Đồng nghĩa của besotted

Alternative for besotted

besot /bi'sɔt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm mụ người, làm đần độn

Tính từ

Having an irrational passion for a person or thing
captivated smitten infatuated spellbound obsessed bewitched beguiled enamored enamoured charmed fanatical hypnotised hypnotized doting lovestruck devoted to gone on really into crazy about mad about passionate about infatuated with bewitched by potty about charmed by enchanted by obsessed with captivated by beguiled by nuts about enthralled by love-struck by wild about very attracted to struck on smitten with hung up on in love with twitterpated by bowled over by hopelessly in love with very taken with head over heels in love with ensorcelled by greatly enamoured of very keen on consumed with desire for hypnotized by doting on bowled over swept off your feet carrying a torch for head over heels in love under someone's spell fascinated hooked fond lovesick taken devoted passionate enchanted enraptured keen on in love absorbed stuck on attracted engrossed loving amorous mesmerized entranced taken with keen mesmerised into crazy enthusiastic about hooked on preoccupied seduced intoxicated sold on mad on silly riveted intrigued gripped fixated focused single-minded love-struck monomaniacal interested intent besotted with focussed rapt wrapped up in intense enamored of preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in head over heels interested in wild on turned on sweet on hung up dotty about intent on enamoured of mad inflamed possessed dotty gripped by struck immersed consumed gaga affected occupied engaged lost enthralled distracted buried involved concerned deep busy fascinated by queer caught up sunk in taken over wrapped up absorbed in up to here heavily into up to here in taken up focused on locked in eat sleep and breathe tied up involved in dialed in up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind gone giddy twitterpated has a thing about silly about swept off one's feet ardent happy afflicted beset plagued laid low stricken fervid fervent zealous enthusiastic nutty nuts potty wild attached very keen very enthusiastic carried away taken up with prepossessed enraptured by hopelessly in love swept off one's feet by under a spell turned on by far gone on under the spell of wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic adoring in the grip of indulgent crazed enticed drawn agog warm-hearted warm solicitous foolish affectionate tender caring caught predisposed curious eager moved inquisitive sold impressed roused attentive lovey-dovey serving fatuous lovesome overindulgent simple touchy-feely inspired touched lured stimulated excited inspirited fixated by addicted to riveted by attached to mesmerized by attracted to hungry for eager for fond of partial to intrigued by frenzied feverish violent frenetic raving impassioned extreme berserk over-enthusiastic dedicated bigoted gung-ho insane perfervid biased rabid addicted knee-deep full maddened demented earnest enquiring snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive open awakened fired sympathetic all ears on the case inquiring burning with curiosity out of one's mind using obsessive wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit immoderate extremist frantic intolerant uncompromising maniacal furious compulsive burning overzealous diehard visionary prejudiced raging fierce one-sided irrational unreasonable partisan ferocious illiberal delirious passional overenthusiastic infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded intemperate berko fiery incorrigible credulous impulsive willful erratic opinionated unruly partial stubborn fanatic obstinate bugged headstrong contumacious domineering mad-dog ultraist diseased deranged freaked out corybantic sizzling bitten overboard sick unwell militant virulent infected flipped naked ill poisoned smoking nuts for high on

