Đồng nghĩa của sinister

Alternative for sinister

Đồng nghĩa: bad, corrupt, crooked, dishonest, evil, fraudulent, wrong,

Tính từ

Giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen
menacing threatening ominous baleful disquieting forbidding inauspicious portentous dire disturbing minatory alarming black creepy dark direful eerie evil frightening unpropitious bodeful doomy eldritch evil-looking foreboding ill ill-boding ill-omened malign malignant scary spooky injurious malevolent minacious minatorial sinistrous adverse apocalyptic baneful blackhearted deleterious disastrous dishonest doomful harmful hurtful lowering malefic mischievous nasty obnoxious pernicious perverse poisonous suggestive of evil unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate unlucky woeful grim dangerous dreadful terrifying horrible shocking ghastly terrible horrifying intimidating frightful bad hair-raising chilling spine-chilling horrendous gloomy fearsome hostile fearful petrifying appalling scaring macabre awful gruesome unearthly deadly redoubtable unpromising detrimental unpleasant horrific unhealthy ghostly blood-curdling ruinous damaging formidable calamitous disadvantageous worrying unwholesome dread fateful monstrous weird malicious ugly destructive intimidatory unfriendly ill-fated glowering daunting brooding dismal noxious perilous prejudicial horrid hideous inhospitable negative wicked nightmarish nocuous unnerving undesirable bloodcurdling maleficent bleak disagreeable grisly haunting morbid catastrophic cataclysmic fatal untoward venomous harrowing inimical crippling warning lethal toxic unsafe uncanny parlous distressing spine-tingling impending hazardous devastating severe harsh virulent strange startling disgusting subversive prejudicious ghoulish cancerous corrupting tough hairy counterproductive painful ferocious wounding offensive dour corroding upsetting depressing off-putting incendiary undermining abhorrent suggestive mysterious doomed eery supernatural aggressive overhanging loury grotesque mean-looking atrocious other-worldly uninviting unnatural critical spookish inopportune discouraging savage gory freaky dicey nocent glum corrosive repulsive odious abnormal bitter morose premonitory disheartening repugnant annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal troubled fierce wintry austere disconcerting dismaying hard repellent pessimistic augural prophetic sombre lurid somber thunderous infelicitous wintery heavy comminatory bullying revolting spectral vindictive thrilling terrorizing unwelcoming unspeakable louring unreal exciting near close upcoming forthcoming portending impendent lowery scowling looming ghostlike terrorising treacherous extraordinary freakish spiteful ill-starred tragic rough inexpedient moody violent murderous troubling risky shadowy at hand grievous unhappy precarious grewsome haunted rum awesome perturbing distasteful shuddersome environmentally unfriendly very bad difficult bloody hopeless unwelcome troublesome sad cheerless unapproachable corruptive precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient unhospitable unsettling bone-chilling cautionary admonitory doom and gloom approaching imminent foul gross imposing possessed breathtaking uncomfortable rugged godawful overpowering cursed jinxed untimely jarring stark sick abominable hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful unchancy all-powerful awe-inspiring insidious imperilling imperiling afflictive traumatic lamentable terribly bad causing excitement cataclysmal ravaging concerning pulse-pounding momentous significant foreshadowing overwhelming abysmal astounding sublime tremendous evil-intentioned antagonistic shivery shuddery annihilatory devastative damning unsuccessful predictive prognosticatory important crucial acrimonious hate-filled abortive nerve-racking infected diseased ailing vitriolic odd queer preternatural curious uneasy causing fear hapless luckless straitened hard-pressed joyless discommodious tortured full of hardship doubtful miserable objectionable gray mournful strained exacting doleful grey oppressive pressing comfortless desolate exigent messy jeopardous solemn rocky grave superstitious peculiar paranormal fantastic crawly bizarre wild unsound sickly pathological death-obsessed intriguing fated exhilarating inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined life-threatening vicious raging warped aberrant unusual sickening twisted irascible phantom sensational angry turbulent murky stormy tumultuous volatile brutal feral dispiriting disappointing graphic exaggerated wraithlike phantasmal phantasmic displeasing barbarous untamed dodgy brutish vile barbaric mean melodramatic explicit mystic magical mephitical hellish irritable unkind dreary repellant melancholic bewildering loathsome vexing agonizing poignant testing annoying sullen galling distressful agonising perplexing unpalatable melancholy depressive revulsive frustrating unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating unpleasing irksome distressed regrettable desperate depraved uncivilised rancorous viperous cruel nefarious villainous fiendish rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned uncontrollable lethiferous pestiferous wrackful noisome insalubrious pestilential internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous insubstantial illusory trashy sensationalist extravagant overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient otherworldly eidolic apparitional holy divine cadaverous deathlike spiritual corpselike wraithy wan ethereal pale indistinct vampiric dirty filthy shock-horror tacky vivid terrific juicy nightmare yellow full-frontal fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple extreme sanguine racy obscene distinct garish low-down wretched deplorable pitiful poor pathetic mortal lousy rotten sorry crushing heartbreaking crummy execrable inferior unsatisfactory paltry star-crossed sorrowful pitiable unacceptable diabolical disgraceful catastrophal shattering substandard mediocre inadequate egregious cruddy shameful intolerable snakebitten second-rate snakebit chronic lame hard luck rubbish laughable heartrending out of luck afflicted punk serious third-rate abject reprehensible costly contemptible inept inappropriate shoddy unsuitable pants deathly awkward insufferable sucky low-grade God-awful low-quality grotty beastly forlorn tragical pestilent blighted ignominious heinous piteous death-dealing deficient duff shabby wanting stricken meagre ruined meager garbage forsaken destitute unprosperous damnable worthless poxy indefensible god-awful stinking faulty dissatisfactory in a bad way unbecoming below par cut-rate earth-shattering under par less-than-stellar poor-quality second-class two-bit crumby bum wack a load of pants bush-league outrageous inexcusable incurable blameworthy anguished fell ill-chosen acute killing scandalous despicable hurting base grubby scummy scurvy ratty scabby dishonourable dishonorable iniquitous feeble unsightly sordid misfortunate insupportable unbearable opprobrious useless subpar suboptimal ridiculous detestable downer bummer sub-par inconvenient unseemly heart-rending wrong junky improper bush ropy scurrilous off stinky irremediable poor quality cheesy derisory not up to par schlocky not up to scratch low-rent el cheapo not up to snuff excessive bargain-basement convulsionary loss-making pained shattered broken burdened unadvantageous sacrificial blighting withering climactic climacteric mortifying fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical desolating annihilating foredoomed terminal disadvantaged bungling unpopular undesired immoderate impoverishing depleting draining exhausting wasteful moving aching bedevilled condemned cantankerous reprobate miasmatic miasmic stirring dejected vexatious despondent destroyed hateful capital ruining destroying hellfire sleazy unforgivable revealing oracular accident-prone dilapidated dreaded bedeviled senseless inglorious preposterous ill-advised final homicidal absurd ludicrous foolish-looking silly rueful affecting unpardonable unconscionable foolish saddening too bad yucky common schlock killer causing death vital grieving plaintive tear-jerking ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck incriminating very dangerous run down flimsy shlocky gimcrack cheapjack godforsaken seedy shlock weak coarse down at heel trumpery disconsolate agonized sneaking unjustifiable mortuary necrotic mortiferous mephitic blah damnatory condemnatory racked agonised criminal touch and go unsought unwanted tinhorn icky diddly valueless the pits grody bad news fallacious grungy not good erroneous not the best pits dolorous beyond contempt trying unfit bothersome challenging prohibitive ill-timed uncomplimentary unseasonable crying implicating derogatory condemning impermissible exceptionable inadmissible urgent intense imperfect amateurish insufficient unimpressive drastic dubious unreasonable low questionable not much cop implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming considerable condemnable crude defective tatty out cheapo irretrievable inacceptable unappealing reject not on below average second rate not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale won't do over the fence tenth-rate below standard from hunger not quite the done thing half-baked not up to standard of low quality out of order consequential major blue oppressing rancid arduous strenuous toilsome taxing sobering big punishing grinding rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly gut-wrenching weighty intensive peracute unrelenting excruciating tortuous spartan rigorous scabrous stern sober unendurable biting inexorable stringent discomforting erosive cutthroat consumptive

