Đồng nghĩa của unaffected by


(unconscious of) Having no knowledge of a situation or fact
unconscious ignorant unaware unknowing unmindful heedless oblivious unheeding unsuspecting disregardful disregarding incognizant nescient clueless insensible unacquainted unenlightened uninformed unwitting deaf to impervious to innocent insensible to oblivious to blind to detached from indifferent to removed from taking no notice unconcerned by in ignorance lost to in the dark unaffected impervious deaf unobservant regardless blind uninstructed inconversant undiscerning unnoticing unrecognizing unfamiliar indifferent untouched apathetic unfeeling unresponsive insensitive unmoved unimpressible impassive imperceptive obdurate impercipient unperceiving unmindful of unaware of mindless of ignorant of unconscious of unsusceptible without knowledge of careless of unmoved by untouched by unresponsive to negligent of insensitive of in the dark about inattentive naive inexperienced forgetful careless negligent simple unwary confiding caught napping unschooled uncritical green unperceptive daydreaming uneducated neglectful ingenuous unbriefed unknowledgeable trusting credulous unsuspicious unsophisticated unworldly guileless gullible artless naïve trustful unpretentious out of it out to lunch unfamiliar with ill-informed unguarded impressionable unsceptical unschooled in unconversant with uninformed about not told not informed inexperienced in unenlightened about strange to naif primitive naïf childlike a stranger to unpretending raw wet behind the ears youthful born yesterday as green as grass simpleminded over-trusting easily deceived unstudied easily taken in easily led unapprised mindless incurious blank comatose haphazard coincidental aimless undesigned numb senseless unseeing astigmatic not observant unaccustomed not knowing unwatchful unwarned strange unaccustomed to regardless of disregardful of inattentive to swallowing undoubting new to taking no notice of paying no heed to neglectful of unheeding of unused to untutored in fresh to nescient of taken in unconcerned mooning spacey doped stupid unintelligent off guard not cognizant out cold slow dim dense witless thick incompetent dumb not all there not in the loop in a daze not aware dopey misinformed slow on the uptake half-witted dozy impractical simple-minded dull unacquainted with uninformed of uninitiated about uninitiated in unknowing of without knowledge green about inexperienced of naive about out of the loop of innocent about clueless about innocent of unwitting of not knowing the first thing about not having the faintest about

Trái nghĩa của unaffected by

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