Đồng nghĩa của pony up


To give something towards a cause
contribute give donate put up grant bestow present gift accord hand out provide supply furnish chip in come up with cough up dish out fork out hand pitch in shell out stump up award bequeath bequest devote endow fund impart kick in pay sacrifice share sponsor subsidise subsidize throw in volunteer ante up confer deliver dispense advance extend give a donation of give away give out give up hand over make a donation of offer part with proffer purvey subscribe transfer furnish with gift with leave pass pass on pledge present with provide with tender come through dower let someone have sweeten the kitty sweeten the pot lay out pay up come across with commit yield surrender relinquish dole out turn over put in fork over make with afford pay out lay on settle up invest defray the cost of foot the bill produce transmit lend issue provision vouchsafe club together will slip serve feed entrust make over make a donation make a contribution give of make a contribution of shower endue make a gift of confer on put oneself down for endow with do your part get it up feed the kitty pass the hat supply with come across have a whip-round spend lavish get in the act venture expend speculate disburse splurge gamble risk sink in plough in pay for pick up the tab cede render lay down turn in fork up consign assign vest allot delegate allocate give over trust apportion intrust convey hand on commend repose confide dedicate hand down distribute recommend apply allow sign over bestow on bear devolve designate make available favor favour reserve appropriate earmark consecrate throw cast give to send bring concede accommodate present to save permit direct abdicate cater set aside set by vest in bless award to submit grace indue let go of resign fix up equip add set devise inject spare level place charge refer relegate stake reach trot out invest in give up to entrust to put out allot to donate to shoot assign to set apart grant to fulfil finance lay dart kit out put forward get rid of renounce enable maintain empower bind obligate deal provide for remit lodge appoint loan prepare demise task fulfill arm put forth toss chuck lay aside accord to legate bung flash honour with store commission stock oblige depute lavish on let minister abandon consign to circulate register impart to dispatch favour with pass down show pass to administer decorate with alienate hold out place at disposal send on allocate to leave in one's will hand out to put in someone's hands mete out hand round deal out fit out avail engage prescribe arrange vow make something over to someone put at someone's disposal do forfeit waive forbear forgo forsake deduct replenish credit concern put release lose reward divert result in ante cede to yield to bestow to treat restrict keep decree pertain belong settle deposit unload redirect accede organize deliver up enter sub pay in advance supply on credit contribute to put aside crown channel acquiesce give in free support give out to extend to vouchsafe to shark lend-lease bless with give over to run by bring forward pin disinherit probate disherit invest with buck let oneself in for sustain accommodate someone with render up send in ply sell disseminate giving honor authorize deed change reassign alien entrust with meet fill satisfy put in the hands of patronise aid patronize command prorate parcel out portion loan shark sanction accredit qualify license entitle licence fit impart with settle on immolate deliver to lay on one manage rig out warrant certify cut off offload dump allow to look after let out make trustee hand over to saddle burden aim instate target ascribe deal in outstretch organise cater for dish up nurse put into the hands of lay at one's feet hold out to give an opportunity put into hands of disperse fit up begive pass around divvy up diffuse ration partition pass out foist authorise charter cater in trade in achieve convey to transfer to leave to decentralise decentralize be adequate for plate up set out ladle out line up endow in afford to distribute to bequeath to apportion to spoon out set down let off drop off serve up back sign autograph ink discharge implement leave to by will give authority commit to heap on cater to hand to fob off be handed down palm off enhance begift have drop underwrite honor with render to exchange offer up carry out make good on live up to carry through forward include promise enrol second give money enroll buy contribute towards signature pose stick out hold forth stretch out reach out chip into make a subscription pitch into deliver the goods tack on add on sign up make a deal


To risk a sum of money or valued item on a given outcome or event
bet gamble stake wager chance hazard put venture speculate punt risk go lay place play lay down ante back dice game lay bets lay money pledge set trust have a flutter pledge money put money risk money lay odds play against play for tempt fortune toss up buy in on lay a wager play the ponies put money on put your shirt on chance one's arm jeopardize imperil jeopardise endanger adventure dare compromise put on the line menace peril jeopard expose gamble with put at risk expose to danger put in jeopardy plunge put on place a bet lay a bet brave make a bet shoot the works challenge lay money on go for broke stick your neck out lay bare skate on thin ice take a plunge play with fire put in danger finesse exploit jockey back in stake down place a bet of place bets spec hustle shoot parlay hedge jeopardy defy lot face stake money go out of one's depth run the chance run the risk of leave to luck leap before looking run the risk hang by a thread be caught short back the horses play try your luck cast lots stake money on take a chance on play the market put up assay put trust in buck the odds try one's luck flip the coin put your faith in cut the cards trust to luck shoot the moon go out on a limb gamble on take the liberty take the liberty of take a crack at experiment with make a stab at lay open have a fling at guess suggest ask threaten propose presume suppose try submit throw out go out on limb take a chance take a chance with stab shot in the dark plan move engineer manage tempt essay roll the dice take shot in the dark put eggs in one basket put it on the line tempt fate try one's luck with draw lots invest wildcat take a risk take a venture make book take risks margin up pour money into take a flier take a fling risk doing go ahead make bold to attempt have the temerity pluck up be bold pluck up courage take the risk make so bold as have the nerve have the effrontery try your hand go so far as take the liberty of doing have the cheek make bold undertake be brave enough have the guts hazard doing be so bold as take heart face up to brave doing have the audacity have the courage endeavour be so bold endeavor take a flyer

Trái nghĩa của pony up

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