Đồng nghĩa của draw up

Alternative for draw up

Đồng nghĩa: compose, frame, haul up, pull up, straighten up,


Cause to come to a halt
stop arrest halt check stay still catch stall pull up hold up bring up fetch up inhibit impede obstruct curb block hinder hamper thwart limit retard restrain interrupt hold back put a brake on interfere with slow down delay restrict slow frustrate prevent suppress hold baulk stem pause bridle brake freeze stand in the way of nip in the bud bring to a standstill balk shut down trammel stymie fetter forestall encumber shackle hamstring derail shelve stonewall put off stand still come to a standstill sabotage stand bork stand off not move suspend peter out fence bar control foil rein stifle neutralize reduce terminate muffle squelch smother contain swallow constrain cut short govern regulate repulse discourage play for time bottle up bottleneck moderate choke bite back staunch hold in put a spoke in someone's wheel rebuff hold down choke back pull in withhold rein in circumvent neutralise keep under control slacken pace fight back counteract checkmate keep in check repress stem the flow of keep a lid on tame keep back end fix knock off bring to an end brace scrub sidetrack drop can handicap cramp hobble clog handcuff cripple embarrass short-circuit hog-tie manacle cumber tie up throw a spanner in the works of deter throw a monkey wrench in the works of baffle disrupt cut off hang up get in the way of curtail prohibit interdict confine crimp set back shut off forbid tie oppose shut out get in the way preclude intercept scupper put an end to debar close off choke off interfere cramp one's style contravene be a hindrance to scotch dam remit circumscribe enjoin constrict hold off jam crab outlaw close out intermit dissuade from faze muzzle inconvenience bind entangle throw a spanner in the works counter ruin postpone prevent from making progress detain retardate cap defer protract prorogue obscure ensnare enmesh net capture delimit prolong straiten snag snooker weigh down leash drag your feet tie one's hands debilitate dissuade quash discomfit rattle slow up entrap defeat puzzle head off put the brakes on pick off take out of play foul up screw up give a hard time saddle with chain disconcert not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of narrow down bog down hem in tether confound stump spoil mystify sandbag ward avert taboo bit put on brakes put an stop to keep in stave off take down nonplus bring to screeching halt make late put back back off hold off on hold over plug flummox caulk barricade seal dead-end pigeonhole corner upset burden box in throw a spoke in the wheel of resist louse up put paid to clog up blockade block out close up fill up fill discontinue put the kibosh on hang fire pack close jam up stop up block up stuff choke up bung up stanch ban put on hold set limits on impose limits on block off occlude bung throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner give the run around bottle stopper gag congest plug up disallow proscribe affect disturb tamper influence confuse incommode conflict trouble discommode deny except eliminate exclude blackball estop refuse reject ostracize override freeze out ostracise count out rule out shut out of exile


To arrange or set in some sort of order
arrange order range dispose array organise organize marshal classify systematise systematize codify marshall lay out set out group rank place line up sort methodize put in order categorize position sequence categorise assemble tabulate align regulate file distribute catalogue class systemize form index catalog sort out grade standardize combine structure list spread out standardise triage set in order adjust design frame gather type pigeonhole compile formulate peg plan establish assort locate distinguish compartmentalize separate relegate muster regiment break down fix compartment compartmentalise settle tailor digest straighten out adapt line rate control tidy put in line place in formation place in order set set in line form up set forth gather together log summarise summarize chart condense collate collect code orient exhibit put together spruce display put out police pose spruce up present stand regularise normalize neaten normalise pattern alphabetize regularize right put to rights space streamline put away formalise manage formalize conduct assign prepare set up seat shepherd bracket program plot out programme delineate designate size graduate bias label allineate deploy shape constitute prioritize collocate mould construct fit compose harmonise harmonize consolidate put straight fashion straighten mold lick into shape correlate prioritise knock into shape inventory whip into shape rationalize schematize draft devise institute outline contrive project draught tighten up straighten up pull together make uniform rationalise shape up typecast coordinate brand mark put tidy up divide put down as tab fix up evaluate button down value allot tag size up put down for characterize allocate clear the decks put in good shape valuate characterise groom regard score clean judge gage gauge denominate discipline bring into line put in shape specify stereotype oppress suppress segregate name figure trim slot match station control strictly situate disentangle institutionalize form ranks estimate identify even trig reckon clear up institutionalise tauten make straight direct smarten up clean up organize systematically bring together fall into line set to rights get your act together map out tabularize register enumerate inorder stage stamp define queue partition include term describe calibrate ordinate be stagger clarify concoct put in place typify nominate put into position set into position manipulate clepe appropriate apportion mete pick winnow choose riddle select cull screen sift comb title dejunk accumulate aggregate proportion measure choreograph administrate hold appraise assess consider part account adduce arrange in order balance make shipshape police up put a label on check analogize examine relate verify smarten put in trim assimilate homogenize regroup focus colligate reclassify subcategorize portion recategorize mark down get in order divide up arrange in a series phase draw together work out put into order make neat calculate guess conjecture make call suppose make official rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on build mass-produce make neater pick up schedule itemize configure trig up redd out redd up equalize freshen set apart space out place at intervals move apart itemise make parallel arrange in line put in columns even up put in rows make even give structure to build up make up uncurl model slick up unkink list in order style make comparable equalise homogenise make consistent rearrange uncoil unbend make regular mass produce even out affect influence correct make tidy level flatten untwist unfold leave ticket docket stratify consign number determine guide lead stop put into sets rank out make plumb put vertical make level smooth down put perpendicular set straight put upright take measure imitate decorate copy emulate follow maneuver pull up store manoeuvre park