Tính từ

In a confused or muddled state
confused muddled witless foolish bewildered puzzled perplexed bemused mystified stupefied baffled stumped confounded astounded befuddled dumbfounded stunned nonplussed flummoxed astonished dumbstruck bamboozled fuddled disconcerted discombobulated flabbergasted thrown staggered flustered discomposed taken aback discomfited rattled unnerved fazed disoriented floored shaken speechless startled lost bowled over thrown off balance in a dither overwhelmed clueless blown away troubled shaken up surprised shocked amazed gravelled got uncertain fogged beat at sea vexed beaten mazed befogged graveled at a loss at sixes and sevens buffaloed wildered thrown off dazed made to scratch their head had their heads messed with confusticated uncomprehending bushed bedevilled caused to be at a stand distracted bedeviled addled foxed dopey dizzy muzzy addlepated shell-shocked mixed-up muddleheaded dopy zonked silly slaphappy raddled spacey spacy spaced groggy fuzzy spaced-out punch-drunk foggy pixillated pixilated punchy addle zonked-out benumbed disorientated numb mixed up numbed all at sea overcome aghast out of it dismayed gobsmacked stuck vague woozy not with it breathless clouded thunderstruck awestruck awed hard-pressed cloudy blank blurry stupid nonplused absent-minded hard put doubtful agape awestricken preoccupied openmouthed spaced out engrossed worried stymied frozen woolly dumb wooly wonderstruck marveling wondering marvelling woolly-headed dumfounded alarmed open-mouthed goggle-eyed wide-eyed lost for words at a loss for words knocked for six impressed without ideas embarrassed woolly-minded misty shadowy blurred defeated discountenanced intoxicated frustrated confusional bedazzled dazzled agog upset disorganized electrified giddy gaga hazy muddle-headed disorganised unfeeling bollixed put to it horrified insensible shook unglued awe-struck insensitive incredulous off-balance off balance at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill out to lunch paralyzed deadened unresponsive paralysed not knowing if you are coming or going abstracted mind-blown without a clue licked knocked knocked out frightened jolted shook up in a fog at a complete loss absent diverted agitated knocked sideways filled with wonder caught on the hop in amazement taken by surprise filled with astonishment filled with amazement unable to believe your eyes filled with awe caught on the wrong foot unable to believe one's ears dead torpid asleep inattentive distrait anaesthetized immobilized distant faraway absorbed ruffled anesthetized immobilised wooden absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled sidetracked unfocused miles away dreamy in a flap driven to distraction

Tính từ

Under the influence of alcohol
drunk inebriated intoxicated plastered hammered wasted tipsy smashed high blitzed bombed drunken stoned sozzled blotto inebriate canned loaded sloshed sottish stewed pickled soused blasted squiffy tight tanked tiddly ripped stiff juiced squiffed wet crocked fried slang blind cockeyed lit impaired oiled gassed stinking boozy potted looped buzzed befuddled wrecked legless steaming bladdered zonked paralytic bevvied steamboats stupefied cooked pie-eyed lit up wiped out out of it rat-arsed Brahms and Liszt off your face out to it under the influence three sheets to the wind in one's cups drunk as a skunk in the bag crapulous crapulent fuddled under the table flying under the weather three sheets in the wind trashed totaled liquored up woozy merry half-seas over boozed up groggy bibulous blind drunk dead drunk tippling soaked bashed mullered ratted lashed gin-soaked trolleyed roaring drunk rolling drunk slaughtered seeing double worse for drink feeling no pain worse for wear well oiled drunk as a lord tanked up flushed foxed sotted screwed ebriate half cut well away stinko reeling cut fou maudlin tired and emotional half seas over incapable toping laced muddled glazed monged wired guttered steamed monged out cock-eyed full shickered shot polluted munted inked lekker sodden two sheets to the wind lush pixilated ebrious ebriose having had a skinful high as a kite grogged up having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick in sauced mashed faced kaylied boozed-up langered dronkverdriet broken ossified strung out stukkend tanked-up crock swacked zoned blatted elephants sat intemperate happy babalas red-nosed well-oiled gin-sodden in your cups one over the eight spaced tripping boozed jacked bacchic irrigated unsteady Adrian Quist drinking dazed beery gone schnockered half in the bag slightly drunk dead to the world half-crocked hard-drinking the worse for drink out of one's head feeling good hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box under the influence of intoxicating liquor blazed baked drugged doped demolished boozing dead-drunk unsober sloppy elevated mellow addled obliterated tied one on out off one's head snockered geeked blown-up spaced out zonked-out out of one's gourd half-cut spaced-out burned-out on a trip hopped-up off one's face drunked up narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Động từ

Past tense for to inspire with unreasoning love, attachment or enthusiasm

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