Tính từ

Evil or criminal
evil bad base corrupt criminal malevolent malicious nefarious vile villainous wicked malign shady underhand degenerate unethical unsavory immoral dishonourable dastardly sinful unsavoury ungodly depraved heinous vicious reprobate unrighteous dark crooked dishonorable unlawful unholy diabolical odious fiendish ignoble wrong iniquitous monstrous despicable devilish foul wrongful diabolic demonic atrocious shocking horrible execrable unprincipled contemptible rotten morally wrong hateful black infernal shameful low-down dishonest disreputable flagitious scandalous dirty egregious bent underhanded unscrupulous infamous shadowy amoral abominable black-hearted satanic knavish unspeakable mean outrageous unconscionable improper stinking detestable exploitative corrupted conscienceless warped spiteful ruthless shameless reprehensible disgraceful deceitful devious rancorous hellish damnable wrathful shifty slippery unconscientious sly peccable dodgy perverted barbarous unfair scheming two-faced crafty questionable self-seeking dissolute pernicious maleficent irreligious sacrilegious profane blasphemous impious godless discreditable untrustworthy roguish appalling abhorrent fraudulent cheating murderous malignant sordid dreadful opprobrious cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful glaring miscreant putrid treacherous perverse flagrant gross venal cutthroat Machiavellian malfeasant repugnant hideous loathsome injurious harmful obscene beastly no good perfidious degraded casuistic selfish degrading mercenary recreant illegal petty unworthy arrant good-for-nothing debauched cruel brutal merciless debased inhumane callous inhuman unfeeling licentious unkind brutish defiled delinquent forbidding bestial bloodthirsty sadistic heartless unpleasant lawless inexorable felonious savage tyrannical pitiless self-indulgent vitiated decadent hard-hearted harsh profligate wanton vengeful vindictive cold-blooded squalid incorrigible scornful scoundrelly objectionable disparaging despiteful errant libertine mean-spirited scrofulous virulent evil-minded contemptuous grisly nasty gruesome disdainful bad-hearted terrible offensive disgusting awful low obnoxious wretched revolting deplorable shabby disagreeable ignominious horrid repellent uncharitable lousy repulsive scurvy unfriendly sickening ghastly horrifying unsympathetic nauseating paltry hurtful snide frightful hostile distasteful inconsiderate horrendous currish horrific catty low-minded unforgivable sorry antagonistic filthy beyond the pale aggressive belligerent abject shoddy bitter worthless surly truculent vitriolic miserable godawful sour ill-natured bellicose notorious pugnacious combative pitiful unacceptable confrontational cheap inhospitable dire fearful severe militant noxious rude inexcusable uncongenial terrifying angry God-awful scrappy venomous bad-tempered grody scummy beyond contempt argumentative intimidating ill-tempered ornery sick pitiable fierce barbaric impure insensitive grubby cruddy uncaring brute macabre unrespectable louche shy lamentable nauseous yucky abusive abysmal off grim ratty wounding lame unsociable adverse inglorious annoying frightening accursed viperous ill-humoured dirty rotten ill-humored illicit illegitimate nightmarish harrowing intolerable rascally ugly disgustful loathly off-putting blameworthy noisome cantankerous terrific lurid biting poisonous butcherly ferocious insufferable churlish poor inferior hard unpardonable inimical not cricket icky warlike distressing cold-hearted scabby sneaking alarming dismal rancid unsatisfactory unwelcome thoughtless uncomfortable sad defective ill pathetic exceptionable punk caitiff violent antipathetic no-good cursed rough indictable sick-making remorseless erring fallen faulty deficient vulgar grotty rubbish poorly desperate displeasing sullied tainted grewsome nightmare cross humiliating substandard coarse contentious grievous sullen subpar unwelcoming dissatisfactory unmerciful sharp grave unwarranted unsparing abandoned caustic undesirable cowardly compassionless indefensible indescribable unbecoming stern ungenerous hairy quarrelsome alien adversary disapproving adversarial indecent unrelenting suboptimal irritating unpalatable stroppy unkindly dreaded yucko very bad joyless furious dangerous pants unpleasing sleazy upsetting chippy repellant fulsome swinish unclean embarrassing animal carnal galling negative unreceptive unpropitious contrary jaundiced malefic despisable querulous direful fractious detrimental unnerving tenth-rate chronic disputatious from hell hellacious petrifying sanguinary coldhearted loathed bothersome troublesome destructive useless beneath contempt off-color wolfish not nice out of order dour inconvenient a load of pants beggarly uncompassionate below the belt outcast uncalled for formidable cold homicidal cut-throat off-colour crook off colour out of sorts undignified unamiable uncivil raunchy stony-hearted irreverent transgressing terribly bad ungentlemanly inequitable bloodless poxy hardhearted unchristian guilty ruffianly blackguardly crying unemotional detested execrated revulsive morbid beast deleterious damaging scaring servile inelegant menial disdainable baneful mischievous prejudicial nocuous baleful thievish wayward piggish gluttonous feral boorish ferine irrational prurient