Đồng nghĩa của founder

Alternative for founder

founders, foundered, foundering

Đồng nghĩa: author, break down, builder, collapse, creator, fail, fall, inventor, maker, originator, producer, sink, stumble, topple, tumble,


A person who establishes an institution or settlement
initiator father author creator originator architect establisher institutor designer framer maker organiser organizer builder inventor generator begetter constructor engineer founding father instigator planner beginner developer deviser inaugurator instituter mastermind patriarch pioneer prime mover sire benefactor producer forebearer forefather patron mother innovator contriver parent neoteric discoverer forerunner trailblazer groundbreaker agent antecedent precursor progenitor experimenter pathfinder grandfather leader cause ancestor front runner predecessor fabricator shaper forebear trendsetter introducer formulator motivator primogenitor pacemaker procreator composer avant-gardist torch-bearer forbear leading light guiding light ascendant manufacturer mover spur doer writer guide scout lord coiner explorer boffin scientist draughtsman brain artist draftsperson draughtswoman draftsman draftswoman master builder tupuna foremother fore-elder antecessor bellwether pacesetter pacer relative matriarch materfamilias paterfamilias source spearhead family predecessor avant-garde prototype director schemer manager fashioner artificer musician stylist brains executive urban planner proposer arranger town planner city planner administrator content creator graphic designer modernizer couturier reformer reformist progressive surveyor sights techie manipulator technie progressivist transformer changer changemaker prequel vanguard creative melodist entrepreneur catalyst torchbearer initial force power source drive first mover first cause motive force primum mobile symphonist songwriter singer-songwriter songsmith tunesmith songster serialist


Person who starts a business alone
entrepreneur businessman tycoon impresario magnate businesswoman contractor dealer enterpriser executive financier industrialist speculator trader bigwig director intermediary merchant middleman mogul promoter wheeler-dealer administrator backer business executive businessperson business person go-getter high-flyer hustler impressario manager organiser organizer producer undertaker whizz-kid big shot buyer and seller commercial intermediary mover and shaker seller vendor broker wholesaler trafficker capitalist agent vender retailer tradesman merchandiser investor shopkeeper storekeeper operator employer salesperson money man proprietor supplier purveyor distributor fixer arranger executive director store owner adventurer controller opportunist conductor banker moneybags sponsor money fat cat fortune hunter risk-taker grocer marketer saleswoman shop-owner salesman chandler suit baron partner supervisor gray flannel suit career person working woman franchiser tradesperson organization person big wheel big-time operator shop proprietor shopman shop manager showman promotor publicist maestro showperson entertainer venture capitalist buyer manufacturer shop owner stage manager marketeer business manager big businessman plutocrat homme d'affaires stockbroker nabob have Croesus yuppie loadsamoney deep pocket the boss one who signs the checks the money liberal silk stocking economic liberal bourgeois landowner grubstaker supporter usurer manipulator staker bankroller person who writes the checks investment banker rich person money lender captain of industry Santa Claus merchant banker


To collapse or burst inward violently
collapse abort fail miscarry misfire backfire break down fall through be unsuccessful buckle crumple fall flat flatline flop give go implode lack success not succeed tumble yield be defeated be frustrated come to grief suffer defeat be in vain cave in come to nothing fizzle out go astray go awry go out go wrong meet with disaster plunge run aground submerse wallow wreck come to naught miss the mark be lost bite the dust come a cropper go under not come up to scratch go to bottom go down like a lead balloon bomb fold tank fizzle fall short flunk crater flame out miss fall flounder be found lacking strike out give way wash out fluff crumble screw up go down turn out badly fall down fall to pieces blunder disintegrate be ruined go pear-shaped come unstuck go belly-up go up in smoke be found wanting boomerang go to pieces underperform rebound terminate underachieve drop end go phut slip recoil go amiss break fall by the wayside be found deficient come to a halt fall in come apart at the seams decline bust deteriorate be abortive succumb not pass disappoint not make the grade slump go downhill be demoted not pass muster nose-dive hit the skids miss the boat drop out end in failure not come up to the mark not come off go down the tube come apart foul up break apart trip up slip up give in fall apart at the seams end in tears fall apart keel over meet with failure cave plough bungle fail to happen plow dissatisfy miss the target explode grind to a halt sink do something badly crack sever go bust faint flag go on the rocks go to the wall languish poop out fizz out peter out backslide be overcome break up bring to naught not show fall short of fall short of expectations flatten level fail to go off crash come to a sticky end come to a bad end gang agley shrink miss fire hit bottom lose status play into lose out lose control go down swinging back wrong horse fold up subside settle sag topple shatter wilt be counterproductive be self-defeating ricochet backlash come back redound on topple over give out come down abate have an adverse effect spring back have unwelcome repercussions for bounce back decrease degenerate diminish not go as planned cause one to be hoist with one's own petard weaken wither hit rock bottom fall flat on your face be rejected go by the board lay an egg dwindle wane blow up in someone's face be deficient fall away die down drop off be wanting be insufficient die out be lacking die away be inadequate not come to ripeness


