Đồng nghĩa của secured

Alternative for secured

secures, secured, securing, securer, securest

Đồng nghĩa: acquire, attach, close, fasten, firm, fix, get, lock, obtain, safe, seal, shut, sound, stable, sure,

Trái nghĩa: anxious,

Tính từ

In an undamaged state
whole unbroken faultless sound undamaged pristine solid unimpaired flawless good preserved ongoing uninjured unmutilated unsevered untouched ceaseless undisturbed unruffled unscarred continuous inviolate sturdy unspoiled mint stable unhurt unspoilt safe undented uninterrupted unscratched firm undivided unmarred unshaken unsullied regular thorough unmarked unscathed untroubled constant intact unceasing unharmed endless steady together unblemished unremitting as new like new ship-shape as good as new in good order without a scratch perfect pure immaculate spotless impeccable uncorrupted uncontaminated clean stainless unpolluted correct unstained clear undefiled model seamless picture-book picture-perfect irreproachable letter-perfect indefectible entire unspotted innocent fresh ideal accurate unflawed exemplary without blemish absolute error-free in one piece unerring without fault unaffected untarnished complete secure undecayed faithful scatheless close precise chaste sinless copybook tip-top exact as sound as a bell just so untainted safe and sound exquisite classic meticulous textbook errorless on target bang on squeaky clean spot on on the button unwounded operational unhindered working total virgin unmoved unperished well smooth spot-free unprofaned sacred free all right unadulterated lily-white blameless excellent incorrupt guiltless unimpeachable whiter than white unchanged optimal A1 prime optimum peak defectless spick-and-span finished modest above reproach beyond reproach pure as the driven snow decent in situ wholesome artless well-preserved natural scrupulous proper unassuming foolproof unsoiled virginal squeaky-clean true right on on the nail on the mark supreme crimeless unguilty unwemmed chase holy unprocessed recent crisp latest young just out sparkling unstudied new original refreshing spot-on clear-cut categorical distinct strict dead-on dead right right bull's-eye on the money inerrant detailed to a T perfected to a turn polished inch-perfect consummate superlative superb devoted loyal staunch dedicated masterly unfailing unwavering trusty trustworthy dependable inseparable valued cherished balanced dear intimate fast vigorous compelling close-knit normal special convincing loving attached treasured bosom best tried and true expedient unswerving influential tried and tested eatable committed persuasive well judged steadfast timely potent well timed trenchant felicitous favourable seasonable promising fit to eat favorable

Tính từ

Immovable, or fixed in place
firm fast secure fixed steady rooted tight anchored set braced cemented embedded riveted stationary immovable established unshakeable safe unshakable vigorous fastened forceful lusty moored nailed snug taut unfluctuating unmoving wedged welded bolted frozen immobile iron irremovable jammed lodged mounted screwed soldered stuck substantial tightened stable sturdy tied strong bound solid sure locked set in stone sound solid as a rock closed shut clinched rigid clenched enduring clasped fitted dependable steadfast fortified unmoveable immobilised nailed down set fast immobilized set firm stuck down attached firmly fixed balanced motionless fixed firmly inextricable still static stabile buttoned down done up entrenched stiff unbudgeable unshaking hard-and-fast settled unshaken sealed inflexible immotile unbending stubborn unwavering hard unyielding obstinate strict invariable nonmoving unbudging nonmotile hard and fast pegged unmovable final unchangeable determinate immutable located certain ingrained unvarying hitched inexpugnable concrete flat hooked hardened hardheaded definite cast-iron deep-rooted ironclad deep-seated made fast locked in well-set stuck fast bogged down immotive unchanging obdurate hidebound jelled pigheaded inveterate unflappable adamant stiff-necked tenacious unrelenting quiet situated unalterable permanent uncompromising stringent rigorous sitting incommutable hard-line exacting inalterable brassbound quiescent inexorable severe unadaptable placed arranged trapped staunch statuelike unmoved installed biased preconceived stock-still stock still as if turned to stone as still as a statue unable to move seated