despised daunting dismaying inclement cutting belittling mortifying flinty draconian ribald intemperate lewd drunken immodest astounding abominated hated abhorred facinorous cacodemonic roughshod slaughterous hateworthy measly tremendous culpable peccant tough unbelievable inconceivable overwhelming maggot hateable crass bad news ill-famed disheartening unimaginable stingy miserly natty disrespectful grotesque heavy grating ineffable unutterable unhealthy ill-reputed heated irritable intense slimy low-life below contempt scungy inexpressible agonizing mighty vexatious irksome brusque acerbic indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable calamitous indescribably evil unwanted unappealing painful unlovely acute trying yukky difficult woeful sucky pits curt grouchy sulky sarcastic unpopular unsuitable disliked crashing invidious fiery cringe-making acerb comfortless grumpy snappy tetchy irascible snappish unattractive pesky gut-wrenching agonising confounded serious dread abrasive rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take gruff rebarbative unwished-for gut-churning cranky testy shirty peevish narky petulant impassioned imperfect insufficient inadequate mediocre vomitous bogging unsought to be avoided out of place scorned unlikable shunned for the birds strictly for the birds inexpedient incommodious disadvantageous unwished for uninvited inadmissible rejected crude tinny splenetic peckish liverish huffy grumbling waxy crotchety soreheaded miffy curmudgeonly hard-boiled inflammable spirited hysterical uneasy acrid bristling intolerant lively antisocial embittered acrimonious passionate manic icy tempestuous stone-hearted unforgiving unpitying defiant hot-tempered short-fused short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse bum fearsome redoubtable thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate desensitized indurate soulless affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony trashy wack wanting ropy duff bush below par tatty rubbishy disturbing hair-raising excessive spine-chilling scary unfortunate disastrous extreme tacky vomit-inducing bush-league jerry-built weak sauce low-grade under par below standard poor-quality sub-par crummy third-rate from hunger second-rate implacable with a heart of stone desensitised cannibalistic relentless fell obstreperous feisty uncooperative assaultive discordant brawly gladiatorial agonistic discourteous arsey bolshie itching aggers scathing deadly cowing cussed terrorizing spoiling for a fight ready for a fight vituperous terrorising trenchant mordacious insolent browbeating bullying mordant

Tính từ

Having or displaying malice, evil or vindictiveness
malevolent malicious spiteful vicious malignant hostile nasty mean cruel vindictive evil bitter rancorous unkind malign venomous hateful unfriendly poisonous wicked baleful catty virulent maleficent pernicious malefic bad vengeful despiteful fierce murderous waspish dirty revengeful hellish lousy rough poison murder ill-natured evil-intentioned bad-natured evil-minded hurtful injurious harmful invidious deleterious detrimental noxious destructive damaging antagonistic baneful immoral opprobrious unjust wrongful inimical negative antipathetic aspersive iniquitous toxic mischievous wounding vitriolic snide unpleasant acrimonious cutting harsh splenetic savage acid ill-disposed barbed sarcastic shrewish defamatory acrid caustic biting scathing disagreeable uncharitable mean-spirited resentful bilious brutal inconsiderate ruthless snarky mordacious ornery beastly low mordant insensitive acerbic scornful pitiless callous unfeeling uncaring unsympathetic sharp shabby merciless trenchant stinging implacable horrid sardonic heartless taunting inhuman angry withering despicable contemptible vile thoughtless obnoxious rude hard-hearted squint-eyed cussed astringent vituperative searing corrosive acidulous dangerous grudging tart coldhearted base inhumane sadistic cold-blooded barbarous ill low-down not nice envenomed gross irascible dishonourable execrable currish dishonorable crabbed detestable ignominious cantankerous low-minded hating backbiting slanderous unrelenting grudge-bearing unforgiving foul messy vitriolous odious loathsome relentless avenging embittered slashing rapier-like dripping with malice razor-edged burning unfair offended begruding sore insulted corrupting abusive wreakful retaliatory out for revenge grim ill-intentioned viperous corrupt corruptive churlish disparaging sneering hazardous artful insidious nocuous adverse prejudicial troublesome perilous bothersome awful uncool envious petty bad-tempered offensive wretched ill-tempered annoying ill-humored surly sordid paltry ill-humoured ignoble horrible rotten full of spleen ireful aggressive pugnacious wrathful ferocious deprecating derogatory denigratory deprecatory pointed deplorable scummy belligerent cranky crabby censorious testy indignant contentious irate hate-filled peevish choleric cross scoffing cynical jeering mocking insulting contemptuous disapproving ridiculing derisive insinuating critical sarky belittling acerb smart-aleck smart-alecky smart-mouthed scalding pungent satiric acidic satirical piercing compassionless upsetting cold-hearted spleenful uncivil unkindly inhospitable unamiable ungenerous unchristian hardhearted hard accidentally on purpose

