Đồng nghĩa của invulnerable

Alternative for invulnerable

  • tính từ
    • không thể bị thương được
    • không thể bị tấn công được


Incapable of being injured
invincible impenetrable safe secure indestructible unassailable impregnable insusceptible immune impervious insensitive bulletproof indomitable insuperable insurmountable inviolable strong unattackable unbeatable unconquerable unshakeable unstoppable impassable powerful untouchable proof against safe and sound undefeatable unyielding protected sacrosanct hallowed sacred holy unsurpassable firm defended unflinching indefatigable unbending irresistible overwhelming fortified shielded stout staunch resolute steadfast inviolate defensible unshakable irrepressible well fortified well defended stalwart inalienable supreme dauntless impossible unimpeachable solid intransigent lionhearted hopeless determined guarded unthreatened tough willful dogged doughty steely spirited riskless certain sheltered challenging strong-willed sure strong-minded stout-hearted snug fortress-like out of harm's way safe as houses free from danger in safe hands in a safe place immortal tenable impassible above criticism unkillable well-defended unsurmountable unfaltering unflagging feisty enduring immovable undismayed unchallengeable respected sound sanctified risk-free indefeasible undefeated intractable innate inexpugnable unattainable resistant low-risk matchless defendable unsurpassed peerless holdable set apart locked steady iron unmatched protectable excellent outstanding unhackable unexcelled unalterable intangible impalpable imperceptible persisting persistent inevitable inescapable unrelenting inexorable overpowering relentless persevering no-win inaccessible unmasterable ineluctable not beatable forget it no way able to be protected not a prayer set brave plucky fearless intrepid inflexible adamant heroic valiant untameable stubborn ruthless gritty obstinate mettlesome courageous pertinacious confident reassured unworried undamaged unharmed assured protected from harm protected from danger alright all right tenacious unwavering bold gutsy undaunted vigorous spunky gallant single-minded unswerving obdurate daring uncompromising manful valorous resolved rock-ribbed dedicated stouthearted gutty game unafraid purposeful audacious unhesitating fixed untiring greathearted undauntable headstrong implacable ballsy recalcitrant constant earnest committed heroical refractory lion-hearted forceful venturous wilful have-a-go unmanageable perverse intent unshrinking indurate hardy driven nervy insistent froward enthusiastic stiff contrary high-spirited defiant contumacious adventurous strenuous balky pigheaded bolshie decided self-willed ungovernable unruly stiff-necked bloody-minded dyed-in-the-wool iron-willed uncontrollable purposive hard-nosed devoted ardent wild uncooperative bulldog rigid undisciplined serious mulish unshaken restive difficult true cantankerous opinionated full of determination tireless hardheaded dashing unfearful bull-headed unbendable perseverant obstreperous patient unremitting fractious stroppy set in one's ways awkward dead set on wayward industrious unmalleable deliberate unadaptable hard-line avid zealous energetic unchanging noble keen disobedient indocile insubordinate dynamic daredevil manly faithful venturesome ossified loyal cussed adamantine untoward inconvincible hardened undeviating death-or-glory resilient hard bullheaded incompliant active intense unaccommodating strict pat self-opinionated four-square impavid fire-eating uncompliant unswervable passionate assiduous bent diligent settled unwearied set on bent on true-blue Herculean inexhaustible insuppressible unrestrainable unpersuadable rebellious ornery weariless fanatical undeterred chivalrous reliable frightless assertive unblenching unabashed rebel recusant diehard fierce trusty cross-grained spartan brassy temerarious bound eager incontrollable compulsive remorseless immutable herolike decisive pushy hell-bent ironclad unreasonable stubborn as a mule unswayable independent grim meaning business dogmatic opinionative pig-headed locked in contrarious as game as Ned Kelly go-ahead standing one's ground undisciplinable bound and determined argumentative bent upon self-assertive wrong-headed unsubduable bravehearted uncontainable sporting direct self-disciplined firmly-based undiscouraged adventuresome dependable fervent devout redoubtable aweless straight fiery incessant unalarmed honourable macho great-spirited rigorous hidebound stringent stanch hardboiled buckled down cool blinkered unfearing orped lively brisk inalterable stable sturdy hard-working unchangeable brassbound unvacillating unmoved unbreakable heady fervid impassioned sworn tried-and-true responsible pious tried inveterate gung ho peppery gingery cocky icy sassy high-powered definite unfailing unceasing set in your ways hard and fast stern not put off not discouraged ambitious convinced reactionary traditionalist conservative urbane hairy honorable quixotic suave dignified mettled frisky sprightly out unwilling mutinous aggressive motivated with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason superhuman disorderly steamroller powerhouse perky continuing plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted fireball continued hyper plodding obstinately disobedient firm in spirit perceptive vehement two-fisted sagacious keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful self-confident take charge mean ultra-conservative hard-core unprogressive deep-dyed tried and true hanging tough tried and tested intent on do-or-die determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon hell bent on intent upon grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic renitent pervicacious inspired hungry enterprising consumed compelled obsessed turbulent violent delinquent incorrigible non-compliant elevated high-flown inflated grandiose good possessed thirsty desirous obsessive striving noncompliant resisting insubmissive radical opposing withstanding out of control champion mythological incurable long-standing eager beaver galvanized monomaniacal impelled like a loose cannon excited insurgent beside oneself badly-behaved freaked abandoned lawless fixated aspiring militant obsessional induced hopeful stand tall impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided unwearying entrenched blimpish bigger than life go-getting self-starting hard-driving never-tiring insoluble thorny unpliable problematic knotty self-driven urged on goal-oriented dead set sedulous unsinkable painstaking fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist tough nut hang tough imprudent forward chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous nose to grindstone stop at nothing demanding grumbly disobliging overbearing importunate pitiless irritable trying boorish finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy troublesome uptight chippy quarrelsome unamenable disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate oppressive hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite disputatious irascible obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious unflappable wholehearted unmovable


Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial cast-iron long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well-built well-constructed well-defined well-established well fortified well-founded well-made armoured armored resistant hard-wearing hard heavy-duty everlasting unyielding shatterproof infrangible non-breakable adamantine nonbreakable rugged tight incorruptible resilient tough brass-bound indissoluble perdurable permanent bulletproof steel-clad covered protected shielded hardy heavy impenetrable immovable made to last inviolable hard as nails bombproof fixed concrete impassible cohesive knockabout unattackable fast ironclad heavily clad steel-plated well protected flourishing well-armed well-protected seasoned hard-bitten storm-resistant stormproof well defended steadfast rigid sure set stationary settled immobile constant rooted unwavering true anchored stalwart trustworthy immutable trusty unchangeable nailed faithful staunch committed riveted unshakeable responsible tried good irremovable resolute tenacious calculable moored fastened unbending unfluctuating trustable certain immotile obdurate adamant stubborn unmoving stiff frozen equable hitched unfaltering hooked still attached abiding changeless long-lived long-standing locked unmovable deep-rooted made fast set in stone static loyal dedicated devoted assured nonmoving unbudging inflexible unvarying nonmotile unchanging level true-blue pious down-the-line devout stanch definite confident unswerving even uniform invariable flat set in concrete carved in stone etched in stone obstinate persevering determinate conclusive unanxious absolute undoubtful sanguine carefree able hopeful unrelenting staying put calm solid as a rock stabile well grounded hard-and-fast unalterable persistent ardent bound allegiant liege inexorable unqualified intense unquestioning wholehearted never-failing intent easy determined shoo-in tried and true nailed down tried and tested locked on quiet situated located in the bag secured taut unfailing embedded braced motionless cemented vigorous balanced snug lusty wedged forceful welded tightened mounted bolted lodged iron soldered stuck screwed jammed honourable honorable well balanced well-balanced


