumbersome jumbo-sized cracking awful elevated magnific cumbrous Gargantuan unwieldy dignified haughty unbounded mahoosive major dynamite great big smashing out of this world something else fab superhuman lumbering lasting classic important massy laborious daunting enduring historic memorable unforgettable economy size large size clumsy rip-roaring immortal Moby bountiful startling exceptional unfathomable fathomless long large-scale sky-high elephantic disproportionate flabbergasting dramatic unbelievable good distinguished transcendent epoch-making moving notable renowned irresistible dynamic socking great through the ceiling wicked pleasing fantabulous plentiful superabundant abiding permanent interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical bounteous profitable spanking statuesque surprising resplendent gorgeous lordly superior megalithic appalling dreadful ominous lank good-size good-sized super colossal full-size a whale of a terrible whopper frightful fearful substantive splendiferous tidy portentous eye-opening unlimited amazeballs jaw-dropping comprehensive opulent pompous sumptuous ostentatious pretentious first-class first-rate admirable very good luxurious surpassing belief utmost radical too much fat titantic heightened severe immoderate above average intemperate unreasonable escalated increased jacked up intensified widespread expanded far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending all-inclusive sweeping stretched-out detailed far-reaching meaty fleshy strong strapping heavyset muscular thick muscly beefy chunky powerful brawny burly sturdy hulky cavernous stout thickset monolithic liberal roomy well-built Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy appreciable hunky larger buxom greater zaftig man-size of considerable size man-sized not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound solidly built broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed full overweight plump corpulent portly chubby tubby rotund obese podgy pudgy blubbery respectable porky lardy round poddy well padded pursy beer-bellied replete decent comfortable abdominous awkward marked reasonable pot-bellied spacey not to be sneezed at noticeable extended porcine burdensome of ample proportions dumpy morbidly obese open well covered adipose rambling complete well rounded lucrative deep bloated fattish well-padded fair stocky bonny rounded overheavy pronounced ungainly loose-fitting airy maxi thundering unhandy unmanageable leaden prosperous decent-sized inflated potbellied advantageous sufficient entire whole baggy overfed billowing overstuffed overnourished filling clinically obese much bull spread out remunerative loose paying stiff rolling mesomorphic clunky hearty lumpish worthwhile gaping gainful of ample build steep dense uncrowded elaborate square l laden gravid built expectant loaded enceinte incommodious whalelike lead-footed material bottomless numerous chasmal cavelike swollen yawning nuggety weighing a ton imperious measurable roaring decisive conclusive emphatic well-upholstered pyknic squabby extra large bulging sensible inexhaustible fairly large plumpish noteworthy resounding unmistakable unqualified wide open avoirdupois out-and-out thorough indefinite immensurable horizonless lard-arsed no end to max adequate rewarding prominent cushy slouchy robust oafish high-cost extortionate competitive loutish heavily built clodhopping OS unco thewy stark economic money-spinning moneymaking convenient unsparing macro protracted high-ceilinged stubby stumpy squat steady consequential dilatable distensible expandable heavy-laden prolonged overblown embonpoint lusty upholstered full-figured well-covered sarcous sundry simple multitudinous various legion several convoluted many multifarious swelling covering lengthy decided juicy well furnished meaningful legit over the odds tolerable life-size wide-open on the plump side splayed pretty unmanoeuvrable baby elephant girthy thrashing full-fleshed fair-sized family-sized fair-size fierce harsh horrific outspread outstretched sonsy wide-ranging ballooning easy-fitting elegant family-size bulbous distended lard jelly-belly bovine butterball latitudinous beamy thunderous queenly economy-size swelled economy-sized wholesale plush classy ceremonious having a spare tire having a bay window inconvenient flash flashy swanky balloon-like flowing puffy audacious bold immodest worth taking into account wide-reaching exhaustive mass splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic high-flying far reaching exaggerated showy commanding universal nationwide wide physically soaring cranky impractical bunglesome generously cut bigger leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing detectable perceptible hollow outrageous lumbersome everlasting perpetual sepulchral galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing oppressive wearisome clunking unending fanciful insane ballsy adventurous zealous wild inestimable dark discernible distinguishable visible ascending rising sky-scraping raised skyscraping high-rise numberless unfathomed without limit million all-embracing without end without number sempiternal incessant uncounted supertemporal perdurable amaranthine gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant sunken dismal altitudinous multistorey high-reaching innumerable indeterminable alveolate socketed chambered deep-set towery obvious palpable definite clear-cut apprehensible perceivable evident ascertainable recognizable discernable untold taller grander longer wider high rise upraised alpine uplifted unnumberable myriad innumerous uncountable unreckonable unmeasurable countless jillion umpteen zillion apparent manifest tangible observable estimable plain curved inward alive with crawling with no end of beyond measure recognisable