Tính từ

Authorized with a warrant
warranted competent condign deserved due fair just justified merited right rightful allowable allowed assured certified guaranteed sanctioned fitting appropriate suitable proper fit justifiable earned reasonable meet apt equitable well deserved well earned requisite adequate correct good moral honest ethical virtuous decent legitimate befitting principled right-minded entitled richly-deserved rightly due becoming desirable sensible sufficient obligatory ample enough well-deserved upright righteous felicitous satisfactory happy honourable lawful bounden legal honorable right and proper scrupulous nice straight well-earned conscientious all right stand-up official authorized orthodox applicable canonical noble permitted authorised card-carrying moralistic in principle on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up holding water seemly worthy comme il faut fitted decorous convenient expedient suited qualified apposite acceptable relevant deserving able opportune capable functional prepared feasible adapted pertinent ready timely pretty useful employable apropos useable available serviceable usable correspondent conformable equal anticipated expected awaited slated rhadamanthine scheduled coming accepted established conventional formal accurate exact regular precise perfect advantageous right on propitious favourable desired prudent that's the ticket just what was ordered on the nose on the button ideal de règle golden promising fortunate lucky auspicious providential benign ripe done meritorious seasonable commendable favorable well timed comely best praiseworthy heaven-sent estimable laudable admirable excellent respectable exemplary fine creditable needy praisable eligible thankworthy exploitable equipped practicable operable preferable good enough -worthy

Động từ

To have attained or achieved
found achieved attained acquired got gained obtained understood had knew realized won felt landed reached wangled bagged earned hit sensed met came by came to have got hold of got one's hands on laid hold of fell to the lot got a hold of met with realised procured scored took accomplished received netted reaped snagged reapt collected picked up pulled in made brought in racked up pulled off logged grasped got hands on garnered notched up fulfilled made it to managed rang up chalked up notched got paid took home grossed pulled pocketed fetched accepted took possession of snapped up harvested profited hustled produced cleared took in cleaned up derived drew pulled down amassed accumulated got one's mitts on got one's fingers on got into one's hands laid one's hands on grabbed assumed adopted consummated scooped hauled in gathered up prehended walked off with copped came away with had conferred on one carried off walked away with seized laid hands on clutched gripped snatched clasped nabbed collared caught gotten taken clenched hooked grappled held grabbed hold of seized hold of captured plucked took hold of taken hold of snared glommed corralled clinched caught hold of latched on to caught at nailed gotten your hands on got your hands on trapped nobbled purchased rapped bought carried come to have wrested knocked down squeezed wrenched yanked taken possession of annexed gotten one's fingers on gotten hold of took a grip of taken a grip of grasped hold of hit up come into possession of clung to drawn swung possessed oneself of gathered intercepted fastened gleaned accessed pressed laid gloved enclosed enveloped enfolded retrieved compassed griped extricated prised saved came into possession of fastened on come across come upon hung on to taken by force drummed up clapped hands on got at gobbled up recovered fastened round grabbed away come into clapp hands on blagged hung onto effected embraced clutched at reached for got possession of made use of layed up laid claim to claimed gone for took by force went for held out for held fast scraped up encountered scraped together salvageed picked agreed to receive stumbled upon stretched for salvaged accepted delivery of happened upon occupied hoarded inherited laid up clapped a hand on known hitten grope gotten at begged borrow or steal schlentered came upon fell upon came across lucked into fallen upon taken into one's possession took into one's possession came into taken receipt of took receipt of fallen to the lot gotten a hold of went after gone after

