Đồng nghĩa của cop out


To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner
bypass escape sidestep avoid dodge duck evade shirk shrink from skip skirt round skive abandon backpedal bilk cut decline desert duck-shove excuse funk quit rationalise rationalize renege renounce revoke run away from skive off steer clear of welsh withdraw back down back off back out back out of duck out of get out get out of have alibi pull out of slide out of use pretext weasel out wriggle out of give the slip pass on relay pass the buck elude shake scape finesse weasel out of get around shuffle out of shake off shun cop out of escape from skirt lose circumvent flee eschew body-swerve give the slip to neglect shy from ditch shuck outrun stay shy of slip through the net of run from stay away from fend off fly give the runaround break away from get away from pay no attention to shy leave behind give someone a wide berth slip away from slip turn one's back on find a way out of find a way round give a wide berth to frustrate double get away give somebody the slip throw off the scent be beyond someone slip through the net run around foil outwit thwart slip through someone's fingers miss shuffle off forget let slide not attend scrimshank take fright baulk at chicken out of turn tail recoil from wuss out flinch from leave undone slough off dog lose sight of play truant from cheat bob off bludge be lax about creep not attend to pay little attention to skimp on be remiss about lie down on job parry fence balk baffle lead on a merry chase sneak away baulk escape the clutches of end-run slip out keep distance brush off discount dance around disregard ignore overlook pussyfoot around tergiversate dispense with keep one's distance from be oblivious to turn your back on lay low from pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out shirk from take no notice of pay no heed to go around


To take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to
back down backtrack concede renege submit surrender yield abandon accede acquiesce admit back off back out backpedal baulk balk cancel climb down concede defeat demur fink out give in recant recoil reconsider resign retreat withdraw accept defeat admit defeat back pedal beg off bow out cave in chicken out give ground give up go back on hold back pull back pull out take back wimp out eat humble pie admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement get cold feet fail to honour default on change your mind drop out welsh scratch avoid wiggle out shy from worm out weasel out repudiate throw in the towel blow it off renege on retract call off cry off break break your promise have second thoughts break one's word do an about-face bottle out lose your nerve turn yellow have no stomach for think better of something make concessions funk out give way wuss out bottle it betray back out of rat on backtrack on cop out of scrub abort drop revoke scrap recall repeal rescind call retreat from withdraw from excuse oneself pull out of crap out relent chicken out of get cold feet about do a U-turn come round do an about-turn come around capitulate succumb defer raise the white flag throw in the sponge knuckle under show the white flag eat your words quit bow fall budge lay down your arms cede fold unsay forswear blink reverse row back about-face buckle under renounce abjure disavow disclaim fall victim relinquish abnegate foreswear be overcome eat crow wave the white flag give up the struggle eat one's words agree stop crumble flip-flop retrocede be beaten be overwhelmed lay down one's arms lay down arms do a volte-face cry uncle go back toss it in sing a different song go under change one's mind change put up white flag pack it in double back withcall rethink concur assent approve disown deny be overcome by be conquered by be overwhelmed by indulge apologise dial back think better of hand over have change of heart change one's tune fall back abrogate shift one's ground go into reverse roll over do a U-turn on let go bend change opinion go down countermand lay down decide against deliver recede apologize buckle draw back come to terms turn back annul forget it resign yourself do an about-turn on comply give yourself up call it a day give repossess reclaim bow to something bow to someone give away the store pike on accept throw in your hand fall in line be defeated admit that one is wrong retract one's words give oneself over fold up be conquered suffer defeat cry quits turn over abdicate turn in call it quits kowtow be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee say uncle resign oneself humble oneself surrender to cave turn the tables amend set aside cop-out back-pedal on alter nullify contradict apostatize call back void worm out of forsake go back on one's word proffer leave off lose hand in despair bail out desist cut out tender cease waive present collapse swallow one's words swallow retire move backward back away regress back go backward move backwards turn tail back up drive back drive backwards move back change your decision change one's attitude change one's plans fall to pieces be overthrown by lie down pass into enemy hands be destroyed by fall victim to be defeated by be a casualty to lose one's position to be smitten by be taken by be overthrown pass into the hands of eat dirt be vanquished by be beaten by nig eliminate reel in retrograde exclude take in rule out row back on suspend give oneself up entrust consign leave knuckle forego play dead go along with renig


