Đồng nghĩa của harrowing

Alternative for harrowing

Đồng nghĩa: agonising, agonizing, excruciating, torturesome, torturing, torturous,

harrows, harrowed, harrowing

Đồng nghĩa: afflict, agonize, distress, hurt, irritate, pain, plow, rake, torment, torture, wound,

Tính từ

Unbearably or excruciatingly painful or torturous
excruciating tormenting agonising agonizing racking torturing torturous alarming distressing disturbing frightening painful raging wrenching chilling heartbreaking terrifying traumatic gut-wrenching heart-rending nerve-racking dangerous dreadful soaring stressful tearing vexing worrying trying severe harsh grievous difficult troublesome hard unpleasant onerous upsetting tough taxing grim brutal cruel burdensome oppressive disquieting bothersome troubling crushing heavy rough worrisome exacting distressful arduous wearisome exhausting unsettling vexatious strenuous punishing demanding daunting rugged hairy hellish laborious perturbing bitter galling murderous hurtful irksome nasty challenging rigorous toilsome discomforting tortuous stiff gruelling sapping grueling testing harassing back-breaking savage intolerable thorny heartrending unbearable agitating tiring dismaying grave searing formidable afflicting fraught wearing killing wearying grinding fatiguing backbreaking irritating tedious annoying sticky weighty fierce devastating draining forbidding nagging shocking discomposing uncomfortable unnerving awful troublous dire uphill ferocious nerve-wracking harrying unendurable tiresome unsparing herculean inhuman tense disagreeable effortful killer bad tricky anxious wretched problematic awkward prickly concerning scary disconcerting ponderous stringent bruising unforgiving anxious-making ambitious nail-biting intense debilitating merciless hellacious niggling exigent afflictive bloodthirsty intimidating vigorous operose solemn tall moiling sweaty knackering Herculean homicidal hostile bloody tragic insufferable painstaking hardhanded sanguinary terrible unrelenting creepy sad mighty displeasing throbbing enervating fell extreme colossal sanguineous relentless provoking gloomy depressing crippling sharp perplexing exasperating toilful sore shattering ominous anguished sorrowful titanic cumbersome bloody-minded upstream unyielding destructive deadly lethal gargantuan energy-consuming cutthroat destroying ruinous criminal slaughterous austere bleak scarring inhospitable comfortless overwhelming Spartan spartan restless nervous uneasy horrifying sanguine murdering immoderate ruthless woeful unfortunate dismal regrettable aching smarting miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable discouraging hurting lamentable unsavory steep startling discommoding sombre somber mortifying unwelcome inconvenient tender impossible hefty aggravating offensive frustrating pressured icky burning yukky unhappy sour yucky sensitive hurt irritated deplorable uncongenial unlovely unpleasing sinister foreboding pressing raw stinging inflamed imperious tragical chafed reddened unsavoury persnickety hectic sober prohibitive delicate achy bruised immense unremitting staggering gigantic injured red calamitous pained really hard very hard wounded backbreaker jarring labored in pain gnawing afflicted Augean depleting laboured abscessed ulcerated off-putting pick-and-shovel scabrous biting no picnic anxiety-ridden unreasonable pain-filled exorbitant excessive unfair confronting tormentous plaguing anguishing pitiless apprehensive injurious damaging intrusive impeding disruptive threatening consequential disappointing stark maddening panicky menacing thoroughgoing demoralizing demoralising murder major wounding harmful acute butcherous discomfiting embittering mind-blowing straitened stern disastrous inexorable very painful pessimistic dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome drudgy serious vicious high-pressure tough going worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon difficile problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone almighty extremely upsetting bare-bones barren desolate very bad unfriendly horrible horrendous horrific objectionable horrid revolting loathsome appalling humourless poor execrable crummy repellent ghastly atrocious foul humorless repulsive frightful abominable odious doleful lousy detestable vile gruesome repugnant unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate abysmal obnoxious grisly undesirable diabolical macabre nightmarish sickening gross monstrous repellant uncool grotty godawful abhorrent saddening grody pathetic unappealing uninviting ugly affecting nauseous mean beastly time-consuming poignant tingly distressed heart-breaking extremely bad twingeing broken gammy damaged grazed lacerated scratched black-and-blue gashed bleeding impaired struck ruptured discoloured mangled discolored stricken achy breaky piercing agonised pounding tingling marred disfigured beaten mutilated cut disabled battered suffering mauled incapacitated weakened caustic crushed scraped nicked agonized smartful tired busted up hit harmed scarred wicked remorseless great intemperate inclement unkind hard-hearted

