Đồng nghĩa của unmindful

Alternative for unmindful

Trái nghĩa: mindful,

Tính từ

Paying insufficient heed to (something important or dangerous)
careless incautious heedless reckless indifferent rash unheeding unobservant unthinking unwary blithe foolhardy forgetful improvident imprudent inattentive lax neglectful negligent precipitate thoughtless remiss unwatchful heedless of careless of disregardful of inattentive to neglectful of oblivious to regardless of unconscious of unheeding of blind to deaf to paying no heed to taking no notice of not paying attention slack irresponsible slipshod derelict disregardful casual slapdash sloppy regardless delinquent lazy unconcerned oblivious nonchalant uncaring inadvertent mindless absent-minded devil-may-care lackadaisical feckless injudicious apathetic tardy laid-back neglecting behindhand insouciant unconscious disinterested unwise unwitting cool foolish perfunctory uncircumspect blind deaf ill-advised oscitant hasty carefree unguarded inconsiderate unintended impulsive uninterested unintentional blithely unconcerned easy untrustworthy slap-happy good-for-nothing unaccountable free and easy without care unreliable undependable unpremeditated senseless ill-considered involuntary listless unreasoning undiscerning unmeant vague irreflective distracted offhand napping woolgathering indiscreet unreflective madcap unsafe fainéant loose cursory unalert unvigilant impetuous slovenly off guard asleep at switch asleep on job any old way asleep on the job untroubled insensitive unworried disregarding unfeeling nonobservant abstracted mechanical ignorant unaware incognizant detached coarse dispassionate instinctive accidental unacquainted unknowing unfamiliar indolent barratrous dilatory incurious unheedful relaxed unplanned chance unnoticing uninstructed unrecognizing rude crude blameworthy culpable slow slothful defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible untidy unsystematic haphazard otiose unmeticulous shoddy unthorough faineant unthoughtful stupid silly automatic failing to take proper care unmindful of spontaneous reflex intuitive blasé misguided impolitic off-guard witless uncautious wary bold hotheaded brash innocent incidental fortuitous uncalculated flukey fluky at fault impervious to caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose playing with fire sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin ill-judged foot-in-mouth pay no mind coincidental undevised unthought undesigned failing to show proper care and attention brutish indelicate outrageous vacant blunt untactful any which way not on purpose soft lenient dreamy tactless overindulgent easy-going permissive indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad inaccurate non-restrictive general unreasonable absent insensible unfocused amnemonic mooning preoccupied airheaded wandering scatty negligent about nirvanic moony bemused nonspecific shapeless inexact imprecise yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy ditsy remiss in indifferent to remiss about lax about accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp undiplomatic irrational flighty apt to forget pipe dreaming any way out of it looking out window out to lunch inclined to forget having a memory like a sieve not on the job like an absent-minded professor paying no mind hot-headed disorganized disorganised lethargic sluggish idle inert inactive torpid sagging hit-or-miss enervated languid passive messy drooping pococurante droopy dull hurried hanging disorderly unorganized unmethodical all over the place shambolic all over the shop leisurely unorganised thrown together unfirm saggy pendulous languorous do-nothing shiftless lifeless weak workshy quiescent sleepy flimsy pliant shabby dormant impassive quiet easygoing complacent loosened slackened baggy toneless last-minute insecure lank laggard erratic random inefficient irresilient unenergetic spiritless chaotic clumsy loafing muddled stagnant undisciplined lukewarm wilting unsecured somnolent flexuous aimless tired quaggy jumbled out of tone slow-moving flexible unprofessional imperfect faulty botched threadbare junky languishing sedentary dozy cavalier breezy uncurious flippant work-shy unresponsive lymphatic informal not taut laid back bone idle not tight overfamiliar nonsecured irregular confused disordered failing unfastidious lumpish plodding flapping ignoring free-and-easy slighting overlooking omitting procrastinating poor slow-going drony resting spineless in disarray couldn't-care-less airy vegetating careless of one's duty half-hearted unstudied artless pell-mell acquiescent submissive servile effete docile effortless superficial light disimpassioned draggy down blah simple passionless bloodless nerveless happy-go-lucky pliable all over the lot all over the map unenthusiastic feeble supine peaceful unoccupied motionless sapped emasculated inelastic enfeebled weakened debilitated sentimental romantic Laodicean laissez-faire halfhearted energyless unconsidered scrappy lousy improficient flat easy going amateurish wild thrown-together fly-by-night static plastic ductile wilted limber supple bending bendy incorrect sketchy wrong erroneous cowboy unprepared desultory stray scattered catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter arbitrary spring fever scatterbrained fatigued depressed weary lacking firmness dead heavy yawny drowsy badly organized logy oversized error-ridden couldn't care less incompetent procrastinative neurasthenic asthenic slouchy roomy bagging voluminous formless unrestricting ample loose-fitting not fitting boyfriend generously cut easy-fitting