Tính từ

More than is necessary, normal, or desirable
excessive immoderate extravagant extreme undue enormous exaggerated inordinate intemperate superfluous unbridled unrestrained unrestricted unwarranted boundless disproportionate extortionate gratuitous lavish needless overmuch profuse unconscionable unreasonable exorbitant grandiose gross immense improvident limitless plethoric prodigal profligate substantial surplus tremendous uncontrolled unlimited vast wanton astronomic astronomical dissipated dizzying fantastic huge humongous immeasurable imprudent indulgent infinite insane intolerable massive monstrous monumental outrageous overabundant overdue overweening prodigious redundant steep stupendous unbounded uncurbed unmeasurable wasteful colossal devilish epic extensive extra gargantuan giant gigantic ludicrous mammoth mega mighty monster more mountainous overboard overextravagant overgenerous overindulgent overkill preposterous recrementitious ridiculous silly stratospheric superabundant supernatural thumping towering unchecked unfettered unhampered uninhibited unnecessary whopping sky-high over the top self-indulgent too much super-duper uncalled for a bit much out of all proportion over the odds way out too many OTT O.T.T. stiff over abounding in excess fancy unmerciful baroque very too a lot severe unfair harsh unjustifiable unjustified uncalled-for unjust heavy high unwarrantable draconian wild reckless drastic over-the-top serious improper cruel punishing strict punitive tough egregious expensive inflated shocking rigorous inexcusable fulsome forceful prohibitive unacceptable oppressive unprovoked hard thriftless violent rampant indefensible riotous austere criminal spendthrift abandoned exuberant swingeing irrational stringent brutal generous overpriced unthrifty squandering radical overdone liberal runaway luxuriant desperate luxurious dire elaborate scandalous beyond the pale abundant out of bounds unrelenting pricey flagrant unpardonable too great decadent grievous unforgivable unseemly copious audacious sharp hardhanded effusive unyielding unhindered bountiful out of control raw stern careless uncompromising iniquitous de trop dear unmerited dissolute debauched ruthless bounteous high-rolling disgraceful openhanded grim uncontrollable greedy irresponsible sybaritic illogical too-too supererogatory senseless absonant posh unbalanced ample unstinting unbending sumptuous out of order up to here hedonistic unsuitable far-out plentiful terrible opulent prolific gushing extraordinary costing an arm and a leg galore ungovernable burdensome gushy ruinous dissipative excessively high inappropriate rough aplenty plenty appalling great strong licentious profusive savage unreserved searing inconsiderate reprehensible undeserved horrifying merciless offensive magnificent inhuman atrocious bitter no end rigid tyrannical incontinent unconcealed rich dreadful showy wicked a dime a dozen insupportable without justification far-reaching unmitigated impressive turbulent uncivilised uncivilized free utter without cause without reason impetuous striking heinous absolute wrong unconventional indiscriminate unlawful peremptory unrightful wrongful arbitrary rank raging flamboyant pervasive ungrounded out of proportion pleasure-seeking heavy-handed lush major epicurean open distressing unequal imposing out of line unconstrained elevated irregular overflowing voluptuous theatrical dramatic uneconomical teeming firm out of hand off lotus-eating overblown non-essential swarming exceptional inflexible costly inexpiable onerous ornate enthusiastic horrible far-fetched nasty incredible unbecoming overinflated rugged overdecorated alive with thick with crawling with superior high-flown crazy heedless exceeding ostentatious sensual fast-living rabid inconceivable murderous trying excruciating ill-advised unruly blameworthy culpable remiss unworthy regrettable momentous unstoppable uncontainable irrepressible unquenchable fanatical thoughtless groundless incommensurate grand rococo obvious crippling surpassing undisciplined penal nonsensical insensitive overstated large horrendous blatant over the fence rash deplorable barbarous free-spending thorough inept outre objectionable effete parsimonious pretentious sweeping zealous diabolical very great impossible ghastly ungoverned exceptionable convoluted fussy conspicuous open-handed munificent a bit thick patent complete cavalier authoritarian unkind big abominable over-elaborate florid ungodly awful abhorrent unspeakable not on hideous exacting bizarre consequential downright manifest outstanding glaring sheer acute overt epidemic widespread villainous forbidding plenteous horrid not in proportion to out of proportion to pandemic rife vile domineering busy ornamented embellished shameful rampaging sickening insufferable vicious out-and-out inexorable outré transparent undisguised execrable considerable proliferating relatively too large for relatively too small for pronounced bottomless evident brazen illegitimate apparent intense not the done thing threatening grave ultra significant bad