To express one's opinions in terms which admit of different senses, with intent to deceive
equivocate hedge waffle fence tergiversate fudge prevaricate quibble be evasive dodge evade flannel parry pussyfoot shuffle shilly-shally sidestep waver be ambiguous be non-committal be vague cavil hesitate palter stall temporise temporize vacillate weasel adumbrate con dodge the issue double-talk elude escape eschew evade the issue falsify fib flip-flop jive lie parry questions shuck stonewall tergiverse fudge the issue pussyfoot around shuffle about beat about the bush cover up hem and haw hum and haw mince words run around stall for time straddle the fence avoid the issue beat around the bush beg the question cloud the issue cop a plea duck the issue duck the question give run around pass the buck sit on the fence tell white lie blow hot and cold duck avoid skirt misrepresent fake sidestep the issue shift ground about be noncommittal give the run around hedge one's bets shuffle around mince one's words be indecisive circumvent shirk balk welsh renege flee baulk get around put off tap dance lay low slip out sneak away give the runaround dance around an issue worm one's way out of shift dither deceive ramble gloss over skirt the issue fabricate feint baffle maneuver foil contest outwit manoeuvre play it close to the vest change yo-yo invent distort misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie fight off phony up put on stretch the truth play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away blather blandish blarney beguile change one's mind give a false colour to bypass use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk not pay not give a straight answer to fend off cop out of skirt round beat around bush get out of find a way round be equivocal about beat about the bush about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering fudge and mudge back and fill dance around euphemize tapdance bargain haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade


To leave, flee or escape from a place
bolt leave flee escape abscond retreat fly run split break decamp scarper scram skip disappear hightail skedaddle spring ditch dump bail out run away run off take off beat a retreat beat it clear out cut and run fly the coop hightail it make off make tracks run for it run out on bug out cut loose cut out drop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry opt out take flight walk out on do a bunk leave flat leave in the lurch make a dash for it step on it beat a hasty retreat do a runner leave holding the bag make a break for it make a run for it make oneself scarce run like scared rabbit take a powder take it on the lam take to one's heels vamoose depart clear off leg it head for the hills light out show a clean pair of heels peel out hook it turn tail make a quick exit do a disappearing act skidoo withdraw quit get away retire go get out vanish scoot go through shoot through exit go away skip off push off shove off absent oneself slip away steal away pull out levant make yourself scarce get set out desert break out do a moonlight flit do a fade make a getaway take French leave move sneak away take a hike break free set off flit hit the road go off begone be gone go on the lam vacate get free break loose get off recoil head off walk out scamper bug off buzz off run along evacuate lam part bail get going fall back break out of make your getaway make duck out step along take to your heels back out pack off pike off pack up pike out blow dash scat book go AWOL dart slope off do a vanishing act hustle hurry start out draw back pull back head make your escape absent yourself hotfoot it push on dig out sally forth back off make a escape bog off make one's getaway make a break hit the trail avoid shun shrink evade get lost repair elude remove break camp hotfoot make an exit hasten elope up sticks bound abandon do a Skase sneak off abstract oneself betake oneself career burst out peel off move along back away give ground move back take leave rack off be off move off take yourself off sling your hook check out take your leave move out go like lightning dog it bust strike out have it away absquatulate rush slip get under way pass emerge double clear scurry race make one's escape shoo make quick exit hamba voetsak wriggle out make getaway pull stakes avaunt advance work out of play hooky get away with go scot-free move away take on the lam drop back give way say one's goodbyes make a start naff off on your bike sod off haul off hop the twig pack one's bags get along take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook set forth push along get stuffed be on one's way be on your way nick off bust out draw away pop off hop it be off with you walk off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake take wing get moving hop the stick take to flight leave in a hurry amble canter gallop course barrel hie bustle do a moonlight scatter make away recede fade away spread depart suddenly free oneself skiddoo tear off regress dodge circumvent duck have it away on one's toes fold disengage hide yeet go out go to hell hasten away get on your bike distance oneself run from speed expedite zip spur whiz walk be lost give the slip go back jump ship jump defect go south make a quick getaway skip out depart secretly make scarce go secretly slip out resile shrink back run scared turn around go absent without leave go missing go west make haste hurry up move fast kick rocks make time sprint scramble step on the gas shy away step back shrink away turn away shake a leg make a U-turn desert under fire abdicate cut shoot scuttle aim beeline steer bear veer migrate emigrate sally git turn on a dime get a move on absent start proceed troop break away from go your way go and chase yourself get out of my sight go forth pack your bags blast off move on say goodbye march out hit the bricks slip through your fingers make good one's escape get out of someone's clutches burst out of flee from abscond from escape from break loose from sunder out come out make one's escape from embark make a move start off take one's leave begin sail set sail adjourn step out kite alight remove oneself forsake separate travel go from head out go away from seclude oneself say one's farewells issue be gone from move out of withdraw from retire from betake yourself depart from ride off leave port stir exit from set in motion put in motion uproot commence egress shirk make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave sign out pull up stakes take one's farewells march put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release post security range cruise maroon slink off slink creep sneak skulk run out strand take a walk wend mosey make for make one's way extricate oneself go to one's room shut oneself away in leave for budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out flow off-load ship shove leap move about retreat from draw shut oneself away take oneself bow out go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure exeunt say adieu break up say farewell break off conk out split up quit the scene dedomicile ease out go one's ways part company ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways go forward set about get on the road begin one's journey set forward creep off disengage from relinquish do a bunk from pull out of disappear from slope off from take yourself off from step down take your leave of fly from take one's leave of decamp from run away from walk away break away bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from come away raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock


To leave behind or stop caring for someone or something
abandon desert leave strand ditch forsake dump jilt abdicate maroon orphan quit screw leave behind break with cast aside leave stranded bail out break up with cast off run out on walk out on cut loose let go of turn your back on wash hands of back out of bow out dispose of hang out to dry withdraw from bin off drop out leave hanging kiss goodbye walk away chicken out fly the coop throw over walk away from leave high and dry leg it storm out flake out leave in the lurch opt out of pull out of give someone the push let someone stew in their own juice take a powder give up the ship take a walk give someone the big E turn one's back on give up drop chuck relinquish resign reject renounce withdraw surrender discard betray repudiate renege give the elbow yield back out pull out disown rat on resign from escape ignore stop cede go back on retreat leave flat back off jack in pack in step down from let down apostatize get out of tergiversate abjure retire get rid of renege on neglect hand over get out bow out of disappoint step aside from avoid defect finish with forgo spurn exit go backpedal blow off disregard retire from forswear break off with fail opt out leave in trouble leave helpless jettison sell out throw in the towel throw away vacate shirk turn down recant depart waive depart from eschew turn back down abscond pull back kiss off disengage run away wash your hands of balk recoil bail on disillusion leave off cut off run away from default on flee walk out disenchant change sides backtrack stop participating in break fall away from leave someone holding the baby abnegate leave someone in the lurch decline refuse cast ashore miss disinherit beach welsh cast away bypass throw up cancel fink out forego baulk discontinue retract dodge evade revolt shun tergiverse rebel sacrifice dismiss let pass give up on duck decamp disclaim disavow bail concede weasel out bag disgorge beg off back pedal go away from pull fail to honour give someone the air split up with brush off move from change your mind fail to take advantage of drop out of go over shift ground take back walk out of wriggle out part with step down have nothing more to do with bail out on run out give the heave-ho have done with turn traitor call it quits deliver up abstract oneself divorce oneself from call it a day give something a miss turn coat go over the fence stop participating break faith chuck in shed forget evacuate refuse to have anything to do with turn over to absolve yourself shrink recede throw something up eighty-six turn away from trap isolate divert snub put behind you duck out stray backslide forbear wreck shipwreck stand down from bereave leave isolated cease give over to turn over deceive dispose eliminate fail to support pull the plug shy away move away back away go backward draw back coquette welsh on give notice to disprofess stop going out with give away leave all alone break off one's relationship with end relations with kiss good-bye secede detach sink leave holding the bag play one false move down let fall leave in a lurch fall short of expectation walk off end disengage from recede from detach yourself absent oneself scratch from make an orphan leave alone leave parentless break off split up break up have no more truck with violate oath defect from jump ship revisit turn back double back deny oneself brush aside do the dirty on waste squander cheat abstain from drift away finish give the old heave-ho leave at the altar take the oath take your leave of change one's tune show the door let someone down stab in the back pass up forfeit terminate be gone from be done with let go by miss out on retrace your steps quitclaim elope run off shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of wash one's hands of default sidestep bail from clear out from escape from check out from split from depress lower leave in lurch take down dissatisfy pull down fall short say goodbye to disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from set out from absent oneself from hand in resignation stand down cease work give notice stand aside sign off hang it up get off welch pass something up scratch retreat from skive skip shrink from skirt round change return revert be unfaithful blow bag it submit bilk steer clear of rationalize duck-shove cut excuse revoke funk skive off back down on break your word withgo break a promise botch fritter away expend fail to honor row back on go back on your word backtrack on cry off call off wiggle out shy from worm out apostacize go back accede climb down reconsider demur acquiesce admit give in concede defeat rat pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip fail to take let go lose drop the ball duck out of use pretext have alibi rationalise wriggle out of slide out of demit blow it off get cold feet chicken out of accept defeat wimp out give ground admit defeat hold back cave in throw off change allegiances revolt against secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties be apostate get cold feet about give the slip admit you were wrong have no fight left eat humble pie withdraw from agreement or statement toss over take the count throw in the sponge make one's exit