Tính từ

Having no knowledge of a situation or fact
oblivious ignorant unaware unknowing unwitting uninformed unconscious innocent incognizant insensible nescient clueless unacquainted heedless mindless inattentive forgetful careless neglectful unsuspecting unenlightened naive in the dark inexperienced uninstructed unfamiliar blind uneducated unobservant imperceptive unschooled unperceptive green obtuse unperceiving insensitive blind to witless unknowledgeable myopic undiscerning nearsighted indiscriminate unseeing benighted thoughtless simple misinformed unreasoning thick dense illiterate uncomprehending inconsiderate unintellectual unlearned untaught unread uncultured imbecilic unlettered purblind uninitiated untrained moronic unconversant deaf cretinous shallow apprenticed uncultivated dull birdbrained confiding unaffected deaf to oblivious to uncritical caught napping in the dark about impercipient ingenuous unresponsive injudicious senseless trusting inconversant credulous unsuspicious unsophisticated unworldly guileless gullible daydreaming negligent artless unwary naïve unaffected by impervious to trustful unpretentious indifferent to not aware unguarded impressionable unsceptical unbriefed naif primitive naïf childlike unaware of unpretending raw youthful unstudied ill-informed out of it out to lunch unconscious of simpleminded over-trusting ignorant of unfamiliar with easily deceived easily taken in easily led not told not informed unschooled in unconversant with uninformed about inexperienced in a stranger to unenlightened about wet behind the ears strange to born yesterday as green as grass unstudious unsavvy unapprised unscholarly comatose haphazard coincidental aimless undesigned numb blank stupid unintelligent unheeding unaccustomed unthinking disregardful disregarding slow dim incompetent dumb strange brutish gratuitous not knowing unaccustomed to dopey unused to untutored in new to fresh to nescient of unwarned insensible to dozy impractical indifferent swallowing undoubting removed from taking no notice detached from unconcerned by inane wanton half-witted simple-minded in ignorance lost to unfeeling apathetic untouched slow on the uptake nonliterate taken in impervious impassive unmoved unimpressible barbaric barbarous untutored obdurate off guard unversed dark unmindful of mindless of uncalled for unconcerned mooning spacey doped unmoved by unresponsive to without knowledge of careless of untouched by unsusceptible analphabetic insensitive of negligent of not cognizant out cold rude not all there not in the loop in a daze unacquainted with uninformed of uninitiated about uninitiated in unknowing of without knowledge green about inexperienced of naive about out of the loop of not knowing the first thing about innocent about clueless about innocent of unwitting of not having the faintest about unwise insentient indiscriminating

