Đồng nghĩa của made a fool of

Động từ

Past tense for to shame or put down
humbled humiliated shamed degraded demeaned abased chastened debased disgraced subdued mortified sank sunk sunken abashed broke brake broken belittled crushed owned own reduced chagrined cheapened discredited dishonoured dishonored lowered caused to lose face embarrassed shot down smirched tore down torn down bemeant bemeaned deflated discomfited squashed demoted fouled overcame overcome silenced snubbed squelched upset brought down cast down pulled down put away put down put to shame struck dumb stricken dumb took down taken down brought low cut down to size made eat dirt made someone eat crow made someone eat humble pie popped one's balloon put one away brought down a peg cut to the quick made one feel small forced to eat humble pie put someone in their place took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two took down a peg taken down a peg settled someone's hash fixed someone's wagon quashed showed up made ashamed downgraded devalued flattened put out of countenance had the last laugh on denigrated slammed withered ripped blistered discountenanced smeared panned exposed confused vanquished downplayed confounded played down run down caused to feel small taken the wind out of your sails took the wind out of your sails got the better of gotten the better of ran down shown in a bad light showed in a bad light defamed blotted sullied stained stigmatized blackened stigmatised tainted dragged through the mud spread scandal about cast a slur on slandered besmirched tarnished defiled disparaged scandalized libeled libelled reflected badly on scandalised brought into disrepute brought shame on dragged through the mire traduced reproached slurred vilified maligned injured besmeared calumniated decried spotted put in a bad light aspersed brought discredit to derided disrespected derogated brought shame upon tarred and feathered bad-mouthed rubbished knocked censured soiled spoilt assailed spoiled muckraked damaged ripped up and down blotched slung mud at undermined flung mud at attacked poisoned breathed on slagged off run smear campaign given a black eye gave a black eye ridiculed brought shame to appalled let down befouled prejudiced blemished perverted condescended deigned given a bad name to gave a bad name to spoken ill of ran smear campaign gave a bad name given a bad name spoke ill of done a number on did a hatchet job on did a number on done a hatchet job on stooped descended corrupted blighted outraged offended demolished disgusted shocked debauched marred disconcerted horrified ruined brought dishonour to dragged down disregarded attainted desecrated disfavored mocked disfavoured repelled revolted sickened affronted nauseated compromised lost face displeased insulted blackened the name of blackballed made uncomfortable made lose face dismayed condemned lampooned caused raised eyebrows made someone feel ashamed blackguarded raised eyebrows amongst deprecated belied detracted reviled caused a few raised eyebrows amongst taken apart took apart backbitten gave offence to given offence to backbit taken to bits took to pieces taken to pieces took to bits

Động từ

Past tense for to inspire with unreasoning love, attachment or enthusiasm

Trái nghĩa của made a fool of

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