Đồng nghĩa của mystifying

Alternative for mystifying

mystifies, mystified, mystifying

Đồng nghĩa: baffle, bewilder, confound, perplex, puzzle,

Tính từ

Hard to understand or explain
mysterious cryptic inscrutable obscure enigmatic arcane impenetrable incomprehensible recondite abstruse oracular unfathomable equivocal mystic dark insoluble uncanny esoteric sphinxlike cabalistic covert enigmatical hidden mystical occult secretive strange unknowable veiled puzzling inexplicable perplexing baffling ambiguous confusing unclear opaque deep Delphic secret elliptical bewildering nebulous murky elliptic double-edged unaccountable unintelligible vague fuliginous concealed hard to understand sibylline oblique difficult unexplainable complicated indecipherable unexplained clandestine involved coded shadowy intricate clear as mud as clear as mud paradoxical profound incognizable inconceivable wildering hermetic beyond comprehension hard knotty beyond one odd peculiar unsolved unimaginable fathomless ungraspable uncertain Greek cabbalistic obfuscated Delphian apocryphal evasive beyond one's grasp bamboozling surprising unknown over one's head abstract beats me doubtful labyrinthine shrouded tenebrous complex difficult to understand hermetical indistinct clouded cloaked indefinite uncomprehensible black two-edged weird curious confounding unsolvable bizarre ulterior indeterminate dense queer funny beyond you cryptical insolvable incalculable unnatural hazy foggy full of surprises subliminal unresolvable unanswerable dubious stealthy inaccessible challenging shrouded in mystery heavy subtle cagey subjective unrevealed amphibological nubilous purblind imperceptive secreted anagogic cloak-and-dagger recherché uninterpretable riddling convoluted hard to follow illegible technical incredible indecisive illogical too deep irresolvable unresolved inextricable unconcluded far-out Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater without a solution unable to be solved impossible to understand teasing stickling stumping beyond your grasp above your head all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand all Greek to you little known inexplicit imprecise questionable misleading inexact debatable confused involuted elusive equivocating arguable inconclusive gnomic open to debate open to argument ill-defined rarefied involute prevaricating ambivalent unsettled roundabout indiscernible circumlocutory circuitous blurred periphrastic shifty undetermined fuzzy undecided intangible weak up in the air open to question private beyond understanding undiscoverable mysterial ineffable inner hypermetric borderline magical unconfirmed suspicious polysemous polysemic polysemantic orphic acroamatic contradictory duplicitous blurry muddled multivocal unestablished unascertained yet to be decided unexplicit open muzzy disreputable disconcerting elaborate woolly bleary sketchy cloudy above one's head weighty serious remote imperfect dim wooly thorny tough worrying tangled gray grey untold mind-bending indirect undecipherable slippery deceptive cunning shuffling devious tricky deceitful dissembling sophistical casuistic elusory non-committal false noncommittal casuistical stonewalling unsure speculative unpredictable unforeseeable indistinguishable undefined iffy hesitant muffled dicey dodgy irresolute wavering in doubt in the balance vacillating

