Đồng nghĩa của pat

Alternative for pat

pats, patted, patting

Đồng nghĩa: rap, stroke, tap,

Động từ

To hit lightly and repeatedly with to make flat or to change the shape of
flatten knead mould mold shape smooth work make sculpt cast model form fashion frame create adapt sculpture cut pattern whittle fit hew carve adjust tailor block manipulate condition forge mint block out trim accommodate roughhew throw together edit crystallise bring together assemble chisel doctor conform fabricate suit crystallize construct build produce design manufacture acclimatize acclimate put together acclimatise set up compose put alter erect modify contrive change transform confect reconcile develop make up put up turn out convert arrange knock together engineer devise customize craft hammer out hammer style customise piece together tailor-make piece invent chip fit together raise attune reshape tune structure process prepare found metamorphose remodel pound render habituate fix tweak organize throw up reconstruct turn revise set build up square beat pare vary evolve readjust ply organise rear cook up knock off prefabricate accustom engrave affect incise plan order cobble up mutate familiarize blend refashion transmute transfigure bring about determine restyle mix formulate configure revamp concoct reform rework quadrate plot amend improve integrate assimilate familiarise acculturate complete tool join influence prefab synthesize constitute synthesise get used to dream up squeeze cobble together direct align control guide lead fudge together decorate stroke sculp dress rough-hew establish etch slash season harden draw remake stamp rebuild inscribe acculture redo reorganize morph redesign sharpen naturalize draft transpose shift rearrange refine generate translate outline refit regulate rejig draught domesticate overhaul become accustomed straighten diverge recast recondition follow knock up transmogrify elevate proportion settle rectify originate draw up match naturalise hatch execute reorganise correct get accustomed harmonize transubstantiate make over get used get someone accustomed harmonise make alterations to make adjustments to compound beat into shape get someone used shape up effect become seasoned drum up whip up become naturalized familiarize someone with come to accept familiarize oneself with work out come to terms with come up with learn to live with compile fix up thrash out superstruct run up carve out fit in patch up jerry-build shave sway steer malleate score peel ornament throw do prime jockey thumb finger temper chase embellish ready roughcast size dispose measure handle qualify treat edify carpenter bend fix in position connect beat out comply soften put out resolve correspond put in position put in place die-cast ax hold strike prune axe excogitate give structure to depict portray scheme finish consummate project perfect trace make appropriate to make appropriate for make fitting for make fitting to describe file crop imagine derive envision become accustomed to find one's feet get one's bearings find one's way around make consistent unite work up grind out labor labour tend merge progress hack think up trump up conceive of vamp up implement yield spawn actualize make improvements to sew make ready mass produce mass-produce reduce materialise commutate draw together weld pull together lump together sew up join up mill accomplish machine cobble care for work on clip knock out patch together beget bring into existence whip out rustle up eke out churn out rig up slice grave deform square off dissect sunder divide dissever indent insculpt scribe stipple cleave author conceive reconciliate materialize comprise diagram lay out grow go along to get along run with the pack follow the crowd be conventional twist follow beaten path roll with punches file down follow tradition be guided by follow custom follow convention keep in step swim with the stream gear renovate advance begin cut in slices inure revolutionize reorient renew present become inured pummel wring press crush massage machinate choreograph start up conjure up remould reorder custom-build personalise dovetail custom-make personalize resign oneself become resigned bring rig brew translate into decide bring on become toughen reorientate reshuffle rehash retool alchemize brainstorm jack up rub malaxate climatize upgrade metamorphosize modulate reconstitute update redevelop manicure denature diversify rejigger reconfigure switch revolutionise rehabilitate interchange permutate recalibrate warp remold regenerate permute cook refurbish transfer commute redraft cut to fit make to measure make to order aerate pummelled amalgamate push whomp up stir up turn the tables turn the corner change completely sing different tune switch over turn around make innovations turn over new leaf shift gears turn upside down do up tamper with balance calibrate enhance repair categorise normalize jigger coordinate redress imitate copy emulate normalise twiddle focus troubleshoot mend sort grade tighten fine-tune tune up categorize bring into line make good put right fiddle with set right see to put in working order set to rights make conform