To fail, especially in spectacular fashion
flop fail bomb fold collapse tank flunk miss crater flame out strike out wash out flatline crash come a cropper go to the wall cave in go bankrupt go belly up go under go broke be ruined bite the dust go bump go bust miscarry become insolvent be unsuccessful fold up fall flat go into receivership go into liquidation break down run aground close misfire fall through backfire abort crumple close down shut down not succeed cease trading break fizzle be shut miss the mark meet with disaster be liquidated come to grief be closed come to nothing fizzle out be closed down go belly-up be shut down be wound up go out of business go down like a lead balloon bust default yield give lack success be frustrated buckle suffer defeat be defeated flummox be in vain go astray flounder stall come to naught die fall come unstuck not come up to scratch conk out cut out give out stop trading bankrupt bellyflop succumb do something badly lose money not work be a disappointment nose-dive be a disaster come apart fall short go down stop halt cease to function run down stop functioning stop working fade out lose power seize up go phut go kaput fade away pack up give up the ghost peter out pauper impoverish pauperize end decline finish retire drop plummet go topple languish slump terminate perish tumble fall down belly up give up cease production lose big go wrong shrivel up disappoint lose be in arrears come to a halt grind to a halt lose one's shirt close one's doors be cleaned out drop a bundle be taken to the cleaners be in the hands of the receivers go into chapter 11 fail miserably sink without trace blow it bomb out


To break up into small pieces as the result of impact
disintegrate break shatter fragment fracture crumble split bust splinter crumple rive sever collapse shiver rupture separate dismember divide explode disrupt subside fall fail disperse disunite fold disband dismantle detach disconnect disimprove disorganize sink taint turn break up give way cave in come apart fall to pieces fall apart break apart blow up fall to bits fly apart blow apart go to pieces go belly-up go to rack and ruin fade away take apart fall apart at the seams be smashed to smithereens turn to dust smash crack burst break down rend demolish tear give smash to smithereens crush snap buckle destroy fall in crash fall down sunder implode trash annihilate total blow out come apart at the seams come unstuck cleave slump sag tumble damage yield topple fragmentize pulverize part tumble down succumb break into pieces bust up pulverise dissolve pull to pieces make mincemeat of spall come to pieces cave break open eradicate torpedo pop blast blow burst apart disassemble wreck go fly into pieces devastate splinterize fragmentalize crunch scrunch split up wrack cream waste prang mangle finish off tear apart make hash of topple over break to smithereens give out give in crush to smithereens go down come down wrack up go out malfunction come unwrapped come to bits batter rift come unglued physically break stave ravage beat settle pash dash drop wilt crack up smash up write off dash to pieces crack open crack apart stave in breach erupt detonate distort powder collapse inwards crash in come to dust sink inwards come down about one's ears break into tiny pieces warp smash into smithereens break into fragments extinguish ruin vaporize nuke desolate decimate raze perforate puncture crump squash squish split asunder smatter impair pull down exhaust tear down do in disable rub out vaporise break into break to pieces go off be set off burst out go bang dissipate tatter shred ribbon rip deconstruct pull apart take to bits take to pieces pull to bits strip down dispel rip apart dissever drive squander send wrest cut disturb pierce pull tear in two rip to pieces rip in two lacerate tear to pieces tear asunder slit rip asunder slash chase migrate clear out set asunder scatter diverge disject go separate ways go in different directions move in different directions put to flight go their separate ways

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