Tính từ

Causing great pain or anguish
grievous harsh painful agonising agonizing excruciating torturous bitter cruel heartrending galling tormenting hurtful afflicting intense severe racking extreme acute unbearable insufferable piercing unendurable searing violent sharp fierce exquisite dreadful distressing terrible stabbing shooting torturing wrenching burning vehement awful penetrating raging suffering heavy gut-wrenching frightful tearing stinging vicious blistering consuming pounding heartbreaking powerful heart-rending profound grave deep serious anguishing intolerable struggling tortuous disturbing ferocious strong almighty killing savage explosive thumping splitting hellish hellacious hard furious ghastly punishing grueling intensive fearful fearsome cutting peracute gruelling concentrated poignant heavy-duty difficult traumatic tormentous keen damaging sore wounding critical knifelike smarting bad injurious oppressive desperate transcending repressive unrelenting grim biting brutal caustic calamitous harmful worrying unsparing significant mortal extremely painful rending infuriating chastening cringe-making irritating torturesome toe-curling tedious embarrassing stultifying very bad overwhelming excessive heightened overpowering shrill sudden finely tuned great drastic extraordinary urgent dire forceful passionate compelling fiery ardent fervent tremendous pressing dramatic incredible crucial very great indescribable flaming prodigious unutterable potent earnest vigorous fervid impassioned remarkable fanatical zealous crying impossible uncontrollable turbulent immoderate deep-seated frenzied marked inordinate exigent energetic wholehearted perfervid all-consuming heated hot tempestuous forcible exceptional life-and-death major red-hot eager torrid wild vital weighty parlous feverish sincere enthusiastic emotional dangerous mighty unrestrained stormy deep-rooted rabid warm-blooded tumultuous intemperate blustery intensified relentless frantic heartfelt importunate imperious imperative necessitous clamant emergent incommunicable abject blazing enormous supreme climacteric appalling devout woeful warm avid irresistible passional tough uncommunicable consequential inflamed ruinous high protracted perilous life-threatening hearty pungent devastating boisterous deeply felt considerable ungovernable driving strenuous gusty titanic stark pervasive stifling crushing convulsive suffocating paroxysmal volcanic powerhouse dynamic squally frenetic compulsive overriding telling obsessive very strong hot-blooded real diabolical right proper unstoppable inexpressible instant boiling baking scorching huge inclement clamorous close full unqualified charged roasting sizzling true genuine entrenched all-out demonstrative deepest undue diligent exaggerated incandescent religious sweltering superheated strained vivid glowing honest hard-core unfeigned rooted intrenched stiff ablaze amorous mother of all tropical parching withering excited stirring inveterate thorough bona fide rousing very grave towering scalding deadly comprehensive rigorous disastrous thoroughgoing settled baking hot blazing hot blistery broiling cut-throat alarming hectic rough bred-in-the-bone confirmed boiling hot very hot punchy knockout dominant commanding gutsy hazardous arduous toilsome threatening bleak ugly taxing lively hefty active virulent devoted like a furnace sobering big exacting menacing precarious grinding elemental puissant knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts roaring cyclonic foul mad hammer and tongs agitated howling gusting bang-bang windy delirious essential catastrophic horrific unpleasant horrible horrendous nagging undescribable paramount necessary important spirited impetuous nasty dirty filthy integral emergency immediate impelling fundamental militant blustering rampageous nauseating leading indispensable capital foremost key required primary principal troublesome distressful abominable upsetting committed resounding momentous chief demanded acrid sickly offensive sickening astringent distinct nauseous rampaging uncontrolled rampant riotous single-minded dedicated purposeful pushy zestful storming unchecked unmanageable unfettered uncurbed unbridled emphatic aromatic unmistakable invincible cloying breathtaking fetid heady mephitic shocking atrocious godawful rotten lousy beastly vile afflictive peppery enraged pre-eminent zealotic fired go-ahead fanatic possessed wild-eyed itchy ripe antsy obsessed fireball afire self-starting gung-ho coercive outrageous aroused overshadowing foetid coming on strong high-priority top-priority must-have called-for life and death of great consequence of the utmost importance of the essence irrepressible overbearing besetting shattering out of control gale force full of force irrefutable dominating overmastering more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear

Tính từ

Acutely distressing
distressing affecting appalling disturbing haunting heartbreaking heart-rending painful shocking traumatic upsetting distressful gut-wrenching horrifying tragic sad pitiful wretched heartrending woeful grievous miserable mournful pathetic sorrowful poignant piteous lamentable sorry pitiable saddening moving plaintive deplorable agonizing dismal doleful agonising touching tear-jerking unfortunate melancholy rueful regrettable unhappy calamitous poor cheerless tearful gloomy forlorn depressing dolorous joyless unlucky desolate tragical dire bitter stirring afflictive disconsolate dreadful disappointing afflicted disquieting disastrous dispiriting excruciating hopeless abject mean dreary emotional sombre teary to be pitied depressed somber drear grieving meagre melancholic meager comfortless blue lugubrious awful lachrymose funereal plangent unpleasant crushing difficult terrible disheartening bleak discouraging afflicting heartbroken grave commiserable unfavourable anguished demoralizing unfavorable downcast woebegone morose impressive despondent tender grief-stricken dejected dejecting grim mortifying paltry impactful heavy-hearted base worthless agonized dolesome crestfallen downhearted glum demoralising down heartsick ruthful suffering distressed mirthless oppressive heartsore agonised heart-wrenching low dolent derisible down in the mouth down in the dumps desolating lousy beseeching ruined supplicating imploring entreating depressive lame black drab beggarly daunting dispirited troublesome emotive powerful vexatious uncomfortable cold discomposing uplifting telling heart-warming soul-stirring melting intense vile scurvy dingy horrific pensive dark frightful arousing disgraceful shabby compassionate commiserative small disenchanting sentimental agitating expressive perturbing passionate nostalgic affective heartwarming useless puny petty morbid sorrowing emotionally moving broken-hearted heavy brokenhearted bad heavyhearted threnodic low-spirited droopy elegiac hangdog saddened dirge-like inconsolable arousing affect cast down bereft in pain full of sorrow in mourning in sorrow rotten shameful execrable catastrophic cruel tortured racked feeble egregious funeral despairing weeping aching deploring bewailing bemoaning wailing regretful dirty weepy dolorific ignominious intolerable desperate inexcusable hurting god-awful worrying tormenting hurtful alarming unsettling frightening stressful concerning fearful nagging confronting nerve-racking heart-breaking

