Đồng nghĩa của swinish

Alternative for swinish

swinish /'swainiʃ/
  • tính từ
    • như lợn; tham ăn tục uống; bẩn tưởi

Tính từ

Wanting or devouring great quantities of food
greedy voracious gluttonous rapacious ravenous edacious hoggish piggish esurient insatiable ravening piggy devouring insatiate hungry covetous wolfish gannet-like avid eager desirous gormandizing unappeasable unquenchable craving intemperate avaricious grasping gutsy selfish gross gobbling guzzling close close-fisted acquisitive grabby grudging carnivorous gulping prodigious omnivorous uncontrollable keen gourmandizing gourmand self-indulgent gorging starving starved hoglike dirty filthy mean squalid brutish sordid unclean insatiat excessive ventripotent porcine with eyes bigger than one's stomach uncontrolled never full compulsive enthusiastic quenchless dog-hungry empty sating unslakable inappeasable inextinguishable very hungry wanting importunate yearning desiring clamorous pressing urgent unsatisfiable insistent unsatisfied exigent crying limitless demanding starved to death rude crude never satisfied boorish unable to be satisfied prehensile pennypinching itchy parsimonious miserly penurious stingy tight tight-fisted have eyes bigger than one's stomach predatory wolflike fierce ferocious savage peckish lupine famished unfed hollow hungering half-starved sharp-set dying of hunger faint from lack of food ready to eat a horse starving to death flying light could eat a horse having the munchies plant vicious undernourished malnourished vulturous exploitative vulturine menacing underfed deprived of food mercenary consuming powerful intense flaming overwhelming lascivious lecherous usurious marauding plundering materialistic moneygrubbing coveting preying extortionate money-grubbing leering wolfy lustful murderous furious annihilatory corrosive passionate famishing food-deprived dying from hunger craving food faint from hunger got the munchies in a fasted state able to eat a horse feeling faint from hunger on empty stomach dying from lack of food with one's stomach thinking one's throat's cut

Tính từ

Resembling a lout
loutish boorish oafish rough uncouth churlish coarse ill-bred bungling gross ill-mannered unmannerly clodhopping gawky stolid thuggish bullying classless cloddish clownish common doltish impolite lumpen lumpish philistine rowdy rude uncivilised uncivilized vulgar wild yobbish bad-mannered barbaric bearish cantankerous clumsy crass dense gruff hoonish loud lubberly ornery rustic slobbish uncultured uneducated unpolished unrefined brutish unsophisticated Neanderthal crude tasteless unsavoury uncultivated ignorant ocker plebby unsavory insensitive callous unfeeling lumbering graceless stupid cruel undiscriminating imperceptive blockish dorky gawkish savage barbarian loudmouthed inelegant incult dozy hooligan subhuman ape-like discourteous ungentlemanly hick unladylike rough-hewn badly behaved ungracious lowbred barbarous countrified awkward inurbane unpoised base provincial out-of-line uncivil unmannered inconsiderate indelicate disrespectful lowbrow impertinent thoughtless blunt low roughneck indecorous raffish offensive brusque rugged curt illiberal uncalled-for primitive ungallant impudent insensible unhandsome mannerless insolent tactless raw sullen surly unpleasant improper short brash unkind ungraceful harsh audacious mean disagreeable unchivalrous gauche offhand insulting heathen abrupt Neandertal undiplomatic sharp indiscreet heathenish natural unceremonious crabbed cheeky unseemly crusty abusive fresh stiff nasty raunchy uncharitable foul-mouthed ill-humoured ill-humored shameless blundering bad-tempered grumpy presumptuous irritable ill-tempered ungainly derogatory morose illiterate grouchy benighted dour plebeian inept contumelious malapert foul disgracious bawdy underbred indecent ungenteel truculent dirty ill-natured obscene flip filthy hasty inhuman unfriendly unworldly impure stilted immodest lewd loud-mouthed low-bred objectionable untutored lacking in social graces ribald vulgarian moody hillbilly unsubtle maladroit rash cavalier tacky cheap immoral brutal unsympathetic disparaging bluff backwoods profane misbehaved lippy earthy crabby ugly uncomplimentary sleazy cross untactful perverse careless uncaring inappropriate snippy smart-alecky sour crotchety inaffable unwholesome wooden uncomfortable uneasy bad tetchy vicious off parochial unmindful smutty off-color offish antisocial rustical unthoughtful beyond the pale asocial heavy-handed short-tempered outlandish corrupt shocking saturnine socially unsure sordid socially inept socially awkward ill-behaved non-U blue