Tính từ

Strange to the point of causing confusion or disbelief
inexplicable perplexing puzzling strange baffling bizarre odd uncanny weird confusing curious extraordinary mysterious peculiar unexpected befuddling bewildering inconceivable ridiculous stupefying unbelievable unfathomable unusual ludicrous wild out of the ordinary unheard of queer unaccountable abnormal incomprehensible funny impenetrable offbeat freakish quaint uncommon eccentric atypical quirky rum outlandish anomalous remarkable intricate crazy unfamiliar complex complicated whacky unconventional hard singular incongruous outré different bizarro convoluted eerie unnatural deviant aberrant unique freaky freak oddball off-kilter erratic involved difficult funky kooky kookie weirdo spooky queerish enigmatic irregular far-out insoluble obscure rare thorny spaced-out off-the-wall wacky out-of-the-way screwy kinky wildering labyrinthine confounding unorthodox knotty inscrutable fantastic way-out untypical creepy unco off the wall uncustomary cranky wacko Byzantine exceptional suspicious dubious problematical out of the way unintelligible off-centre tricky difficult to understand preposterous zany elaborate problematic unaccustomed absurd inexplainable questionable unwonted unsolvable surprising abstruse fishy tangled beyond one idiosyncratic unreal astounding troublesome preternatural phenomenal sophisticated unthinkable astonishing disconcerting left-field unexplainable Gordian surreal illogical unclear fanciful grotesque foreign aberrated nonsensical beyond comprehension involute whimsical insane mind-bending byzantine awkward spiny muddling really hard involuted droll daggy overwhelming taxing amazing unordinary inane out there Daedalian tortuous ticklish indescribable indecipherable undefinable laughable risible unearthly disorienting paradoxical fatuous outrageous supernatural fantastical unparalleled cryptic irrational labyrinthian complicate baroque daedal senseless uncharacteristic foolish ghostly farcical novel opaque shocking implausible beyond understanding harebrained out of place mazy very hard ambiguous insolvable unanswerable eldritch formidable mad other-worldly dumfounding outre entangled challenging spookish eery haunting exceeding especial mystic over one's head dodgy extraordinaire dilly tough flakey flaky magical unimaginable unheard-of unhinged demented hairy weird and wonderful secret prodigious undecipherable gnarly intriguing stunning eye-popping staggering radical rummy out of the common arcane asinine unpredictable offhand out-there fluky contradictory inconsistent dumbfounding off-key unknowable comical misleading lunatic doubtful shady confused inextricable winding mazelike dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal suspect disconsonant inapropos irrelevant disparate incongruent incoherent avant-garde loner cool original mindboggling cockamamie slang deranged touched unbalanced far-fetched stupid maniacal featherheaded exotic blurring unsettling breaking new ground labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal serious strenuous demanding daunting transcendental superhuman transcendent supernormal miraculous hard to swallow new interesting unexplored untried alien unknown newfangled muddlesome mistakable unlikely random worrying way out off-beat off the rails bugged out inspired scary very strange supranormal ghoulish devilish unforeseen flustering portentous conspicuous clear as mud arduous operose prickly abstract mercurial goofy silly impracticable mind-boggling profound deep detailed recondite sensitive unannounced unanticipated discomfiting jarring nonplussing jolting shattering nonplusing dismaying upsetting monstrous wackadoodle loony nonconformist infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass pointless idiotic incredible wackadoo cock-eyed vexing rambling fancy esoteric mystical thought-provoking fathomless unworkable imprudent dreamlike puerile quixotic derisory foolhardy balmy hard to solve advanced enigmatical hard to explain fiddly hazy full of twists and turns above one's head beyond one's grasp touchy delicate sticky catchy irresponsible hare-brained intractable nasty bothersome irksome uphill terrible ramified reticular effortful short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason cockeyed bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate awful horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful tricksy uncouth occult magic whacko numinous supernal unexplained elusive bemusing awe-inspiring hard to understand anomalistic scarce nonstandard out of line off-base off-color like nothing on earth nutty