Đồng nghĩa của abort

Alternative for abort

abort /ə'bɔ:t/
  • nội động từ
    • sẩy thai; đẻ non ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • (sinh vật học) không phát triển, thui
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm sẩy thai, phá thai


    Bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault
    halt arrest check end stop terminate scrub ax axe call off cease discontinue finish nullify abandon bring call cancel drop recall repeal rescind revoke scrap suspend desist cry off interrupt pull up quit scratch cut short pack in break off cut off lay off stop midstream call a halt call it quits knock it off pull the plug on abolish give up put an end to withdraw postpone cut leave off forget about nix do away with wind up ditch bring to an end put a stop to shelve break up dispense with eliminate mothball turf conclude throw out call a halt to close waive take away give something the chop complete dissolve expire relinquish elapse break can lapse put off annul belay pass determine knock something on the head close out dead-end wrap up nip in the bud wrap ultimate round out round off chuck in wink out let up wind down cut out desist from put on ice knock off shut off give over pack up get rid of bring to a halt kill withcall phase out refrain from intermit discard jettison forget junk dump erase delete resolve sunder settle consummate crown call it a day pull the plug sew up get shut of wind something up get done pack it in end up get shot of put the lid on switch off put paid to top off nip something in the bud shut down finish off dispose of hinder block prevent thwart stymie put the kibosh on anticipate forgo kick shun forsake remit ignore forfeit jilt divorce shake sacrifice part from turn your back on wipe out have done with part with resign from lay off of break with withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from write off finish with dust off die go adjourn extinguish prorogue prorogate recess bring to a conclusion bring to a close run out bring to an untimely end come to an end


    To carry out or undergo the abortion of (a fetus)
    fail terminate collapse miscarry end founder flop be frustrated break down fall through come to a halt fizzle out go wrong not succeed come to grief misfire come to nothing be unsuccessful fall flat come to naught lack success miss the mark run aground backfire be defeated suffer defeat not come up to scratch be in vain go astray meet with disaster bomb fold come a cropper bite the dust go down like a lead balloon go awry flatline flunk flounder fizzle crater flame out yield give buckle crumple tank fall cave in come unstuck die miss blunder underperform underachieve disappoint fluff strike out go down be found wanting screw up wash out not pass muster go belly-up be found deficient nose-dive fade away fall short peter out be found lacking go broke go bankrupt fail to happen miss the target grind to a halt not come off bungle dissatisfy fall short of bring to naught not show fall short of expectations fall down wane dissolve vanish disappear flummox lose slip fail miserably sink without trace go out of business blow it bomb out fall flat on your face turn out badly be ruined not pass lay an egg go pear-shaped be rejected hit rock bottom blow up in someone's face go up in smoke go by the board go downhill not make the grade fall by the wayside be demoted not come up to the mark miss the boat hit the skids end in defeat be a fiasco end in disappointment die out come to an end stop halt break crash stall cease to function run down conk out stop functioning cut out stop working fade out lose power seize up give out go phut go kaput pack up give up the ghost tumble implode go wreck plunge submerse wallow go out go under be lost go to bottom decline drop go to the wall go belly up close bust plummet languish go bump do badly go bust foul up trip up drop out slip up go to pieces come apart at the seams mismanage fall apart self-destruct meet with failure go over like a lead balloon plough flag plow bellyflop free-fall not work lose money go on the rocks be a disappointment be a disaster come apart come to a sticky end come to a bad end pauperize pauper impoverish boomerang rebound abate decrease degenerate deteriorate diminish weaken wither dwindle have an adverse effect spring back be counterproductive be self-defeating ricochet recoil not go as planned backlash have unwelcome repercussions for bounce back redound on cause one to be hoist with one's own petard come back be deficient fall away die down drop off default finish go amiss be wanting retire be insufficient topple slump die away be lacking be inadequate not come to ripeness perish cease trading close down be shut be liquidated shut down be closed belly up fold up give up cease production lose big become insolvent shrivel up be in arrears be closed down go into receivership lose one's shirt close one's doors be wound up be shut down drop a bundle be cleaned out be taken to the cleaners go into chapter 11 be in the hands of the receivers go into liquidation