bourgeois imprudent naive guileless ingenuous tart unlettered nescient unpolitic impolitic injudicious lowdown and dirty scatological unenlightened materialist unread commercial unconsiderate terse hostile common as muck sketchy troglodytic selfish self-centered untamed merciless rough-and-ready ill rough and ready foolish dull trailer-park anti-intellectual inartistic uncourteous inhospitable unfortunate no-nonsense laconic taciturn mean-spirited backward immature Philistine scatologic poor shoddy sassy disregardful uninformed unconscionable wicked uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy agrestic witless asinine arrogant unthinking charmless cocky tough bovine touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable unneighborly apathetic intolerant mouthy smart alecky brazen pert brassy self-centred overbearing insubordinate disdainful severe hard heedless unconcerned intrusive peremptory yokelish bounderish angry boisterous snappy impatient vacuous thick mindless obtuse forbidding fierce stern austere roughcast grim explicit in a state of nature unfair heartless reckless incautious intimidating louring grievous steely stark testy sulky baseborn pig-ignorant flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless bitter hardhanded oppressive irascible fractious low-minded straightforward precipitate murderous lowering low-born glum prickly scowling choleric risqué unchaste naughty degrading unsettling affronting salacious vilifying suggestive unclean tawdry colloquial vituperative derisive vile sickening unutterable blasphemous X-rated shrewish splenetic pouty chippy bilious dyspeptic humourless humorless curmudgeonly unsmiling moping mopey pouting unhelpful like a bull in a china shop acid undignified untoward obnoxious bloody-minded incorrect loose inapposite unvirtuous inapt unbecoming wrong wanton unsuitable repellent seamy repulsive seedy disreputable unfit unacceptable incongruous unhappy amiss undesirable unapt unfitting infelicitous malapropos dishonest dishonourable degenerate dubious suspicious villainous notorious rascally suspect unprincipled unscrupulous out of place out of keeping revolting crooked shady distasteful despicable out of the way in bad taste noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant dishonorable

Tính từ

Deserving to be despised or hated
contemptible despicable detestable ignominious base shameful vile abject execrable odious pitiful shabby worthless bad degenerate deplorable hateful loathsome low mean paltry pitiable sordid abhorrent cheap despisable disdainable disgraceful heinous reprehensible revolting scurvy shocking unspeakable unworthy wretched abominable cowardly dirty discreditable disreputable nasty offensive sorry cruddy currish dishonourable dishonorable distasteful grubby ignoble lame lousy miserable pathetic petty ratty sad scabby scummy sneaking snide disgusting hateworthy measly villainous beggarly crass inferior outcast poor beyond the pale low-down low-minded beyond contempt rotten foul appalling awful terrible horrible dreadful obnoxious scandalous beastly atrocious disagreeable unpleasant repugnant wicked evil horrid diabolical monstrous sickening obscene repellent repulsive objectionable horrendous unsavoury nauseating outrageous hideous frightful gross vicious immoral unprincipled infamous unsavory corrupt ghastly shoddy unacceptable inadequate noxious nefarious egregious lamentable nauseous depraved intolerable unscrupulous shady wrong cruel gruesome stinking noisome ugly unsatisfactory disgustful loathly iniquitous dishonest displeasing unfair God-awful fulsome abysmal dire horrifying repellant rancid dismal yucky flagitious insignificant dastardly off-putting useless degrading insufferable crooked malicious sinful debased sick-making exceptionable negligible filthy poxy yucko reprobate grotty insufficient mediocre putrid fiendish trifling vulgar black unpalatable trivial sleazy inglorious uncharitable trashy undesirable derisory unforgivable inexcusable skanky crummy blameworthy squalid substandard opprobrious piddling grisly barbarous degraded icky dark meagre dissolute uninviting deficient bogging shameless spiteful footling unimportant no-good improper unkind no-account ungodly small tawdry good-for-nothing malevolent underhand crude common coarse criminal inconsequential second-rate meager unwelcome unethical woeful godawful pants rebarbative dodgy menial piffling horrific slight subpar rubbish suboptimal diabolic ordinary notorious servile low-grade dissatisfactory insupportable rascally louche stingy hellish picayune unholy scoundrelly inhuman rubbishy unlawful third-rate