Đồng nghĩa của hidden

Alternative for hidden

Đồng nghĩa: concealed, obscure, out of sight, secret,

hides, hid, hiding, hidden, hided

Đồng nghĩa: cloak, conceal, cover up, mask, pelt, screen, skin, veil,

Trái nghĩa: display, expose, reveal, show,

Tính từ

That has been moved out of sight
concealed covered veiled buried camouflaged shrouded cloaked imperceivable indiscernible invisible latent surreptitious unexposed unseen clouded disguised eclipsed masked not obvious screened sheltered undercover unrevealed withheld snug tect underground undetected undisclosed not visible out of sight not on view under wraps in the dark out of view obscured inconspicuous unnoticeable covert obscure secret imperceptible undetectable covered up incognito tucked away masquerading secreted impalpable unobtrusive indistinct private under cover unapparent dark indistinguishable unobserved entombed unnoticed sequestered inappreciable undivulged unrecognizable enshrouded privy perdu imaginary incog unrecognisable hidden away not in sight impossible to detect hidden from sight hidden from view difficult to see larvate cryptic cabalistic unexpressed secluded hard to find lurking unperceived implied hard to see imagined impenetrable occult unsuspected curtained undiscovered lost to view suppressed deep indirect far-off faraway far-removed low-key low-profile unrecognized underlying ill-defined hinted at interred unseeable beneath below sunk blurry blurred vague unclear discreet oblique shielded hooded roundabout shadowy nonexistent unperceivable inhumed intangible unobservable ghostly insensible unviewable imponderable gaseous ethereal vaporous coffined cloistered dug in negligible tiny microscopic nanoscopic minuscule inconsequential infinitesimal minute subtle fine faint undiscernible slight barely perceptible unidentified unknown pretend assumed false not in view unfathomable laid to rest sly sham fake forged mock imitation artificial isolated unrecognised bearded consigned to the grave back-alley pseudo furtive counterfeit feigned underhand sneaky phoney pixelated on the QT stashed cached ulterior recondite hush-hush planted guarded changed phony in disguise hushed up holed up put in the hole sailing under false colours

Tính từ

Mysterious or difficult to understand
secret covert obscure mysterious cryptic abstruse recondite ulterior unknown vague arcane mystical unclear unfathomable deep indistinct inexplicable mystic subliminal black clandestine coded dark esoteric indefinite mystifying occult secreted shadowy inscrutable impenetrable enigmatic concealed incomprehensible opaque enigmatical perplexing cabalistic Delphic puzzling murky equivocal uncanny cabbalistic ambiguous nebulous difficult elliptical elliptic confusing double-edged complicated veiled baffling fuliginous unknowable profound complex hermetic sibylline secretive unaccountable unintelligible sphinxlike hard bewildering unexplainable hermetical oracular little known strange unrevealed as clear as mud heavy fathomless uncertain doubtful insoluble oblique indecipherable involved abstract apocryphal private shrouded hard to understand clouded intricate undisclosed orphic acroamatic unexplained knotty indeterminate hazy dubious wildering recherché impossible to understand beyond comprehension tenebrous evasive Delphian surreptitious enciphered classified encoded little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way beyond understanding undiscoverable mysterial ineffable ungraspable paradoxical indiscernible insolvable weird peculiar odd curious convoluted unsolvable incognizable bizarre teasing stickling stumping disconcerting elaborate funny queer weighty serious rarefied unnatural unsolved inner thorny tough worrying tangled stealthy hypermetric unconfirmed cloaked cagey subjective secondary underlying dense untold undecipherable involuted magical unestablished unresolved unsettled unexpressed undivulged foggy undetermined undecided unascertained undefined debatable confused mind-bending unapparent cloak-and-dagger speculative imprecise indistinguishable blank obfuscated buried anagogic blear unreadable amphibological nubilous purblind imperceptive obscured underhand unsaid in doubt ill-defined impassive deadpan unemotional emotionless expressionless inexpressive poker-faced unexpressive up in the air open to question yet to be decided dispassionate vacant under wraps impossible to interpret sphinx-like under cover involute labyrinthine difficult to understand clear as mud over one's head beyond one sophisticated illegible tricky fiddly subtle inconceivable Greek beyond one's grasp jumbled tortuous serpentine detailed fancy labyrinthian byzantine problematical entangled above your head interlaced Daedalian Gordian Byzantine full of twists and turns unimaginable bemusing beats me inexplicit furtive confounding muddled uncomprehensible bamboozling surprising incalculable baroque daedal cumbersome Greek to me knotted mixed troublesome clear as dishwater hi-tech Daedalean indirect fanciful supernatural two-edged cryptical inexact reticent discreet vacillating inaccessible challenging shrouded in mystery beyond you full of surprises meaningless inarticulate incoherent too deep uninterpretable riddling mind-boggling hard to solve vexing rambling advanced gnarly hard to explain thought-provoking hard to follow technical incredible illogical indecisive garbled far-out non-committal ravelled winding sinuous twisted circuitous slurred mumbled ornate complicate not easily understood multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced scrambled senseless all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand raveled anonymous high-tech can of worms maze-like mixed up long-drawn-out drawn-out all Greek to you unexplicit inaudible elusive unidentified nameless unnamed really hard very hard all Greek to me unspecified faceless incognito unsung mystery arduous problematic