Tính từ

Causing anxiety or concern
troublous upsetting distressing disturbing troublesome disquieting perturbing unsettling troubling worrisome discomforting discomposing nagging worrying bothersome nasty trying annoying irksome irritating aggravating unpleasant vexing provoking harassing difficult dismaying discouraging wearisome alarming tiresome inconvenient painful distressful burdensome disconcerting disagreeable frightening startling discommoding severe agitating ominous depressing foreboding gloomy onerous perplexing creepy hard laborious pessimistic toilsome consequential disruptive impeding intrusive threatening embarrassing prophetic uncertain nerve-racking harrowing unnerving hairy fraught nail-biting nerve-wracking tormenting confronting displeasing hurtful shocking disappointing restless anxious tense nervous uneasy concerning discomfiting devastating off-putting gut-wrenching exasperating vexatious stressful grim galling agonizing frustrating horrible dreadful appalling awful terrible horrendous excruciating horrific horrifying agonising ghastly traumatic frightful horrid maddening atrocious gruesome harsh monstrous grisly macabre nightmarish awkward tedious wearing grievous cruel daunting hideous bad revolting uncomfortable bitter loathsome miserable abominable forbidding foul distasteful vile pesky taxing pestiferous pestilent antagonizing antagonising unwelcome wretched lurid plaguy peeving chafing rebarbative rankling nettlesome infuriating riling pestilential brutal hellacious carking nettling abrasive pesty plaguey grating niggling unpleasing uncongenial objectionable woeful rotten unpalatable torturous affecting mortifying boring poor execrable dismal doleful lousy sad tough demanding exhausting pathetic teasing grave offensive disgusting repulsive odious arduous exacting challenging rough sickening nauseating repellent repugnant bedevilling heartbreaking tragical mean grewsome nightmare disgraceful saddening scary draining abhorrent sorrowful grueling enervating testing gruelling oppressive pressured rugged infernal cussed unamusing confounded hostile dire obnoxious gross detestable deplorable abysmal fearful heart-rending tragic repellant ugly nauseous terrifying godawful intimidating hellish hectic strenuous tiring punishing sapping enraging jarring punchable harrying heartrending bewildering terrific weighty back-breaking enough to try the patience of a saint heavy rigorous enough to drive you up the wall anxiety-ridden bedeviling sticky crushing terrorizing pitiless vicious ruthless savage oppressed impoverished stark merciless bleak terrorising poverty-stricken panicky menacing anxious-making scandalous outrageous moving touching unspeakable obscene stupefying fearsome heartstopping stunning rancid astonishing overwhelming evil noisome fulsome amazing direful formidable noxious staggering redoubtable surprising spine-chilling from hell wicked glaring hair-raising heinous piteous pitiful humiliating pitiable stirring emotional impactful intense tearful impressive mournful shameful shaming plaintive tear-jerking flustering compromising sentimental poignant tender passionate expressive nostalgic demeaning degrading sensitive delicate confusing tricky touchy ignominious discountenancing barro toe-curling cringey cringe-making discreditable dishonouring blush-making cringeworthy unpropitious discommodious distracting dishonoring equivocal inopportune incommodious impossible rattling puzzling unseemly humourless crummy sombre humorless unbearable sober unsavory solemn somber unsatisfactory icky stinking unacceptable sedate undesirable diabolical unfortunate unendurable regrettable uncool yukky grotty lamentable unhappy grody sour unappealing yucky afflicting uninviting afflictive unsavoury anguished beastly unlovely heart-breaking extremely bad