Tính từ

(of a person, action, or motive) Making decisions based solely on one's own self-interest or personal profit
selfish inconsiderate ungiving thoughtless unthinking uncaring heedless regardless insensitive tactless apathetic discourteous uncharitable unkind mean miserly grasping greedy mercenary egocentric egomaniacal egotistic egotistical introverted self-loving acquisitive opportunistic self-absorbed self-centered self-centred self-obsessed self-regarding self-seeking self-serving inward-looking money-grubbing looking after number one on the make out for what one can get wrapped up in oneself narcissistic self-interested egoistic egoistical solipsistic self-concerned self-involved self-preoccupied self-infatuated self-oriented vain conceited vainglorious self-important stuck-up proud pompous self-admiring superior opinionated individualistic puffed up bragging self-indulgent boastful boasting prideful snobbish haughty inflated aloof swollen inward looking stuck on oneself inner-directed wrapped up in yourself unthoughtful megalomaniac individualist independent personal full of yourself looking out for number one childish egomaniac abandoned self-pitying wallowing selflike grandstanding undiplomatic blundering know-it-all having a swelled head on an ego trip wrapped up with oneself self-sufficient in love with oneself in love with yourself self-contained careerist calculating rude indiscreet careless injudicious obsessive isolated intimate intrinsic affected autocratic subjective fortune-hunting gold-digging impolite out for what you can get unique original off-centre nonconformist unconventional unorthodox atypical singular individual idiosyncratic uncommon self-minded groundbreaking liberated characteristic distinctive unconstrained free-spirited pioneering freethinking bohemian particular unfettered eccentric untrammelled special typical odd maverick self-reliant strange peculiar untrammeled smug complacent self-satisfied pleased with oneself arrogant overweening cocky bigheaded swaggering important biggity biggety swellheaded assured peacockish consequential self-conceited self-opinionated swollen-headed big-headed self-congratulatory pleased with yourself cocksure immodest strutting think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself above oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself full of oneself supercilious uppity snooty uppish snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet toffee-nosed smart-alecky loudmouth chesty brag stuck up too big for your boots windbag snotty boast ham big talking phoney phony full of hot air gall high and mighty conceity too big for one's boots insufferable happy content pleased unconcerned proud of oneself gratified satisfied self-possessed wisenheimer confident gloating contented self-righteous obsequious serene self-assured self-contented self-pleased resting on your laurels self-approving easy-going like the cat that got the cream triumphant imperious swanky ostentatious high-and-mighty think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers

Tính từ

Not paying attention to something
inattentive distracted abstracted dreamy absent faraway oblivious daydreaming preoccupied distrait musing woolgathering dreaming ditzy lost absentminded unconscious unheeding removed unobservant diverted distraught inadvertent regardless scatterbrained vague inobservant undiscerning unobserving unperceiving unwatchful apathetic bored dozy listless unnoticing absent-minded wool-gathering lost in thought miles away in a brown study out to lunch not with us lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own careless absorbed heedless pensive distant negligent neglectful unaware wandering imagining in a world of your own forgetful engrossed bemused unthinking spacey fantasising fantasizing detached indifferent insensitive unconcerned disregardful blank vacant empty gone frantic hysteric agitated frenzied hysterical delirious beside oneself unnoticed deaf forgotten ignored thoughtless vacuous far away hollow somewhere else omitted minus deficient bare devoid a million miles away in short supply brooding thoughtful withdrawn remote airheaded mooning scatty moony surroundings idle inconscient apt to forget pipe dreaming goofing off space cadet unaware of events head in the clouds with a mind like a sieve with a memory like a sieve rapt immersed intent wrapped up worried engaged spellbound deep not there immersed in thought deep in thought taken up caught up hung up unseeing wrapped-up fascinated anxious asleep bugged elsewhere out in space confused puzzled bewildered captivated mesmerized consumed perplexed flustered troubled disconcerted ruffled discomposed ignorant entranced involved hooked intrigued riveted speculative pestered mystified nonplussed harassed befuddled tormented meditative reflective ruminative gripped occupied submerged enthralled fazed confounded hassled intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic sidetracked unfocused at sea chimerical phantasmagoric dreamlike phantasmagorical entranced by in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds preoccupied by bound-up up to here mesmerised head over heels fascinated by distracted by eat sleep and breathe riveted by taken up by captivated by all wound up enthralled by spellbound by beautiful otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous superb illusory imaginary whimsical nightmarish wistful immaterial introvertive marvellous not with it in a reverie with your head in the clouds out of this world in a flap driven to distraction