Tính từ

Sly or cunning in manner or intent
sneaky sly secret furtive cunning devious clandestine covert surreptitious crafty stealthy underhanded wily sneaking artful undercover guileful tricky scheming shifty private shady underground backstairs duplicitous stealth privy designing sneak slippery foxy clever secretive subtle black conspiratorial shonky snide fly indirect slim skulking slinking cloaked evasive carny cowardly yellow hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner under the table underhand concealed under wraps cloak-and-dagger closet veiled shrouded confidential back-alley under-the-table unrevealed sub-rosa on the QT classified undisclosed disguised unknown unpublished buried obscured fraudulent off the record backstair masked top secret strictly confidential untold incognito restricted sub rosa not for publication not to be disclosed not for circulation not to be made public calculating under-the-counter hole-in-the-corner oblique insidious cautious murky unofficial behind someone's back inside low-down hushed intimate esoteric nonpublic dissembled ulterior on the sly discreet quiet on the quiet hidden away with a lid on in secret unauthorized unauthorised intelligence sideways sidelong unbowed illicit illegitimate illegal spy cloak and dagger elusive creepy circumspect silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless hole and corner creep underneath uncommunicated unsuspected kept concealed buttoned up kept secret QT camouflaged incog in holes and corners deceitful treacherous dishonest clouded covered mum mom double-dealing immoral dishonourable unprincipled unethical unscrupulous disreputable conniving dirty dubious crooked unfair cheating Janus-faced unsporting unsportsmanlike two-timing two-faced dodgy below the belt undeclared unprofessed shrewd beguiling cute fishy slick bent snidey cagey cagy insincere erring dishonorable errant obliquitous gimmicky Machiavellian protected closed playing politics put on playing games privileged backstage not straightforward faking one out offstage backdoor inconspicuous censored dark unseen non-public top-secret behind the scenes under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera not open close to one's chest one-on-one not in the public domain deceptive disingenuous untrustworthy corrupt false sharp lying perfidious rogue roguish fast mendacious deceiving hypocritical untruthful misleading dissembling faithless questionable suspicious knavish unlawful unreliable double-faced unfaithful astute untrue plotting unjust defrauding scandalous base traitorous double-crossing suspect amoral hollow-hearted false-hearted contriving mean unconscionable low counterfeit delusive iffy criminal fake villainous inglorious phony wicked dirty-dealing truthless phoney manipulative equivocal swindling seedy pretentious nefarious sketchy doubtful smooth backhanded ignoble cutthroat bad disloyal rascally shameless venal shameful intriguing snaky recreant sinister fly-by-night hollow malicious dissimulating smart corrupted reprobate exploitative put-on double left-handed evil conscienceless ambidextrous pretended captious sinful canny fallacious feigned ignominious cynical degenerate sordid delusory disgraceful hoodwinking mysterious not candid not frank dastardly improper unctuous collusive discreditable bluffing inequitable illusory inconstant unsafe deep wrong Punic undependable vile uncertain astucious irresponsible sham opportunistic petty wrongful fickle irregular foul dangerous shabby of dubious character spurious potentially illegal off mock not to be trusted colluding shadowy stinky trick mean-spirited Byzantine bewildering entrapping confusing caballing conspiring unpredictable bootleg slimy intentionally misleading mala fide unhonest wry greasy intelligent witted streetwise keen salty ornery hostile specious opportunist unsavoury wrongdoing malfeasant under the counter uncandid skilful skillful ingenious nifty dicey fugitive unfrank unveracious ruthless unconscientious expedient backbiting deviant bogus deluding untrusty not entirely truthful terminologically inexact lubricious fink trustless perilous ensnaring wormlike casuistic selfish degrading self-seeking degraded mercenary unworthy arrant venomous unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable mutable variable subversive shorthanded unrespectable infamous glib like a snake in the grass unsound unsavory pseudo bamboozling falsified forged unprofessional against the law imitation treasonable lurking virulent vipery economical with the truth nasty adulterous not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable shy louche shoddy notorious opprobrious plausible rascal bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous scoundrelly falsehearted malevolent perjured forsworn mythomaniac apostate renegade pretending despicable back-stabbing contemptible dissolute adaptable resourceful queer cheap licentious mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton beggarly squalid rotten ungentlemanly overdone exaggerated artificial unpleasant scurvy detestable paltry worthless strange odd execrable wretched sleazy grubby abject unsportsmanly jive mealymouthed phony-baloney Pecksniffian lacking sincerity lip phoney-baloney mealy reticent afraid mincing hesitant euphemistic biased prejudiced sorry deplorable scummy lame currish scungy lousy peculiar funny pretend pseud ratty scabby opprobious miscreant putrid offensive blackguardly discriminatory low-minded problematical dubitable disputable debatable shaky problematic doubtable off-color ill-gotten partisan with tongue in cheek diffident overdelicate affected restrained prim out of order not cricket against the rules discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted ambiguous improbable unlikely implausible not quite right far-fetched not kosher iniquitous weighted distorted unwarranted intolerant warped coloured slanted preferential mealy-mouthed undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary blameworthy culpable vicious cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious colored one-sided non-objective uncalled-for