Động từ

To hit or strike, often with one's hand
smack hit strike thump punch knock wallop bash belt slap whack pound clout sock clobber bang thwack hammer bop swat biff rap slug crack clip slam whale smite bat bludgeon box slog swipe bust buffet cuff clock paste clap bonk nail zap bob tag slosh boff quilt dong spank skelp blow tap drive thrust chop scud blip impel give someone a hiding give someone a hot bottom make someone feel the back of one's hand put someone over one's knee drum beat dab peck slap lightly tip thud hit lightly palpate strike lightly percuss batter pummel thrash pummelled drub tan lambaste flog whip deck pelt lam smash belabour lick welt belabor lash club whop birch whomp lay one on switch hide lather baste paddle cudgel lace rough up slate maul thresh whap lay into whup lambast assault swinge work over knock into the middle of next week pommel cane tromp fib stick one on curry chin rain blows on attack bung up mess up punch out lace into give someone a good hiding beat the living daylights out of let someone have it dot do pitch into tonk floor bump pop crown flail light into larrup plug knock around jab wham hook give someone a drubbing give someone a beating strap give someone a good beating give someone a good drubbing beat up punish king-hit ram flagellate maltreat welly ding do over knock about blast crash leather flay sucker-punch let have it abuse break bruise KO chastise scourge horsewhip mash lash out cowhide rawhide slash hit out at tan one's hide aim blows at forge draw assail flax lob zonk impact hit hard swing at weigh into clump stripe tear into catch collide trounce crush beat up on poke whip someone's hide hack stroke haymaker fillip propel spike afflict injure hurt chip impair thump on knock on hang one on bam bushwhack give somebody a beating bear down force duke impinge take out plant one conk pick plump stinger slipper bombard mistreat fell roughhouse manhandle flatten level total wound swing hit repeatedly contact set upon set about lay a finger on land a punch fill in box somebody's ears trash uppercut sail into wipe paddlewhack wax hit for six kick stone pellet brain blitz whang jump mug fall upon windmill trim box someone's ears let one have it rain blows upon sock it to someone jerk whisk shake hit out whirl get stuck into warm someone's seat dust someone's britches give someone a licking bump into physically attack knock out ride roughshod let fly have a go at lash out at wear out wreck deface mutilate brutalize mangle lacerate disable disfigure maim contuse brutalise cripple lame connect with crash into dash against slap around bullwhip pitch give a black eye pounce upon quirt thong put over one's knee put someone over your knee give somebody a hiding come down on go for jump down one's throat haul off on push bunt warm someone's bottom take a strap to shove prod tup headbutt buck butt horn malleate set on

Động từ

To make something fluffy, typically by patting or ruffling

Động từ

Give or ascribe a significant amount of attention or importance to
make much of compliment flatter praise admire cajole commend fawn on blarney butter up crawl to creep to express admiration for flannel humor humour pay blandishments to pay court to pay tribute to soft-soap sweet-talk wax lyrical about baby blandish cosset fuss over indulge laud mollycoddle pamper panegyrize pet play up to say nice things about spoil suck up to be all over fall all over make a fuss of coddle puff court overpraise massage wheedle hero-worship honey adulate stroke belaud fawn inveigle pander to con grovel work over salve bootlick brownnose beslaver jolly work on sweeten up build up snow cater to rub the right way get next to compliment excessively glorify toady oil soften sell lay it on thick spread it on charm lay it on with a trowel coax persuade brown-nose fawn over revere palaver worship gush over elevate smooth-talk prevail on talk into get round make up to ingratiate oneself with kiss feet put on a pedestal slaver puff up butter up to adore fawn upon soothe stroke one's ego exalt roose venerate lionize rub up the right way abase oneself to be obsequious towards curry favor with be sycophantic towards keep someone sweet demean oneself to curry favour bow and scrape to prostrate oneself to be servile towards toady to grovel to suck up kowtow to curry favor curry favour with get on the right side of truckle to dance attendance on rave over lionise manoeuvre lure entice tempt beguile seduce woo crowd urge push induce maneuver dupe banter mislead tantalize influence delude deceive soap entrap decoy hand a line get around argue into tantalise apple polish