Tính từ

Not considerate of others
inconsiderate rude thoughtless ungracious insensitive tactless unkind unthinking careless indelicate discourteous impolite intolerant disrespectful heedless unconcerned unsympathetic unthoughtful callous impertinent indiscreet uncivil undiplomatic unhandsome unmannered unmannerly boorish brash hasty heartless ignorant incautious reckless sharp short unceremonious uncharitable unfair ill-bred ill-mannered uncalled-for uncaring disregardful unrefined blundering apathetic asocial antisocial injudicious regardless selfish bad-mannered impudent insolent loutish uncouth ungentlemanly churlish crude insulting unladylike blunt coarse mannerless oafish offensive rough ungallant cheeky vulgar curt brusque unchivalrous audacious fresh abusive offhand graceless crass gruff surly presumptuous unfeeling abrupt sullen unconsiderate flip misbehaved indecorous derogatory disparaging unpleasant gross disgracious smart-alecky malapert contumelious underbred disagreeable badly behaved cavalier untactful uncivilized bold sassy unfriendly insubordinate disdainful brazen low-bred uncivilised lippy out-of-line loud-mouthed uncultured uncomplimentary arrogant ungenteel loud inaffable cocky unperceptive self-centered tart uncultivated bearish off ill-behaved ill-humored offish uncourteous self-centred gauche unpolished rustic inurbane crusty ill-humoured hostile terse exclusive unaware prejudiced inappropriate smart alecky mouthy overbearing yokelish peremptory intrusive crabbed bounderish tacky raunchy raw cheap roughneck common self-assertive self-confident vivacious inhospitable unfortunate contemptuous un-PC irreverent indecent ungentlemanlike pert brassy flippant scornful derisive irritable moody politically incorrect sacrilegious aweless saucy snippy profane unfilial blasphemous nervy impious profanatory frank hurtful outspoken impolitic cruel bluff plain-spoken uncalled for speaking as one finds calling a spade a spade

