Đồng nghĩa của separate oneself from


To relinquish or give up a right, claim or title
resign surrender relinquish cede abandon yield renounce abdicate waive drop forgo abnegate forsake disclaim give up hand over turn over sign away step down from step aside from stand down from sign off divorce oneself from wash your hands of leave sacrifice quit deliver part with turn in lay down cough up render concede transfer grant give chuck give over let go of commit resign from make over deliver up jack in abjure demit entrust trust assign consign reject proffer disown remit convey bequeath forfeit pass hand vest lay aside delegate transmit intrust eschew betray commend cast aside do without cast off depart from leave behind retire from sign over yield up pack in kiss goodbye give away disgorge deny renege terminate quitclaim shed decline forswear repose recommend confide throw up throw away offer provide dispense with tender relegate confer extend forbear volunteer submit present bag release allow gift walk out walk off render up chuck in throw in the towel lose withgo forego free prostitute spare vacate let go pay with be deprived of be stripped of say goodbye to go without pass up kiss goodbye to desert pull out of bow out of walk out of strand deed alienate alien jilt vouchsafe accord ditch abalienate remise repudiate jettison dump leave flat maroon break with leave stranded throw over leave high and dry take the oath drift away take your leave of turn your back on break up with go away from leave in the lurch spurn show the door change one's tune give someone the big E rat on run out on bin off give someone the push give someone the air abstain from walk out on give the elbow fork over pass on bestow devolve hand on hand down will demise devise put aside set aside fork out endow fork up refer afford allot dispose of turn down give in hand in come across with apportion bestow on confer on make something over to someone refuse lease discard supply furnish find feed put down finish with set down let fall devote attorn dedicate consecrate pledge divert give back pay pay out give the title of give the right of depute offer up withdraw from commission redirect charge designate allocate award channel place task shell out settle up dish out lay out pay up offload appropriate cast foist impart donate change reassign decentralise decentralize contribute pony up stump up foot the bill ante up come up with make with accede pass down dispense lend legate get rid of pass to hand to fob off be handed down give to palm off acquiesce invest with present with put in someone's hands entrust with vest in impart with favour with endow with leave to defray the cost of leave in one's will leave to by will

Trái nghĩa của separate oneself from

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