    To let someone down by abandoning or neglecting them
    fail abandon desert forsake leave betray disregard neglect depart ditch reject discard relinquish discount jettison dump ignore repeal forget renounce abdicate disclaim quit jilt disown flee revoke screw disavow drop maroon escape rescind abscond from abstain from bail on break with cheat on disappear from escape from flee from fly from refrain from retire from withdraw from back out on be disloyal to be gone from be unfaithful to break up with do away with go away from run away from run out on set out from take oneself off from turn your back on walk out on disillusion disappoint fail to support disenchant leave stranded fall short of expectation let someone down stab in the back leave in the lurch leave high and dry give up cast off cast aside strand bin off throw over leave behind repudiate chuck give someone the push stop give someone the big E forgo desist from surrender pack in give the elbow turn one's back on let go of kiss goodbye cut out cease discontinue swear off kick yield lay off shun leave off have done with dispense with cut loose leave hanging hang out to dry sacrifice cut off forswear forbear from vacate exit end knock off resign from waive cede halt resign scrap axe withdraw scrub depart from leave flat can forbear abjure orphan take off from brush off ax part with wash your hands of pull out of break off with back out of drop out walk away from give someone the air divorce oneself from end relations with take the oath walk away blow off clear out from bail out on wash hands of have nothing more to do with rat on run away leave someone in the lurch stand down from jack in give something up wash one's hands of take your leave of change one's tune drift away spurn show the door bereave deny evacuate leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless give notice to kiss off disallow forego hand over set aside bail gainsay disinherit refute negate retract negative rebut contradict disaffirm disconfirm pass on skip lay down deliver turn over render bail from say goodbye to get out of finish move from bow out of walk out of be done with drop out of step aside from exit from absent oneself from run along from check out from call it quits junk cancel abnegate terminate beach empty give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop dispose of bail out opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk bow out split from stop having renege on stop using cut off without a penny refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize send packing disacknowledge break deny yourself restrain from eschew do without suspend resist go without pass up scratch shelve back down take the pledge kiss good-bye opt out sign away cast cough up let pass stand down turn down shed lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in drop like hot potato remit interrupt forfeit move out from move out of bail out from head out from slip out decamp make vacant make empty clear from walk out hightail eject from run off from clear pull out from break off divorce lay off of cry off throw up eighty-six shut off finish with dust off part from wipe out call off shake write off break up give over forget about pack up withhold from not touch stay away from steer clear of leave out get off keep off call a halt to avoid desist skip out on rein in shy from hold off


    To put an end to, especially formally
    cancel annul rescind nullify repeal invalidate void abolish abrogate quash revoke countermand negate null retract vacate disannul discharge dissolve overrule overthrow remit break override recall recant withdraw abate eliminate extinguish obviate redline refute repudiate retire avoid belay countercheck counterpoise discard ignore redress suppress take back turf declare invalid render null and void roll back declare null and void do away with render invalid strike down render inert put an end to rule out set aside go back on one's word wipe slate clean call off scrub scrap abandon drop cry off call reverse dismiss lift abjure dismantle forswear call back renege erase disclaim renounce remove nix deny obliterate counterorder make void backpedal disown expunge kill wipe out rub out back out of take out veto disqualify suspend withcall unsay excuse oneself back out beg off pull out call in cop out crap out wimp out get cold feet efface cut omit purge delete undo edit black censor exclude elide dele ink out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through stamp out cross out edit out blot out X out blank out snuff out white out cancel out block out blue pencil cast aside root out black out overturn vitiate annihilate terminate axe ax end neutralize dump neutralise bring to an end ditch discontinue stop disaffirm disestablish backtrack on get rid of X-out offset zap destroy disallow eradicate chop finish subvert rule against trash renege on counteract deracinate torpedo renig make ineffective supersede go back on counterbalance weasel out close down wash out give something the chop knock something on the head declare retreat weaken undermine back-pedal on disregard disobey dishonour backwater forget get off the hook go against unfit impair circumduct dishonor watergate wangle out knock on the head do a U-turn on make null and void pull the plug crawl out of refuse to fulfil blow sky-high render meaningless bottle up cork up shut down hush up put the lid on put damper on countervail rebut exterminate nig scratch confine restrict compensate squash limit junk extirpate shed disband bring to naught call all bets off forget it jettison adjourn cease throw out excise conclude prorogue liquidate dispense with clean up disunite break up wind up inhibit squelch prohibit contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross wreck destruct split up close sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack wind down decimate shatter postpone demolish unmake collapse put kibosh on put the kibosh on put down break with turn down turn thumbs down fly in the face of render void fade out resolve into break off waive reject KO blow knock out finish off do in worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over