two-bit rude illegal inappropriate unseemly nominal deceitful second-class infernal imperfect murderous a load of pants damnable accursed direful underhanded sick indecent grievous unrighteous hurtful knavish lowly unbearable unsound below par wanting unbecoming unrespectable below standard not cricket undignified mean-spirited under par miserly out of order low-quality bent middling censurable distressing poorer minor unfriendly laughable subnormal grim cursed sub-par inconsiderable niggling humble faulty indefensible unpardonable very bad below average minute savage shy off nickel-and-dime roguish mingy perverted piddly pimping chicken peanut ropy sneaky scungy shaming unsuitable dislikeable duff average junk warped not up to snuff untrustworthy abandoned treacherous little puny wrongful ruthless morally wrong malfeasant black-hearted indifferent lemon downmarket macabre callous stomach-turning creepy stomach-churning vomitous nugatory feeble flawed pedestrian low-rent unexceptional cringe-making dirty rotten profane bargain-basement deceptive ridiculous sullied harsh Mickey Mouse de minimis blasphemous unpleasing humiliating preposterous derogatory ungenerous devilish malignant junky hack sour unfit debauched off-color insubstantial stinky lewd brutal dislikable catty dime-a-dozen not up to much déclassé leaving much to be desired the pits illegitimate illicit slimy flagrant impure poisonous low-life vomit-inducing plebeian debasing heartbreaking fearful demeaning hopeless lawless heartless chronic unwanted mortifying peccable thoughtless grody invidious malodorous vindictive unappetizing annoying maleficent tiny disastrous unsportsmanlike smutty wanton upsetting defective scanty questionable confounded fetid gut-churning insulting frivolous unclean irreligious punk schlocky schlock unreasonable disrespectful calamitous sacrilegious inconsiderate impious token ornery modest poison ludicrous harmful bum festy skimpy godless barbaric slighting absurd foetid low-end seedy seamy hated disparaging belittling unwarranted unfortunate contemptuous nightmarish sly disdainful scornful hostile sinister brutish merciless indecorous penny-ante loathed indelicate mournful inhumane rueful regrettable terrific grewsome lurid nightmare lesser shifty sadistic weak felonious hateable hard-hearted terrifying disappointing inadmissible meaningless blithering tainted secondary subordinate licentious lower-class caitiff junior exiguous despiteful virulent adverse flaming tragic inconceivable pernicious ill-natured minimal unconscionable light bestial morbid out of place unbelievable below the belt lower smelly valueless rank acrid polluted mephitic ungentlemanly sucky nothing scant pongy whiffy scurrilous tenth-rate smudged bedraggled befouled miasmal bemired dusty uncleanly draggled grimy funky unlovely muddy stained mucky besmirched yukky blackened niffy dingy bitter grungy uncongenial begrimed soiled shallow olid risible out of line bush-league fraudulent on the nose lean rough poorly denigratory culpable meanspirited off colour undeserving slavish graceless deprecatory blamable detested distressed unbefitting pejorative cheerless twopenny-halfpenny blackguardly mercenary execrated joyless piteous impoverished destitute uncomplimentary reduced heartrending groveling proletarian unconvincing despised comfortless subservient depreciatory mischievous inconsistent incompatible depreciative unjustifiable abominated conniving derogative derisive pits denigrative narrow-minded unwashed grovelling gloomy affecting malign inequitable decrying erring fallen indictable guilty embarrassing lowborn prole cantankerous poverty-stricken detractive implausible inelegant surly lumpen undistinguished indigent crafty unhappy tasteless sleazoid indescribable recreant devious satanic demonic double-dealing abusive uncouth beneath contempt dubious unfeeling unpretentious no good silly tenuous decadent injurious dinky cold-blooded discourteous overwhelming slippery inessential uncomfortable condemnable desperate discouraging inexpedient fiddling scheming low-ranking of little account uncalled for unrefined lowering from hell wounding unsubstantial illogical foolish funereal pesky pestiferous pettifogging out of keeping profligate unlikable sepulchral foul-smelling evil-smelling hairy amoral detrimental ill rancorous wrathful controvertible fallacious incredible groundless cheapening revulsive wack tatty discrediting small-fry scrubby humdrum bush hellacious false superficial baseless baseborn small-time incorrigible forbidding scratch irrelevant casual shoestring inconsequent low-born flimsy self-seeking