capital spreading like wildfire dangerous disastrous on the rampage eccentric harmful censurable unreasoned indiscreet untempered passionate distasteful demanding tempestuous demonstrative absurd pleasure-loving crushing fancy-pants unneeded very expensive wholehearted actorly expansive Draconian raised increased superlative pre-eminent troublesome impulsive capricious boosted excess hedonic bacchanalian voluptuary additional extremely high untimely unfitting forbidden sinister inapt illegal underhanded unapt indecorous ill-timed unseasonable shiftless mass ambitious punitory abusive blown up out of all proportion imbalanced tall very high negligent comfortable cornucopian handsome not required thick bold immodest below the belt lofty not quite the thing short-sighted highway robbery a rip-off daylight robbery costing a bomb unfeeling callous abrasive hardheaded headstrong pitiless intractable relentless sneaky conscienceless knavish unholy unthinkable iron-fisted iron-handed soaring overreaching inefficient pound-foolish useless squandered destructive surplus to requirements splendid lordly commanding out of sight costing the earth over one's head inessential devil-may-care volatile robust heartless unsympathetic full-on streets ahead unconfined supererogative entire unfounded causeless insufficient inadequate imperious shortsighted feckless incautious myopic overbearing tactless high-priced extremist untrammelled unshackled gorgeous eager rowdy curt unmanageable noisy hysterical chaotic crazed madcap berserk revolutionary despotic high-handed autocratic thoroughgoing comprehensive exhaustive avoidable baseless not needed unconvincing unlikely dubious doubtful implausible questionable unbelievable unimpeded unsuppressed natural supreme sky-scraping multistorey hasty plush Lucullian plushy regal palatial deluxe palace silken luxury luxe Lucullan Babylonian fanciful heroic ballsy adventurous total flinty ramrod unreasoning dispensable nonessential unessential brutish loose unbound footloose self-gratifying elegant decorated revolutionist visible paramount titanic altitudinous Brobdingnagian prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing sensationalized overdramatic ungrudging undiplomatic bungling unrepressed obtrusive fanatic profound opportunistic cluttered curlicued flowery grotesque transcendent hulking stellar sublime ginormous remorseless unusual unmistakable assumed reasonless unsupportable barefaced naked outright shameless unselfish spontaneous impertinent blunt immoral impotent miserly plenary untrammeled sadistic overstrict frank candid coercive saturnalian lawless ritzy swanky first-class unstinging inequitable incommensurable uneven palpable arrant plain highly unlikely unmissable inescapable gone outlandish unqualified benevolent big-hearted kind-hearted free-handed beneficent ready airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping overelaborate bedecked wedding-cake gingerbread uncommon remarkable ferocious advanced iconoclastic not necessary beyond your means out of the question plain to see fabulous disproportionate to top-to-bottom sensationalised root-and-branch wide-ranging bighearted kind freehearted magnanimous charitable freehanded all out ornamental gilt very elaborate decorative sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb as plain as day stark crying clear as plain as a pikestaff noticeable staring someone in the face protrusive standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb out and out brass-necked vaulting contrived crowded overwrought financial means conditional aggressive dominant tumultuous willingly given sobering fierce worrying strenuous menacing painful life-threatening bleak precarious critical grinding hazardous weighty arduous perilous intensive difficult toilsome peracute ugly taxing gruesome not appropriate for not proportional at odds with lacking parity prevalent vehement highly coloured horrific over-detailed laboured overworked giving procrustean unsparing spreading clamorous blustering fecund flourishing boisterous rambling predominant multiplying growing furious out of keeping with inconsistent overbalanced disparate lopsided top-heavy unsymmetrical asymmetric nonsymmetrical terrifying dread disarranged mixed-up overripe muddled over-ornate untidy over-embellished messy staged disorderly last straw hateful exceeding bounds excessively ornate labored excessively ornamental lousy harrowing dreaded wretched frightening alarming direful dismal grisly rotten macabre terrific fearsome lamentable lurid redoubtable not appropriate to not commensurate with unnerving disturbing petrifying unwelcome hair-raising spine-chilling inconvenient scary intimidating unfortunate formidable punk nightmarish infamous nefarious beastly evil odious loathsome nauseating foul unbearable unendurable barbaric maddening infernal fiendish exasperating godawful hellacious flagitious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious sinful depraving debasing contumelious despicable contemptible corrupt degenerate opprobrious very bad more than one can afford