To bring or assemble a group together
marshal assemble gather group muster collect deploy mobilise mobilize amass gather together mass rally round up call together bring together summon convoke organize organise convene call up accumulate raise recruit concentrate marshall get together call to arms draft conscript draught congregate enlist garner unite levy corral lump constellate pile up draw together call congress rendezvous summon up cluster conglomerate get up build up stack up join together unify conjure up form herd accrete harvest meet drive enter enroll enrol aggregate whip up pull together join bring in link up sign on sign up join up crowd converge flock forgather foregather line up scrape together collect together come together flock together cluster together heap concenter concentre associate close with bunch up draw in arrange systematize systemize list compose collate anthologize collocate consolidate cull hoard record colligate recapitulate glean abridge systematise compile put together sort out make up heap up set down pick up bulk up bunch stockpile store scare up stash away lay in combine save put away put by treasure lay up lay by reserve store up tot up set aside stash pile rack up stow away run up squirrel away agglomerate merge press cache coalesce pack stow connect salt away stock up keep in reserve band together cumulate put aside put down get hold of hive lay away stock gang up keep link load up on accrue deposit roll up hold centralise integrate localise focalize center congest zero in centralize localize centre compact husband preserve clean up conscribe induct engage parcel bundle package stack pour in harmonize pull gather round hang out huddle consort throng brigade teem aggroup meet up harmonise mingle gang around swarm pool throw put consider together mix batch conjoin amalgamate fuse agglutinate blend form an alliance join forces band league throw in one's lot cooperate form an association club together pool resources ally work together team up collaborate go into league go into partnership act together


To plan something in detail
work something out devise formulate arrange construct contrive develop organise organize plan prepare put together think up concoct reach an agreement design compose create draft produce frame invent draught craft plot make up hatch cook up dream up conceive form originate fabricate forge cast make outline map out fashion work out chart sketch delineate block out lay out shape coin draw come up with machinate choreograph evolve map set up think of throw together scheme assemble sketch out manufacture lay project turn out rough out trump up get ready mastermind trace budget author write brainstorm engineer blueprint imagine conjure up put up discover conceive of vamp strategize about drum up dope out whip up scheme out build compile model record calculate detail excogitate establish depict brew make ready carve out throw up set out hit on work run up mark out innovate pioneer represent ready mould graph fit demark mold silhouette define ponder document prep institute cogitate set scribe dream mark bring about begin copy fix spark bring knock out groom knock off rough ad-lib trace out work up draw the lines of mark off decide bring on comp set down start up draw over hammer out codify determine conceptualize intrigue pen hew plot out generate constitute improvise hash out mock up script conceptualise do play it by ear fake it get off head trip pattern vamp up adumbrate conceit ideate fudge together cut dash off bang out orchestrate spitball tabulate skeleton realise realize elaborate purpose register describe illustrate supply edit adapt adjust equip make a chart of make a diagram of reproduce outfit furnish accoutre perfect carry out speculate ruminate visualise envisage strategize thrash out crank out cobble together tailor spark off get picture visualize obtain work on grind out churn out envision demarcate jack up make provision get up settle on smooth the way appoint build up endow put in order fit out fill in anticipate delimit go over border etch pencil erect gather collate systemize marshal systematize render transcribe paint draw round indicate sketch in make a rough draft image bound mark the limits of mark the boundaries of edge advance comprise execute diagram piece rig translate into compound draw plans of uncover bring forth moot stumble upon put down write down indite put down on paper write out put in writing mix connect join anthologize sort out accumulate amass combine collect link detect find systematise piece together rustle up marshall bring together found revolutionize launch introduce usher in instigate bring into being give rise to actualize initiate come out with father start kick off issue spearhead modernize catalyze commence bring to pass induct start out modernise bring into existence knock up catalyse ring in knock together effectuate revolutionise