Tính từ

Stubbornly sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action
obstinate wilful unbending adamant dogged headstrong immovable implacable inflexible intransigent mulish obdurate pertinacious perverse stubborn uncompromising unyielding opinionated willful unrelenting adamantine bullheaded hard hardened hardheaded inconvincible ossified pigheaded stiff-necked hard-nosed self-willed self-opinionated determined intractable firm rigid inexorable relentless tenacious unshakeable resolute single-minded steadfast refractory unwavering indurate bull-headed fixed bloody-minded recalcitrant uncooperative unshakable iron-willed tough persistent unpersuadable unmalleable contumacious contrary deaf to reason strong-willed steely dead set on set in stone hard-line unswerving resolved stubborn as a mule locked in stiff difficult balky set froward strong-minded strict hardline tireless unflinching solid diehard insistent indefatigable unmanageable staunch uncompliant incompliant remorseless unswayable hard and fast brick-wall cross-grained steady persevering unflagging unfaltering cussed unaccommodating decided unbendable unshaken unreasonable defiant constant cantankerous rock-ribbed harsh bolshie indomitable hard-core pig-headed wrong-headed hanging tough undeviating untiring assiduous iron unfluctuating unhesitating unsparing stern merciless ruthless unchanging dedicated unremitting even uniform consistent unvarying unvacillating rigorous pitiless unappeasable grim wayward unadaptable invariant unbreakable stroppy sure enduring abiding regular sustained unqualified intense unflappable unchangeable disobedient ungovernable unalterable immutable obstreperous restive dogmatic dead set unmovable never-failing insubordinate narrow-minded contrarious dug in not giving an inch standing one's ground standing pat tough nut purposeful frozen petrified importunate inveterate unbudgeable indurated rigidified fossilized bony resistant stiffened haughty severe hidebound stringent renitent boneheaded unreceptive fossilised blinkered dyed-in-the-wool awkward immalleable durable proud aloof locked-in hard-shell set-on one-sided brassbound unruly stony unfailing set in your ways set in one's ways unimpressible wild crisp unflexible doctrinaire as stubborn as a mule unrepentant hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent mean impassive incurable uncontrollable fractious cruel undisciplined stony-hearted unimpressionable do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground sticking to one's guns hold the fort tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion untoward rebel recusant rebellious quiescent permanent unmodifiable sedulous unstoppable unforgiving insoluble thorny hang tough unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile stand pat set in concrete stick to guns unabated mortal bound hard-headed iron-fisted pounding unmoved heady opinionative bound and determined convinced with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in strong rugged categorical die-hard stalwart spirited committed vigorous forceful earnest intent undaunted bold exacting assertive valiant sturdy settled gritty stout stable lasting gutsy mettlesome perseverant fierce courageous plucky cast-iron rooted driven continuous stout-hearted brave continual decisive full of determination ingrained deep-rooted deep-seated continuing unabating emphatic fanatical unsympathetic serious spunky doughty lionhearted definite authoritarian heavy-handed ineradicable entrenched extreme zealous ceaseless ornery true long-standing purposive chronic austere dour perpetual perennial persisting hardy mutinous aggressive invariable thrawn manful diligent hard-and-fast ardent everlasting demanding fast incessant tight pushy devoted long-lasting established obstructive rough feisty draconian confirmed recurrent ironclad lifelong unfeeling bulldog impliable deliberate endless inelastic unending robust flinty patient disobliging deep-dyed bent on focused callous oppressive bent upon compulsive high-spirited indelible strenuous ferocious secure ramrod bent energetic unhelpful toughened certain concrete active incorrigible habitual obsessive imperious winner-take-all zero-sum hard-hearted focussed heavy-duty faithful four-square impulsive dire hearty meaning business truculent unbroken unmitigated routine recurring inborn long-lived ever-present usual inbred heartless unceasing unamenable uninterrupted go-getting self-assertive do-or-die intrepid irremovable hell-bent on protracted hell-bent upon nonstop unrelieved ambitious interminable resilient burning imperishable non-stop heavy rowdy all-or-nothing win-or-lose keen enterprising enthusiastic motivated industrious incontrollable compact wholehearted brutal avid inescapable eager seasoned indestructible hard-wearing resisting eternal aspiring militant absolute non-flexible domineering rock-solid no-nonsense pressing sound troublesome grave never-ending unmoving loyal explicit formidable well-founded uncharitable unswervable determinate armoured hard-boiled inexpugnable armored two-fisted hard-bitten out forbidding hard-driving self-starting quarrelsome self-confident fearless goal-oriented opposing reinforced taut inconsiderate self-driven illiberal shatterproof lusty disciplinary urgent stuffy unresponsive mule immobile uptight picky adverse cold unpermissive excessive unfavorable unfavourable unassailable fiery game noncompliant important non-breakable running continued powerful infrangible unmerciful tense disorderly granite immoderate heroic exigent devout imperative hungry unwearied brittle obsessional prolonged incorruptible deep necessary unfriendly besetting radical tiresome intrenched ungiving thirsty desirous uncaring round-the-clock obsessed inspired indissoluble lawless striving inalterable solidified unsupple bombproof trying positive independent hard-hitting changeless resistive monomaniacal drastic static irreversible critical vehement cohesive clamant crying acute disputatious possessed turbulent lingering unpredictable