Tính từ

Not affected by emotion or excitement
unmoved unaffected untouched unimpressed unstirred cold impassive unconcerned cool dry-eyed indifferent stony undismayed unfeeling unperturbed unresponsive unruffled untroubled aloof hard-hearted stoical stolid stony-hearted unemotional unworried apathetic oblivious uncaring unflappable uninterested equable heedless immune impervious phlegmatic callous collected emotionless impassible insensitive nonplussed resolute stoic calm dispassionate heedless of immune to impervious to insensate oblivious to stubborn unyielding deaf to proof against unmindful of detached passionless nonchalant undemonstrative unsympathetic disinterested distant cold-blooded composed sober insensible reserved remote affectless numb blasé insouciant serene heartless uninvolved regardless laid-back lukewarm reticent tranquil careless rational listless unimpressible unexcitable incurious clinical fair impartial objective unenthusiastic poker-faced pococurante unmoved by imperturbable controlled passive self-controlled unresponsive to level-headed neutral deaf self-contained restrained expressionless cool, calm and collected offhand bored sedate uncommunicative carefree moderate taciturn relaxed withdrawn negligent frigid temperate unaroused unexcited insusceptible unsentimental chill glacial unfazed businesslike laid back unaware placid impersonal unbiased equitable casual unprejudiced nonpartisan inattentive hardened quiet evenhanded careless of mindless of nonaligned matter-of-fact dry obdurate nonpassionate unaware of unaffected by unconscious of untouched by indifferent to lackadaisical logical immovable lifeless selfish hardhearted unimpassioned cavalier weary cool-headed hard-headed glutted jaded unagitated trivializing world-weary unimpressionable not caring blasé uncurious complacent perfunctory cloyed thick-skinned deadpan coldhearted marble hard-boiled uncompassionate inexpressive flat blah dismissive trivialising enduring resigned stiff philosophic indomitable blithe negative unloving wooden formal unaffectionate contained happy-go-lucky devil-may-care unconscious just watching the clock not giving a damn easy unanxious along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches close unforthcoming secretive guarded lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair innocent ignorant unacquainted uninformed unknowing clueless unwitting nescient incognizant unfriendly frosty chilly offish balanced unflustered unpassionate inscrutable feckless supine undisturbed unbothered not bothered at ease blind forgetful undaunted self-centred self-centered analytical scientific imperceptive insolent unapproachable annoyed unsociable offended impudent impertinent unwelcoming procacious solitary stand-offish standoffish impercipient unperceiving unconvinced uninspired tough abstract iceberg without a care in the world not giving a toss non-emotional insensitive of ignorant of without knowledge of negligent of unsusceptible blind to in the dark about honest unslanted uncolored open-minded nondiscriminating even-handed independent without favor on-the-fence fair-minded reasonable unbigoted nondiscriminatory sensible disconnected indurated unrevealing inexcitable spiritless unhearing cold-fish self-possessed cool cat couldn't care less unconcerned with self-willed unwilling intractable strong-willed mulish pigheaded perverse dispassionate about obstinate headstrong pertinacious bullheaded firm unswayed insensible to to listen blind unconcerned about offhand about uninvolved with apathetic towards casual about nonchalant about uncaring about apathetic about uninvolved in uninterested in regardless of frivolous about bored by candid just equal reckless about cavalier about dismissive of square unimpressed by weary of lukewarm about phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about scornful unsocial silent haughty diffident superior supercilious highbrow not giving a monkey's blank vacant dead dull inert torpid benumbed asleep inactive senseless anesthetized easy-going anaesthetized forbearing long-suffering unexpressive hollow icy patient toneless uncomplaining lethargic unbending rigid inhuman accepting soulless philosophical nonreactive deadened catatonic empty heavy impenetrable enigmatic numbed tolerant accommodating cryptic bland fatalistic mysterious desensitized cold-hearted nowhere nonemotional realistic indulgent practical deep even-tempered starchy unreadable insentient hard hard-bitten desensitised longanimous bloodless stony-eyed impossible to interpret with the patience of Job sangfroid bovine glazed unclubbable antisocial asocial standoff uninfluenced puzzling undecided removed uncommitted groggy lymphatic ardorless inhibited repellent forbidding cold-shoulder loveless impotent austere unromantic sluggish buttoned-up glassy insipid understanding cynical cold-eyed paralyzed still paralysed pokerfaced cold fish steady nonaffected considerate neuter on sidelines nonparticipating nonbelligerent on the fence unincluded middle-of-road unaligned noncombatant bystanding disengaged pacifistic case-hardened unkind hard as nails feelingless crass tactless obtuse forgiving harsh persistent easygoing mild lenient persevering kind stilted submissive equanimous untiring mild-tempered gentle gelid bureaucratic straight-faced uncharitable ruthless indurate going through motions good-natured aloof from could care less self-restrained bored stiff turned off detached from incurious about fortitudinous distant from featureless strictly business straight depersonalised inhospitable faceless cold turkey unpassioned colorless careful depersonalized gray colourless grey measured uncongenial anonymous monolithic pitiless inhumane cruel compassionless pachydermatous remorseless stonyhearted stoney brutal unsparing slash-and-burn merciless take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted inflexible lacking compassion impenitent toughened marble-hearted inured enlightened wise profound moral ethical deep-thinking learned down-to-earth uncanny enigmatical arcane mystic occult unstudied artless defunct extinct as hard as nails plain effortless leisurely loose cursory superficial breezy lax flippant light languid disimpassioned sphinxlike pragmatic indolent simple informal inorganic mineral motionless mundane prosaic with a heart of stone free and easy straightforward unvarnished no-nonsense unembellished literal unimaginative factual indecipherable hidden sphinx-like non-organic exanimate commonsensical hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned abiotic quiescent humdrum pedestrian faithful serious naked straight-thinking truthful accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted exact prosy feasible unidealistic nonvegetable without life inanimate nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic idle

