Đồng nghĩa của restitute

Alternative for restitute

  • động từ
    • (nghĩa hiếm) hoàn lại
    • bồi thường
    • hồi phục


To restore (something) to its former condition
recondition repair renovate revamp overhaul restore remodel renew reconstitute redevelop refit rework doctor fix mend patch rebuild reconstruct rectify refurbish reinstate modernise modernize recover redeem regenerate rehabilitate rejuvenate remaster furbish reanimate reestablish refresh rescue retouch revitalise revitalize revive revivify salvage service spruce tune update fix up make over vamp up do up re-establish get into shape re-create straighten out breathe new life into bring up to date set right touch up give a new look to bring back set to rights improve convert reinvigorate reclaim resurrect spruce up reform reinstall develop upgrade redecorate amend freshen up make good reinforce adjust brighten up re-equip make fit for use bring something up to code bring into the twenty-first century emend emendate right correct replace revise rewrite rebrand change alter redraw redraft reenforce modify redress doctor up resuscitate rekindle reawaken recharge rewake uplift freshen rewaken recreate kick-start refreshen reorganize rehab exhilarate give new life to put new heart into pep up envigorate put new life into do buck up make younger put some spark into make young again invigorate add some zest to retread make someone feel young again restore vitality to give face lift to reorganise give a shot in the arm to stimulate enliven energize energise inspirit brace strengthen wake up animate rouse encourage awaken fortify rally quicken arouse vivify enkindle vitalize brighten perk up redo cheer bounce back restart boost bring around remake liven up build up make whole reactivate replenish galvanize hearten relieve transform stir give a new lease of life to activate galvanise pick up give a boost to refashion reproduce fire stir up regain bolster excite jump-start give new strength to confirm buoy up amp up bring back to life streamline relaunch prompt prod contemporize gladden reinstitute reintroduce inspire fillip trigger harden spike ginger up recall innovate support bring to juice up jazz up zip up fire up heal go over snap out of it cure cool revolutionize help re-energize technologize resume recast repeat cheer up spark reopen motivate better redesign brush up save electrify reindustrialize dynamize sustain reaffirm prop up embolden rationalize enhance consolidate revolutionise restate fuel zap face-lift re-activate reassemble intensify steel stiffen rediscover get going again extend increase rationalise substantiate tart up raise from the dead re-form corroborate turn on come to life blow away the cobwebs put new life in make healthy give the kiss of life to return to piece together light a fire under clean up set up work up brace up gee up summon up bring up to code give a lift re-embody relight reenergize unwind reincarnate top up reinvent reassure cool down comfort maintain adapt start redevise copy produce change radically reequip bring round console overcome solace please recuperate vary refurnish jog get the latest version of titivate make confident give courage to perform CPR spring up give a new lease on life gentrify tidy dust neaten sweeten clean give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation breathe life into lighten make lively waken up pimp up smarten up pimp out gussy up punch up awake wake waken vivificate buoy give life to spice liven divert entertain give a shot in the arm pour it on air out inject new life into continue give something a facelift restore to life make more lively make more exciting recommence make happy gain strength take heart look up make brighter spur put pep into let sunshine in conjure up reexperience become cheerful take a turn for the better clear up raise someone's spirits call up accelerate promote relive do over prolong uphold recollect recapture revisit vamp impel kindle speed fan foster lead into the twenty-first century drag into the twenty-first century march into the twenty-first century recycle remember authenticate augment fettle nerve refind replay proceed with beet tinker condition botch clout burgeon back gird commove sting start again glue cobble spetch ranter ready spur on toughen lend more weight to make more forceful psych up give weight to bear out prosper back up enhearten find again go through again summon back experience again discover again bring to mind dig up live through again go back to snap up continue with take up again pick up again come back to begin again carry on patch up fiddle with put back together work on make well whip up rev up key up put new heart in carry on with get one started act as a impetus to act as a incentive to build a fire under act as a fillip to speed up act as a spur to act as a stimulus to get one going steam up put new strength in magnify deepen redouble heighten amplify establish accentuate cement inure reorient nourish buttress indurate mount harshen justify season restructure enlarge multiply sinew empower reshuffle give strength to tone add to beef up add fuel to fire make firm wax give new energy to step up tone up add fuel to make stronger retool remold remould

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