haunting invulnerable jelled unpleasant reliable assured high-powered bred-in-the-bone fixated well-established all-consuming final heedless reckless riotous rude irritating violent irrepressible confident never-tiring inured hell bent on irresistible impetuous intemperate imprudent drunken impervious rash forward bawdy astringent out of control ill-natured out of line hard to please hell-bent stiff as a board well-built well-set well-made made to last tyrannical pass-fail high stakes self-disciplined high-stake contentious exasperating mullish estranged seditious disaffected factious insurgent irreconcilable alienated non-compliant firmly-based unshrinking direct nonflexible reactionary traditionalist conservative long-drawn-out unquestioning conscientious gallant starched day-and-night great unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable unblinking immoveable pervicacious perseverative unwilling ultra-conservative unprogressive cocksure valorous sharp coherent passionate hardworking hellbent straight trusty challenging unintimidated dauntless possessive unforgetful ballsy ineluctable unsupportive neverending dangerous dragging slow nasty flat laborious compulsory complicated puritanical exact biased insubmissive peevish cross petulant obscene pornographic X-rated iron-jawed abrasive unjust unfair alarming undefeated preconceived with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way inextinguishable immortal sagacious remaining true-blue going all the way boisterous formal solid as a rock undiscouraged undeterred mean business thick-skinned disruptive anarchic scrupulous systematic meticulous painstaking blimpish unkind insensitive clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out sticky tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of numbed annealed disciplinarian ascetical by the book browbeating ascetic autocratic as game as Ned Kelly rocklike attention-seeking chaotic troublemaking solemn manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical unwaivering no going back undismayed drawn-out spun-out unpitying firm in spirit perceptive keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful take charge unrestrained reserved fit nonperishable unfading undying deathless inextensible inductile savage curt lion-hearted unobliging like death and taxes decided upon writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced unsentimental romping noisy anarchical rumbustious lawbreaking lively rollicking loud punishing unsmiling chilly frigid icy frosty not put off not discouraged cynical never give up fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist competitive cool distant lacking compassion vindictive inhuman consumed compelled uncivil discourteous dynamic nonstretchable out of hand louring gruff red-blooded pushful peremptory cutthroat not cooperative whole-hearted disagreeable sacrosanct ageless progressive bloodthirsty pioneering remote lowering intimidating galvanized impelled desperate pugnacious triumphant tough as old boots rocky as tough as old boots with a heart of stone unvaried incommutable unchanged dominant in earnest nonmoving warlike gladiatorial scrappy resounding reiterative monotonous prevailing non-stretchable unamiable uncongenial safe induced mighty sombre somber ungentle cold-blooded cold-hearted chiseled chiselled unbudging going irrefragable nonbreaking unwreckable undestroyable inextirpable inexterminable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible impregnable invincible self-asserting nonmotile pushed steered guided galvanised mean-looking potent hard-shelled nonbreakable full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go stop at nothing power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving gung ho high-reaching self-possessed influential well-armed strengthened airtight storm-resistant fortified well protected flourishing unattackable dependable impenetrable stormproof tried-and-true knockabout well fortified inviolable well made well defended well-protected impassible untimely unfortunate immotile overbearing fussy thorough unbowed gripping tormenting neurotic consuming unquenchable bitter furious significant fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians inconvenient inopportune through-and-through perdurable brass-bound irritable vexed testy choosy captious snappy temperamental chippy disputative oafish hypercritical prickly querulous bearish huffy negative delicate overcritical irascible particular fastidious over-particular dictatorial ungracious grumbly boorish finical hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive crotchety uppity touchy sour discontented dissatisfied crabby argumentative hard to satisfy impolite perfectionist finicky fervent proved complete forcible dominating torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable longtime urged on unexpected unanticipated ill-timed stark accustomed habituated staid strapping addictive fanatic controlling sicker surprising unforeseen annoying disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed hale athletic sinewy capable muscular big able substantial staying dateless oft-repeated repetitive timeless consecutive repeated around-the-clock unalleviated ongoing connected unwaning aeonian frequent long-established pathological wackadoodle wackadoo puissant crucial compelling vital bona fide in fine feather able-bodied unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious anchored well established red-hot through and through deep-set firmly established card-carrying nailed quiet hitched hooked situated attached stationary still located preoccupied infatuated without respite high-priority made fast vexatious malapropos badly timed inimical unseasonable constraining instant pivotal emergent necessitous key misfortunate disturbing hapless luckless unpropitious ill-starred star-crossed essential clamouring persuasive clamoring requiring distressing of the utmost importance of the essence hurry-up immediate obliging heat-on now or never claiming forcing