inane ungrounded wishful ill-humored from hunger infra dig ill-humoured inept bogus sterile evil-minded ineffectual drossy unprofitable unproductive bad-tempered pointless unavailing poor-quality futile profitless barren unessential ill-tempered unpersuasive waste bringing shame counterproductive inutile assailable weakly unusable ineffective doggish ne'er-do-well shiftless misbegotten traitorous perfidious merciful off-colour crook out of sorts twopenny grave transgressing feckless incompetent slipshod ruffianly emetic selfish natty brackish unheroic unsuccessful thievish disingenuous senseless base-minded unreliable avaricious tinny raunchy failed unregenerate peccant irritating moving compassionate afflicted stirring arousing touching commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful calculated venal covetous gut-wrenching uncool terribly bad reviled stupid melancholy scabrous abhorred crying harrowing aberrant ominous good-for-naught no-count meritless well below par below contempt reproachable disconcerting repelling ribald intemperate drunken immodest carnal animal beast shadowy minuscule tacky ill-favoured simple commonplace brute butcherly truculent maggot bad-hearted pill heel inappreciable galling dismaying sneering very disgusting diseased facinorous cacodemonic downer bummer afflictive dolorous salacious pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie lying leprechaunish waggish elvish ill-famed unsupported erroneous in poor taste incidental unpopular dreaded disliked condescending needy jerry-built weak sauce surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy churlish chargeable catastrophic god-awful cataclysmic foolish-looking earthy venomous unattractive yecchy perverse unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant small-bore unsporting provocative impertinent impudent affronting insolent patronizing depreciating of little consequence underprivileged craven ill-favored patronising unchivalrous irreverent reproachful unwished-for ruthful humiliated meek dejected deferent hangdog self-effacing not worth bothering about unconsiderable not worth mentioning of no account frolicsome arrant severe unremarkable scatological violent cunning wily unimaginable scatologic ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish self-indulgent vitiated delinquent errant exploitative libertine bloodthirsty conscienceless two-faced defiled corrupted pitiless scrofulous vengeful tyrannical unconscientious inexorable provoking dangerous wet unsought bothersome scorned inconvenient shunned troublesome incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected unbacked penniless beggared unwarrantable steep obscure Machiavellian cheating designing calculating guileful sarcastic deleterious damaging suspect disorderly ineffable unutterable Rabelaisian not okay at fault baneful prejudicial nocuous baleful immoderate exorbitant excessive unendurable shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly wayward limited of low birth plebby working-class of low rank of bad reputation unwholesome suspicious uncivil vexing impolite unmannerly insensitive inexpressible extravagant maddening impossible OTT exasperating penurious impecunious full of holes ill-founded lacking substance restricted colourful slick small-minded for the birds unwished for fishy O.T.T. extortionate beyond words preternatural undefinable frightening alarming cheapie to be avoided strictly for the birds inexpiable comical farcical cockamamie cockamamy too great disgracing debauching over the top uncivilised depraving contumelious extreme uncivilized unassuming subsidiary second-string libidinous sparse needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous threadbare indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil impermissible bad news spare wanky amateurish unimpressive colorful ill-gotten too horrible for words near the knuckle bad-mannered close to the bone foul-mouthed ancillary second-fiddle smaller bottom grudging hard up short Janus-faced contradictory opposed cheapo irremediable garbage crumby out in bad irremissible empty inacceptable unappealing reject averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic against the rules potty in low esteem in the doghouse declassed slighter lower-ranking slender against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign poor quality won't do half-baked of low quality not up to par not on second rate of poor quality not up to scratch over the fence less-than-stellar not quite the done thing not up to standard not nice deadly unpermissible untenable unallowable mortal irritable slim skimp