Đồng nghĩa của unpredicted

Alternative for unpredicted

  • tính từ
    • không được nói trước, không được báo trước, không được tiên đoán


Not predicted
astonishing shock sudden surprising unexpected unforeseen unanticipated startling unpredictable out of the blue surprise from left field extraordinary abrupt without warning amazing unlooked-for unimagined shocking unplanned remarkable astounding stunning staggering not bargained for blindsiding unusual without notice accidental eye-opening unsought fortuitous chance unintentional unintended fluky unsuspected inadvertent serendipitous random unenvisaged unpremeditated abnormal jolting dumbfounding incredible stupefying coincidental striking jarring dumfounding flabbergasting uncalculated spontaneous unthought of unlooked for overwhelming unannounced uncommon jaw-dropping not in the cards outrageous hidden unknown dynamite electrifying casual atypical out of character out of the ordinary wonderful improbable inconceived unprecedented inconceivable adventitious aleatory unheralded involuntary unforeseeable unhoped-for unwitting unthinking unmeant unplanned for incidental circumstantial occurring by chance occurring by accident undreamed-of uninvited unprompted undreamed of unsolicited unthought-of capricious crazy unbelievable mind-blowing mind-boggling disturbing unsettling eye-popping disquieting beyond belief bewildering dramatic unnerving sensational confounding awe-inspiring unheard of hard to swallow breathtaking impressive wondrous alarming perturbing disconcerting frightening upsetting scary frightful destabilizing worrying uncomfortable destabilising distressing brilliant phenomenal notable outstanding noteworthy hard to believe gee-whizz amazeballs preposterous bizarre strange befuddling outlandish baffling flustering freaky devastating freakish awful unthinkable unimaginable miraculous fascinating exciting marvelous thrilling spectacular fantastical prodigious awesome stupendous marvellous heart-stopping dazzling theatrical enchanting bewitching captivating heart-stirring sensorial enthralling mind-bending awe-striking blinding empyreal theatric some


Subject to chance
contingent chance accidental fortuitous random haphazard possible unexpected unforeseeable unforeseen unpredictable casual unanticipated uncertain unlooked-for depending fluky incidental liable likely odd probable probably provisional reliant subject inadvertent coincidental serendipitous unplanned unintentional unintended unpremeditated unwitting lucky adventitious arbitrary flukey occasional irregular aleatory fluke dependent conditional ad hoc capricious stray out of the blue related accompanying by-the-way attendant concomitant contributory spot trial and error hitty-missy hit-or-miss by chance concurrent circumstantial by accident fortunate providential heaven-sent expedient opportune felicitous propitious convenient auspicious timely isolated involuntary unmeant unthinking unconscious unknowing happy apt periodic subconscious uncalculated misguided occurring by chance mistaken occurring by accident jammy chancy incalculable variable rare sporadic seasonal at the mercy of events infrequent intermittent happening unexpectedly scattered lucky-dog part-time fragmentary luck out luck in spasmodic erratic episodic fitful periodical recurring recurrent scarce discontinuous desultory cyclical aperiodic unsteady spastic choppy catchy spotty episodical continual cyclic on-and-off uncommon repeated regular seldom few unfrequent patchy habitual frequent few and far between isochronal alternate isochronous on-again-off-again on and off unusual sparse exceptional sometime semioccasional broken uneven not habitual scattershot perennial steady constant continuing epochal rhythmic interrupted serial every once in a while at fixed intervals every so often in fits and starts not frequent convulsive jerky spurtive twitching shaky changeable bits and pieces fits and starts in bits and pieces well timed freak repetitive unlooked for at random offhand exclusive especial special particular specific lone single reiterative intervallic orbital annual weekly routine fluctuating yearly daily monthly hourly centennial on certain occasions at various times continued chronic off and on persistent rolling repeating reoccurring chain disconnected punctuated happening at intervals catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter stop-go shifting stop-and-go iterative discontinuing alternating checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant here and there on again and off again every other now and then by bits and pieces scant unaccustomed scanty limited meager unwonted meagre thin on the ground out of the common like gold dust once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth

Trái nghĩa của unpredicted

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