Tính từ

Appropriate, relevant or suitable for the occasion
apposite apt apropos fitting pertinent suitable opportune propitious relevant timely felicitous auspicious happy neat rehearsed to the point appropriate applicable fit germane befitting proper congruous good related seasonable becoming fitted suited right well-timed to the purpose favourable helpful providential golden fortunate lucky heaven-sent advantageous benign harmonious material well-chosen admissible favorable relative fortuitous important significant appurtenant pointed connected correlated salient well timed linked valid congruent applicatory useful consistent pertaining to ad rem having direct bearing on having to do with on the nose on the button inspired meet choice pretty requisite well chosen cognate allowable compatible pointful referring weighty consonant correct conformant in point conforming accordant concerning correspondent promising convincing telling spot on well put well expressed joyous just expedient ripe convenient bright rosy hopeful timeous encouraging optimistic heartening beneficial fair likely upbeat prosperous roseate rose-colored brave toward favouring favoring full of promise dexter relatable legit pertaining kosher right on on target condign deserved seemly rightful justified fairy-tale acceptable qualified well-suited adequate in keeping essential vital belonging key relating crucial worthy critical central main primary pivotal noteworthy ideal fundamental perfect carefully selected tailor-made paramount due chief major serviceable decent decorous appertaining of use principal remarkable comme il faut allied arresting influential operative notable applicative marked profitable indispensable able associated meaningful capable of interest dependent functional prepared feasible practical worthwhile adapted deserving ready valuable reasonable employable satisfactory productive beneficent best okay of note just right useable available usable conformable commodious made to order handy that's the ticket equal equitable of service good enough supplementary peripheral auxiliary accessorial supplemental accessory peculiar unique associable contingent intrinsic judicious apropos of about akin associated with connected with cardinal substantive desirable with respect in regard analogous just what was ordered well judged kindred on-topic of consequence kindly welcome benefic usual benignant friendly exact predictable towardly expected win-win seasonal optimal salutary outstanding noticeable signal striking prominent pronounced conspicuous indicative appropriate to the time of year good for you normal for the time of year good for one precise sufficient advisable merited presentable interesting swell righteous politic copacetic nice predominant very model consummate absolute prototypical quintessential user friendly fit for purpose up to standard in character up to snuff cut out for right up someone's street in keeping with sensational archetypal on the money ultimate supreme just the job momentous topical prime obvious staple dominant basic equipped exploitable operable practicable preferable exciting serious historic urgent buzzworthy extraordinary front-page consequential great far-reaching constructive invaluable leading moving intrusive projecting protruding famous impressive arrestive jutting focal obtrusive imperative effective instrumental newsworthy -worthy allowed passable tolerable permitted permissible conducive behooveful in demand gainful strategic appreciated necessary respected needed rewarding fruitful meritorious admired exigent out of the ordinary of substance pressing of help hot loved esteemed worth its weight in gold of value of benefit of assistance held dear estimable worth it of the essence affiliated justifiable legitimate interconnected immediate standout foremost supportable tenable licit legal defensible lawful tolerated sensible sound worthful hot property scarce recognized OK sanctioned concomitant importunate definite of concern emphatic coupled accompanying corresponding rational possible logical pukka probable warranted concedable well founded solid vigorous above board recognised within the law by the book not unlikely not impossible high interdependent mutual tied up incident intertwined incidental knit together interrelated joint reciprocal in touch with complementary enmeshed interwoven

