Đồng nghĩa của beach

Alternative for beach

beaches, beached, beaching

Đồng nghĩa: coast, seaside, shore, waterfront,


Golf course hazard


Bathing beach


(of an angler) To land (a fish) on a beach
capture catch hook land reel in seize trap snare arrest nab ensnare net bag collar take apprehend nail snatch get bust detain grab cop nobble entrap corral rap pinch glom snag lift grapple nick prehend take into custody entangle lasso lay hold of haul in take hostage snap up pull in pounce on feel someone's collar take captive run in get one's fingers on take prisoner pick up enmesh ensnarl tangle secure restrain entoil mesh take in immesh snarl imprison bring in do put in jail throw in jail catch up abduct appropriate incarcerate trammel grasp get hold of jag ambush put behind bars corner take hold of carry off round up feel your collar place under arrest grip kidnap twist obtain get a hold of gain hold win procure earn tree lay hands on waylay ambuscade attain achieve stop acquire take possession of score draw garner realize book run to ground reap have shut in close in box in annex swing run to earth realise annexe come by hem in get hands on pull down take in for questioning knock down bind put the cuffs on drive into a corner wedge stick clasp clench snap commandeer wire springe decoy pluck pick off knot grab hold of take possession take downtown gaol roust pull jail enchain fetter clutch catch hold of entwine toss in jail put the arm on enclose foul surround receive bottle gather mousetrap ravel amass collect tangle up lay a trap for block off pen in deceive lure entice trick seduce access buy cut off carry purchase implicate allure embroil beguile bring to bay confine pen inveigle get one's mitts on come to have wangle hustle get your hands on possess oneself of come into come in for be given take receipt of scare up rack up build up come into possession of latch onto lock up get one's hands on make get on ropes have up a tree involve betrap lead on benet blag catch in suck in lay for rope in get caught in set a trap for be appointed to get caught on lock in fence in hold captive hedge in pin down


To abandon in a remote, desolate place, as on a deserted island
maroon abandon desert leave strand forsake cast ashore cast away quit isolate leave behind leave high and dry leave stranded cast aside leave isolated walk away from walk out on leave in the lurch ditch dump drop discard renounce chuck relinquish throw over break with cast off bail out on rat on break up with split from give up run out on bin off jilt reject withdraw from abdicate give someone the push give someone the big E give the elbow turn your back on repudiate leave flat turn one's back on pull out of go away from vacate betray retire from disown escape from depart depart from run away from surrender exit finish with disappear from be gone from abscond from blow off break off with kiss goodbye flee walk away evacuate disclaim let go of escape drop out of yield discontinue take oneself off from go resign cede abjure kiss off decamp set out from disregard jettison split with withdraw ignore exit from neglect move out of resign from get out of bail out hang out to dry turn down break away from clear out from back out of step aside from cut loose forget take off from leave hanging leave someone holding the baby have nothing more to do with disavow screw abstain from clear fly from flee from empty spurn secede from orphan waive sacrifice hightail forbear bail separate separate from walk out give someone the air take the oath kiss good-bye decamp from brush off hand over pull out step down from split up with shed disaffiliate from defect from separate oneself from split off from sever relations with break away get rid of wash hands of move from walk off head out from cut off bow out of give the heave-ho part with run along from move out from say goodbye to drop out walk out of opt out take leave from turn your back form a splinter group abandon ship run off from absent oneself from check out from call it quits leave someone in the lurch eighty-six trap cease run away snub bag disappoint detach oneself from end shun bereave deceive stop going out with break off one's relationship with coquette give notice to leave in a lurch bail out from slip out clear from pull out from part company with finish put behind you be done with abnegate make vacant make empty eject from drift away wash your hands of leave all alone divorce oneself from end relations with break off split up break up bail from take your leave of change one's tune show the door forgo do the dirty on make an orphan leave alone leave parentless wash one's hands of forego split refuse disinherit avoid shirk disgorge delink from give the old heave-ho leave at the altar lay down deliver turn over render dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from quitclaim forswear void disaffiliate bag it deliver up retire apostatize break free from retract retreat skidaddle retreat from displace back down take the pledge sign away cast cough up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in swear off drop like hot potato dismiss secede break from become independent cancel divorce banish oust dispose of bow out cut out pack up give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk discount toss aside write off shrug off repeal run for the hills go from vamoose from scram from bolt from slip out from make oneself scarce from do a disappearing act take a hike from set off from give the slip to go AWOL clear off from head off from remove oneself from take leave of cut and run from abort revoke rescind bail on refrain from cheat on do away with back out on be disloyal to be unfaithful to fail


To arrive somewhere, especially unexpectedly
fetch up arrive appear land materialise materialize turn up show up pop up pitch up end up finish up wind up find itself wash up blow in roll up roll in put in an appearance come find oneself land up present oneself emerge show loom get to hit enter check in get as far as come to end up at breeze in set foot on make it to make an appearance wind up at walk in land oneself go fetch up at reach stop land up at pull up bob up draw up ride up surface unfold come into sight show itself become visible come out present itself show oneself come into view reveal itself reveal oneself come to light attend fall in get through be present get in punch the clock arrive on the scene get here drop in clock in pop in present turn out punch in make the scene show your face show one's face come forth make pull in ring in report fall by get there visit break through crop up arise transpire be revealed become apparent come up come on the scene issue come along be discovered become known be uncovered leak out expose itself take shape approach make it manifest develop be along be disclosed sign in get out happen be made public occur spring up become evident be seen be within view come about emanate rise get spring become common knowledge be reported be divulged debut manifest itself pop be released reappear reveal stand out stick out leak be visible hove into view heave into view enter into the picture sky in prove to be the case reach one's destination rise up be unearthed clock on become public occur suddenly occur abruptly appear suddenly appear unexpectedly appear abruptly rear its head break pop out come in weigh in punch the time clock hover dismount alight disembark figure bust in barge in draw near buzz in hit town drop anchor be conspicuous come on appear indistinctly put in appearance catch your eye be presented enter society evolve make one's debut in society pass result close in eventuate ensue spread spring in rematerialize be apparent dawn flash be evident break out be in view erupt resurface expose feature shoot up catch the eye blossom be obvious proceed buzz through burst through be publicized circulate take place fall out be announced be promulgated get around slip out be made known pan out go down come out in the wash come to the fore be brought out enter the picture be exposed come to pass be issued come out in the open be published be noised about be noised abroad manifest yourself manifest oneself make appearance heave in sight

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