sparing scarce incongruous unfitting testy minor-league lower in status undersized lower in rank third-string subjacent in opposition grouchy narrow Lilliputian sectarian illiberal insular provincial parochial grumpy dreary beneath bleak depressing crabby diminutive desolate splenetic entry-level bottom-rung second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone not so important cranky godforsaken not forgivable ineligible mean-minded dyspeptic sombre drab bilious solemn somber disheartening unpromising sullen morose drear crusty unfitting to unmerited unsuitable for improper to inappropriate to quarrelsome bearish forlorn depressive dreich lugubrious saturnine glum petty-minded resentful acid out of character unbecoming to sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac obstinate difficult transparent uncooperative Cimmerian awkward out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit bloody-minded hard-nosed not good enough corrupting downgrading puerile sooty unsightly messy manky gungy smeared disturbing grotesque feculent traumatic painful sloppy deformed excruciating disquieting reeking unhygienic irksome contaminated slovenly trying agonizing strong disfigured daunting tarnished hard menacing agonising muddied fugly vexatious unkempt unsanitary mud-caked reeky threatening dirt-encrusted unsettling insanitary decaying musty fusty disheveled dishevelled frowzy stenchy scary very unpleasant pestilential besmeared as ugly as sin decayed perturbing miry smeary stressful troubling tough intimidating discomforting spotted heavy high torturous frowsy frowsty grimed miasmic distressful worrying ripe tormenting pungent stale unprepossessing foreboding cheapjack gimcrack unlucky boorish unpretty trumpery unhandsome unbeautiful el cheapo rundown uncomely taxing gnarly fraught greasy intense ruined not clean uncleaned insipid worrisome untidy flavourless formidable putrefied sticky dull meretricious troublous inhospitable fierce agitating huckery unnerving inauspicious flat undusted flavorless sickly humming decomposed pigpen heart-rending fouled discolored blemished marked Brummagem burdensome unfavorable unfavourable unpropitious unswept minatory afflicting unenviable ill-boding hair-raising spine-chilling spoiled plain-looking minacious plain plain-featured spoilt reptilian ill-smelling strong-smelling discoloured run-down weird inclement tremendous biting cutting infelicitous feral inedible uneatable sludgy insalubrious uninteresting glaring doleful homely unjust offending bad-looking toxic mud-encrusted oppressive eerie short on looks discomposing slatternly portentous unrelenting relentless fearsome slummy bespattered tricky vituperative great serious murky dreggy mouldy putrescent petrifying chilling rigorous tragical spooky unenticing dilapidated savorless cheesy cut-rate humourless humorless sober destructive searing onerous stiff rugged nerve-racking redoubtable abnormal scruffy faecal gamy sedate fecal moldy dungy spattered doomy ferocious decomposing niffing shuddersome dud rotting stenchful unlaundered parlous brooding aggressive intimidatory bodeful infected tinhorn kitsch scroungy eldritch pinchbeck tattered naff brassy rotted pathological vilifying serpentine ill-fated cheap and nasty apocalyptic down at heel stinking to high heaven run down a dime a dozen two a penny rinky-dink dime-store infuriating oily ingratiating unctuous hatable shonky not pleasant piggish gluttonous ferine irrational prurient uncoveted yechy bland pain drag smarmy oleaginous dispiriting demoralizing discordant bungling dread critical untempting insalutary showy gaudy chunderous dowdy slushy cussed blasted unwelcoming unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe undesired unsocial grating jarring vapid stark oppressed mighty ugly-looking garish awful-looking frightful-looking testing pressured demanding frustrating rocky woozy dust-filled spotty dust-covered yicky glary oozy acute cloudy Mephistophelian funny iffy crashing blinding dazzling excluded demoralising brummagem gruelling arduous tiring exacting stupefying gloopy unnourishing eery flea-bitten stifling unpleasurable harrying harassing extraordinary heartstopping caked sloughy unforgiving graveolent turned dank infested dicey startling staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing spookish shlock shlocky demoniacal arenaceous arenose dust-ridden innutritious eye-watering lackluster lacklustre unshapely drack no oil painting unalluring surprising untimely thorny problematic nagging wild saddening mucous clammy muculent viscous glutinous freaky haunting backbiting untrue maligning