Tính từ

Acting or done without justification and with no concern for the consequences
mindless unintelligent stupid idiotic obtuse witless asinine foolish brainless imbecilic dull empty-headed half-witted moronic slow-witted vacuous weak-minded brain-dead doltish dumb imbecile thick birdbrained dim dim-witted dopey pinheaded thickheaded blockish boneheaded chuckleheaded cretinous dunderheaded feather-brained lamebrained pig-ignorant careless dippy fat-headed inane negligent pea-brained pie-faced thoughtless airheaded blockheaded bonehead bubbleheaded damfool dense divvy dopy dorky fatuous forgetful glaikit gormless knuckleheaded lamebrain lunkheaded muttonheaded neglectful oafish opaque senseless simple slow soft softheaded thick-witted unsmart wooden-headed braindead chowderheaded dof dotish daydreaming inattentive mooning moony nitwitted out rash silly spaced-out unaware out of it dead from the neck up daft crazy ignorant unwise nonsensical ridiculous naive absurd simpleminded half-baked dozy unreasonable injudicious imprudent dull-witted vapid unthinking irrational harebrained preposterous dotty mad wacky reckless simple-minded pointless nutty ludicrous ill-advised bovine crackpot barmy daffy insane laughable featherheaded tomfool slow on the uptake inept irresponsible unreasoning hare-brained ill-considered illogical kooky sappy lunatic cuckoo scatterbrained foolhardy loony dunce-like not the full shilling gullible fool soft in the head whacky crackbrained risible goofy jerky heedless looney kookie stolid zany balmy shallow puerile screwy thick as two short planks clueless screwball illiterate cockeyed feebleminded loopy uneducated indiscreet flighty unconsidered incautious unreasoned uninformed giddy untaught unschooled halfwitted sluggish unlearned as thick as two short planks wild benighted scatty unread unlettered insensitive innocent unsound nonrational unintellectual lumpish wooden impractical insensible oblivious blind bizarre unwitting short-sighted childish hasty impolitic unenlightened derisible idiotical immature meaningless untrained unconscious unknowledgeable nescient uninstructed inexperienced batty imperceptive unconversant uninitiated thick-skulled uncomprehending green crass deficient insensate cockamamy cockamamie ill-conceived nonliterate undiscerning untutored misinformed futile thick-headed impulsive in the dark analphabetic uncultured feeble-minded madcap improvident weak apprenticed uncultivated unsuspecting boorish vacant misguided farcical rude torpid impracticable fantastic dappy superficial lethargic fanciful fantastical listless dimwitted potty featherbrained indiscriminate unstable hebete backward blind to cock-eyed very stupid uncritical unknowing undiscriminating credulous dark infantile frivolous incognizant fruitless inconsiderate coarse invalid fallacious unheeding unacquainted insipid unworkable outrageous clownish unperceptive comical remiss heavy inappropriate hebetudinous derisive regardless unscholarly pathetic unjustifiable unrealistic derisory cloddish incoherent inadvertent unreal groundless ill-thought-out slipshod shortsighted rattlebrained unscientific demented implausible untenable addle-brained unresponsive deaf unthinkable Boeotian numskulled off the wall off-the-wall aberrant out to lunch slow on uptake off beam way out not intelligent mentally deficient mentally handicapped ill-judged surd notional boobish buffoonish soppy unstudious extravagant inadvisable complacent purposeless unpractical impetuous ill-mannered blundering stupefied donkeyish obstinate anencephalic anencephalous idiotish squirrelly tearaway prejudiced wholesale unquestioning lifeless inert slumberish comatose gross unimaginative dummy harum-scarum numbskulled feeble smoothbrained phlegmatic placid outlandish unversed loggerheaded clottish empty deranged thick-skinned fatheaded impassive inanimate somnolent poor ditzy dizzy skittish log-headed trifling worthless without thought insouciant implicit woodenheaded duncelike unrefined inactive bad risky foolishly stupid grotesque surreal contemptible as daft as a brush not bright limited slothful chowderhead disregarding uninterested erratic unsteady changeable weird monstrous astonishing shocking incredible foolheaded unbelievable indelicate thick as mince not with it know-nothing smooth-brained slang unfeeling derelict nonobservant vain wishy-washy flat innocuous airy unsophisticated pea-brain delinquent unworldly inconsistent devoid of intelligence unqualified extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential baseless unfounded arbitrary sheepheaded flakey specious freaky distraught raving reasonless wrong disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed muddle-headed flaky slack crude lax flawed tactless a brick short of a load as green as grass wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic incorrect faulty irreflective contradictory slapdash unreflective