Tính từ

Existing but not yet developed or manifest
latent dormant concealed invisible lurking inherent quiescent undeveloped unseen veiled immanent secret undiscovered unexpressed unrealized unrevealed untapped imperceptible inactive indiscernible inert inoperative unapparent masked unfulfilled unused covert idle inchoate innermost repressed sleeping subconscious suppressed unacknowledged underlying abeyant buried contained dead embryonic fallow immature implied inferential inferred intrinsic involved passive potential smouldering smoldering suspended tacit torpid unconscious underdeveloped unexposed unripe vestigial free likely off possible rudimentary vacant at rest in abeyance not activated on the shelf out of commission undeclared implicit quiet unvoiced unspoken prepatent suggested indirect restrained wordless deducible undivulged sneaking hinted undisclosed silent unsaid unuttered subliminal bottled up hinted at held back unidentified unknown unbeknown unbeknownst unrecognized relapsing retreating receding regressive ebbing declining falling lowering unrecognised hiding inner deep inmost private mental nameless mute unpronounced voiceless indescribable aphonic inexpressible unavowed unconfessed inward shrouded recessive forgotten submerged withheld confidential under wraps covered up underthreshold unintentional stifled insinuated smothered muffled unstated inhibited oblique understood pent up bottled-up blocked curbed held in allusive adumbrated assumed indicated occult perceptible indicative meant signified constructive connoted figured symbolized parallel intended foreshadowed significative symbolised kept in check taken as read not spelt out tacitly assumed taken for granted alluded to

