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Alternative for condign

condign /kən'dain/
  • tính từ
    • đáng đời, đáng kiếp, đích đáng (hình phạt, trả thù)


Fitting, appropriate, deserved, especially denoting punishment
deserved just merited appropriate competent due fair fitting justified meet right rightful warranted adequate richly-deserved suitable proper fit earned equitable justifiable apt reasonable requisite good well deserved well earned correct moral honest decent ethical becoming virtuous legitimate befitting obligatory principled right-minded entitled allowed allowable guaranteed secured sanctioned certified assured anticipated awaited expected slated rightly due sufficient ample enough satisfactory upright well-earned desirable sensible righteous well-deserved felicitous honourable bounden happy lawful right and proper legal honorable scrupulous nice straight scheduled rhadamanthine coming conscientious all right stand-up official authorized orthodox applicable canonical noble permitted authorised card-carrying moralistic in principle on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up holding water seemly worthy comme il faut fitted decorous convenient expedient suited qualified apposite acceptable relevant deserving able opportune capable functional prepared feasible adapted pertinent ready timely pretty useful employable apropos useable available serviceable usable correspondent conformable equal accepted established conventional formal accurate exact regular precise perfect advantageous right on propitious favourable desired prudent that's the ticket just what was ordered on the nose on the button ideal de règle golden promising fortunate lucky auspicious providential benign ripe done meritorious seasonable commendable favorable well timed comely best praiseworthy heaven-sent estimable laudable admirable excellent respectable exemplary fine creditable needy praisable eligible thankworthy exploitable equipped practicable operable preferable good enough -worthy


Allowed by the rules
legit authorised authorized legal legitimate proper licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised legalized valid official warranted just statutory rightful justifiable due established canonical decreed enforced enjoined innocent judged ordained passed protected commanded enacted judicial jural juridical jurisprudent legislated legitimatized mandated ordered ruled vested warrantable bona fide card-carrying on the level of right on the up and up allowed allowable lawful sanctioned permitted admissible justified above board within the law recognized approved endorsed decriminalised recognised decriminalized going by the rules by the book acceptable sound binding fair statutable enforceable licensed right honest genuine upright ex cathedra granted chartered licenced enforcible de jure acknowledged prescribed aboveboard contractual straight precedented sure enough accepted authentic authoritative real tolerable formal true accredited tolerated excusable correct orthodox certified suitable ratified signed and sealed okay pardonable venial OK documented reasonable effective defensible in effect in force supportable legally binding passable appropriate validated authenticated verified all right applicable traditional pukka regular actual in order customary within accepted bounds tenable vindicable sensible satisfactory standard explainable sanctionable probable logical well founded operational undisputed active conventional legally acceptable influential methodical explicit representative fitting current operative fixed ceremonious in operation ceremonial at play in use in execution ex officio legislative according to law let consented favored conceded accorded admitted commissioned necessary accountable sufferable favoured effectual bearable unforbidden unprohibited confirmed explicable countenanced sanctioned by law available rational possible worthy likely pertinent concedable relevant codified constituted strict pro forma bonafide set regimented express orderly sealed signed not unlikely not impossible understandable democratic ensured credible received usual normal ordinary stock systematic fit by law certifiable decided conclusive definite cleared decisive precise cathedral positive well-founded and delivered usable veritable routine ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual straight from the horse's mouth sustainable defendable unexpired undoubted unquestioned natural canonic uncontested maintainable plausible arguable forgivable in accordance with the constitution stated tried and true tried and tested time-honoured tried and trusted time-honored standing condonable remissible indicative true-blue classic definitive able to hold water classical magisterial best commanding sovereign imperial departmental executive supreme mandatory bureaucratic ruling administrative most scholarly most reliable


Showing approval, appreciation or praise
good appreciative complimentary laudative laudatory praiseful recommendatory admiring adulatory applauding enthusiastic favourable favorable flattering supportive sympathetic adoring encomiastic eulogistic idolising idolizing panegyrical worshipful worshiping worshipping generous receptive respectful satisfied approving commendatory positive friendly approbatory acclamatory praising congratulatory encouraging glowing commending kind approbative pleased rapturous agreeable affirmative understanding keen plauditory well-disposed rave encomiastical deferential appreciating accepting acclaiming esteeming sensitive responsive excellent great fine conscious aware supreme knowledgeable mindful predisposed okay reassuring benign amicable inclined well-intentioned welcoming benevolent assenting high regardful perceptive cognizant full of praise cordial cooperative enlightened alive affectionate considerate honeyed eulogizing saccharine fulsome sugary in favor of in the know well-wishing polite courtly civil gracious honoring honouring fair-spoken celebrating eulogising highly favourable fawning unctuous sycophantic with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable ingratiating celebratory obsequious bootlicking oily oleaginous smarmy smooth raving servile cajoling honey-tongued rhapsodic silver-tongued sweet-talking soft-soaping lionizing gushing gushy panegyric cloying toadyish nauseating lionising hagiographical soapy hagiographic extolling becoming suitable glorifying flannelling blarneying crawling gratifying creeping commendable advisory warm reverential blandishing ecstatic slavish toadying highly complimentary very happy extravagant excessive inordinate overdone immoderate lavish profuse extensive liberal ample over-appreciative sickening effusive buttery insincere OTT gross magniloquent hypocritical bombastic slick grandiloquent slimy mealy-mouthed canting glib coarse suave overgenerous wheedling sanctimonious over the top sugarcoated sweet persuasive pleasing sweet-sounding

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