Tính từ

Of considerable importance or seriousness
big significant serious substantial considerable critical important major urgent consequential crucial decisive difficult momentous paramount tough all-important appreciable earnest fateful influential key landmark leading material meaningful monumental powerful prime principal prominent sizable solemn vital weighty big league big-time eminent eventful far-reaching fundamental grave hard heavy historic major league sober somber sombre earthshaking earth-shattering heavy-duty heavyweight hefty high-priority mammoth super colossal valuable life-and-death main tectonic of consequence of great import of moment of significance exceptional no joke no laughing matter strategic much pivotal notable memorable outstanding acute remarkable great severe noteworthy central determining essential pressing profound capital cardinal intense headline epoch-making life-changing portentous dire burning of great consequence core intrinsic focal large extraordinary integral primary large-scale pronounced telling worthwhile striking imposing exigent overriding deciding impactful deep especial grand signal climacteric imperative strenuous mighty earth-shaking unforgettable high-level extreme life and death dangerous grievous of importance meaty famous celebrated active full lively busy red-letter exciting apocalyptic relevant famed groundbreaking renowned epochal dramatic ground-breaking valid purposeful event-filled pertinent hectic action-packed well-known sweeping ponderous tremendous world-shaking world-shattering stunning earthshattering devastating indicative useful pithy testing glum sedate staid pointed immediate instrumental top-priority almighty salient foremost stern trying searching settling sententious humourless gloomy dour grim psychological top-level overshadowing of concern major-league high-profile of note big-league austere quintessential downbeat cold sober quiet of great importance humorless underlined no-nonsense matter of life and death sad big deal uncomic dominant desperate clamorous overruling necessary requisite preeminent primal indispensable premier predominant chief climactic supreme top determinative ruling master insistent showdown touchy climatic prerequisite compelling needed required mandatory radical now or never touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence must-have pre-eminent vitally important extensive forceful milestone harsh noticeable special ponderable conspicuous marked carrying a lot of weight impressive disastrous life-threatening distressing sensational conclusive glaring distinctive front-page rare unusual newsworthy uncommon bad threatening awful peracute hazardous exacting punishing menacing sobering bitter painful brutal arduous fierce excessive bleak worrying precarious perilous terrible intensive ugly grinding taxing toilsome preponderant obvious resonant unordinary glorious keynote particular emphatic quantum generous strong potent worthy of attention a lot of lots of plenty of a great deal of a fair amount of

