Đồng nghĩa của ice out


To rebuff, ignore, or spurn (someone) disdainfully
snub slight cut humiliate cold-shoulder insult rebuff affront disdain scorn stiff stiff-arm ignore repulse spurn blank brush off high-hat humble mortify shame misprize put down scout treat disrespectfully boycott burr censure chill coldshoulder cool cut dead disregard duck freeze out ice neglect offend ostracise ostracize rebuke scold scratch shun slur snob swank upstage knock back act cool give someone the brush-off give the cold shoulder pass up take no notice of give someone the go-by give the brush give the brushoff kick in the teeth look coldly upon give someone a slap in the face put the chill on not give time of day keep at arm's length look right through someone look through reject avoid send to Coventry exclude repudiate refuse steer clear of blacklist blackball shut out snout turn down dismiss decline have nothing to do with repel turn back on debar cut someone cold veto give a wide berth to look past give the cold shoulder to turn your back on bar tell someone where to get off ban keep away from embargo expel disallow jilt leave out in the cold evade discourage resist give the bum's rush hand someone the frozen mitt ward off hold off keep at bay eschew bilk fight shy of shy away from recoil from leave alone stave off beat off vote against keep clear of desert discount keep at a distance disfellowship keep one's distance from excommunicate stay away from shrink from fend off forsake black cut off proscribe banish disown prohibit look straight through outlaw scoff at cast aside balk at place an embargo on brush aside fight off avert keep away rebut deflect deter reluct dodge elude shirk pooh-pooh drive away contemn straight-arm hide from give a pain preclude pretend not to see be exclusive of not be inclusive of other not include sneer at abandon turn aside keep off parry drive back hold at bay sneeze at treat with contempt turn your nose up at look down on hold in contempt rule out deprecate denigrate diminish deny check refuse to employ thumbs down consider undesirable put an embargo on hit list put on hit list disparage discredit interdict make unwelcome disclaim discard turn up one's nose refuse to entertain ditch leave in the cold strike oppose reprove chide cross withhold patronage remove oust abstain from stay clear of tell someone to get lost pass by impose sanctions wash your hands of hold aloof from refrain from refuse to take part in put off push back send away tell off stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from leave behind put behind you sweep aside not touch give a wide berth have no part of shy from nix down negative kill evict cashier drum out not hear of lash out at body-swerve shake off palm off throw out put in one's place renounce drop abjure abnegate unfollow unfriend despise burn get rid of force out shoot down cast out keep out leave off give someone the big E give someone the air not buy break with have nothing more to do with bin off give someone the push swear off give the elbow


To prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
ban forbid prohibit bar proscribe outlaw veto disallow block interdict debar enjoin suppress black restrict banish boycott embargo exclude prevent stop blackball criminalise criminalize disqualify preclude restrain curse halt illegalize inhibit make illegal declare ineligible close down close up declare illegal officially forbid pass by pass up place an embargo on put an end to put a stop to blacklist reject cut off avoid shun snub spurn ostracise refuse ostracize strike withhold patronage shut out abstain from refrain from stay away from turn your back on cold-shoulder brush off have nothing to do with steer clear of impose sanctions hold aloof from refuse to take part in wash your hands of give a wide berth to rule out taboo deny nix obstruct repudiate expel close out dismiss kill eliminate except throw out suspend hinder check keep out deprive estop cancel disfellowship forfend exile pass on put down freeze out impede count out give the thumbs down to remove oust limit disentitle overrule negative invalidate quash censor freeze spike stymie vote against censure down squash zing turn down hold up lock up obviate forestall say no to forbid to shoot down declare null and void give the red light to bate lock out put the kibosh on thumbs down deny entry refuse entrance to leave out in the cold put an embargo on give the cold shoulder to condemn curb interrupt foreclose sentence doom destroy let counteract unchurch eject denounce ignore evict cashier drum out anathematize felonize misdemeanorize takfir consider undesirable get rid of force out place injunction on place an injunction on refuse to employ hit list unfit cast out excommunicate penalise deny admittance to penalize nullify rule against put on hit list refuse admission to pass cut negate dissent decline defeat disapprove discountenance burn incapacitate disable give the cold shoulder make something punishable gridlock cool cork thwart throw away refuse permission to stand in the way of disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken disenable paralyse disown overturn countermand rebuff reverse oppose withhold override circumvent give thumbs down not go for discard discount disclaim abjure disavow declare something a punishable offence declare taboo bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up throw set aside disacknowledge shut down say no keep lid on put chill on avert abolish revoke recant shut off bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on stave off leave out put paid to ward off close one's doors to not consider deter forget about keep back shut out of put the chill on pour cold water on not make the cut

Trái nghĩa của ice out

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