Tính từ

Not clearly visible or attracting attention
inconspicuous unobtrusive unnoticeable plain ordinary discreet modest unassuming unostentatious insignificant unremarkable concealed quiet retiring undistinguished unexceptional unimposing unspectacular characterless forgettable inobtrusive low-key low-profile run-of-the-mill unmemorable backstage invisible muted unnoticed unseen camouflaged dim faint indistinct secretive shy soft-pedalled subtle tenuous unemphatic behind the scenes in the background out of the limelight out of the spotlight out of the public eye having unconspicuous obscure imperceptible out of sight silent subdued restrained unpretentious understated simple commonplace normal downbeat workaday sober conservative dull repressed toned down relaxed average mediocre toned-down soft low-keyed indifferent reserved everyday minimalist prosaic uneventful common routine self-effacing usual unflashy played down garden-variety typical nondescript meek humble demure circumspect diffident tasteful easy-going boring mundane timorous shrinking timid humdrum laid-back unassertive unfussy withdrawn reticent cut-and-dry standard cut-and-dried standard-issue bashful unconfident mild natural insecure bland stock quotidian softened muffled uninspired mousy neutral unnoteworthy nothing special common or garden par for the course bog standard light unglamorous casual informal tame flat down-to-earth unaffected lowly genuine lacklustre lackluster easy equable insouciant nonchalant easygoing modulated loose unpretending artless unambitious prim ingenuous backward prevailing formulaic settled popular familiar habitual wonted traditional customary established garden accustomed frequent general public unshowy played-down unimpressive pedestrian sombre at ease together cool somber unflappable soft-sell middle-of-the-road bog-standard soft-pedaled acceptable adequate tolerable decent OK so-so conventional vague delicate free and easy downhome fair-to-middling fair no great shakes anonymous second-rate unexciting gentle tempered slight pale unsubstantial indefinite moderated stifled middling negligible mellow nothing to write home about not much cop insinuated lowered indirect suggestive feeble enervated plodding introverted unaggressive introvert unpresuming unforthcoming amateur amateurish washed out delicately complex hardly noticeable hardly detectable vanilla hackneyed keeping a low profile trite ornery jejune suburban nothing out of the ordinary generic inconsequential okay no big deal a dime a dozen plain vanilla