Động từ

To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed initiated created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched erected grounded implanted organized put in place rooted setted brought about centralized got going landed lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed fixt installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured found originated authorized legislated predicated laid foundation ratified corroborated built up authorised decreed invested inculcated commenced began executed designed engineered generated crafted effected produced set in motion embarked on forged developed materialised fashioned realised effectuated actualized affected moulded materialized machinated catalyzed composed realized instigated catalysed put in motion authored fabricated cast pieced made shope rendered rigged brought into existence shaped brought to pass gave rise to brought into being knocked up knocked together germinated molded did exercised engendered developt pioneered begun innovated kicked off put together set off opened laid the foundations of set ushered in inducted caused started off invented ordained triggered incited hatched appointed gotten going bred set about brought on spawned set the ball rolling formulated devised induced activated occasioned fostered prompted invoked opened up started the ball rolling precipitated kick-started laid down provoked elicited sparked off put in brought laid the first stone of instated enkindled passed triggered off come up with come out with translated into got something working put into force contrived dictated spearheaded anointed put in force put through promoted fathered crowned kindled put up yielded inspired imposed actuated set forth brought in floated whipped up masterminded given rise to got something functioning gotten under way got under way gotten off the ground got off the ground set a trend made up entered into set upon set going discovered proclaimed cooked up contributed to ordered begot begat begotten laid enthroned consecrated blazed a trail framed got in operation stirred up came up with came out with launched into worked up dreamt up jumped into made a start on revolutionized got underway got the ball rolling sown the seeds of led the way sowed the seeds of laid the cornerstone of sanctioned conceived lay down concocted conceived of transpired heralded voted in carried through turned out crystallized revolutionised made into law levied ushered tackled commanded evoked unveiled commissioned evolved instilled trailblazed compelled entered sparked yolden yold ruled brought forward directed prepared drafted baptized planned programmed set in admitted led off seated prescribed thought up delegated started on mustered slapped led to taken up took up come into existence fired up come into being bowed entered on got things rolling gotten things rolling got going with crystallised accomplished got the show on the road brought to bear set out blazed put into practice set an example dealt with put on embarked baptised burst into hit the ground running mapped out got stuck into wrought embarked upon draughted fixed up put forward admitted into office put your foot down paved the way brought into effect got cracking on started ball rolling entered upon got off made the first move struck into put into operation putten broken new ground broke new ground shapen modernized issued threw together drew up practised practiced got going on sworn in gave birth to started out gotten going on modernised announced knocked off given birth to swore in done appeared emerged eventuated occurred broached emanated dawned initiated things resulted surfaced happened presented proposed charged arranged unfolded erupted manifested led leaded offered fomented undertaken undertook run manufactured laid the foundation exacted coordinated started ball rolling on inserted approved coined enjoined applied provided advanced brainstormed spurred necessitated scheduled enforced inseminated empowered impressed imprinted brewed picked abetted raised fermented imagined validated arrived sprouted orchestrated choreographed cultivated prepared the way stimulated laid the first stone made a start called pronounced mandated accepted blueprinted designated administrated chartered mobilized writ enrooted conducted managed infixed fined made for promulgated started to implemented legalized improvised beared kicked in become apparent become established come to pass come out preceded prefaced sketched proceeded with tore into torn into imbedded deputed gathered demanded assessed collected taxed made law conjured OKed marshalled charted marshaled projected made to happen made happen drawn up thrown together debuted settled came into existence came into being vamped revved had a crack at made possible voted favorably touched off endorsed dealt got moving carried out sorted out had a shot at mounted gotten show on road fallen to scratched the surface legalised colonized turned one's hand to got to introed clapt got up parented made arrangements for drawn on mobilised threw up broke in blessed gotten off ventured into achieved phased in called forth jammed through procreated got weaving on sketched out steamrolled knocked out explored laid the groundwork on gotten one's feet wet saddled laid down the law railroaded through clapped blest patented blocked out laid the groundwork for wreaked foresaid fell to budgeted for motivated setted in place schemed out wrecked commenced on broken the ice timetabled ringed up the curtain on broken in drew on had a go at got show on road brought out pushed the envelope facilitated worked got weaving railroaded admitted to office laid on plunged got down to prepared the way for settled down to rang in gotten down to knocked down got one's feet wet laid out made laws elected colonised looked after multiplied walked heavy straightened out strategized about required lit the way brought up the curtain on determined jacked up licked into shape took the lead in opened the door broke the ice rolled out setted the ball rolling on performed taken the lead in concerted hashed out obliged leaded the way for plunged into gotten moving transacted adjudged went ahead gone ahead nominated brought up arose arisen broke ground broken ground ran sowed sown driven drove drave druv wrote written risen rose bore borne drew drawn rung in thrown up gotten up taken the first step took the first step took the initiative taken the initiative administered an oath to came out came to pass became established became apparent lay on gone about went about took on taken on got up to speed gotten up to speed sprung up sprang up broken the seal broke into broken into broke the seal gotten down to business gotten cracking got cracking got down to business gotten ball rolling took action on broke the ice on taken action on got ball rolling broken the ice on engagde in gone into went into engaged in were responsible for was responsible for gotten together been responsible for taken care of saw about took care of seen about got together lay out seen to saw to given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gave the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the OK to given the go-ahead to got the floor gave the go-ahead to given the green light to given the thumbs up to gotten the floor gave the OK to broken through broke through taken the lead on showed the way on shown the way on showed the way taken the initiative in took the initiative in shown the way went out in front took the lead on gone out in front taken the lead took the lead went ahead with got on with gone ahead with gotten on with gotten to

Động từ

(of a door or opening) Past tense for to close so as to protect from unauthorized entry

Động từ

Past tense for to provide a legal assurance of something

Động từ

(of a boat or vessel) Past tense for to moor

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