Tính từ

Not able to be disputed or doubted
unquestionable certain definite incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable sure undeniable conclusive manifest patent positive self-evident unequivocal unambiguous unassailable absolute accomplished apparent beyond doubt beyond question clear dependable evident faultless flawless inarguable irrefragable nailed-on obvious perfect unanswerable unarguable unchallengeable undoubted unimpeachable unmistakable accurate authentic categorical cold decided downright established flat genuine proven real reliable settled superior sure-enough true undisputable undoubtable veritable well-founded well-grounded bona fide down pat for certain without doubt beyond a shadow of doubt no ifs ands or buts clear-cut plain palpable definitive transparent decisive final firm explicit actual sound authoritative assured guaranteed watertight demonstrable unqualified confirmed convincing emphatic distinct hard factual verifiable valid beyond dispute express infallible fixed apodictic pronounced straightforward compelling concrete unconditional safe set open and shut trustworthy crystal clear airtight complete accepted open-and-shut undebatable open not in doubt marked out-and-out unerring nonambiguous outright unambivalent very conspicuous barefaced precise tangible overt bald-faced blatant undisputed striking pure observable sheer unadulterated pellucid perspicuous thorough sure thing provable kosher flat-out glaring unquestioned acknowledged undisguised total doubtless beyond a shadow of a doubt known ultimate supreme confirmable establishable proper lucid legitimate ringing visible utter exact in the bag regular thoroughgoing unalloyed verified certified rank foolproof unmitigated fair recognized effective credible ascertained on ice demonstrative honest as plain as a pikestaff uncontested bald cut-and-dried broad uncontroversial discernible noticeable all out bright-line recognised telling sure-fire straight out full direct consummate existent unreserved perceptible forceful legit categoric right clean specific determinate solid unrestricted having down pat clinching arrant luculent luminous unfailing predestined determined destined not in question substantial axiomatic unquestioning no holds barred unchallenged bold straight unconcealed unlimited salted away realistic prominent simple stark surefire profound inescapable understandable whole plumb unconstrained correct convinced confident dead stone cotton-picking dinkum well defined univocal bodacious deadly dreadful blooming impregnable crashing blank certifiable all-out persuasive literal authenticated straight-out honest-to-goodness secure for real official point-blank de facto no catch no fine print resounding resolute attested salient irrevocable recognizable substantive perceivable detectable veridical without loopholes wholesale as sure as eggs is eggs staring one in the face substantiated entire self-explanatory objective beyond a doubt distinguishable peremptory plenary wide black-and-white recognisable unfaltering fail-safe satisfied unwavering persuaded sterling writ large undoubting on the level clear cut unshakable no kicker no strings impeccable good original free from doubt strong cogent plausible material unchangeable uncompromising significant fundamental double-checked unbreakable questionless implicit strict faithful sealed steady essential no mistake unalterable unvarnished wholehearted last deciding uncontestable comprehensible forthright flagrant prima facie truthful well grounded well founded for sure particular nailed down glaringly obvious clearly defined sensible deep-dyed cinched unsubtle intelligible one hundred per cent can't-miss gross black and white inerrant failsafe as plain as daylight believable staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on one's face sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb as plain as the nose on your face no strings attached as plain as day card-carrying demonstrated inalienable immutable noncontroversial inoppugnable overpowering without question unequivocable obligatory necessary binding compulsory tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary enduring steadfast unshaken abiding constant changeless never-failing unchanging for a fact unvarying safe to say invincible irresistible uncontentious uncontended powerful bare inevitable manifestly dyed-in-the-wool sober runaway adamant assertive insistent invulnerable creditable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked justified well-established up front freely admitted not disputed impressive authenticating exhaustive inexpugnable stable frozen hard-and-fast pinpoint trusty irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic evinced divulged disclosed detailed egregious intrinsic distinctive weighty unmodified appreciable revealed evidenced telltale uncontradicted no two ways about it validating ensured blunt unique obtrusive tacit meticulous exclusive controlled candid unblurred measurable well-proven inimitable out and out clinched especial logical serious beyond the shadow of a doubt no ifs and or buts virtual implied stone cold patently true seeable quantifiable veracious point blank corroborated lucent crystal limpid notorious hands-down legal existing unimaginary unacknowledged documented easily understood crystal-clear straight from the shoulder clearly expressed can bet on it loyal conforming orthodox rightly so called considerable unstinting self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating defined real-life real-world validated physical well documented insured racked pukka there are no two ways about it independent as clear as crystal make no bones plain as the nose on your face much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open written all over someone under one's nose nof ifs ands or buts affirmative all sewn up determinative determinant revealing settling resolving irrefrangible error-free made certain absolutely certain sewed up nailed on lawful echt pucka errorless without error on the money all right in depth extreme cocksure forcible honest to God sure enough real live non-fictional blameless litmus test undiluted rigid absolutist understood given limitless aboveboard true to life fair and square real McCoy natural rightful without reservations through and through in every respect full-bore right-down sovereign inflexible what you see is what you get unblemished granted lifelike unadorned unrestrained crisp well-defined severe well-marked undubitable sharp minute silhouetted graphic vivid stated clean-cut incisive noteworthy audible unbeatable efficacious superlative utmost predominant unbounded assumed unconditioned circumstantial documentary verbatim nonfictional unfabled unmovable irreproachable hard and fast iron veristic historical verisimilar unexaggerated unbound infinite peerless tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless unsurpassed indemonstrable presupposed unbiased unprejudiced scientific not vague cut and dried omnipotent matchless squeaky-clean true-to-life word for word matter-of-fact telling it like it is fact-based straight from horse's mouth true-life as it really happened non-relative non-variable axiomatical apothegmatic aphoristic proverbial preeminent tried and true handy agreeable effectual acceptable useful always effective inerrable satisfying tried and tested satisfactory helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing cast-iron set in stone that's a fact with no strings open-ended without limit uncorrupted inculpable untarnished unexceptionable beyond criticism in black and white goes without saying untainted immaculate above suspicion beyond suspicion stainless spotless no ifs ands or buts about it honest-to-God above reproach sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly blinding frank exposed public written all over one plain to see right under one's nose clear as a bell as clear as day outstanding brazen apprehensible arresting remarkable naked shameless notable signal dramatic showy unhidden coherent pointed outrageous eye-catching easily seen graspable identifiable discernable fathomable audacious discoverable flamboyant brilliant grabby commanding splashy catchy kenspeckle noisy knowable crystalline accessible avowed visual flashy seen transpicuous noted macroscopic user friendly user-friendly viewable capital in sight in view big as life pertinent relevant shocking ostentatious cognizable scandalous atrocious heinous ineluctable ostensible seeming unavoidable ascertainable crying loud comprehendible clearly visible gaudy garish ocular terrible monstrous brass-necked unpreventable shameful digestible not hidden deducible to be seen mandatory comprehensive legible automatic intelligent major easy to understand unmissable flaunting unfeigned articulate important dominant unashamed protruding awful protrusive enormous intrusive ineludible translucent reasonable inordinate infamous famous excessive arrestive inexorable published bright deliberate disgraceful reprehensible wicked diaphanous thick villainous iniquitous spectacular fated lurid on show standing out in plain sight well-known publicized bare-faced plain as day plainly seen on display on view see-through great predetermined unescapable preordained scrutable penetrable required publicised in evidence on the nose clear as day bound to happen sure to happen widely known in the cards trenchant perspicacious rich fresh traceable ill-disguised moderate easily noticed above board colorable preposterous sensational unveiled enunciated attestable evincible ineliminable extravagant immodest resolved stunning forestanding joined-up easily grasped exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery thrusting protuberant glassy flagitious well focused tidy goodly sizeable imminent doomed imaginable glanceable readable crystalling flagitous liquid determinable easily distinguishable holding water rational perceptive subtle wise justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical consistent extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent discerning consequent inferential holding together in full view can't miss it sharply defined supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed grody flaming spelled out checkable supportable sustainable empirical empiric good-sized large sizable healthy estimable well constructed artless anywhere to be seen special divergent discrete ponderable individual well marked colorful sign-posted well-worn thin filmy out of place sticking out unimaginative to the fore describable all right under your nose unproblematic gauzy in focus harsh brutal in the foreground inferable routine stick out like sore thumb hanging out readily comprehensible chief primary principal explicable celebrated upfront lacking nuance energetic vigorous repeated robot-like usual unabashed vehement shared broadcast renowned definable impudent unblushing intuitive insightful influential urgent coercive formidable ingenious earnest in circulation lacking subtlety declared popular familiar confessed brash unembarrassed insolent over-literal freely available clearly explained without explanation unrepentant grievous pivotal basic critical crucial prime staple main key vital in the open snazzy without shame meretricious screaming overbold glitzy brassy ardent exorbitant warts and all proclaimed identified common easy to follow immoderate aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic in the public domain public knowledge easily understandable ratiocinative branded received leading moving paramount projecting central jutting focal stressed solemn for a face accented potent well known self-confessed generally known publicly known outside inveterate undiminished external outer exterior surface true-blue through-and-through surpassing full-scale superficial outermost extrinsic impending inevasible prescribed locked up outward over out on the surface to the eye toward the edge from within most likely