A false, contrived, or assumed purpose or reason
pretext excuse pretence ploy ruse cover device grounds pretense alibi simulation stratagem subterfuge con feint routine stall cop-out cover story cover-up ostensible reason red herring supposed grounds alleged reason false excuse fig leaf song and dance deception trick wile artifice blind sham facade manoeuvre scheme hoax façade machination maneuver masquerade smokescreen front dodge deceit disguise cloak mask expedient put-on contrivance guise shift screen fraud camouflage lie bluff cheat false front wheeze lurk flimflam tactic charade semblance scam veil sleight gambit play game fake plan imposture gimmick fetch grift smoke screen falsehood trickery put-up job act show stunt evasion intrigue fakery racket move swindle veneer misrepresentation faking feigning imitation canard set-up trap knack jig shenanigan bunco humbug juggle plot snare make-believe rort flanker fastie curtain con trick jive method snow job window-dressing smoke and mirrors airs pose playacting hoodwinking pretension bait bluster distraction delusion shuffling double-dealing posing ostentation insincerity gag posturing fabrication acting display appearance falsification dissimulation misstatement schtick invention duck setup scenario action brainchild angle twist gamesmanship bravado bombast bragging masking scene bit mock attack false show codology idle boast kidology booby trap game plan course of action line of action one-upmanship bait and switch sleight of hand little game disguising closeting decoy leg-pull sting false colors boast braggadocio jiving snow mere show hokum confidence trick porky gyp smoke-screen Trojan horse schlenter rig wangle loophole false pretense dumb act hogwash bilk fast shuffle mare's-nest hustle con game fallacy confidence game wrinkle story ride fast one catch pork pie whitewash chicane shuck malarkey illusion crock fib forgery strategy phoniness dissembling burlesque counterfeit sell spoof fiction smoke play-acting caper duplicity deviousness refuge means measure design programme program procedure way system approach policy step course tactics tack conspiracy blueprint arrangement craft chicanery methodology craftiness recipe project master plan practice line technique maneuvering manoeuvring idea cunning resort operation plan of action cheating style cabal instrument stopgap shenanigans initiative resource artfulness scheming ground plan manner process proceeding jest sport sharp practice finesse manipulation expediency wiles guile makeshift path planning funny business road map cunning plan proposition slyness formula skullduggery jiggery-pokery hanky-panky form covin recourse substitute red tape mode proposal curveball monkey business skulduggery imposition line of attack switch deed legerdemain fashion agency jugglery escapade feat slant protocol underhandedness fun concern secret fixture frame-up set of tactics dishonesty fix hocus-pocus route enterprise secret plan medium grand design disposition plans modus operandi MO demarche shuffle prank tool deal suggestion manoeuvres collusion option purpose how channels undertaking unscrupulousness pattern plotting machinations maneuvers deceitfulness allurement rules schedule complot treachery sophistry possibility alternative motion direction cunningness venture knavery management mechanism démarche regimen monkeyshines crookedness stratagems conduct agenda exercise effort proposed action drill layout plan of attack palace intrigue gadget gizmo widget hypocrisy antic tomfoolery jape accomplishment frolic lark gambol winning move development equivocation kicker joke innovation coinage concoction creation monkeyshine practical joke campaigning generalship road make-do practicality expedience intention toils formation savvy devices diplomacy defence defense campaign control improvisation outline activity subversion avenue contraption appliance take-in loss-leader shtick choice tenor variation footwork draft draught clever move thought movement praxis behaviour set sellout concept fraudulence oldest trick in the book submission animus promotion aid apparatus publicity device eye-catching novelty specious reasoning artful argument behavior legal action treatment projection crafty designs secret scheme duping swindling beguilement lure horseplay mode of conduct method of working mode of behaviour shifting model dirty work confederacy big picture instrumentality furtiveness wire-pulling surreptitiousness waffle talk verbiage nonsense double-crossing fourberie attempt progress conniving attitude viewpoint perspective stab whack how-to mind-set point of view practise league fit-up solution gin wiliness pitfall sedition perfidy frame hookup countermine counterplot treacherousness disloyalty misleading talk dealing temptation hook dragnet inveiglement enticement seducement snag foxiness golden circle hot air code subtlety come-on steps measures ambush trickiness guidelines distortion cleverness guilefulness custom -gate subtleness deceptiveness cageyness slickness canniness caginess schemes ruses sneakiness ploys dupery crookery cozenage tricks transaction intentions position stance theory agendum series of steps performance ingenuity shrewdness dirty tricks notions guideline every trick in the book disingenuity rip-off standard operating procedure the numbers the book SOP nuts and bolts order dogma administration tactical plan working plan strategic plan guiding principle

Trái nghĩa của cop out

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