Tính từ

Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
black gloomy sad dismal miserable morose wretched cheerless dark desolate disconsolate funereal joyless bleak broken-hearted depressing glum grief-stricken grieving heartbroken mournful oppressive sorrowful sorrowing unhappy anguished depressive despairing devastated dire distressed doleful down downcast forlorn inconsolable lugubrious morbid mourning solemn somber sombre sullen comfortless crestfallen dejected depressed dispiriting distressing dolorous downhearted dreary foreboding godforsaken grim hopeless horrible melancholy ominous pessimistic woeful abject blue darkening murky atrocious drear gray grey tenebrific tenebrous woebegone chill Cimmerian cloudy cold dreich elegiac elegiacal lonely lonesome plutonian saturnine sepulchral sunless low-spirited long-faced down in the dumps down in the mouth disheartening despondent discouraging drab unfavourable unfavorable melancholic inauspicious dour unpromising portentous unpropitious dull uninviting sorry dispirited baleful menacing threatening grave saddening bad low direful ill-boding heartbreaking minatory pathetic doomy cast down bodeful ill austere heartrending tearful forbidding dingy dejecting dim adverse unwelcoming inhospitable teary ill-omened troubled mirthless humourless humorless ugly unlucky minacious negative ill-fated upsetting disadvantageous dangerous baneful in the dumps cynical demoralized lowering wintry disappointing apocalyptic spiritless moody impending heavy-hearted rueful wintery fatalistic defeatist demoralised mopey unfortunate downbeat hurting fateful in low spirits serious bare stark daunting unpleasant clinical severe demoralizing impersonal sober institutional uncomfortable droopy heavyhearted heartsick heartsore saddened brokenhearted piteous looming off-putting evil heavy alarming sinistrous brooding gloom-ridden doubtful glowering drearisome warning intimidatory hangdog demoralising harrowing suspicious hostile distrustful doubting dirgelike alarmist overhanging discouraged worrying bland moping unsmiling sulky dragged draggy tragic chap-fallen afflicted jarring given to looking on the black side terrible bitter infelicitous louring down-and-out painful creepy frightening disenchanting doomed inopportune intimidating imminent heart-rending thunderous disquieting bearish malign unhopeful minatorial hard lamenting comminatory bullying scary doomful malefic earnest sedate terrorizing disturbing clouded chapfallen Eeyorish dirge-like nasty stern near aggressive close upcoming forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury scowling mopish broody crushed unenthusiastic disheartened unfriendly perilous terrorising weighty taciturn injurious harsh horrid staid harmful lamentable sunk in gloom upset disappointed awful in the pits dreadful foul sourpuss muted subdued fed up in the doldrums at hand acheronian disagreeable in a blue funk stony-faced bummed out no-nonsense poker-faced shot down uncaring ruined abandoned deserted unimpassioned crushing jinxed brewing waste solitary unmoved spartan deathly Stygian obscure hollow dubious cursed sickening overcast cautionary admonitory poignant plaintive nostalgic dampening maudlin unsafe bereft threnodic threnodial exequial deathlike funebrial grumpy bad-tempered uncommunicative premonitory traumatic fearsome terrifying mean-looking sorry for yourself frowning lorn phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive moving touching depressant have the blahs disconcerting crabbed surly oppressed weary companionless in pain down-in-the-mouth chilly looking on the black side acherontic precursive augural malificent presaging suggestive prophetic prescient haunting fearful having the blahs having blue devils singing the blues unnerving discomforting repressing dissuading hindering dismaying deterring approaching cut up horrific horrendous heart-breaking gut-wrenching blue funk not hopeful in the wind not encouraging shamefaced choked tough atrabilious dampened drooping dashed sagging untoward poor brassed off cheesed off straitened hard-pressed lurid unwelcome shadowy discommodious troublesome tortured difficult undesirable full of hardship objectionable strained exacting treacherous chilling parlous nightmarish pressing precarious exigent messy jeopardous rocky very bad pitiable squalid all torn up sick as a parrot hurt languished emotional out of sorts dysphoric bowed down in tears languorous triste bereaved weepy down in mouth in grief hapless regretful in doldrums down in dumps crabby broken aggrieved tristful listless down-hearted sick at heart languid pensive wistful grieved sordid despicable contemptible eerie shameful disgraceful pitiful vile lachrymose distressful execrable trashy deplorable grievous rotten shoddy inferior lousy filthy evil-looking spooky eldritch malignant indigent scurvy scungy impoverished destitute displeasing detestable derisory poverty-stricken malevolent untimely ill-starred resigned suggestive of evil hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious obnoxious pernicious blackhearted disastrous poisonous mischievous unchancy misanthropic worried weeping dismayed distraught agonized wailing agonised destroyed gutted down and out shaken plangent dolesome bewailing bemoaning aching remorseful bothered weighed down deploring funeral pained suffering bleeding daunted tormented cast-down sobbing apologetic in despair perturbed disconcerted crummy unnerved anxious sapped shook up conscience-stricken thrown contrite repentant penitent let down close to tears taken down with a long face as sick as a parrot uptight discomposed disturbed dolent ripped flustered whimpering compunctious traumatized discountenanced sheepish snivelling antsy blubbering shattered wounded desperate ashamed irked unsettled pining cowed on a downer torn up traumatised sniveling guilt-ridden displeased crying tear-jerking agitated overwhelmed low in spirits disquieted discontented disillusioned ruffled calamitous vexed rattled enervated ruthful flat self-reproachful aflutter helpless annoyed forsaken guilty overwrought angst-ridden deflated larmoyant low-down uneasy bummed-out yearning attritional heavy with grief in the toilet sunk teary-eyed on the verge of tears in a tizzy reflective concerned affecting isolated longing discombobulated disgruntled bugged shook withdrawn defeated undermined abashed harrowed apathetic confused unconsolable disenchanted angry friendless in sorrow in mourning sour muddled shocked irritated adust troubling peed off ticked off teed off browned off full of sorrow tense chastened overemotional greeting deterred inconvenienced frightened alarmed blubbing unsatisfied intimidated unamused sobersided apprehensive angered nervous atwitter feel-bad jumpy unglued mawkish blubbery moist wet bawling watery afraid overcome with sorrow damp suicidal frantic overcome howling penitential hung up ill at ease racked with suffering racked with pain broken up po-faced languishing in a funk with tears in your eyes at the end of your tether long-suffering burned sore contused regretting heartsickening atoning penitentiary dirgeful worthless misty-eyed without energy mortified prostrated cross emo churlish bowed lowered cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing unmanned in distress torn-up discontent griefstricken off sluggish excited huffy ill-humoured horrified tear-filled cringing browbeaten heart-sick lovesick ill-humored dolorific afflictive regrettable lost prostrate with grief luckless taken aback bummed powerless downtrodden hankering missing longing for home forgotten homeless guilty-looking furtive hysterical irrational histrionic afflicting sick in anguish uncared-for ailing racked unable to be consoled unable to be comforted let-down not happy humbled drained embarrassed sneaking dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless beside oneself with grief dissatisfied very sad devitalized cowering humiliated sensitive fraught unmitigable remote derelict sequestered affected homesick full of regret shot-down frustrated discomfited falling apart repining weakened chagrined miffed put off shell-shocked emotionally defeated dreamy strabilious no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup disowned in a state without hope up the creek aghast beaten at wits' end full of gloom feeling down in sackcloth and ashes unenthused unconfident contemplative musing dreaming meditative vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked easily moved in a bad way thoughtful down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart caved-in harassed wrecked plagued looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny at in floods of tears daydreaming spooked haunted lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart persecuted desirous wishful with cold feet gone to pieces in blue funk lost momentum strung out mushy gooey slushy sob story in a stew schmaltzy offended insecure nervy edgy dithery queasy queazy fretted in a reverie unquiet jittery hassled syrupy verklempt unzipped hinky goosey in disorder put out amazed psyched out come apart outcast at sixes and sevens het up oversentimental estranged unloved rejected unpopular unwanted lacklustre passive all alone insipid lifeless weak limp unsocial unbefriended uncherished colourless irresolute meek characterless feeble submissive torpid spineless vapid uninspiring passionless lackadaisical bloodless mopy desiccated anaemic wooden dry uninspired slothful cowardly gutless dopey indecisive unconcerned boring lackluster indifferent drippy tame inanimate blah without friends feeling friendless with no one to turn to without companions by yourself without a friend in the world colorless anemic lacking in vitality wishy-washy flat tire