Tính từ

Not moving or not intended to be moved
stationary immobile motionless parked static unmoving standing stock-still halted immobilised immobilized inert still stopped fixed frozen inactive moored nonmoving unstirring inanimate lifeless anchored at rest immutable nailed not moving permanent stagnant unmoveable at a standstill like a statue nailed down rooted to the spot at a halt at a stop transfixed dormant steady sessile quiescent stable fixed to the spot not moving a muscle as if turned to stone without moving torpid dead immovable idle passive sluggish quiet unmoved rooted latent immotile stalled deadlocked paralysed firm slack paralyzed unmovable steadfast lethargic numb dull stabile fallow riveted attached in place not active stale brackish perfectly still suspended unresponsive impassive unreactive as if rooted to the spot without moving a muscle phlegmatic staunch unwavering statuelike not working constant turned to stone unvarying changeless stuck gridlocked sticky unfluctuating rigid format slow flat declining stopped dead in your tracks depressed stagnating standing still moribund dying stock still as still as a statue unable to move secure silent serene peaceful smooth resting petrified safe drowsing slow-moving deactivated asleep slumbering undisturbed calm in abeyance placid tranquil inoperative sleepy fast balanced deathly still gentle unruffled unagitated secured solid sure unshakeable braced jammed cemented unused tied unshaking sturdy settled set unshaken unoccupied vacant free unemployed disengaged solid as a rock set in stone abeyant mothballed off on hold low-key turned off not in use in holding pattern out of use