Tính từ

Having or showing supernatural ability or powers
supernatural paranormal uncanny miraculous mystic psychic unearthly magical mysterious occult superhuman magic mystical preternatural supernormal dark ghostly transcendent transcendental abnormal extramundane hypernormal inexplicable metaphysical non-rational otherworldly phantom phenomenal unaccountable unbelievable unnatural weird arcane spectral supranatural bizarre celestial concealed eerie extraordinary fairy ghostlike impenetrable invisible legendary mythical mythological numinous obscure rare secret superior supermundane superordinary uncomprehensible unfathomable unintelligible unknowable unknown unrevealed unusual extrasensory supersensible superphysical heavenly fabulous witchlike sorcerous quixotic telestic nonrational cabalistic anagogic necromantic esoteric mysterial visionary abstruse wizardly imaginary spiritual thaumaturgic ethereal other-worldly spooky wraithlike shadowy strange unreal unworldly insubstantial incorporeal creepy phantasmal phantasmic immaterial bodiless disembodied intangible unsubstantial impalpable dreamlike discarnate dreamy ghastly apparitional unembodied airy scary nonmaterial unbodied aerial nonphysical enchanted haunted transmundane charmed sublime thaumaturgical odd eldritch prodigious bewitched divine extraterrestrial entranced fantastic possessed unfleshly spookish haunting spellbound freaky imponderable insensible formless vampiric freakish wraithy clairvoyant spine-chilling chilling frightening eery spiritlike asomatous incorporate queer hair-raising disbodied rum subjective disincarnate ineffable spiritualistic abstract telepathic black oracular exceptional alien peculiar illusory blood-curdling ghoulish orphic ensorcelled demoniac fairylike cadaverous singular corpselike under a spell devilish deathlike mystifying uncorporal chimerical wondrous sinister supersensory remarkable scaring terrifying petrifying awe-inspiring grotesque exalted anomalous demonic philosophical uncommon cryptic shamanistic cabbalistic irregular fanciful religious inscrutable atypical aberrant fiendish freak perfect indistinct non-physical psychical voodoo empyreal wonderful untypical fey out of this world deviant funereal outstanding deathly marvellous awful stupendous out of the ordinary curious marvelous ontological ominous surprising staggering fearful hypothetical awesome incredible unnerving with a sixth sense shadowlike fantastical non-material astrological alchemistic discorporate gloomy melodramatic exanimate moving uplifting inspiring inspirational boundless eidolic holy wan pale airy-fairy hallucinatory special powerful nonmaterialistic too good for this world unlimited unconfined daydreaming astral daydreamy psychal subliminal phantomlike soulless macabre spine-tingling uncorporeal enchanting hermetical demonlike demonish disturbing far-out not of this world nightmarish witching parapsychological mental grisly demonly skeletal horrific dreadful appalling sepulchral inappropriate hyperphysical zombielike superstitious disconcerting crawly uneasy flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal Gothic tranced diabolic runic inhuman Druidical exquisite fairy-tale zombiesque undead signal untouchable theoretical unprecedented vague dim corpse-like exceeding extraordinaire especial unwonted unique aberrated uncustomary bizarro telekinetic intellectual elusive indefinite inspired inexplainable unheard-of supranormal ideal speculative unorthodox perverted supersensual supersensitive unexplained deviative unrepresentative evanescent heroic notional conceptual perverse aberrational outlandish divergent devious non-typical deviate stargazing inner essential deep basic fundamental recondite very strange imperceptible to the touch evasive indeterminate slender imperceptible uncertain unobservable slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure great ideational profound high-flown universal theoretic stunning astonishing portentous astounding eye-opening amazing enormous godlike immense pretend concocted labored laboured contrary ersatz outrageous unconforming made-up make-believe imitation preposterous staged oversubtle unpractical academic with second sight out-of-body not material Herculean herculean supramundane conjectural jesuitic difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman eternal omnipotent bionic formidable supreme difficult to believe improbable unlikely unimaginable bewildering inconceivable spectacular striking incomprehensible impressive implausible breathtaking confounding beyond human more than human