Tính từ

Currently popular, fashionable, or in demand
hot popular cool fashionable sought-after big hip in crowd-pleasing dope fab faddish faddy favourite favorite groovy happening in demand modish must-see neat nifty now pop popularised popularized red-hot trendy vogue voguish culty in favor in favour approved favoured favored glorious in fashion latest well liked well loved all the rage du jour in vogue the new all the go chic stylish large fly smart with it modern trendsetting current contemporary up-to-the-minute a la mode in style mod up to the minute chichi sharp swanky new swank natty au courant upscale well-liked newfangled in-thing tony swinging fresh up to date exclusive swish swell supercool in thing dashing prevailing usual rakish genteel kicking wanted a go-go snappy kicky customary snazzy latest thing spiffy sassy de rigueur funky posh elegant up-to-date liked designer last word celebrated desirable trig with-it bang up to date on fleek classy prevalent preferred def hep downtown turned-on desired marketable schmick good appealing likeable prominent high-class high-toned glamorous saleable massive styleworthy welcome commercial likable sophisticated merchantable swagger down coveted vendible salable state-of-the-art requested le dernier cri merchandisable well received sought after to die for well-heeled expensive dressy dapper sexy flippant newest youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest passing on trend flash rage exciting avant-garde cutting-edge legendary well-known admired notable renowned accepted plugged-in bang up-to-date leading edge in the mainstream commercially successful successful widespread à la mode acceptable awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to attractive leading lovable beloved notorious sought agreeable enviable covetable valuable pleasant pleasing trending fave famous in the know excellent eligible wantable looked-for longed-for sellable required mass-market corporate like gold dust at a premium in great demand fit trafficable bankable selling profitable for sale sound cosmopolitan gnarly ultra-modern ritzy impressive big thing debonair flashy fancy fine polished fad chi-chi craze bling fancy-pants latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle beautiful urbane sleek jazzy ostentatious pretentious steezy slick modernistic dap tasteful showy uptown in with it well turned-out dressed to the teeth dressed to kill on the cutting edge in the latest style