Phó từ

In a manner or way that could not be better
perfectly flawlessly impeccably exquisitely faultlessly superbly wonderfully admirably immaculately ideally excellently marvelously marvellously sublimely superlatively incomparably inimitably magnificently supremely consummately correctly fantastically terrifically fitly to perfection without fault without flaw to a T to a fare-thee-well like a dream to a turn to a nicety to the nines purely cleanly completely seamlessly optimally absolutely splendidly remarkably fine famously swimmingly masterfully divinely sensationally nobly extremely well notably skillfully distinctively ingeniously well greatly finely grandly fabulously awesomely stellarly superiorly primely choicely coolly sterlingly beautifully heavenlily meanly lovelily neatly fantabulously unsurpassedly capitally toppingly dandily groovily peachily radically niftily hotly outstandingly slickly classically keenly corkingly immensely supernally righteously brilliantly bonnily exceptionally gloriously bravely superly impressively smashingly tremendously gorgeously goodly amazingly wickedly spectacularly extraordinarily imposingly distinguishedly strikingly dazzlingly majestically peerlessly resplendently delightfully phenomenally heroically stunningly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously incredibly elegantly statelily skilfully magically splendiferously eminently proudly matchlessly breathtakingly augustly stupendously sumptuously luxuriously expertly grandiosely spiffingly monumentally exemplarily mind-blowingly illustriously exaltedly regally loftily massively opulently worthily prodigiously rippingly royally lavishly formidably enjoyably rarely pre-eminently attractively adeptly imperially preeminently dreamily palatially epically soundly baronially valuably magnifically nicely pleasingly radiantly bodaciously crucially adroitly delicately dignifiedly sovereignly unreally exclusively gallantly wondrously charmingly proficiently deftly highly practisedly defly transcendently masterly notedly dexterously alluringly cleverly experiencedly plushly richly commendably talentedly spankingly specially pleasurably leadingly poshly ably dextrously astonishingly renownedly competently badly meritoriously pleasantly fascinatingly preciously polishedly celebratedly ritzily classily colossally ravishingly enchantingly handsomely appealingly memorably applaudably bewitchingly estimably astoundingly agreeably pricelessly captivatingly extravagantly professedly compleatly expensively dominantly uniquely statuesquely swankily invaluably giftedly satisfyingly prettily lankly desirably artfully cutely venerably fairly fancily blissfully thrillingly excitingly beauteously honourably honorably unbelievably commandingly laudably staggeringly noteworthily unblemishedly pompously paradisiacally refinedly inspiredly capably delectably praiseworthily takingly fetchingly winningly entrancingly professionally brightly elaborately bigly intensely enviably prominently daintily favorably chicly extremely gracefully joyously rapturously outrageously singularly largely seductively stirringly importantly comelily quintessentially tastily congenially foxily exhilaratingly pulchritudinously astronomically engagingly rewardingly mind-bogglingly solemnly solidly favourably considerably powerfully toweringly positively lushly smartly shiningly enthrallingly luxuriantly cheerily firstly spotlessly idyllically efficiently acceptably profoundly delightsomely stainlessly welcomely aptly dramatically plushily indefectibly inspiringly mightily irreproachably refreshingly swishly angelically dearly intoxicatingly irresistibly beguilingly miraculously portentously influentially magnetically handily enticingly showily glamorously photogenically ostentatiously vastly scrumptiously splashily paradisaically jaw-droppingly deliciously cosmically queenlily celestially selectedly excessively symmetrically movingly exaggeratedly utopianly triumphantly immortally likably effulgently prestigiously unbrokenly wholy satisfactorily unimpairedly glitteringly amiably majorly entertainingly reputably tastefully gigantically enormously unforgettably authoritatively ornately aesthetically stylishly affectingly qualifiedly sharply utmostly monstrously giantly gargantuanly titanically flashily crazily untaintedly knowledgeably entirely profitably surprisingly sunnily temptingly euphorically comfortingly comfortably presentably virtuosically snazzily hypnotically foremostly centrally overwhelmingly happily ecstatically creditably ridiculously mountainously likelily jollily momentously promisingly flamboyantly dollishly blessedly amusingly esthetically unbeatably sweetly wildly unsurpassably portlily aristocratically untouchably rousingly eloquently ambitiously blamelessly darlingly telegenically dulcetly bangingly theatrically effusively haughtily fatly upliftingly fashionably likeably savvily tantalisingly adorably tantalizingly pricily prepossessingly seemlily effectively ominously deeply spiritually reliably very well definitively legitly scintillatingly vividly ultimately quickly picturesquely agilely conspicuously unimpeachably insanely frabjously maximumly pronouncedly especially intelligently hallowedly convivially balmily weirdly bizarrely outlandishly intellectually awfully nattily conveniently sprucely cordially popularly preferentially signally silkenly jovially extensively pretentiously heart-stoppingly principally properly juicily rockingly foolproofly sophisticatedly staidly felicitously cheerfully heartwarmingly eventfully magisterially strongly eclectically unprecedentedly creatively profusely prodigally lusciously eximiously predominantly practically effectually sure-handedly unorthodoxly uncommonly unusually favouredly glitzily resoundingly sonorously absorbingly touchingly daringly boldly astrally immodestly sexily acutely ginormously severely thumpingly chiefly colorfully deservingly respectably formally imaginatively unutterably high-mindedly spellbindingly exuberantly abundantly abstractly transcendentally holily inspirationally sacredly markedly superhumanly saintlily yummily ambrosially exactingly madly strangely absurdly colourfully baroquely gaudily particularly blindingly egotistically unfathomably impenetrably bombastically complexly purplely winsomely curvaceously sheenly personably debonairly dapperly voluptuously sensually innovatively spiffily ceremoniously significantly pristinely consequentially intriguingly originally enterprisingly inventively accurately unerringly propitiously auspiciously invitingly headily mesmerically resourcefully hunkily affably mildly clearly vitally forcibly facilely entrancedly enchantedly opportunely dishily cunningly zingily gladly soothingly hospitably glossily hugely hulkingly substantially primarily advantageously sizably hopefully voluminously sizeably oceanically whoppingly optimistically fiendishly charismatically passably gratefully savorily genially indispensably inestimably bulkily planetarily pharaonically huskily heftily tidily providentially hearteningly encouragingly rosily galactically savourily upbeatly roseately amply fortunately goldenly

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