Đồng nghĩa của instant

Alternative for instant


Đồng nghĩa: immediate, moment, pressing, prompt, quick, second, urgent,


Happening or coming immediately
quick immediate swift rapid speedy prompt instantaneous sudden expeditious abrupt lightning express snappy fleet alacritous precipitate direct rathe straightaway on-the-spot split-second on the spot fast hasty meteoric hurried brisk whirlwind breakneck accelerated overnight rapid-fire ready zippy nippy headlong nimble blistering fleet-footed timely without delay flying high-speed dizzy galloping rattling breathless fast-track splitting hot rushed unhesitating short-lived punctual sharp mercurial impulsive summary active whistle-stop expeditive dramatic impetuous rash PDQ momentary spontaneous brief fleeting willing peremptory unexpected unpremeditated cursory harefooted without notice impromptu quickie precipitous without warning short snap quickened spur-of-the-moment double-quick very fast on the double in nothing flat double time forthwith prevenient crash anticipatory arbitrary efficient alert diligent perfunctory transitory hurricane tornado cyclonic tumultuous spectacular urgent early without formality without hesitation effectual effective lively promptly given hair-trigger ephemeral transient in a flash agile volant the double flashing dazzling brilliant now or never not to be delayed without discussion fleet of foot quick as a wink light-footed quick-fire unforeseen evanescent mushrooming unanticipated spirited responsive impressive spanking winged fast-tracked pronto cracking screaming barrelling speedball spasmodic precipitant rushing acute fast-moving explosive speeded unusual like crazy like mad shaking a leg not bargained for unlooked-for out of the blue unrehearsed unstudied unprepared unplanned unconsidered improvised improvisational extemporaneous offhand extemporary extempore offhanded down and dirty off-the-cuff ad hoc ad-lib sprightly supersonic energetic turbo vigorous speeding violent hypersonic at speed hurrying velocious passing animated vivacious spry dashing flat-out ultrarapid ultrafast startling smart automatic uninterrupted non-stop up-tempo tantivy superficial zooming surprising pacey slapdash awful overhasty gadarene helter-skelter pell-mell drive-by moving hurtling successive sporty souped-up bustling adroit dizzying excessive reckless streaming dangerous priority furious severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful going nifty lissome ultrasonic unswerving undeviating nonstop dynamic with good acceleration impatient fast-paced fiery rush extremely fast dangerously fast tearing whizzing sailing hastening whisking running darting eager thoughtless slambang hurry-up marked at full tilt chop-chop casual rocketing accelerating escalating snowballing careless desultory racing inattentive unthinking half-hearted slight mechanical token uninterested nasty routine sketchy unceremonious unpleasant uncritical shallow haphazard random half-baked sloppy depthless harsh disagreeable crude hit or miss brutal rude brusque shocking unpredicted unforgiving animate peppy airy frisky pizazzy jazzy bouncing mettlesome vital pert racy gay jaunty springy perky kinetic sparky pizzazzy whopping excellent wonderful outstanding marvelous remarkable fresh striking exceptional magnificent marvellous new