Insensitive to criticism or insults
thick-skinned insensitive tough unfeeling case-hardened hard-boiled impervious callous hardened unsusceptible pachydermatous stolid affectless armour-plated cold-blooded compassionless desensitised desensitized hard hard-hearted heartless indurate inhuman inhumane insensate ironhearted merciless obdurate obtuse pitiless remorseless ruthless slash-and-burn soulless stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners uncaring uncharitable unmerciful unsparing unsympathetic benumbed coldhearted hard-as-nails hardhearted seasoned toughened unbending with a hide like an elephant cruel harsh brutal cold-hearted unforgiving cold stony-hearted severe unkind unpitying uncompassionate savage with a heart of stone barbarous inflexible relentless stern lacking compassion sadistic implacable unmoved hard-nosed unemotional indifferent inconsiderate unrelenting barbaric inexorable mean uncompromising unyielding hard as nails unconcerned unfriendly fierce steely grim marble-hearted intolerant vicious thoughtless unremitting hard-bitten unresponsive rigorous mean-spirited austere bestial monstrous dog-eat-dog cut-throat strict apathetic cutthroat vindictive as hard as nails wanton sanguinary fiendish diabolical indurated ferocious bloodless inclement unaffected heinous evil wicked spiritless insensible feelingless feral bloodthirsty exacting surly unloving stone-hearted atrocious draconian selfish impassive adamant fell unkindly brute truculent beastly dastardly butcherly frigid inattentive unappeasable flagitious egregious icy stubborn inured hurtful rigid illiberal dispassionate without sentiment firm obstinate matter-of-fact imperturbable indefatigable cold fish stringent demanding ungenerous depraved hellish solid dead hatchetjob coldblooded satanic heedless brutish lifeless unpleasant self-centred appalling cynical stingy unfair ungracious stiff unimpressionable torpid insentient careless impenitent mechanical unsentimental killer instinct cool punishing premeditated hard-headed world-weary unchristian censorious blank uncalled-for unflinching mean machine having a killer instinct iron-fisted gray subhuman faceless grey utilitarian inexpressive bleak expressionless tyrannous punitive constant vengeful deadpan unsympathizing spiteful self-centered flinty avaricious unregenerate murderous greedy forbidding unrepenting bloody uncontrite sour tyrannical frosty blind to deaf to lacking sentiment hard-line hard-edged hard-shelled rough headstrong chilly killer rancorous mortal ironfisted malevolent revengeful adamantine fixed unwelcoming hostile Rhadamanthine poker-faced crass tactless imperceptive toughened by experience incurious unsensitive aloof oblivious without pity anesthetized unamiable churlish sensationless crotchety emotionless anaesthetized deadened cantankerous unempathetic uncordial as tough as old boots wolfish malicious malign cannibalistic malignant hateful inured to unflagging persistent single-minded cast-iron dour dogged unshakable formidable steadfast sturdy hardy tenacious determined unwavering rugged resolute bullheaded