traducing gossiping detracting ailing straggly disarrayed unaesthetic grinding ruinous unhealthful untoward perilous unsuited strict anguished concerning acidic odoriferous skunky odiferous spoiling grueling not wanted ill-advised too bad unstable prickly anxious-making highly improper demoniac scaring rigid mung dishabille misshapen antisocial unsatisfying inopportune red hot lethal septic unnutritious not much to look at as plain as a pikestaff death-obsessed mud-spattered strange blood-curdling tiresome wearisome apprehensive not pretty stern ill-suited inapt unseasonable unsafe vitriolic tumbledown ramshackle damaged nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking mephistophelean unhallowed indigestible foul-tasting gory moody irascible bloody unusual twisted smoky shambly unmaintained poignant untamed invective uncompromising a stinker of a a bummer of a festering unbreathable implacable neglected crumbling shacky late unheard of disagreeing viperous rowdy uncontrollable minor league small potatoes not satisfying verminous soily horry staid repressive sobersided explicit hardhanded mouldering putrified slumlike flinty glowering sore remorseless addled evil-looking ill-omened risqué naughty loutish brash colloquial unpolished lowbrow tactless X-rated ungracious unchaste uncultured suggestive bawdy ill-mannered vituperatory scurrile scurril unsmiling obdurate astringent weighty no-nonsense uncomic wintry thunderous corroding mildewy perished hard-favoured hard-featured sinistrous minatorial pessimistic bullying broken-down slum-like uncared-for gone to rack and ruin vituperous caried carious worm-eaten dirtied purulent wormy pustular po-faced doomful suggestive of evil blackhearted malefic comminatory terrorizing moldering smelling flyblown overripe maggoty bad-smelling unfit for human consumption near close forthcoming wintery fateful lowery loury upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent at hand scowling

Tính từ

Having a strong desire or craving
hungry eager greedy keen avid craving yearning athirst covetous thirsty aching desirous hot longing pining raring thirsting voracious agog antsy anxious ardent crazy desiring dying enthused enthusiastic excited hankering impatient insatiable itching itchy juiced pumped wild gagging gluttonous nuts predatious ravenous solicitous stoked edacious esurient geeked hoggish hungered insatiate intemperate piggish rapacious ravening unfilled unsatisfied gung ho hopped-up hepped up covetous of desirous of lusting after hankering after in need of in want of with an appetite with a yen great passionate zealous champing at the bit willing fervent appetent intent chomping at the bit ambitious ready interested vehement animated fanatical keen as mustard wishful spirited dedicated ready and willing wholehearted earnest lively fervid acquisitive grasping breathless hopeful exhilarated thrilled motivated keyed up psyched devoted inspired restless raring to go energetic moved wishing exuberant mad keen determined bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bursting ebullient hot to trot rarin' to go as keen as mustard vivacious intense committed restive inclined stirred aroused avaricious stimulated piggy dying to devouring psyched up fired up gormandizing obsessed driven wanting warmblooded delighted titillated amenable disposed intent on wolfish assiduous awakened gutsy zestful high-spirited diligent aflame full of beans gannet-like game hearty beside oneself feverish close grabby gulping guzzling close-fisted grudging carnivorous gobbling impassioned burning unquenchable worked up elated on fire electrified unappeasable prodigious sprightly heated encouraged roused hoping pleased perfervid industrious animate rhapsodic mad uncontrollable engaged glad gross desperate happy ripe self-starting conscientious nutty hung up potty tumultuous selfish omnivorous daft fiery expectant charged high dynamic warm itching for on tenterhooks dying for afire prehensile waiting with bated breath gone on active self-indulgent juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up geared up needing wistful languishing approving striving coveting mercenary moneygrubbing touched atingle enamoured very keen lusting edgy curious prepared impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enamored vigorous enthralled chafing straining gotta have fierce up rabid revitalised cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless set lacking habitual unreluctant diehard crude rude fain longing for hoping for gourmand gourmandizing dotty nutso infatuated with devoted to enamoured of hot for smitten with straining at the