Relating to the current period of time
up-to-the-minute modern current contemporary new modernistic newfangled latest hot mod ultramodern designer recent topical now present contemporaneous extant today voguish existent contempo abreast up up-to-date present-day state-of-the-art new-fashioned space-age red-hot new age leading-edge just out in fashion in vogue with it au courant a la mode hot off press coeval concurrent coincident synchronous coexistent simultaneous coexisting coincidental coetaneous coterminous coextensive synchronic latter-day existing latter present-time twenty-first-century ongoing newest trendsetting fashionable immediate modish trendy cool begun nowadays commenced already being started up to date prompt up to the minute in duration just now going on ad hoc at this moment even now for the time being in process under consideration stylish chic in happening smart fresh hip popular fly all the rage tony natty snazzy sharp kicky swank avant-garde elegant big spiffy sassy advanced snappy swish in style swanky dashing faddy cutting-edge chichi in-thing kicking groovy supercool exclusive ultra-modern bang up to date swinging swell futuristic du jour progressive on fleek classy nifty faddish prevailing upscale with-it in thing favored neoteric favoured funky schmick culty latest thing last word rakish all the go high-tech trig well-liked sophisticated a go-go usual genteel novel customary flash popularized de rigueur revolutionary dapper innovatory popularised vogue crowd-pleasing posh late hi-tech innovative forward-looking swagger cutting edge brand-new prevalent dressy large pop favorite debonair hep turned-on def favourite modern-day trailblazing le dernier cri leading edge highly developed radical à la mode hot off the press glamorous ritzy high-class high-toned massive trim attractive tasteful downtown modernized automated ultra modern modernised leading groundbreaking pioneering avant newly discovered recently developed hot off the fire in the mainstream updated nouvelle sexy styleworthy young spruce sought-after high-fashion understated flattering in favour fancy relevant the new forward well dressed timely in demand the latest well turned out cosmopolitan newborn brand new alive ground-breaking breakthrough gnarly down just released complex dap of late live plugged-in in favor high-end as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox never-before-seen well turned-out in the news de nos jours ahead of its time hottest well-heeled expensive fashion-conscious party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest hippest appealing impressive gimmicky last-word good crisp way-out bleeding edge on trend desired passing forefront SOTA exciting bang up-to-date well groomed celebrated last-ditch twenty-first century surrealistic high-style nontraditional well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean smartly dressed fine flashy polished just issued living actual unique bling big thing fancy-pants go-ahead common knowledge on front burner burning besuited legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable highly-developed the newest high-level 21st-century landmark future urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy neat craze fad chi-chi fashionably dressed dressed to the teeth dressed to kill quite recent stylin' occurring recently appearing recently just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished on the cutting edge in the latest style dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad in with it new look widespread commercially successful successful rage in good taste with style awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware concomitant switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on in the know tuned in up on in on wise to hip to newsworthy balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult Age of Aquarius crystal healing alternative higher developed foremost evolved prime ahead intricate supreme twenty- first century excellent forward-thinking complicated paramount elaborate improved ahead of the times far ahead well along pre-eminent far along well ahead extreme precocious ingenious exceptional refined principal vital pressing important buzzworthy subjective interesting nominal thematic most recent


Of or pertaining to the near or immediate future
short-term temporary brief momentary passing provisional impermanent interim transient transitory fleeting ephemeral acting evanescent short fugacious fugitive stopgap provisory makeshift substitute provisionary volatile limited alternate temp perishable unstable shifting changeable unfixed overnight slapdash summary mortal supply immediate short-lived make-do ad interim pro tem ad hoc pro tempore band-aid short-range for the time being fill-in caretaker flash quick flitting fading stand-in cursory deciduous flying fly-by-night transitional reserve fast deputy surrogate little here today and gone tomorrow meteoric pinch-hitting intervening emergency swift impromptu improvised temporal second-string hasty rapid changeover expediential replacement rough and ready working rushed assistant mutable jury-rigged proxy short and sweet lightning relief wee abrupt rough-and-ready non-permanent adoptive unenduring acute hurried vanishing perfunctory instantaneous curtailed sudden foster flash in the pan tactical small helping representative supporting conditional contingent subordinate depute fly by night holding succinct infinitesimal in-between present pop-up elusive devised rigged jury episodic tenuous adjutant delegated short-lasting short and sharp not permanent inconstant expedient rough-and-tumble practical throwaway flashing quickie cobbled together thrown together of short duration gone in a heartbeat over in a heartbeat short-haul short-run whirlwind prompt here today, gone tomorrow in wink of an eye gone in flash thrown-together moving vacating insubstantial migrating transmigratory emigrating flighty backup supernumerary standby fall-back supplemental tentative ancillary second supplementary additional auxiliary extra alternative substitutive locum going by superficial speedy desultory breakneck casual rash brisk precipitate careless incidental fleet headlong precipitous drive-by whistle-stop offhand expeditious unthinking uninterested sketchy hurrying inattentive mechanical token accelerated fast-track overhasty gadarene slight glancing rathe shallow helter-skelter half-hearted impulsive pell-mell snappy haphazard zippy hot breathless nippy splitting dizzy rattling blistering galloping fleet-footed rapid-fire spectacular erratic brilliant dazzling spasmodic dreamlike double time mushrooming like lightning dramatic impressive irresponsible here-today-gone-tomorrow unfussy purposeless hurricane impetuous cyclonic tumultuous very fast tornado hit-or-miss indifferent unconcerned surface-level lackadaisical disinterested insensible apathetic pococurante uncurious complacent insouciant nonchalant negligent routine automatic incurious slovenly dismissive slipshod wooden heedless uncritical random half-baked sloppy depthless cool impatient fiery urgent phoning it in walking through it laid-back hit or miss pronto agile harefooted eager thoughtless slambang quickened going through the motions chop-chop on the double