precipitate unobservant casual unselective unexacting unconcerned ditsy indifferent apathetic undiplomatic cursory unfussy offhand perfunctory absent-minded not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense indiscriminating hot-headed easily pleased odd eccentric wacko strange mental peculiar unbalanced cracked unhinged crazed incongruous queer nuts loco gaga cranky psychotic maniacal bonkers crackers psycho certifiable oddball whacko haywire gonzo fruity meshuga bats berserk out there doolally nutsy brainsick meshugge bughouse brash bedlam wud moonstruck funny off the air disturbed psychopathic wrong-headed undesirable non compos mentis unusual quirky distracted up the pole maniac hysterical raving mad round the bend dreamy freakish comic rum loony tunes looney tunes unconventional sectionable touched sick buggy graceless disordered bushed overhasty impossible unglued inexpedient barking not all there not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs sick in the head mad as a hatter barking mad stark raving mad away with the fairies nutty as a fruitcake foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad droll incomprehensible off one's gourd off one's head around the bend out of one's mind uncontrolled offbeat unfortunate hilarious frenzied curious idiosyncratic manic amusing bird-brained funky weirdo outré remarkable off-centre gelastic nerdy unearthly schizoid frantic diverting bananas useless nutso schizophrenic flipped schizo kinky paranoid sociopathic improper unsuitable over the top off-kilter off your trolley daredevil joshing camp campy yarra porangi far-out mentally ill incompetent of unsound mind idle confused not together stark mad temerarious exorbitant flipped out not in one's right mind far-fetched unsafe audacious overbold overconfident daring adventurous perverse hotheaded one card shy of a full deck too much off the deep end a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic off one's rocker off one's trolley off one's nut doty bathetic defective clock nerdish burlesque callow unintelligible way-out retarded off the beam avant-garde light-hearted bugged out mentally incompetent unmeaning unpredictable ineffectual unseemly off your head waggish chucklesome huge unorthodox Bohemian far out extreme paranoiac paranoic unadvisable goofy loony queerish quaint out-of-the-way bizarro excessive violent ignoramus whimsical mercurial dilly disadvantageous spurious crazy-ass mystifying abnormal puzzling wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist extraordinary unique baffling wackadoo phenomenal embarrassing in vain humorous witty dreamlike inconceivable quixotic erroneous unjustified badly planned misconceived detrimental unzipped dingy to no avail radge feather-headed neurotic schitzy inconclusive acting crazy rabid unadvised unrecommended unsensible inconvenient off the chain freaked out in left field sophistical for grins psychopathological chaotic lively out of the question taking the cake derailed bemused moonstricken unsettled off the top of one's head O.T.T. OTT a bit much unproved casuistic harmful prejudicial damaging demoniac raging dazed off out of all reason beyond all reason great giant massive lacking knowledge irrelevant unconnected hollow false irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief rattlepated inopportune not recommended loose all wet bad-tempered stroppy full of hot air capricious ill-tempered deprived of one's wits manic-depressive over the edge non compos severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree in another world mentally deranged out of one's gourd in a daze having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry crazy as a loon not of sound mind having a screw loose with a screw loose as mad as a hatter in the ozone fanatical not following off your chump off the rails mechanical beyond the bounds of possibility addle-headed addle-pated big unrestrained instinctive unchecked unbridled to death to tears unintended automatic spontaneous involuntary unpremeditated intuitive reflex unintentional unfeasible out of control blank unserviceable inoperable non-viable devil-may-care nonpractical unusable expressionless unmeant blunt untactful feckless napping brutish nonviable desperate precipitous hell-for-leather kamikaze death-or-glory inexpressive deadpan twisted venturous over-venturesome venturesome over-adventurous improbable nonfunctional hopeless chimerical speculative inapplicable infeasible otherworldly ivory-tower unrealizable unviable unattainable unbusinesslike abstract theoretical inefficacious headstrong bold wide open adventuresome breakneck off deep end out on limb won't fly no go vague dreaming poker-faced inscrutable have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head absent abstracted glassy numb catatonic stony emotionless motionless incurious unexpressive

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