leash quenchless set on bent on fascinated passional inspirited galvanized energized minded consumed with desire urgently requiring predatory keen on full of enthusiasm wacky forceful concerned tantalized unqualified influenced activated uplifted all agog all a-gog boorish tantalised bugged zesty gaga favourably inclined anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for partial to crazy for wild for in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on turnt red-hot on pins and needles in suspense frantic frenzied hysterical raving uproarious delirious chafing at the bit in the mood vicious galvanised energised have eyes bigger than one's stomach aggressive proactive bullish banzai up for on for of a mind pysched up ready for willing for avid for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained crying out in great need of stirred up parsimonious stingy miserly penurious pennypinching tight tight-fisted dry as dust importunate clamorous urgent demanding insistent crying pressing unsatisfiable exigent limitless lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards amorous aspiring keen for very excited jumping up and down in a frenzy on the edge of your seat dirty filthy mean take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic self-driven buoyant joyous joyful jovial up for it never satisfied greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for uncontrolled excitable enlivened overjoyed euphoric enraptured ecstatic sordid unclean squalid brutish turned on aspiring to jolly exultant in urgent need compulsive elevated giddy piqued peppy tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated unable to be satisfied insatiat alive blissful jubilant empty gorging starving starved dog-hungry sating cock-a-hoop very hungry starved to death emotional demonstrative torrid devout sincere religious incandescent hot-blooded heartfelt warm-blooded superheated flaming steadfast blazing glowing deep obsessive profound true infatuated resolute extreme genuine strong staunch faithful loyal violent unwavering firm unfeigned serious effusive fond absorbed responsive unreserved emphatic fanatic uninhibited constant deeply felt loving single-minded pious honest fixated cordial dutiful steady addicted true-blue frenetic loud purposeful noisy gushing true blue expressive vociferous consuming engrossed sworn stanch hooked over-enthusiastic cheerful affectionate deep-seated tender smitten good captivated raging card-carrying outspoken addicted to frank fulsome unflinching stubborn obstinate possessed feeling strident forthright full-hearted extravagant bona fide immoderate unfaltering lavish affable powerful resolved lyrical fixed furious from the heart sentimental excessive bigoted gushy amiable preoccupied gung-ho settled open vocal real raw occupied welcoming overenthusiastic dyed-in-the-wool thorough deep-rooted impulsive sympathetic concentrated immersed pledged supportive voluble thrilling warmhearted ungovernable fast warm-hearted go-ahead in love inflamed studious OTT dinkum crazy about down-the-line deep-dyed over the top adherent tenacious solid bent dogged persistent strong-willed overwrought strong-minded gritty plain-spoken indomitable untiring unhesitating inveterate complete hectic profuse full direct candid busy reinvigorated friendly kindly rapt soapy forcible focused unrestricted unconstrained maniacal heightened genial oleaginous hagiographical hagiographic expansive adulatory unctuous fired absolute total stalwart pushy mushy wanton unruly abiding cheery positive acute over-effusive messianic opinionated pleasant kind sensitive full-throated sexy oily sure deepest involved inspiring militant benevolent caring unswerving raucous exciting ferocious comforting biased high-powered hospitable focussed amicable compassionate empathetic red-blooded uncompromising touchy-feely angry tempestuous thoroughgoing heartwarming irrepressible attentive nervous glib sultry eloquent stirring dependent ablaze gracious comradely riveted congenial obsessional good-natured concentrating enchanted sociable licentious hopped up crazed hyped up all-consuming extremist bewitched neighborly swivel-eyed companionable authentic berserk mad about whole-souled bonhomous convivial matey chummy attached palsy spellbound very enthusiastic neighbourly solemn buddy-buddy sizzling hard-working adoring nuts about palsy-walsy out-and-out irrational dependent on habituated two-fisted confident under the influence laid on with a trowel jonesing for wrapped up strung out heart-to-heart given over to jonesing on queer amped-up proselytizing evangelistic rapturous blunt