To provide full information about
detail describe list recite rehearse relate delineate enumerate itemise itemize narrate recount catalogue specify particularise particularize present elaborate explain expound frame summarise summarize tabulate note numerate portray stipulate announce cite communicate declare define depict designate mention show state catalog circumstantiate embellish epitomise epitomize exhibit identify instance name recapitulate reveal spread tell uncover analyse analyze individualise individualize individuate notify produce quote point out set forth set out specialise specialize spell out give an account of lay out report on reel off tick off quote chapter and verse be specific about get down to brass tacks sweat details fly speck indicate determine fix notice drop set give establish require tag settle prescribe postulate ordain order agree slot make condition limit specificize specificate finger inventory peg command tab blueprint explicitize precise explicitise refer to touch on advert to touch upon lay down set down insist on pin down put one's finger on be specific put down show clearly button down get to the point come to the point draw a picture go into detail report disclose chronicle outline express chart divulge impart illustrate convey characterize relay make known characterise document put forward clarify enunciate run through elucidate discuss represent proclaim record denote put into words verbalize unfold articulate speak about paint verbalise explicate say picture get across comment on propound allude to air rattle off repeat broadcast put across tell of offer advance talk about expose utter render propose introduce mark publicize register publish pass on translate acknowledge publicise share display make clear voice interpret arrange promulgate demonstrate exemplify call attention to point to speak intimate sketch run down raise evoke break down impose embody number remark on promise guarantee contract speak of bring up retail pledge tally symbolize cover provide distinguish remark give details of spill trumpet recap construe provide details insist upon symbolise illuminate classify suggest phrase account for make public figure assert address pronounce give an account moot adduce advertise advertize go through give voice to let on about advert put down for give an explanation of express in words log circulate give the details of make mention of make reference to flesh out stamp model feature count demand personify instruct engage covenant character bare proffer word bargain reply spin label infer post testify signify brand reference herald blazon evidence submit instantiate give details hold forth manifest add exclaim track demystify assign personalize go over write down formulate decide paint a picture constitute clue in conjure up blab give the facts flag resolve highlight affirm profess decree signal personalise put argue write up check off put forth emphasize retell spill the beans evince trot out brief run off enlighten simplify ventilate sound lay bare educate write about unravel make plain throw light on vent broach give expression to emphasise make a point lay finger on deliver admit purport confess break a story pipe up with untangle unriddle pass give utterance to run over spell it out let anyone know of hint at come out with get off bring out speak briefly of trace follow monitor give a picture of reflect schedule graph leak mirror enter reproduce show off open up fill in keep posted image paraphrase rehash echo unload give particulars of cipher measure descant expatiate voice-over discourse enroll chip in count down break the news gloss sum state clearly let on imply reiterate review sketch out tell the story of play back say again let someone know of acquaint map out ensure make it a condition underwrite have as a condition calculate total cypher initial let in on bill alphabetize poll throw in put in two cents weigh in contribute run by again mimic make a precondition of make a proviso of make a condition of count noses keep tabs din act chime iterate restate ready trust entrust blare placard release table flash annunciate blaze enrol minute calender make a list take account of sign watermark make manifest materialize externalize preach give a report give verbal account explore interject have a say interpose invoke decipher tell a story give a report of class style incorporate substantiate incarnate commentate on unmask uncloak add a commentary to unveil reenact test hone experiment sling transmit give out file archive write body pigeonhole typify draw categorize typecast keep count make a list of note down couch make simple shed light on get something straight clear the air clear up sort out draw a picture of straighten out clear the air about make perfectly clear broadcast details of publish details of spotlight materialise externalise unbosom canvass canvas recollect recall put it on record diarize spiel off list rapidly loose off fire off write an account of spin a yarn shoot the breeze give the word treat continue attest to get off your chest let your hair down discover paint in words give a description of emblematize singularize signalize peculiarize realise categorise realize signalise clothe systematize lay it on the line give a rundown of give a account of teach take down appoint put in words testify to inform of advise of paint a word picture of term deliberate about exchange views about talk through converse about exchange views on bring in go into talk over confer about deal with draw attention to show us point at remind of direct attention to tell us talk provide details of give details on put on record put over get over codify systematise nominate denominate give the facts on elect annotate disentangle defog decode unscramble diagram formalize ascertain persist inform shed light set the scene make obvious put in plain words make intelligible guide put in plain English etch formalise dub entitle select go on say further continue to speak keep going state further give form to vocalize keep a record set down in writing commit to paper set down in black and white pick choose install delegate state precisely advise carry on claim commission handpick allot wire adumbrate cable opine allege asseverate press attest employ place go on to say put out bound nail it down lay it out mutter contend vouch protest spout blurt plead chatter cry maintain predicate shout enounce avouch mouth aver orate mumble vote in authorize opt for authorise cherry-pick recognise single out instal decide on recognize settle on conclude settle upon sign up take on call a spade a spade give the meaning of bring word on bring word communicate information demarcate chirp perorate swear modulate yammer intone pipe read spiel soliloquize vocalise whisper drawl jaw yak regurgitate lip gab gas stress murmur declaim tweet circumscribe delimit give away throw out sound out pop off demark compass confine border envelop encompass enclose encircle terminate set the boundaries of fence in rim belt surround verge stake out edge wall in mark out curb set the limits of flank gird girdle mark off set bounds to

Trái nghĩa của draw up

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