Đồng nghĩa của fork up


To provide in payment
cough up cede deliver hand over pay pay out relinquish render surrender yield dish out fork out give give up lay down lay out part with pay up settle up shell out turn in turn over ante up come up with foot the bill fork over make with pony up stump up come across with defray the cost of spend expend disburse outlay donate settle spring for dispense give out drop splurge remit contribute invest supply advance distribute put up furnish pledge put in knock down splash out come through allocate pay down defray blue spring hand out lavish lash out out blow fritter away squander transfer entrust consign commit delegate pass leave trust hand assign abandon renounce pay off balance come across pay in full come up with the money stand foot ante meet quit recompense discharge meet one's obligations liquidate clear make payment transmit vest intrust confide abdicate waive repose commend grant recommend sacrifice deliver up relegate give away give over forfeit confer convey pass on resign bestow make over provide present devolve hand on bequeath allot hand down forgo apportion submit sign over offer sign away let go of chip in concede charge place alienate proffer parcel out dole out forsake refer deed commission alien abnegate produce kick in mete out deal out accord depute impart authorize authorise vouchsafe prorate share out give in portion appoint abjure do without award lend gift lay aside lose cast task feed send circulate disclaim will pass round dispatch issue administer share let someone have pass out hand round hand in send on reject tender put aside put lay deposit endow extend volunteer dispense with direct designate devote disseminate set down stake appropriate leave with abalienate say goodbye to divide put into the hands of send out dispose of withgo be deprived of be stripped of pay for go without pass up reassign shift bestow on mete confer on yield up pitch in divvy let go pay with plunk down demit give to give back turn over to give over to give round forswear inflict confine disown put in charge of discard shunt remise disgorge divert render up shed cast off make something over to someone find throw endue bless favour indue favor demise forbear vest in decline give into the custody of renege deny give into the care of unload give into the charge of redirect promise ordain destine engage leave to employ move devise put down finish with let fall send on errand hold responsible for send on mission attorn set channel up release allow spare leave behind betray cast aside kiss goodbye forego prostitute eschew kiss goodbye to lodge make a contribution have a whip-round club together make a donation handball escalate broadcast give custody of deposit with give custody pin provide with present with slip furnish with supply with gift with change give free rein refuse set aside spurn stand down from separate oneself from divorce oneself from step down from wash your hands of sign off step aside from decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload dump get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off return offer back stream level apply spread patronise allow to look after let out make trustee loan aid let store patronize put into hands of command show communicate free quitclaim terminate exhibit put in the hands of pertain belong entrust to grant to invest in display saddle burden aim instate target ascribe turn down lose out on carry relay send forth expose extract divide out partition measure give with lot let off drop off unveil declare deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up give and take provide use of be generous with allow use of fulfil front up achieve carry out make good on implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear pull out roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light give oneself over fall victim back down fold fold up give way suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed throw in the towel cry quits climb down break knuckle under throw in the sponge show the white flag come to terms be overcome bow resign yourself capitulate relent lay down arms admit defeat be conquered budge be beaten defer give up the struggle buckle cave in raise the white flag concede defeat call it quits succumb

Trái nghĩa của fork up

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