Tính từ

Having too many to count
untold countless innumerable numberless myriad uncountable uncounted unnumbered innumerous endless limitless manifold many multiple multitudinous unlimited incalculable indescribable legion numerous unimaginable unnumberable unthinkable inexpressible measureless unspeakable unsummed unutterable gigantic huge indefinable ineffable mammoth mighty monstrous private prodigious staggering titanic unexpressed unknown without number an incalculable number of an infinite number of beyond measure too many to be counted undreamed of infinite immeasurable umpteen no end of very many multifarious zillion inestimable divers jillion beyond number enormous vast immense loads of stacks of heaps of oodles of masses of bags of boundless indeterminable several a multitude of a great number of a multiplicity of bazillions of zillions of gazillions of no end to scads of incomputable lank unreckonable unforeseen capricious uncertain whimsical fluctuant iffy chancy erratic unpredictable unfixed great abundant lots of beaucoup a slew of sundry various voluminous populous infinite numbers of endless numbers of incalculable numbers of considerable copious profuse multiplex multifold heaps piles of plentiful tons of a bunch of quite a few millions of hundreds of thousands of all kinds of a thousand and one thick on the ground unmeasured wide millions umteen stupendous uncalculable bottomless fathomless cosmic teeming ever so many interminable without end prolific haphazard unforeseeable hit-or-miss abounding multitudinal not to be reckoned diverse stack pile raft gobs immeasurable numbers of peck mucho mint loads oodles mess wad heap scads slew countless numbers of tidy sum whole slew passel of thousand-and-one frequent ample a raft of alive with large extensive plenteous rife thick inexhaustible a whole bunch of a lot of plenty of quantities of a great deal of an abundance of a profusion of a quantity of a swag of scores of a great many billions of dozens of a shedload of lousy with generous bounteous lavish superabundant liberal bountiful rich bumper galore overflowing luxuriant exuberant aplenty plenty replete crawling with many different respective large number of multiplicity of varied assorted prevalent some prodigal handsome multiplied whopping princely comfortable cornucopian tidy miscellaneous disparate well-provided large-scale rampant unremitting well-supplied motley mixed unbounded proliferous a dime a dozen stink with a few a couple of marked certain upwards of substantial full fulsome riotous gushing in abundance wordy heavy prolix verbose lush a gogo no end thick with a mess of coming out of ears more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Secretive with information
close secretive reticent uncommunicative private unforthcoming quiet tight-lipped close-lipped closemouthed dark tight-mouthed close-mouthed evasive guarded on the QT taciturn hush-hush mum mom reserved retired secluded secret silent buttoning up clamming up tight chops buttoning one's lip mum's the word zipping one's lips playing your cards close to your chest withdrawn distant aloof dumb unresponsive cold clammed up shy self-contained laconic mute restrained speechless introverted retiring diffident media-shy undemonstrative unapproachable unexpressive offish standoffish sententious formal sparing cool unsociable stand-offish frigid modest inhibited cautious incommunicable bashful solitary antisocial tightlipped curt incommunicative uncommunicable discreet clamlike remote unfriendly demure detached prim collected gentle mild composed reclusive serene placid soft-spoken misanthropic backward icy peaceful uncompanionable ceremonious eremitic conventional noncommittal sedate self-restrained dour brooding dried-up unemotional non-communicative enigmatic introvert deep cagey chilly untalkative shrinking controlled self-controlled buttoned up dried up inarticulate sullen tongue-tied unconversational short impassive stiff passionless wordless muted dispassionate stolid mumchance constrained unfeeling wooden unmoved unaffectionate cold-blooded contained unloving cryptic at a loss for words timid self-effacing undercover furtive sly mysterious hushed zipped backstairs covert feline sober snobbish Olympian affectless emotionless stoic stoical apathetic phlegmatic numb frosty impassible in chambers in privacy in private in the background in the dark insolent impertinent unwelcoming lukewarm incurious procacious unenthusiastic annoyed glacial offended uninterested chill impudent indifferent offhand unspeaking unassuming uptight unwilling dummied up wouldn't say boo to a goose inscrutable arcane impenetrable obscure abstruse mystic recondite incomprehensible mystifying enigmatical esoteric mystical opaque nebulous unfathomable occult puzzling veiled Delphic equivocal cabalistic perplexing inexplicable oracular clandestine uncanny murky meek strange coy baffling ambiguous profound sphinxlike elliptical confusing complicated oblique elliptic non-committal insoluble unknowable fuliginous unclear vague coded as clear as mud hard to understand double-edged unassertive unsocial shadowy insular timorous concealed unaffable indecipherable cloak-and-dagger sheepish recessive hermitic magical not talkative abstract complex involved nongregarious unintelligible intricate cabbalistic hermetic hermetical sibylline heavy clear as mud little known apocryphal Delphian unobtrusive chary wary elusive circumspect careful independent isolated voiceless still soundless nonvocal introspective of few words ungregarious hard rarefied difficult backroom mousy hermit-like hermitical tenebrous inward-looking inner unrevealing eremetic not forthcoming indrawn hypermetric shrouded in mystery temperate contemplative thoughtful pensive self-absorbed self-interested involuted self-sufficient orphic acroamatic meditative reflective ruminative inner-directed self-centred humble subtle unamiable all alone uninterpretable riddling convoluted self-centered nervous unneighbourly uncongenial unexplained withdrawing seclusive far-out Greek to me not easily understood inconceivable illegible technical incredible illogical clear as dishwater indecisive inhospitable anchoritic eremitical bewildering rude uncivil haughty mopey asocial unclubbable mopish unneighborly hostile rabbity unexpansive unexplainable distrustful inaccessible inapproachable scowling unbending dry standoff unaccountable paradoxical not forward aw-shucks suspicious antagonistic uppity uncertain teasing stickling doubtful stumping shrouded cold-eyed stuck-up buttoned-up incalculable clouded cloaked surreptitious uncomprehensible incognizable unrevealed recherché too deep black anagogic knotty sphinx-like

Trái nghĩa của hidden

hidden Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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