Tính từ

Causing dismay, horror, or revulsion
appalling horrible terrible awful horrifying shocking dreadful horrific ghastly hideous frightful horrendous atrocious dire nightmarish abominable alarming frightening grim grisly gruesome monstrous scaring shameful terrifying unspeakable vile abhorrent daunting dismaying fearful horrid intimidating outrageous astounding disgusting hateful heinous loathsome odious unnerving abject distressing godawful grewsome lurid macabre nightmare petrifying repellent revolting sickening terrific tremendous unforgivable unpardonable disheartening egregious hellacious nauseating repugnant repulsive bad formidable grody grotesque heavy inexcusable mean upsetting from hell direful forbidding hair-raising spine-chilling scary grievous disturbing fearsome dread redoubtable wretched lamentable unpleasant disquieting eerie chilling unfortunate dismal miserable tragic worrying depressing beastly woeful calamitous detestable execrable disagreeable bloodcurdling sad serious lousy creepy sinister gloomy deplorable disastrous cruel dark dangerous desolate disconcerting startling traumatic ruinous forlorn menacing nasty spooky morbid abysmal grave ugly devastating heartbreaking ominous severe discouraging hopeless hairy catastrophic sombre solemn somber cataclysmic perturbing doleful desperate distasteful pathetic foul gross unearthly rotten objectionable sorry baleful ghoulish parlous bleak heartrending cheerless gut-wrenching shuddersome unhappy joyless morose adverse black comfortless destructive ill-fated vicious unsightly nauseous extreme displeasing discomforting ghostly hellish dreary poor wicked offensive foreboding despicable harsh pitiable dreaded diabolical regrettable troublesome godforsaken pressing critical distressful piteous pitiful urgent drab icky painful fatal scandalous gnarly sorrowful deadly sullen drear exigent disgustful loathly mournful intolerable very bad scurvy evil unwelcome sick-making causing fear strange eldritch glum sober blood-curdling threatening inauspicious unpropitious heart-rending ill-starred gory insufferable Kafkaesque concerning terribly bad troubling awesome inconvenient punk excessive awe-inspiring terrorizing overwhelming sublime frozen unsettling demoralizing bothersome irksome unkind callous terrorising lou nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal imposing impressive mean-looking crying crucial discommoding unpalatable like death warmed up spine-tingling obnoxious drastic vexing discomposing striking powerful afraid massive stinking crippling irretrievable rubbish vulgar noisome rueful funereal onerous rancid repellant grotty fulsome noxious obscene portentous chronic bodeful festy eery oppressing fierce scowling afflictive raunchy yucky yucko grungy demoralising anguished spookish humourless humorless heart-breaking moving agonizing galling very unpleasant uncanny weird freaky haunting God-awful stirring unlucky dejected vexatious melancholy despondent savage brutal barbaric lethal mortal crushing deathly hapless agonising fateful weighty earnest sobering sedate strenuous unamusing acute far-reaching squalid fiendish ruthless sordid uninviting hostile nefarious villainous barbarous inhuman tragical uncomfortable infernal brutish tough unfavorable unfavourable murderous base merciless inferior austere black-hearted flagrant low low-down indigent scungy depressive impoverished sepulchral contemptible dour hard perilous injurious negative oppressive straitened unfriendly hard-pressed inhospitable shadowy discommodious tortured harmful difficult undesirable troubled full of hardship doubtful gray strained exacting ill-omened treacherous ill-boding bitter grey precarious messy jeopardous apocalyptic rocky infamous inhumane sick heartless butcherly brute truculent sadistic wanton flagitious cacodemonic facinorous beyond the pale cataclysmal blue unutterable minatory hazardous thrilling unsafe warning indescribable minacious risky life-threatening unstable doomy ill chancy insecure exciting bullying dodgy extraordinary brooding minatorial breathtaking nerve-racking unsound dicey hair-curling suspenseful lowering off-putting baneful exhilarating vulnerable malignant impending unhealthy exposed venturesome surprising admonitory shaky stunning astonishing amazing staggering comminatory cautionary remarkable stupefying dispiriting aggressive sudden intimidatory looming glowering important sore perplexing profound overhanging evil-looking unpromising high-risk tricky imminent inexpressible uncertain suggestive of evil bewildering ticklish touchy breakneck touch-and-go dangersome hot slippery feared rip-roaring exhilarant rousing electrifying stimulating bone-chilling undescribable pressuring unapproachable browbeating overpowering strong mighty peracute consequential unwelcoming disgraceful untold pulse-pounding heart-pounding cliff-hanging invincible resolute commanding doughty indomitable shivery shuddery ferocious heartstopping valiant causing excitement agitating reckless damaging inconceivable unbelievable fraught with danger near close upcoming forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury all-powerful brave courageous glaring unimaginable unpredictable ineffable challenging taxing fazing daredevil disappointing death-defying momentous premonitory significant foreshadowing too horrible for words preternatural indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words thunderous at hand predictive prognosticatory louring melancholic testing playing with fire unchancy Russian roulette sticky approaching unexpected irritable poignant frustrating augural intriguing fated suggestive prophetic inspiring doomed phenomenal destined malign unforeseen jaw-dropping mephitical annoying revulsive aggravating uncongenial irritating unpleasing distressed imperative sinistrous malevolent burning compelling jarring jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding dramatic doomful hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious pernicious blackhearted poisonous mischievous malefic vital clamant emergent importunate defenceless imperious speculative toxic jeopardizing threatened unreliable necessitous unprotected instant explosive unsteady touch and go erratic on a limb on thin ice defenseless undependable wobbly hanging by a thread untrustworthy open to attack tottering rickety jeopardising delicate essential decisive thorny all-important life-and-death viperous adventurous venturous dynamite impregnable on collision course loaded serpentine queasy