    To destroy or disrupt by means of sabotage
    sabotage destroy cripple disrupt wreck damage hamper hinder interrupt ruin spoil smash terminate thwart undermine attack break demolish eradicate nullify subvert dispatch impair stymie dash foil incapacitate quash ravage devastate eliminate end frustrate prevent annul disable mar obliterate threaten upset abolish block quell undo bollix crush decimate extinguish harm kill annihilate obstruct shatter suppress break down break up interfere with mess up intrude on muck up screw up liquidate erase exterminate extirpate butcher slaughter massacre put a stop to wipe out nix waste zap finish off put paid to bring to an end overturn stamp out axe take out rub out wipe off the map finish snuff out wipe off the face of the earth do away with root out wipe from the face of the earth blot out ax overthrow put an end to injure trash deface total disfigure hurt vitiate raze blight compromise pulverize mangle blemish weaken pulverise torpedo desolate desecrate maim nuke wound mutilate tarnish dismantle flaw vaporize endamage crab wrack cream foul up louse up vaporise taint tear down bring down vandalize defile despoil bloody batter vandalise smash up wreak havoc on cross up corrupt sap lacerate diminish defeat blow debase blast ravish dilapidate reduce crash pull down impede put the kibosh on enfeeble bring to ruin wear away scotch scupper overwhelm botch deform corrode shake up pollute level sully play havoc with sink ruinate gut bruise erode make a mess of rough up queer knock down prejudice blot do in take apart blow up blow to bits blow to pieces afflict infect shake cut contaminate impoverish deteriorate debilitate overcome fracture enervate topple poison shock scathe hack scorch flatten traumatize stain abuse maul tear bust unbuild smirch do damage to wrench do for cause detriment to scourge disqualify disfeature blow a hole in put out of action put out of commission bring to naught reduce to rubble crack scratch disintegrate dent ding tweak crack up wrack up traumatise leave in ruins raze to the ground make useless write off dash to pieces reduce to ruins lay in ruins put a damper on spoliate consume emasculate eat away use up whittle molest prang bring about the downfall of destabilize mess spray paint fell gash lay waste to jeopardize fragment neutralize squelch worsen blunt lessen decrease dynamite put at risk cancel out take explode smite bomb bulldoze scar annoy bend detract warp render ineffective depress devitalize shipwreck blow sky-high maraud efface skin crimp have neutralise craze overreach outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outfox abate cramp outsmart offset lame inconvenience wither disassemble balls up crool work against make waves hamstring tear up rend jeopardise detract from destabilise be a blot on the landscape plunder depredate sack pillage disgrace squash unfit devaluate devalue cheapen invalidate maltreat split rot burn dirty knock discolour gnaw wrong rust discolor shrink wipe off map trounce throw down wolf wax tear to pieces beat put in toilet gobble up bleach fade stab lose strength play merry hell with cause injury bang up drive a nail into the coffin of tamper with be detrimental to do harm to run onto the rocks damage beyond repair pile up throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of rain on someone's parade mayhem take the edge off sap the strength of hog-tie dismember gimp castrate truncate throw a monkey wrench into muller cruel euchre bodge dish banjax distort chop crumple deplete mangulate reduce to nothing bring to nothing wreak havoc upon lay waste clean out leave desolate carve slay cut about hash slit twist separate contort mash slice chop up flay tear apart slash nick besmirch handle roughly dump on do mischief to affect trouble impact touch strike perturb influence occur prevail impinge impact on prevail over impinge upon strike down spread to strike at take hold of exert influence on have an effect on have an impact on