Having no weak points
airtight incontestable indisputable sound undeniable unquestionable foolproof irrefutable sure absolute certain guaranteed incontrovertible positive safe unassailable flawless infallible sure-fire unbreakable watertight conclusive indubitable beyond dispute beyond doubt beyond question strong without loopholes convincing decisive definite final definitive unarguable clinching unequivocal unanswerable unambiguous unmistakable ultimate clear categorical irrefragable demonstrative beyond a shadow of a doubt undebatable proven inarguable clear-cut self-evident evident compelling obvious plain demonstrable emphatic not in doubt unchallengeable accomplished apodictic uncontroversial perfect firm impregnable faultless reliable trustworthy unerring straightforward transparent undoubted real true palpable observable patent manifest express marked pronounced accepted acknowledged accurate sure thing as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face no mistake established unshakable unequivocable nailed-on surefire uncontestable authentic material nailed down no two ways about it credible plausible telling powerful persuasive cogent deciding last veridical unfabled double-checked actual impressive authenticating irrefrangible determinative precise irrevocable unconditional revealing settling resolving determinant that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it open and shut flat-out what you see is what you get litmus test all out straight out validating unfailing dependable efficacious effective never-failing tested tried fail-safe goofproof secure idiot-proof never failing tried and true tried and tested supreme determined ascertained known provable set confirmable predestined authoritative establishable destined fixed undisputable verifiable genuine hard on ice salted away having down pat in the bag apparent decided distinct nonambiguous conspicuous barefaced striking confirmed open-and-shut unambivalent bald-faced perspicuous lucid bald pellucid crystal clear explicit tangible glaring factual overt blatant noticeable discernible ringing veritable concrete luculent visible assured undisguised perceptible undisputed open bright-line valid luminous broad perceivable unqualified doubtless bona fide verified unconcealed unquestioned cut-and-dried detectable writ large uncontested forceful distinguishable inescapable understandable recognized settled recognizable sticking out a mile standing out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb salient without doubt sheer flagrant axiomatic substantial prominent existent certified downright not in question recognised self-explanatory sensible recognisable unchallenged beyond a doubt written all over someone clear cut unimpeachable bold cold determinate solid attested realistic substantive outright plain to see comprehensible unsubtle out-and-out gross very substantiated as sure as eggs is eggs rank as clear as day sure-enough staring someone in the face immutable certifiable well defined convinced confident as plain as the nose on your face noncontroversial no ifs ands or buts undoubting de facto as plain as day unfaltering satisfied unwavering persuaded unchangeable complete unquestioning undoubtable changeless binding free from doubt appreciable blinding flat well grounded well founded pure resolute essential legit unalterable inexpugnable implicit proper specific direct kosher particular well-grounded univocal for sure hard-and-fast obtrusive intelligible egregious as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell honest for certain legitimate arrant believable as clear as crystal objective glaringly obvious black-and-white authenticated plain as the nose on your face honest-to-goodness literal for real demonstrated inalienable unvarnished inoppugnable overpowering without question bare uncontentious uncontended notable obligatory necessary compulsory tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary runaway inevitable invincible irresistible stable frozen sealed cinched distinctive discernable apprehensible freely admitted not disputed telltale manifestly stark pat well-founded superior easily seen articulate unique faithful sober exhaustive colorable ostensible seeming remarkable arresting irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic inimitable exact exclusive controlled inerrant questionless failsafe self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating transpicuous well-proven trusty cut and dried seeable tacit plain as day prima facie uncontradicted right total fair unalloyed beyond the shadow of a doubt weighty notorious down pat affirmative measurable no ifs and or buts virtual implied enduring steadfast unshaken uncompromising abiding constant unchanging steady for a fact unvarying quantifiable irreversible cocksure thoroughgoing consummate thorough forcible resounding especial intrinsic as plain as daylight unacknowledged there are no two ways about it make no bones much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open under one's nose patently true logical serious hands-down can bet on it real-life real-world can't-miss validated well documented beyond a shadow of doubt all sewn up corroborated one hundred per cent documented permanent unappealable nof ifs ands or buts straight blunt unreserved considerable candid unblurred invariable good existing unimaginary significant peremptory irremediable unreversible lucent crystal limpid truthful fundamental physical dinkum no catch lasting indelible unrectifiable finished unrepealable crystal-clear point-blank black and white straight from the shoulder honest to God sure enough real live non-fictional easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed naked brazen unabashed unashamed shameless impudent unblushing flaunting brass-necked ostentatious audacious unembarrassed brash unmitigated insolent unrepentant snazzy without shame protrusive meretricious deliberate gaudy glitzy flashy screaming crying overbold loud showy brassy garish in plain sight frank exposed public written all over one right under one's nose

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