crackpot daft cuckoo looney far out barmy daffy batty dotty unsound extravagant crackbrained impractical capricious unwise brainless dippy screwball unrealistic nuts cracked visionary romantic crazed psychotic potty bonkers mental gaga psycho out in left field brainsick crackers meshugge bughouse fruity certifiable moonstruck loco fabulous bedlam scatty haywire imaginary wud meshuga bats imaginative off-center looney tunes loony tunes illusory non compos mentis simpleminded witless lunkheaded bubbleheaded maniac weak-minded half-witted chimerical improbable make-believe inept jerky around the bend sappy quizzical mindless raving out of this world in left field wondrous out to lunch mythical utopian loopy perverse fictitious made-up fool tomfool sensational Bohemian phantasmal phantasmic madcap wonderful spectacular stupendous dreamy disordered innovative beat alternative bohemian characteristic bent chimeric frenzied berserk distraught off the air wrong mad as a hatter off one's gourd out of one's mind off one's head creative idealistic marvelous ideal illusive hallucinatory unfounded unthinking pretend invented fantasied phantom fictional notional mythic imagined imaginal grandiose extreme unfeasible vain injudicious unreasoning suppositious faulty awesome breathtaking unjustifiable nonrational legendary gonzo meaningless impossible groundless individual non-viable starry-eyed delirious unscientific experimental untenable poetic arbitrary fresh floating fairy-tale special marvellous cockamamy psychopathic unstable rabid schizophrenic blue sky distracted derailed unsettled paranoid changeable raging off nutty as a fruitcake not all there off your head of unsound mind crazy as a loon off beam mentally ill off one's rocker out of touch with reality stark raving mad sick in the head on cloud nine oddish delusive ornate perverted progressive distinctive disturbed sectionable kookish warped manic old-fashioned Gothic gothic hilarious untraditional depraved moronic uncontrolled derisive derisible chance null eccentrical pathetic romanesque glamourous glamorous demoniac excentrical unhealthy twisted hippy bananas humorous wayward very unconventional boho avant garde extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible off the beaten track vagarious malformed teratoid fitful divine splendid superb terrific glorious unsavoury sick degenerated corrupt pervy sadistic degenerate masochistic deviating chaotic expressive unsafe individualistic disorganized licentious deviative sicko immoral rattlebrained empty-headed unsteady rash heedless reckless careless topsy-turvy illegitimate invalid inconsequent inconsequential baseless fallacious weak groundbreaking shambolic funny peculiar notable striking momentous crinkly twisty unsavory specious reasonless disconnected sophistic disjointed artistic inventive originative flighty rad hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy mod modern modernistic unforgettable eye-catching arresting moonstricken nonfunctional disarranged porangi wonky broken fuddled berko optimistic high-flown idyllic exaggerated idealist hopeful noteworthy unworldly theoretical perfectionist delusory artful brilliant fertile ingenious genius keen dazed amusing clownish comic unprecedented tremendous disorganised orderless amiss defective out of control unglued amok mixed up flipped schizo messy in another world in a daze innovational vivid revolutionary astute unreasoned amazeballs unpractical quixotical idealized idealised flawed heavy flash forby head in the clouds blue-sky Promethean not functioning properly out of order naive gone nonrealistic reachy ivory-tower incorrect starry never to be forgotten out of commission on the fritz in pieces up the spout off beaten path barbarous Panglossian Micawberish out of whack in a mess on the blink not applicable not sensible acting crazy ivory-towered ill-thought-out not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense head-in-the-clouds fancied unconvincing incredulous unachievable unattainable tall unconceivable ambitious uncompelling artificial unobtainable hopeless unviable shadowy aerial fairy tale fictive forlorn undoable insurmountable unrealizable insuperable irresoluble out of sight cock-and-bull cock and bull hard to take pipe dream irresolvable pie in the sky castles in the air impervious inaccessible useless inexecutable impassable infeasible futile irrealizable not to be thought of not on not possible out of the question no-way not a prayer not worth considering hardly possible no-go like herding cats too much beyond the bounds of possibility beyond you hundred-to-one contrary to reason