Tính từ

Very serious or gloomy in expression or demeanor
grim fierce stern ferocious forbidding dour severe flinty steely uninviting aloof distant formidable hard serious sullen surly unapproachable churlish crabbed glum somber sombre sour stony strict threatening austere cross fell grave gruff grumpy intimidating louring lowering menacing savage solemn stark stiff ungentle unsmiling bleak harsh morose resolute scowling sulky cantankerous crusty glowering gray grey grouchy splenetic truculent vicious bad-tempered ill-tempered mean-looking boot-faced rough rugged unfriendly cruel pitiless violent ruthless frowning cold brutal tough murderous fiendish hostile barbaric barbarous merciless inhuman brutish frightening frosty sober disapproving malevolent callous sadistic nasty heartless bloodthirsty unrelenting mean bestial beastly venomous unsympathetic implacable bitter wicked hellish remorseless abhorrent inhumane monstrous foreboding icy frigid unfeeling fiery evil aggressive disagreeable unrestrained repellent off-putting dark ugly malignant relentless malicious unpleasant brute inhospitable no-nonsense angry baleful unmerciful butcherly chilly brooding gloomy stringent rigorous wild earnest fearsome bloody unforgiving frightful rigid strait-laced cutthroat furious grim-faced horrible humourless humorless inexorable spiteful feral atrocious dangerous rancorous untamed raging tigerish ominous abominable unruly unkind obdurate astringent wanton vile sanguinary terrible diabolical uncontrollable infernal crazed hurtful hard-nosed vindictive cold-blooded offensive odious repulsive dismal dreary uncommunicative poker-faced unsparing unwelcoming overbearing cool unhospitable melancholic hard-faced dejected saturnine tight-lipped wolfish ravening homicidal devilish grum demoniac treacherous destructive lupine ravenous voracious formal moody oppressive stormy crude coarse joyless reserved insensitive unconcerned uncaring bearish heinous tactless indifferent unemotional stuffy uncompromising revengeful vengeful turbulent volatile inauspicious crabby unappeasable mortified critical cheerless exacting inflexible unsafe trying onerous excruciating sedate burdensome repressive searing staid grievous sobersided uncharitable authoritarian unyielding unbending illiberal murky tumultuous morbid intimidatory dodgy ill-boding remote solid ramrod grudge-bearing resentful ill-disposed weighty uncomic desperate depraved uncivilised minatory deadly viperous minacious nefarious serpentine uncivilized villainous abandoned rowdy hard-hearted poisonous mean-spirited acrimonious cast-iron po-faced hard-boiled heavy-handed evil-intentioned ill-natured malign avenging maleficent wreakful retaliatory grudging out for revenge catty malefic hateful rabid convulsive impetuous delirious full of spleen incessive raving enraged undomesticated fearful frantic rapacious infuriated mad animalistic primitive biffo aggers

