Đồng nghĩa của ghoulish

Alternative for ghoulish

ghoulish /'gu:liʃ/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) ma cà rồng; như ma cà rồng
    • cực kỳ ghê tởm


Resembling or characteristic of a ghoul
macabre gruesome grisly morbid disgusting ghastly hideous sick grotesque horrid unwholesome bloodthirsty brutal chilling cruel dark demonic devilish diabolical eerie fiendish frightening grim monstrous savage scary spine-chilling spooky terrifying twisted weird horrific dreadful horrible frightful horrifying awful shocking ghostly nightmarish terrible horrendous creepy ominous sinister lurid direful hair-raising fearful unearthly unhealthy appalling disturbing dire fearsome harrowing alarming atrocious nasty grewsome gory loathsome forbidding hellish sickly menacing spookish unspeakable unnerving threatening gross sickening intimidating funereal eery terrific nightmare foul petrifying redoubtable unnatural baleful sepulchral off-putting unpleasant bloodcurdling uncanny strange shuddersome unsettling bone-chilling grievous prurient nosy freaky haunting evil dread abominable formidable distressing scaring hairy blood-curdling eldritch lamentable terribly bad very bad black bad sublime overwhelming abysmal tremendous astounding bleak sombre shadowy somber Kafkaesque sadistic sullen perverted diabolic voyeuristic deathly morose unreal traumatic disquieting nightmarey phantasmagorical offensive repulsive objectionable distasteful repellent displeasing disagreeable unacceptable abhorrent obnoxious undesirable diseased deadly infected ailing odious revolting detestable vile repugnant hateful intolerable despicable contemptible nauseating deplorable obscene insufferable reprehensible unsound malignant pathological death-obsessed unpalatable unsavoury noxious sick-making beastly nauseous exceptionable disgustful rebarbative godawful loathly abnormal maleficent moody aberrant unusual perverse bloody brooding irascible warped corpselike dim faint from hell anemic mortuary haggard wraithlike unsavory weak unbearable upsetting supernatural deathlike beyond the pale anaemic

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