Tính từ

Arousing or characterized by intense feeling
emotional moving touching affecting poignant stirring emotive heart-rending heart-warming powerful sentimental dramatic haunting heartbreaking impassioned soul-stirring tear-jerking tragic uplifting cloying lachrymose mawkish over-sentimental pathetic saccharine sugary syrupy cornball cutesy drippy exciting gooey mushy sappy schmaltzy soppy thrilling weepy hokey impactful impressive lovey-dovey three-hanky maudlin tearful nostalgic corny slushy gushing romantic sloppy overemotional tender gushy sickly cheesy icky effusive dewy-eyed soupy novelettish sad heartrending sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity upsetting oversentimental chocolate-box twee treacly sloshy bathetic simpering wet pitiful enthusiastic sick-making three-hankie saddening expressive pitiable teary demonstrative soapy passionate evocative sickly sweet piteous toe-curling distressing disturbing plaintive rhapsodic poetic fulsome unrestrained extravagant impressionable unreserved lavish melodramatic ebullient exuberant dreamy lyrical overacted affected idealistic soft-hearted trite unctuous affectionate self-pitying loving OTT over the top rousing telling wistful misty-eyed painful affective mournful sugar-coated hearts-and-flowers sorrowful sobby stunning agonizing moonstruck jejune inane languishing insipid expansive hagiographical adulatory oleaginous hagiographic sweet softhearted oversweet vapid nauseating sickening feeble banal agonising honeyed over-effusive oily goo-goo over-enthusiastic hyped up histrionic laid on with a trowel deep tacky bitter eloquent Mills-and-Boon heartwarming over-the-top ecstatic cloyingly sweet visionary silly rosewater too much soft emotionally moving miserable wretched intense rapturous spirited gut-wrenching arousing affect down memory lane dreary woeful melancholy dismal sorry dolorous drear depressing ingratiating candied inspired euphoric inspiriting anthemic blubbery glib hammy voluble agitating perturbing inspiring lamentable warming tragicomic arousing melting sickly-sweet over-emotional impelling profuse overflowing meaningful striking compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive carried away gripping breathless significant provoking sententious emotion-charged touchy-feely uninhibited excessive overdone unconstrained outpouring overenthusiastic vociferous free-flowing all over someone