Certain to be or do something
destined fated certain foreordained ordained bound doomed meant predestined preordained predetermined assured designed foredoomed guaranteed intended sure brewing closed coming compelled compulsory condemned directed forthcoming impending ineluctable inescapable inevitable inexorable looming menacing near overhanging predesigned sealed settled stated threatening unavoidable very likely in the wind nailed on at hand hanging over in prospect in store in the air to come in the cards que sera sera that will be written in the cards that is to be way the ball bounces expected imminent ineludible unescapable anticipated planned unpreventable necessary required sure to happen bound to happen in the bag set predictable proposed calculated scheduled determined prospective future prearranged pre-elected fixed predicted ineliminable in the offing slated envisioned advised automatic mandatory natural undeniable impreventable unalterable promised projected due clear inevasible targeted arranged to be anticipated to be expected hoped-for asked for pinned counted on wished-for determinist foreseen deterministic prophesied prophesized predestinated prejudged meant to be obvious patent manifest appointed returnless infallible inerrant mapped out in advance definite trusted out of one's hands all sewn up doubtless nailed-on decided by fate in the stars next likely to be assured of doing something approaching ultimate nearing upcoming up and coming oncoming just around the corner in the course of time advancing pending close awaited proximate unfolding in preparation close at hand resulting on us supplied on the horizon on the way about to happen in the pipeline on the cards purposed foreseeable decreed reliable obligatory fateful prescribed unfailing decided irrevocable effective binding dependable irresistible agreed without recourse all locked up for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen open and shut preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded established in advance premeditated foredestined arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand deliberate


A precise moment of time
moment time hour point juncture minute phase second stage occasion moment in time point in time period date stretch chapter duration day step age interval era patch generation epoch term days span bout run space years spell interim session cycle times course stint timeline eon while season timespan aeon extent episode measure millennium interlude century time span time period time interval time frame point in history length of time interval of time period of time amount of time shift length life continuance lifetime turn tour tenure round spot continuation prolongation standing bit incumbency life span o'clock period of office go term of office hitch reign timescale perpetuation time scale 60 minutes quarter tour of duty page continuity sequence snap passage snatch swing fullness administration flow watch occupancy regime occupation tenancy year dynasty endurance full length tide duty task job longevity active life functioning period period of usefulness period in office period of effectiveness time in office fit yearhundred event incident world clause inch slot leg history lapse of time part decade milestone passing origin stage of development piece sweep lapse process half inning validity chronology time of life turnaround stretch of time age group advance zero hour go around march onrush stage of life share working time procession elapsing progress movement transit vintage quota assignment consignment work participation chore scheduled time work period semester time of origin spell of work opportunity autumn active period spring division summer fall winter clutch grasp ownership hold proprietorship clasp clamp clinch grip possession residence clench holding security existence career time of year life expectancy period of validity period of efficacy


