Đồng nghĩa của gridlock

Alternative for gridlock

  • danh từ
    • (từ Mỹ, nghĩa Mỹ) xem snarl-up


A situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made
deadlock halt impasse stalemate standstill logjam standoff backup barrier blockage bottleneck clog congestion holdup jam Mexican standoff obstacle snarl snarl-up stoppage tailback full stop sig alert traffic jam obstruction tie-up hold-up stop jam-up pause arrest cessation delay check queue dead end interruption discontinuance stand-off cutoff stand layoff checkmate draw stay block close closure shutdown rest roadblock rush hour stopping dead heat downtime abeyance hitch line restricted access end tie break interval discontinuation wait respite suspension wash blocking intermission lapse interlude breather catch-22 hiatus constriction dead stop stopover breathing space letup freeze time out break-off traffic congestion file sit-down occlusion snafu walkout lockout hindrance down deduction immobilization buildup traffic blind alley fly-half stream chain wall immobilisation restriction peak hour heavy traffic road rage level toss-up lull end of the road gap hesitation backlog collision showdown even game photo finish drawn battle even money caesura interregnum let-up traffic snarl log jam moratorium recess breath adjournment hole cross-purposes beat entr'acte inaction break off hush silence lapse of time pausation lacuna happy hour stillness comma interim rest period awkward moment breathing spell coffee break overcrowding crowding communication breakdown clogging mass termination finish ending stuffing choking plugging conclusion cease expiration arrestment crowdedness press rubber-necking overdevelopment mobbing profusion excess surplus jamming overpopulation cramming surfeit surcease closedown shutoff offset screeching halt grinding halt screaming halt closing desistance disruption finale halting discontinuity completion wind-up wrap-up culmination ceasing time-out breaking off windup finis remission spell denouement consummation period endgame finishing breakdown homestretch capper winding up cut-off grand finale end of the line mop-up hiccup interstice parenthesis hiccough resolution quiescence doldrums latency dormancy expiry abeyancy reprieve dissolution layover smoko result cutting short terminus payoff time off postponement embargo abandonment deferment severance failure separation concluding blackout deferral suspense five disconnection climax winding-up holiday vacation leave time intermezzo truce desuetude epilogue wrap coda peroration stop-off ten epilog execution outcome fulfilment accomplishment achievement curtains curtain slack issue consequence fulfillment breakup break in your journey limit fix withdrawal suppression disjunction curtailment hold inhibition pausing alternation disturbance quiescency staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling intrusion impediment disbarment disbandment winter vacay cloture folding complete stop brick wall lessening slackening episode discontinuing shutting outro eventuality blow rupture division rift split disuniting breach short break hols shutting down closing down bitter end meanwhile idyll meantime cancellation schoolie determination retirement cesser abortion final thoughts upshot realization realisation temporary cessation of business day off temporary closure cessation of business cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect omega perfection desisting remaining terminating deterring holding lunch break disjointedness tea break disconnectedness sojourn visit cut-off point end result closing stages bottom line last word final word sign-off last part finalization incoherence stagnation inactivity fruition pause in the action repose dénouement death disunion breathing room freedom liquidation finalisation ban prohibition pigeonholing shelving rescheduling lack of unity cutout lack of coherence last stage last final part final stage sewing up final act paralysis polishing off armistice spare time free time prorogation tabling mothballing run-in time to burn time to kill time on your hands deep freeze holding pattern cold storage suspended animation one's own sweet time goof-off time peace ceasefire treaty grace period carrying over détente putting back putting off cease-fire staging post port of call half-way house wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities


A thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone
hindrance impediment obstacle obstruction handicap block deterrent hurdle encumbrance bar snag barrier trammel drawback check difficulty inhibition restriction hitch restraint stop limitation fetter drag curb cramp crimp manacle holdback interference chain complication catch baulk balk clog shackles hiccup embarrassment inconvenience let stoppage setback burden hazard delay cumber brake prevention glitch interruption millstone facer impedance albatross hampering joker baggage cumbrance lock intervention sabotage stumbling block catch-22 fly in the ointment spanner in the works hang-up jam-up monkey wrench ball and chain monkey wrench in the works excess baggage foot dragging deal-breaker problem hardship blockade disadvantage preventive barricade bump blockage uphill hamper disincentive rub sticking point mountain to climb booby trap wait detainment detention binding jam fetters leash hold limit confinement bottleneck snafu trouble holding pattern holdup clogging traffic jam immobilisation immobilization minus disbenefit downside nuisance weakness shortcoming pitfall liability negative flaw defect issue fault debit strike incommodity weak spot weak point imperfection deficiency detriment failing ill lack discouragement downfall cross disability constraint misfortune deadweight consequence weary load bad saddle debt duty guilt gotcha penalty negative aspect gimmick flip side other side of the coin pickle privation affliction impairment bug puzzler afterdeal con hangup knot scrape spot thorn in one's side monkey on back land mine tight spot unseen problem the rub adversity impasse upset blow blunder defeat slip knock bummer mishap reversal inefficacy error involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance contract damage Achilles heel mortgage arrear jinx tab possibility IOU due contingency remainder account miscalculation mischance mistake disappointment bafflement whammy cross to bear damper body blow hold-up evil bad news disaster area bitter pill one in the eye piece of bad luck kick in the teeth stroke of bad luck knock-back bit of trouble reversal of fortune millstone round one's neck


To prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
prohibit forbid ban outlaw interdict proscribe bar disallow veto enjoin embargo restrain taboo criminalise criminalize debar block cool cork exclude forfend freeze halt inhibit kill make illegal nix rule out spike stymie zing bottle up box in hang up hold up jam up lock up pass on place an embargo on put down shut out tie up keep lid on put chill on bring to screeching halt put a lock on put a stopper in put half nelson on throw cold water on pour cold water on prevent stop preclude obstruct impede hinder reject check restrict thwart deny put a stop to forestall blackball boycott refuse ward off counteract dismiss put an end to obviate foil avert defeat curb nullify avoid estop baulk arrest circumvent stave off except balk disqualify banish frustrate ostracize oppose counter eliminate hold back head off derail black steer clear of suspend quash ostracise repudiate suppress withhold disapprove throw out repress retard turn down scupper deter count out put the kibosh on negate give the thumbs down to limit blacklist cancel rebuff evade stonewall spoil freeze out close out hamper sidestep crimp skirt trammel pass by stall give the red light to defend against invalidate nip in the bud interrupt disentitle decline cramp negative declare ineligible circumnavigate scotch bate expel spurn fetter bypass interfere with ruin put paid to pass up say no to ward stand in the way of neutralize leave out do for hold off fend off neutralise knock back overrule censor disenable declare illegal let destroy overturn forbid to censure squash deprive disable keep out discount omit get out of set aside beat ignore dash escape wreck ice out cut disregard cease crush reprobate declare null and void pass discountenance discourage baffle lock out intercept refrain from revoke shoot down shun miss out cut out stifle snub stump outwit hobble put an embargo on turn aside thumbs down pass over help skip annul chill put a brake on stay away from abstain from put the lid on give something a miss leave off keep from leave out in the cold anticipate condemn give the red light sentence doom plug repulse discard begrudge disfellowship overthrow outvote declare taboo abolish recant keep at bay stave keep off dam declare incapable redlight disappoint shut down say no vote against refuse admission to refuse entrance to give the cold shoulder to give the brush-off to unfit place injunction on place an injunction on penalise penalize consider undesirable hit list refuse to employ put on hit list quit discontinue not consider close one's doors to forget about disown countermand reverse down rule against deselect put the chill on stopper make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible disclaim disavow abjure not grant throw over balk at give thumbs down to deflect disrupt confront snooker incapacitate stay keep burn dissent discomfit cripple hamstring checkmate make something punishable throw disacknowledge put the stopper on ditch take wind out of take down upset crash juke unsettle crool foul up banjax damp end extinguish disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair paralyse weaken illegalize override curse exile cramp one's style dash one's hope render null and void overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer give the run around throw away refuse permission to save pre-empt quell cut off make impracticable put off declare something a punishable offence give thumbs down not go for keep back disadvise scare divert dampen smash shatter constrain close down close up officially forbid give the thumbs down turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket put a damper on shackle bridle slow shut off drop queer dish shut out of strike encumber clog manacle hog-tie handcuff slow down dissuade short-circuit smother handicap embarrass dodge miss withhold patronage rein in be the end of bring to an end sweep aside turn your back on brush off hold aloof from give a wide berth to cold-shoulder have nothing to do with impose sanctions wash your hands of refuse to take part in faze bit reduce sandbag not make the cut withhold from desist from stay away forbear deny oneself give up make up for shake off restrain from counterbalance break the habit of withstand skip out on do without shake shy from kick get around steer clear forgo shrink from abstain renounce desist eschew shirk forbear from resist disbar remove oust bounce put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in throw a spanner in the works of hold down elide eject evict pretermit overpass overleap deny access to sideline disclude occlude not bother dispense with let something slide take out cast aside fail to include slight fail to mention skip over factor out not count refuse to admit put out send to Coventry refuse admittance prevent from entering drive out force out get rid of shut the door on drum out kick out cast out boot out discharge turf out excommunicate turn out send packing delete out rout chase slang deport erase run off give someone the boot cashier cross out push out thrust out expulse give someone the push give the cold shoulder give the bum's rush show the door relegate efface excise expunge blank obliterate scrub scrap blue-pencil displace strike out take back rub out lay off retract block out chuck out expatriate ink out throw out on your ear overlook rusticate rub withdraw scratch rescind isolate dele edit recall transport coldshoulder sack repeal blot out edit out dispossess renege fling out purge backpedal dislodge forswear cut dead drive off bin off abnegate score out keep at arm's length x out stroke out wipe out white out drive away give the elbow let go do away with back out of give someone the bullet black out call off put a line through hand someone the frozen mitt not buy give someone the big E squeeze out give someone the air give someone their marching orders attaint foreclose exempt inveigh unchurch waive denounce anathematize prohibit from entering takfir weed out downgrade demote deny admittance to put a price on someone's head deny entry give the gate defenestrate mark off sling out leave in the cold fordrive bust fire heave out leave out of account repatriate extradite not include ask to leave extrude extradict sequester forget slur give the hook give walking papers show you the door axe break can cover chase away send away conceal hide mask see the back of ax give the sack to give someone their P45 unloose force to leave give the chop bump give the heave-ho irrupt dump throw overboard give the old heave-ho toss kiss goodbye send off throw someone out on their ear give someone their cards show the gate to veil shroud seclude break off carve extirpate usurp break up knock off exsect sever marginalize extract give over close blockade screen beleaguer void abrogate unsay null contradict undo call abandon vacate abort unpublish eradicate gainsay marginalise take away disannul make void dismantle lift counterorder render invalid press out express gouge out cry off call back refute desert jilt scorn strike down declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil stamp out roll back root out sweep away X out snuff out score trim X-out snip scratch out bleep decontaminate terminate squelch sterilize sanitize clean fence off disdain repel forsake foreswear despise unfollow unfriend rebut disprove shed subtract give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at break with swear off pack up kick in the teeth pack in have nothing more to do with sanitise sterilise explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit challenge renege on back down reel in have change of heart retrograde welsh fall back retreat take in back off eat your words recede forget it apologise nig go back on change one's tune back out do a U-turn on change mind apologize retrocede draw back row back on withcall backtrack on do an about-turn on declare untrue controvert disconfirm dissent from clean up Tippex out disagree with confute contravene disbelieve shoot full of holes withsay take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way sacrifice bundle off remove by force pack off give the 1-2-3

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