Động từ

Present participle for to traumatize or cause distress to
tormenting afflicting troubling distressing torturing plaguing racking harassing besetting paining bedeviling bedevilling agonising agonizing wounding grieving vexing persecuting excruciating anguishing cursing perturbing besieging mortifying crucifying rending wringing searing tearing gutting causing suffering to cutting up causing agony to worrying bothering oppressing disturbing hurting upsetting burdening annoying straining harrying stressing irritating trying saddening pestering irking hassling smiting hounding bugging haunting blighting beleaguering depressing nagging taxing gnawing at exasperating badgering crushing aggrieving martyring agitating galling affecting mistreating weighing down stinging giving someone grief molesting discommoding ailing aggravating injuring stabbing perplexing piercing fretting making miserable making wretched shaking causing anguish to causing trouble to maltreating victimizing abusing devastating giving a hard time assailing ill-treating weighing heavily on moving dejecting pursuing discomposing provoking disquieting disheartening dispiriting dogging dismaying causing pain to discouraging punishing lacerating inflicting anguish on fazing desolating victimising picking on casting down cutting to the quick bumming out preying on driving up the wall striking teasing facing unsettling overwhelming touching attacking taunting pressing buffeting buffetting confronting visiting wronging cutting rattling flustering concerning riding disconcerting fussing daunting demoralizing deviling devilling breaking the heart of abasing hectoring displeasing dashing burning up getting to needling nettling nagging at pricking making your heart bleed demoralising lying heavy on breaking infesting getting someone down making someone fed up knocking sideways making despondent knocking for six weighing on appalling getting down making gloomy giving someone the blues hanging over knocking the stuffing out of making sad breaking someone's heart making unhappy frustrating tearing at harming traumatizing shattering scourging suffering from hunting convulsing importuning suffering obsessing lampooning browbeating hurting deeply ridiculing rocking laboring musing labouring damaging buttonholing mithering squirming keeping after stirring exciting hitting hard inconveniencing tyrannizing chafing gnawing rousing thrilling incommoding bending someone's ear consuming affronting possessing overcharging tyrannising discriminating against driving round the bend getting on your nerves getting in your hair scarring traumatising baiting recurring causing anguish causing someone distress causing pain sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out scorning ribbing chaffing bullying inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on preoccupying staying with discomfiting coming back to maddening chivvying tearing to shreds tearing to pieces inflicting wreaking befalling imposing wrecking ruffling ragging unnerving overcoming engulfing swamping heckling boning distempering miffing discombobulating peeving alarming unhinging discountenancing flurrying offending frazzling distracting alaruming derailing discomforting hagriding angering throwing confounding doing a number on pushing throwing off balance weirding out strapping tantalising ticking off exercising arousing anxiety in undoing getting at tantalizing pushing buttons freaking out eating at making it tough for indisposing nit-picking leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer driving bananas rubbing salt in wound devouring eating up gripping avenging embarrassing taking spiting exploiting violating humiliating manipulating hampering entangling bringing down aggressing swallowing up belittling mocking antagonizing insulting bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart riling putting a damper on dragging down putting into a funk narking making blue putting the squeeze on bringing down on descending on descending upon forcing upon jumping on one's case giving a bad time giving one the business deriding misusing falling on falling upon chastening hacking off starting in on giving the needle dishonoring chilling chillin wearying draining taking advantage of doing an injustice to ill-using dishonouring putting down martyrizing dumping on antagonising imposing on dampening beating dragging damping enervating darkening cowing debilitating dulling going for jugular hitting where one lives giving no quarter laying a bad trip on stepping on the toes of running down reducing to tears casting a gloom upon pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes beating down harshing someone's mellow bearing down turning one off making desolate keeping under piquing confusing scaring frightening stirring up making anxious disgusting making uneasy sickening putting off niggling outraging deranging interrupting putting out shocking causing discomfort to puzzling spooking pothering turning off getting grating rasping eating frosting griping itching testing grinding inflaming goading biting fearing nauseating causing discomfort pinching chagrining stewing sweating repelling stretching rubbing up the wrong way cramping repulsing grating on despairing tiring taking over disparaging disappointing weighing hacking you off causing concern to making waves winding up intruding getting across flipping out making uncomfortable abashing suppressing bewildering causing anxiety to turning psyching out bedogging grizzling ruining ravaging destroying occupying being tangling pressing down on excoriating terrorizing wrenching nonplussing eating away at dunning causing disquiet to sapping exhausting working up terrorising startling throwing off feeling pain making someone scratch their head disgruntling intimidating sweating out rousting dashing the hopes of dazing feeling unwell unmanning horrifying lying interfering astounding complicating arousing getting in the way amazing shaking up niggling at terrifying obtruding encroaching accosting taking control of incapacitating flooring crazing flipping disobliging jarring slighting deterring infuriating keying up hurting somebody's feelings rocking the boat laying up turning on firing up getting on someone's wick egging on getting someone making a scene revolting overawing tiring out wearing out incensing mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting knocking the wind out of making downhearted scolding berating enraging harshing one's mellow rankling making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on breaking in pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at hurting someone's feelings giving offence to prostrating repressing awing deprecating aweing drooping causing to lose heart reviling domineering reproaching aching taking the heart out of throbbing graveling gravelling upbraiding hazing overriding smarting dissatisfying abrading dominating enslaving grossing out brutalising mangling impaling whipping mutilating maiming brutalizing grilling tyrannizing over turning one's stomach relucting making sick making your gorge rise making someone want to throw up making someone feel nauseous turning your stomach disordering giving someone the hump making someone see red working over rankling with getting your back up getting under one's skin putting your back up pressuring overstretching pressurizing tensing overtaxing giving someone the works putting on the rack getting in one's hair prickling twingeing twinging mixing up constraining playing up burning killing bruising nicking putting on trial crunching tensing up overextending making tense overdoing causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction pushing to the limit pressurising affecting badly disadvantaging knocking back impinging on making an impact leaving a mark leaving a mark on hitting impacting on making suffer chivying nudging boring impeding crossing hindering intruding upon getting on your wick breathing down someone's neck carping at

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