    To reduce in extent, duration or quantity
    abbreviate shorten reduce abridge clip contract cut abstract compress condense curtail truncate prune summarise summarize digest crop trim constrict cut down cut short dock elide precis shrink syncopate synopsize telescope edit epitomise epitomize précis restrict cut back encapsulate pare pare down stop short boil down cut off cut out take out get to the meat put in a nutshell decrease outline sum up lessen recap chop diminish summate snip recapitulate brief reprise slash blue pencil concentrate wrap up downsize capsulize retrench narrow give a summary of lop sum limit compact minify consolidate give a precis of give a synopsis of give the main points of inventory capsule sketch lower curb restrain run down get to meat run through check halt slim down rein in hold back mark down give an abstract of give an outline of put in nutshell break off give the gist of tighten skim conflate zip shear top compile give main points expurgate bowdlerize round down capture bowdlerise record express squeeze deflate wither shrivel make smaller make a outline of write a summary of drop make a résumé of give a digest of make shorter inhibit tighten up cramp control dwindle get shorter minimize excerpt minimise take up bob economize economise nutshell moderate shift swing modify play stress accent roll back rein back turn up mark off put the brakes on put a restriction on put a limit on cut to bone describe review put down shave bring down reduce greatly cut to the bone delineate make a long story short draft indicate characterize adumbrate draught characterise give a rundown of give a rough idea of make an outline of skeleton tell about make a summary of go over touch on skeletonize give a quick rundown on give a rough idea lay out give a thumbnail sketch of stop finish end terminate discontinue interrupt suspend freeze quit postpone leave unfinished stop dead bring to an end call a halt put a stop to break short stop in full flow stop cold abate ease de-escalate downscale lighten weaken quell taper attenuate depreciate depress temper scale down deplete ebb decrement mitigate wind down dent alleviate tone down make cutbacks in knock down tail off wane soften decline remove devaluate blunt sink erode subside cut back on dilute impair peter out whittle down axe detach drop off ax make less dial down take the edge off lop off ease off step down deaden salami-slice degrade dampen allay dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down pollard eliminate let up fall off mow taper off chop off hack off take off whittle away phase down make reductions in slump fade settle waste dry up slow down sever cheapen palliate evaporate discount run low die down narrow down damp downgrade nip poll couch cushion stifle mollify devalue mute undervalue detruncate subdue hew excise take down trim back trim down amputate recede skive deduct take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down cut shorter become smaller phase out grow smaller fall away grow less drain quiet decay droop degenerate rebate ration minimalize muffle tame hack scale something down undermine sap soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away slice disempower shelve adjust remit fall saw relent commute plummet plunge cut down on make fewer break retrench on do away with get rid of decapitate cut something short shape neaten demote make weaker peter die out become less die away slacken off keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum tidy up even up ream reduce punishment cut in price lower in price delete confine omit cream cause to fall ease up on bring to a premature end undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale rationalize offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of subtract render worthless shave off file off scrape off bring to an untimely end rationalise disgrade demerit drive down separate budget cut tune down roll down scale back trim away collapse smother suppress cleave relieve still take in lose ground get smaller tranquilize barber calm cool abscise dissever dismember remove surgically disconnect part placate fleece tranquillize tonsure disengage shear off hew off saw off slice off put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on soft-pedal cut away cut into a bob extenuate amortise cast down qualify amortize

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