temperamental reborn poetic allegiant rash bound amped arousing titillating dizzy melodramatic susceptible abject entrenched inflexible dithyrambic incensed engagé decided hardboiled buckled down persevering severe hard-core rooted extraordinary intrenched exceptional radical aglow revolutionary overcharged free-spoken admiring consecrated aflutter revolutionist responsible tried tried-and-true supreme rousing grave explosive mettlesome volatile spunky fond of sweet on verklempt sentient beguiled besotted charmed hell-bent doting big bubbling over fuming open-mouthed passionate about enthusiastic about pronounced hyper potent articulate wild about goody-goody worshipping self-directed self-motivated worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic riled up moving poignant precipitate headlong affecting high-pressure hotblooded quickened proselytising evangelical lovesick carried away using peppery gingery visionary resilient taken love-struck seduced wackadoodle wackadoo maudlin irresistible besetting compelling overwhelming steamed up confirmed bred-in-the-bone dear agreeable collegial goody two-shoes iron-willed feisty ultra cozy polite mellow social on the make smooth-spoken facile plainspoken fluent free venting stentorian round erratic monomaniacal partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious incorrigible overemotional overdone mawkish nostalgic upfront affectious clubby cosy thunderstruck astounded flabbergasted participating driving unstinting unambiguous unshakeable categorical erotic steamy sensual hard-nosed pyretic febrile born-again hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow wasted shooting up abusing with a … habit prone unpretending meant rebel unlimited unmitigated unequivocal unconditional undivided corny jejune affected dreamy insipid overacted inane impressionable bathetic icky cloying idealistic moonstruck zealotic fireball shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about nutso over foaming at the mouth off the air on the warpath fit to be tied on edge sagacious plucky self-confident unyielding unbending twenty-four carat actual undissembled honest to God pretensionless undesigning unalloyed unadulterated utter revived invigorated heartened reassuring sweating with bated breath nuts for high on hardy decisive brave tough assertive courageous wild-eyed terrorist unchecked rampant coming on strong enduring undiluted unquestioning outright contributing influential activist manic clamant obstreperous independent perceptive heroic self-assertive take charge intolerant agitated neurotic entire fullhearted mad on employed working concupiscent salacious lewd lubricious libidinous satyric lascivious lecherous randy horny burning up flushed fevered febrific overzealous loudmouthed understanding uplifting nurturing affirmative inspiriting firm in spirit certain stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful fortified cheered hopping bustling forward overflowing runaway uncurbed dewy-eyed unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan overpowering whole-hearted hyperactive helpful yawping yauping ranting vociferant vociferating blatant shouting squawking caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling lovey-dovey infuriated narrow-minded berko hundred percent romantic turned-on prurient tied-up go-getting infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill blubbery hammy protective cheering heartening appreciative calming soothing gladdening outpouring overactive supported aided emboldened reassured renewed rowdy boisterous distracting shrill generous without reservations never-failing through and through unhampered unhindered unstoppable uncontainable unbounded full-on abandoned riotous backslapping stimulating boosting pleasing fulfilling encouraging gratifying turbulent undisciplined unmanageable ungoverned unconcealed chaotic madcap gay predisposed imbued accustomed hyped welcome in a tizzy back-slapping single-hearted old faithful high-strung fearless optimistic like one possessed free-flowing true to the end deep-felt unbridled gone watchful transfixed gripped consumed enrapt lost good natured given to abusing spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to prone to given to using intrigued observant mesmerized all over someone hypnotized entranced held alert enticed mesmerised hypnotised really into head over heels deep in caught up locked in dialed in fatherly benign inviting liberal approachable likable maternal charitable likeable softhearted motherly kindhearted paternal good-humoured good-humored

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