A temporary break in an activity
breath breather break pause interruption lull recess rest blow moment respite second ten breathing space interval stop cessation suspension intermission interlude halt hiatus downtime time out coffee break let-up discontinuation breathing spell layoff letup discontinuance interregnum relief breathing room stoppage adjournment caesura standstill moratorium lacuna time-out pausation comma abeyance slack break-off cutoff entr'acte deadlock happy hour stopping halting termination ceasing holiday vacation breaking off tranquillity tranquility quiescence leave closure hols space smoko schoolie sit-down tea break lunch break temporary closure time off relaxation temporary cessation of business day off cessation of business repose short respite recovery time breathing time release forgiveness exculpation immunity leisure deliverance discharge five pardon ease truce acquittal protraction time stay delay gap hesitation wait lapse check stopover hold-up beat freeze hush silence lapse of time stillness stand gridlock interim hitch break off rest period awkward moment discontinuity arrest postponement deferment deferral remission surcease ending spell interstice shelving rescheduling parenthesis hiccup hiccough end latency finish tabling disruption abeyancy conclusion logjam dormancy putting off impasse put-off close reprieve layover putting back shutdown suspense doldrums expiration arrestment stalemate prorogation continuation closedown standoff intermezzo lag shutoff lessening stop-off holdup time lag slackening cease Mexican standoff holding pattern period dead end closing offset peace meanwhile meantime abatement breach grinding halt screaming halt block full stop dead stop spare time free time dissolution armistice sabbatical disconnection hindrance impediment term obstruction obstacle span pigeonholing quiescency grace rift mothballing checkmate procrastination break in your journey split freedom cut-off liberty desistance deferring vacay draw screeching halt hold sojourn visit holding detention holdback deep freeze hole cold storage suspended animation retardation stand-off catch-22 blockage rain check intervening time pause in the action time wasted period of waiting virgule finishing pausing abandonment breakdown breakoff time warp lagging time gap interspace episode disturbance winter winding up cutting short furlough leave of absence sick leave embargo season idyll tie stretch half-time limbo ban prohibition extension intrusion severance quiet calm short break slowness playtime while disbandment dissolving withdrawal passage time away course intervening period rupture division disuniting blackout separation calmness spell of inactivity carrying over passing take ten between-time shore leave mental health day quietness grace period dead heat let up temporary cessation inaction occlusion completion culmination finale wrap-up winding-up wind-up end of the line disjointedness disconnectedness taking five knocking off suspension of proceedings brick wall roadblock peacefulness time to burn time to kill incoherence time on one's hands end of the road wall reduction continuance disunion communication breakdown rearrangement easing decrease inactivity setback unemployment retirement desisting remaining terminating deterring lack of unity cutout lack of coherence diminution moderation stall scope convenience requiescence range ceasefire treaty hangup detainment dwindling waning decompression encumbrance curb inhibition retardment détente jam retard fetter interference snag time to spare R & R R and R spare moment ebb ebbing bind ado trammel problem filibuster cease-fire waiting period cooling-off period tie-up showstopper alleviation amelioration wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente dying down cutback cessation of hostilities opening olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities aperture gulf cavity crack cranny fissure breadth void crevasse compass slot headway amplitude flaw


In a prompt manner
straight off immediately instantly promptly directly instantaneously forthwith now pronto straightaway straightway instanter presently right incontinently quickly plumb headlong bang PDQ speedily shortly dead anon due contiguously at once right away right now right off on the spot on the double in no time on a dime off the bat first off in a second direct there and then without any delay this minute straight without more ado without delay straight away posthaste post-haste in a flash rapidly without hesitation fast before you can say Jack Robinson soon in double quick time unhesitatingly swiftly this instant as soon as possible lickety-split in a jiffy tout de suite toot sweet expeditiously in an instant this very minute double quick momentarily hastily without further ado that instant that minute summarily in a trice here and now in less than no time with all speed early quick snappily fleetly like a shot then and there in two shakes in short order that very minute in a moment in no time at all in nothing flat in the twinkling of an eye before you can say knife forthright chop-chop double-quick ekdam hurriedly apace like a flash in a tick before you know it presto briskly quick as lightning in a minute hotfoot suddenly by and by in a hurry punctually in two ticks in a mo as quickly as possible very soon very quickly seasonably at warp speed like greased lightning in two shakes of a lamb's tail like now in the blink of an eye first within a short time on time abruptly urgently spontaneously ASAP in a little while before long on the instant flat-out as fast as possible double-time in the wink of an eye like an arrow from a bow in a snap at the speed of light without a second thought in a sec in a fraction of a second like lightning by return in a very short time in a blink in a bit outright meteorically precipitately at the double plump sooner right off the bat from the word go pretty soon by when in the same breath in the bat of an eye hereupon thereupon right at this time at this moment in time in a jiff any moment now any second now soon afterward now or never at short notice on the nail on the dot in a New York minute before the ink is dry on the page in a short time in due time before one can say knife in the near future this day at this point at this moment at this point in time at this juncture away quick as a flash quick as anything quick as a fox in a split second at a stroke in a wink all of a sudden swift sharp heedlessly nippily agilely nimbly subito unpremeditatedly hot at full tilt at a rate of knots like the clappers like the deuce on spur of the moment a mile a minute hell-for-leather like a whirlwind like a bat out of hell at high speed at a run like a bomb like mad like the wind at full speed hell for leather like billy-o with all possible haste full tilt at breakneck speed like a scalded cat like crazy like blazes at a gallop too quickly with little delay

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