Phó từ

To a very large or great degree
extremely immensely awfully highly incredibly really intensely particularly real severely very awful extra heavily mighty so supremely terribly almighty especially mightily sorely achingly blisteringly frightfully greatly hugely majorly roaring seriously spanking surpassingly badly beastly colossally dang deadly desperately enormously exceedingly fabulously fantastically filthy fully most stinking that thumping too uncommonly vastly way wildly far fiercely mortally rattling right ever so eminently specially roaringly jolly ever archly vitally much corking cracking full bone exceeding wicked whacking unco monstrous sore passing such remarkably exceptionally tremendously extraordinarily decidedly markedly ultra well thoroughly unusually mega excessively dead terrifically notably oh-so utterly inordinately a lot mucho truly profoundly good and as all get-out significantly devilish devilishly outstandingly to a great extent distinctly strikingly abundantly considerably staggeringly singularly madly dreadfully monumentally powerful very much deeply astronomically overly plumb bloody fearfully monstrously completely quite lekker darned positively acutely largely fair totally extensively entirely appreciably amazingly noticeably substantially hellish absolutely signally astonishingly downright surprisingly too-too uniquely conspicuously over stupendously massively dirty sizably immoderately broadly gravely perfectly superlatively big-time prodigiously to the nth degree heartily wholly materially altogether in the extreme exorbitantly peculiarly critically drastically to a great degree radically powerfully painfully hard all that obscenely wonderfully palpably indeed mad infinitely dangerously strongly rather vehemently immeasurably pretty passionately emphatically discernibly beyond incomparably visibly obviously plenty by much horribly to a fault by leaps and bounds hellishly unwontedly unduly unreasonably perilously grievously intently ridiculously precariously fatally in every way in every respect strangely prominently to in all respects to the hilt firmly to the core one hundred per cent a hundred per cent hopelessly every inch easily chronically parlously suitably irretrievably dramatically unnecessarily unconscionably dearly uber outrageously hysterically over- extremely badly very badly clearly très preeminently disturbingly by far by a great amount to too great an extent too much in excess to too great an degree by a great deal a great deal like mad in a marked degree par excellence like crazy by a mile by a long way on a grand scale distressfully heartbrokenly positive simply screamingly enough thundering stonking socking hazardously roughly flaming confoundedly blasted blooming somewhat carelessly harmfully soundly exactly disgustingly thrice dashed abominably revoltingly sizeably more than incalculably unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously unbelievably darn all flat-out genuinely abnormally uncustomarily oddly unaccountably curiously that much so much exaggeratedly too … for words plentifully marvelously marvellously glaringly inimitably Esp really bad undoubtedly veritably certifiably on a large scale by a considerable amount famously in great measure before all else in specie through and through all over principally lots no end a fair amount by half as all get out crackingly prohibitively violently deathly grandly

Danh từ

One who oversees or supervises
overseer boss chief manager superintendent supervisor chargehand controller foreman forewoman gaffer manageress administrator captain governor grieve head inspector master steward superior baas executive line manager overman team leader head honcho straw boss head of department pannikin boss pit boss ganger foreperson honcho director slave driver conductor kingpin administrant exec archon taskmaster organizer ramrod leader zookeeper curator organiser head man taskmistress officer sitter examiner comptroller crew leader boss woman boss lady caretaker custodian head person jefe helmsman headman maistry induna brass hat pusher boss man bossman Big Brother padrone skipper bigwig top dog number one sachem big cheese Mr Big numero uno proprietor owner big wheel big kahuna high muckamuck big white chief employer principal chieftain commander ruler president lord chair sherang chairperson chairman chairwoman big gun CEO chief executive managing director Mister Big dominator big shot President overlord premier monarch sovereign suzerain official helmer taskperson wheel authority ringleader person in charge big person commanding officer figurehead patron mistress tycoon patriarch agent elder liege guv'nor top banana general commandant mandarin big noise representative lord and master head woman old man kahuna fat cat chief executive officer liege lord front office planner tribal chief accountant driver checker marshal financial officer business manager seigneur potentate ariki minister senior supremo dictator top woman top man bureaucrat headmaster key player top brass top cat headmistress superior commander helm matriarch pedagogue pedagog trainer prez mayor dean functionary commissioner consul admin judge producer ambassador headship handler reins higher-up better overling brass prime minister magnate outfit co entrepreneur capitalist management corporation juice businessperson establishment person slavedriver head teacher Big Daddy Big Chief person upstairs grandee mogul baron nabob industrialist lead-off person driver's seat skip workers big cheese meal ticket Capt. macher CFO four-striper operator pilot royalty guide top cap big enchilada guardian pilot in command higher up warden keeper protector watchman convener moderator factor MD watchdog warder king queen emperor reeve bailiff tsar prince princess groundskeeper estate manager land agent chamberlain guru mentor counsellor torchbearer counselor big hitter mover and shaker big name

Danh từ

An empty box placed above the existing boxes of the beehive in order to allow the colony to expand or store additional honey

Danh từ



To a great or extreme degree

Trái nghĩa của super

super Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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