Tính từ

Unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate
undue excessive extreme immoderate inordinate disproportionate extravagant improper inappropriate intemperate needless overmuch unjustified unnecessary unseemly unsuitable unwarranted fulsome non-essential superfluous unneeded baroque devilish exorbitant fancy insane intolerable lavish overdue overextravagant overweening plethoric steep stiff too great too much towering unbecoming uncalled-for unconscionable undeserved unmerciful unmerited unreasonable exceeding forbidden gratuitous ill-advised illegal ill-timed inapt indecorous inept unapt uncalled for underhanded unfair unfitting unjust unjustifiable unmeasurable unseasonable untimely unwarrantable not required a bit much over the top exaggerated outrageous extortionate OTT dizzying unrestrained sky-high preposterous wanton high indefensible overkill enormous wrongful irrational profligate self-indulgent unprovoked prodigal O.T.T. way out stratospheric redundant inexcusable profuse criminal unlawful groundless surplus pricey unrestricted overpriced uncurbed over-the-top overindulgent unbalanced extra imprudent monstrous unbounded overabundant dissipated overboard dear senseless superabundant too-too illogical absonant uncontrolled over the odds arbitrary unbridled heavy unrightful severe wrong up to here overblown unacceptable costing an arm and a leg egregious unlimited unequal unforgivable punitive wasteful huge boundless inflated supererogatory illegitimate super limitless ridiculous indulgent recrementitious supernatural more over-elaborate dispensable nonessential unessential wicked far-out posh peremptory too many out of all proportion out of bounds overripe elevated harsh wild unpardonable expensive in excess reckless drastic violent abounding rigorous theatrical prohibitive dissipative debauched strict uneven tough extraordinary overdone effusive gushing gigantic inequitable inessential over elaborate punishing austere immense colossal unrelenting sharp oppressive cruel grievous monumental massive ungrounded draconian unhampered unchecked overstated unethical vast giant mountainous ludicrous overelaborate substantial great swingeing nonsensical immoral mammoth reprehensible incommensurate prodigious bottomless gross tremendous whopping overgenerous dishonest dishonorable beyond the pale stupendous fantastic avoidable blameworthy useless dishonourable unwanted hyped up unrequired de trop not in proportion to out of proportion out of proportion to relatively too small for relatively too large for over the limit unreasoned costly very great untempered going too far diabolical very too gushy unreserved absurd fancy-pants passionate uncontrollable illicit without justification raw dissolute unhindered rampant tempestuous abandoned runaway hard dramatic tall pompous pretentious blown up out of all proportion very high very expensive unwelcome ungovernable incontinent imposing lofty far-fetched a lot imbalanced greedy soaring outré stringent uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy decadent riotous onerous rough ruinous ornate optional fortuitous uninvited futile accidental bloated hyperventilated outsized outsize hyperbolized excessively high extremely high crippling bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim rococo striking multistorey impressive supreme sky-scraping overdrawn felonious lawless exacting inadequate insufficient radical out of control murderous trying strong excruciating burdensome searing excess outstanding paramount titanic magnificent Brobdingnagian surpassing superior altitudinous evil spare daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable elegant decorated bizarre transcendent hulking sublime stellar ginormous unfounded causeless costing the earth out of sight over one's head remaining robust intense grandiose improvident dire grotesque flamboyant curlicued convoluted flowery fussy airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping baseless infinite immeasurable astronomic humongous astronomical desperate uncompromising stern unbending mega mighty unfettered thumping silly monster extensive epic gargantuan uninhibited serious forceful momentous far-reaching unreasoning indiscriminate without reason brutish careless biased prejudiced incommensurable florid ostentatious overdecorated busy bedecked wedding-cake showy gingerbread supernumerary rigid zealous unmitigated remorseless unusual exceptional consequential unyielding without cause discriminatory expendable fanatical embellished ornamental ornamented rich gilt decorative very elaborate unsupportable assumed reasonless disproportionate to unused residuary unproductive disposable overworked super-duper downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable ferocious partisan over-effusive laboured overemphasized over-enthusiastic left over waste pleonastic to spare fabulous utter sheer actorly melodramatic stagy affected sensationalistic forced hyped discriminating prejudicial partial bigoted not necessary not appropriate for not proportional lacking parity at odds with out of line out of keeping with out-and-out overflowing extraneous superfluent leftover unasked camp on your hands iniquitous weighted distorted intolerant warped coloured slanted preferential unprincipled labored overemphasised highly coloured surplus to requirements irregular fraudulent cheating loaded discreditable devious beyond all bounds inconsistent unsymmetrical overbalanced asymmetric disparate lopsided top-heavy nonsymmetrical bad culpable deceitful vicious shameful false petty injurious base low vile colored shameless laid on with a trowel one-sided non-objective not appropriate to not commensurate with thriftless spendthrift exuberant generous unthrifty squandering liberal luxuriant luxurious scandalous abundant copious audacious bountiful ruthless bounteous high-rolling disgraceful openhanded irresponsible sybaritic ample unstinting sumptuous out of order hedonistic plentiful terrible opulent prolific galore aplenty plenty licentious profusive savage inconsiderate merciless offensive atrocious no end tyrannical unconcealed dreadful a dime a dozen insupportable turbulent free impetuous heinous rank raging pervasive pleasure-seeking heavy-handed lush major epicurean open distressing unconstrained voluptuous uneconomical teeming firm out of hand off lotus-eating swarming inflexible inexpiable enthusiastic horrible nasty incredible overinflated alive with thick with crawling with high-flown crazy heedless sensual fast-living rabid unruly remiss unworthy regrettable unstoppable uncontainable irrepressible unquenchable thoughtless grand obvious undisciplined penal insensitive large horrendous blatant over the fence rash deplorable free-spending outre objectionable effete parsimonious sweeping impossible ghastly ungoverned exceptionable conspicuous open-handed munificent a bit thick patent complete cavalier authoritarian unkind big abominable awful abhorrent unspeakable not on hideous manifest glaring acute overt epidemic widespread villainous forbidding plenteous horrid pandemic rife domineering rampaging sickening insufferable transparent undisguised execrable considerable proliferating pronounced evident brazen apparent not the done thing threatening grave ultra significant capital spreading like wildfire dangerous disastrous on the rampage eccentric harmful censurable indiscreet distasteful demanding demonstrative pleasure-loving crushing wholehearted expansive Draconian raised increased superlative pre-eminent troublesome impulsive capricious boosted hedonic bacchanalian voluptuary additional shiftless mass ambitious punitory abusive negligent comfortable cornucopian handsome thick bold immodest below the belt not quite the thing short-sighted unfeeling callous abrasive iron-fisted iron-handed overreaching inefficient pound-foolish squandered destructive splendid lordly commanding devil-may-care volatile heartless unsympathetic full-on streets ahead unconfined supererogative entire imperious shortsighted feckless incautious myopic overbearing tactless high-priced extremist untrammelled unshackled gorgeous eager rowdy curt unmanageable noisy hysterical chaotic crazed madcap berserk revolutionary despotic high-handed autocratic thoroughgoing comprehensive exhaustive not needed unconvincing unlikely dubious doubtful implausible questionable unbelievable unimpeded unsuppressed natural hasty plush Lucullian plushy regal palatial deluxe palace silken luxury luxe Lucullan Babylonian fanciful heroic ballsy adventurous total flinty ramrod loose unbound footloose self-gratifying revolutionist visible prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing sensationalized overdramatic ungrudging undiplomatic bungling unrepressed obtrusive fanatic profound opportunistic cluttered unmistakable barefaced naked outright unselfish spontaneous impertinent blunt impotent miserly plenary untrammeled sadistic overstrict frank candid coercive saturnalian ritzy swanky first-class unstinging palpable arrant plain highly unlikely unmissable inescapable gone outlandish unqualified benevolent big-hearted kind-hearted free-handed beneficent ready advanced iconoclastic beyond your means out of the question plain to see top-to-bottom sensationalised root-and-branch wide-ranging bighearted kind freehearted magnanimous charitable freehanded all out sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb as plain as day stark crying clear as plain as a pikestaff noticeable staring someone in the face protrusive standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb out and out brass-necked vaulting contrived crowded overwrought financial means conditional aggressive dominant tumultuous willingly given sobering fierce worrying strenuous menacing painful life-threatening bleak precarious critical grinding hazardous weighty arduous perilous intensive difficult toilsome peracute ugly taxing gruesome prevalent vehement horrific over-detailed giving procrustean unsparing spreading clamorous blustering fecund flourishing boisterous rambling predominant multiplying growing furious terrifying dread disarranged mixed-up muddled over-ornate untidy over-embellished messy staged disorderly last straw hateful exceeding bounds excessively ornate excessively ornamental lousy harrowing dreaded wretched frightening alarming direful dismal grisly rotten macabre terrific fearsome lamentable lurid redoubtable unnerving disturbing petrifying hair-raising spine-chilling inconvenient scary intimidating unfortunate formidable punk nightmarish infamous nefarious beastly odious loathsome nauseating foul unbearable unendurable barbaric maddening infernal fiendish exasperating godawful hellacious flagitious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious sinful depraving debasing contumelious despicable contemptible corrupt degenerate opprobrious very bad more than one can afford