Động từ

Present participle for to thoroughly confuse, befuddle, or bewilder
baffling confounding confusing bemusing perplexing puzzling bewildering flummoxing stupefying bamboozling befuddling nonplussing throwing vexing addling beating buffaloing discombobulating disorienting fazing foxing fuddling gravelling graveling mazing muddling stumping wildering befogging flooring muddying obfuscating posing getting stymieing blowing one's mind going to one's head disconcerting dumbfounding fogging stunning dazing flustering rattling distracting making someone scratch their head amazing mixing up astounding staggering flabbergasting astonishing causing to be at a stand obscuring clouding surprising blurring setting someone thinking upsetting disturbing dismaying bothering frustrating taking aback unnerving throwing off balance discomposing shaking discomfiting disorientating beclouding startling overwhelming perturbing ruffling bringing up short throwing off abashing embarrassing shaking up getting to making unclear appalling putting off shocking complicating eluding alarming worrying daunting distorting unsettling bowling over discountenancing agitating disquieting discouraging messing with one's head knocking sideways paralysing knocking for six paralyzing muddying the waters foiling stumbling tangling catching off balance sticking defeating snowing frightening exercising scaring horrifying intimidating striking dumb setting thinking making punchy intoxicating inebriating mortifying blowing away deterring convoluting troubling screwing up terrifying psyching out panicking flurrying terrorizing boggling the mind of balling up spooking unhinging terrorising distracting from dulling bedeviling bedevilling snookering deranging outwitting confusticating confuscating setting one thinking stirring mulling profundicating wondering mooning daydreaming boggling stopping sticking it to dislocating leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed knocking out taking by surprise getting at throwing for loop putting at a loss gathering wool boggling the mind stopping someone in their tracks overpowering rocking causing to lose your bearings bringing someone up short involving besetting thickening dumfounding overcoming devastating thunderstriking knocking the stuffing out of someone jumbling entangling encumbering surprizing dazzling mucking baulking raveling balking thwarting ravelling numbing benumbing annoying conquering petrifying knocking the stuffing out of dizzying disordering hitting like a ton of bricks mixing you up distressing hassling snarling up saddening exciting heating hurrying irritating disheartening dispiriting concerning awing aweing cowing overawing unmanning making nervous bustling dashing disappointing subduing distempering hagriding chilling undoing chillin frazzling alaruming ailing demoralizing chagrining derailing discomforting disillusioning fussing putting on edge stirring up working up putting into a flap crazing sending into a spin flipping making waves throwing into a tizz browbeating making anxious bullying making uneasy disenchanting disgruntling pothering affrighting destabilizing unbalancing jolting filling with consternation putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy weirding out messing up demoralising freaking out lousing up snafuing giving someone a turn letting down depressing fouling up mucking up repressing garbling misrepresenting concealing destabilising blinding hiding miring pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under colouring tainting coloring equivocating tarnishing fuzzing falsifying throwing up smoke screen fuzzing up clouding the issue throwing a veil over muddying the waters of irking afflicting bugging fretting provoking galling harassing plaguing exasperating paining needling pestering grieving tormenting displeasing agonizing hurting agonising offending wounding angering putting someone off their stroke outraging piquing miffing oppressing discommoding aggrieving torturing aggravating peeving ticking off burning up gnawing at riling cutting to the quick disorganizing affronting stinging nettling disrupting burdening disgusting affecting harrowing disarranging putting out straining chafing putting out of countenance putting someone off their stride eating at consternating setting someone back on their heels stressing moving shattering trying sickening racking cursing disobliging repelling harrying dogging making a mess of electrifying beleaguering jarring making uncomfortable making miserable making wretched nagging turning off nagging at causing suffering to making unhappy causing anguish to lying heavy on hurting someone's feelings making fretful throwing into disorder weighing on taking someone's breath away muddling up facing mistaking shaming humiliating cutting cornering despairing haunting putting down causing disquiet to searing hindering blighting taxing putting someone off incommoding persecuting preoccupying making a scene smiting making restless unquieting striking impressing touching worsting turning disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing upsetting apple cart filling with wonder filling with amazement taking someone aback giving a shock taking breath away occupying mussing making self-conscious putting off his or her stride taking the wind out of someone's sails bedazzling causing trouble to confronting taking one's breath away taking the wind out of your sails rendering speechless throwing a curve causing wonder springing something on striking with awe badgering interfering tiring arousing intruding rousing throwing into confusion knocking one's socks off blowing one away cluttering catching somebody unawares catching somebody off balance causing someone to lose their composure niggling dissatisfying incensing possessing throwing into uproar getting in the way straitening botching bungling infuriating weighing heavily on knocking for a loop boggling someone's mind putting one away besotting causing anxiety to weighing down causing concern to niggling at causing discomfort to driving up the wall anguishing hounding embroiling maddening insulting narking snarling injuring scandalizing pushing strapping tantalising desolating martyring pricking breaking tantalizing indisposing nit-picking twisting disaffecting discontenting misinforming misleading making complex obnubilating making more difficult rendering uncertain making difficult doing a number on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons making it tough for giving a hard time picking on cutting up knocking senseless enraging capping revolting antagonizing curdling roiling zinging mispleasing cooling winging sounding darkening leading astray muddying up winding up scandalising teeing off hacking off antagonising playing dirty bumming out hacking you off putting your back up scarifying frighting scaring to death scaring stiff repulsing excruciating nauseating slighting filling with fear scaring someone out of their wits making your hair stand on end throwing into a panic putting the wind up scaring the living daylights out of scaring the bejesus out of scaring the pants off frightening the living daylights out of chilling off throwing into a blue funk frightening to death rattling one's cage mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting fluttering hustling quickening pushing the buttons of giving offence to thumbing nose at

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