Đồng nghĩa của hand in


To put forward for consideration or acceptance
tender offer proffer give extend present submit advance render put forward trot out set before table register lodge propose volunteer commit proposition enter put in file lay record place announce state press prefer put on record suggest raise introduce moot air refer deliver put furnish set forth come up with make a pitch send in propound pose provide posit put up recommend broach bring forward bounce supply impart vote bring yield bestow donate adduce move ventilate propone bring up hand over produce show hand out hand confer throw up advocate bid cite advise declare pitch roll out postulate grant contribute lay out discuss ask initiate display name venture hold out mention nominate accord exhibit turn over unveil counsel pass transfer share expose award express make a motion sell give away issue stage intimate put on bring about transmit carry urge query question advert convey gift assert solicit float contend establish dispense promote assign touch on allude to talk about allot allocate leave lay before put forth subsidize sacrifice pitch in stump up chip in point out hit on give over kick in throw in subsidise move for put in a bid of give out raise a subject let someone have dole out feed plead run by have in mind put on the table mount forward represent relinquish surrender extract prescribe ask about organize project speak of talk of acquaint canvass opine speculate conjecture exhort essay say get the answer to seek the answer to slate do hint at evoke turn vent translate transpose give an introduction hypothesize peddle entrust trust raffle pull out bring out put down for take out make acquainted with get together fix up open to view acquaint with promulgate invite affirm spitball request kibitz spread draw out bring to light consign organise press for place at disposal hypothesise advance insistently put in an offer of make an offer set out put to lay down dare to say make an offer of lay on the line speak one's piece intrust repose delegate vest confide distribute apportion discharge deal disburse resign relegate commend let oneself in for shell out fork out cough up dish out prorate divvy portion illustrate bequeath devote bequest pay fund endow sponsor measure out parcel out lot administer deal out mete out demonstrate ante up pony up give a donation of part with give up purvey make a donation of subscribe relate demo come through provide with pass on sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty furnish with present with pledge gift with dower argue report launch reach expound preview pass to toss throw present to transfer to hand over to chuck bung deliver to convey to buck cast manifest put on display put before the public set inquire enquire

Trái nghĩa của hand in

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