Tính từ

Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects
insidious stealthy subtle cunning sneaking tricky artful crafty deceptive slick sly wily crooked deceitful designing guileful Machiavellian smooth surreptitious treacherous disingenuous duplicitous dishonest sneaky underhand astute backhanded corrupt dangerous deep devious ensnaring false foxy indirect intriguing perfidious perilous secret snaky wormlike like a snake in the grass fraudulent double-dealing cheating unfair lying swindling shady bent unscrupulous disreputable unprincipled deceiving mendacious untruthful untrustworthy shifty rascally dirty roguish unjust criminal unethical illegal immoral amoral unlawful sharp dishonourable knavish Janus-faced slim underhanded rogue shonky dodgy defrauding malfeasant fast hollow-hearted double-faced false-hearted truthless insincere hoodwinking dishonorable misleading recreant backbiting double-crossing bluffing unctuous slippery two-faced elusive two-timing villainous traitorous scheming calculating shrewd conniving cagey beguiling cute canny cagy clever furtive manipulative oblique snide clandestine fly carny knowing dissembling dubious snidey evasive ingenious vulpine skillful skilful streetwise sharp-witted pawky Punic covert hypocritical secretive faithless plotting smart unreliable fishy intelligent disloyal unfaithful slinking hidden unsportsmanlike counterfeit hush-hush unsporting untrue contriving conspiratorial mean treasonous hugger-mugger undercover adroit dirty-dealing fickle hole-and-corner sub-rosa keen backstairs below the belt inventive resourceful imaginative undependable low unconscionable savvy fiendish street smart street-smart inconstant delusive astucious greasy unloyal betraying under the table crazy like a fox under wraps fly-by-night snake in the grass conspiring feigned not candid not frank uncandid arch heedful observant suspicious unfrank unveracious concealed slimy iffy cynical dexterous deft stinky dicey terminologically inexact not entirely truthful opportunist collusive unhonest tactful heads-up base malicious mean-spirited cutthroat opportunistic bogus sham sagacious wry delusory witted lubricious dextrous experienced expedient cloak-and-dagger back-alley veiled shrouded politic tactical sly like a fox venomous illusory captious nifty economical with the truth murky low-down cloaked on the QT on the quiet tricksy lurking virulent vipery erring errant obliquitous gimmicky trick underground spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake mock phoney phony imposturous pretended skulking not straightforward faking one out playing politics put on playing games leading sideways sidelong private under-the-table stealth behind-the-scenes sneak privy black nefarious crazy like fox loaded treasonable hole and corner cloak and dagger disguised cautious creepy masked behind someone's back circumspect subversive seditious renegade rebellious apostate mutinous breakaway back-stabbing fallacious

Tính từ

Not going in a direct course or line
indirect roundabout circuitous winding meandering wandering deviant tortuous curving serpentine zigzag backhanded circular circumlocutory divergent evasive implied oblique rambling anfractuous devious long-drawn-out periphrastic sidelong ambiguous complicated crooked discursive duplicitous erratic eventual inferred long long-winded obscure out-of-the-way sinuous snaking sneaking sneaky subsidiary tacit twisting underhand understood unforeseen unplanned vagrant hinted at long way home twisted convoluted snaky windy bending flexuous curvy curved curling curled crazy meandrous mazy twisty coiling digressive deviating ambagious zigzagging labyrinthine spiraling spiralling involved intricate circumlocutionary serpentiform looping excursive collateral irregular spiral undulating errant turning gyrating wriggly jagged twisting and turning digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering confusing misleading obliquitous lengthy roaming askew verbose involute awry bent sinuate ogee meandry full of twists and turns elliptical implicit inexplicit writhing bendy vague entwined roving vermiculate remote detouring digressory removed confounding straying digressing diverting episodic diffusive snakelike lithe asymmetric asymmetrical non-linear slinky deviative flowing contorted unsymmetrical distorted uneven aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted wiggly tacking squiggly coiled tipping slantwise diffuse atilt circling corkscrew swirling taking the long way wavy pitched complex listing cock-a-hoop topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile kinked traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward tricky oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow curvilinear bowed arched rounded hooked sweeping warped loopy wry curvilineal bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched twined gnarled braided tangled wound knotty humped crescent parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite vaulted arced arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform curviform swirly arciform embowed curly curvaceous arrondi enbowed looped biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural turned wreathed incurved compass incurvate round circumflex

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sinister Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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