Đồng nghĩa của get in the way of


To take action with the intent of hindering someone or something
prevent hinder impede inhibit curb hamper restrict retard stymie constrain disrupt hamstring handicap restrain suppress balk baulk cramp forestall frustrate slow down check block obstruct thwart hold up foil trammel delay cumber hold back interfere with stand in the way of encumber bar fetter shackle hobble handcuff hang up stop interrupt derail slow cripple hog-tie get in the way throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of halt stall deter oppose manacle baffle embarrass stonewall clog interfere bork short-circuit tie up put a brake on shut off arrest limit remit brake bridle inconvenience intermit suspend obscure set back scupper bind entangle cut off weigh down cramp one's style close off shut down prohibit stay sabotage crab intercept interdict sandbag throttle screen scotch complicate monkey with faze freeze discomfit dam rattle circumvent saddle with foul up chain screw up give a hard time disconcert pick off head off curtail shut out nip in the bud take out of play put the brakes on discontinue leash tie debilitate drag one's feet tie one's hands postpone detain retardate withhold pause defer protract repress shelve crimp prorogue choke prolong confine hold put off slow up hold off on choke off take down bring to screeching halt stave off make late hold over put back back off bog down keep back affect disturb tamper influence confuse jam incommode conflict discommode trouble be a hindrance to defeat ward off stifle counter ruin counteract avert dash preclude put a stop to beat snooker checkmate put the kibosh on put an end to put paid to forbid spoil hold off nullify do for debar disappoint outwit neutralize obviate quash smother neutralise nobble upset stem deflect resist avoid control smash repel fend off reject contain gag put the stopper on discourage evade muzzle put the mockers on eliminate cross put a spoke in someone's wheel sidestep exclude close out skirt dismiss bypass anticipate bilk negate squash steer clear of repulse keep squelch still stump keep off kill defend against cork louse up stamp out upset the apple cart parry refuse rule out escape subdue plug dodge disallow overturn root contravene withstand crush ban staunch keep in check elude take wind out of dissuade keep under control reduce shun turn aside traverse muffle rein in catch rebuff except choke back give the slip proscribe sidetrack upset one's apple cart draw away put an stop to estop cool cancel annul bottle up hold down pull up occlude bring to a standstill remove freeze out count out keep at bay throw a spanner in the works cut short crack down on disregard end circumnavigate get out of extinguish snafu silence destroy quell duck wreck clamp down on swallow stultify enjoin outlaw ditch juke stuff quelch seal bit rein ward overcome eschew close fill govern skip regulate damp down strangle moderate play off cook someone's goose keep lid on congest queer shake off bottleneck confound spike someone's guns stanch blackball ostracize tame forfend queer someone's pitch stopper shirk keep in discount clog up block out hold in shush shake draw up confront stop up keep from block up bung up fetch up stem the flow of mess up pull in block off bate throw monkey wrench in plug up ostracise leave out play for time turn away put the lid on kick bring to an end cut out lock out give the run around separate nix redirect dissuade from detach come down hard on act against divert finish something finish off abort decelerate shatter lessen crash unsettle barricade caulk terminate glance chill stave offset buck fight back dish miss blockade close up fill up unaccustom throw a curve keep waiting bring to a close make an end of diminish cease scuttle invalidate choke up pack jam up prevent from making progress worst burden puzzle bring an end to crool banjax censor rebound mystify preempt suffocate vitiate deny bung cause to wait cause to stay keep a lid on slacken pace bite back undo decrease dash one's hope render null and void lick upset the applecart conquer throw nonplus rule something out be the end of blank counterplot bury bottle cheat flummox override exile constipate box in throw a spoke in the wheel of buffalo bollix promote wean refrain from put on hold pigeonhole throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner corner hang fire dead-end shut out of en garde rebuke fence shield yourself from hold at bay glance off take wind out of sails cause setback get the better of put end to beat down procrastinate shuffle off run circles around give the run-around run rings around halt in its tracks throw a monkey wrench in the works dry up hush quiet dummy up shut up tongue-tie ice quieten fix scrub drop brace bring up can waste time deaden pocket submerge sink stay away stay away from forbear abstain from restrain from skip out on shy from get around steer clear shrink from abstain desist quench mute overpower knock off buy time filibuster break the habit of help forbear from embargo garrote garrotte employ delaying tactics make up for counterbalance discard keep out omit cancel out render useless kick the can down the road veto boycott withhold from desist from give up deny yourself do without leave off forgo renounce disbar ignore expel black banish oust bounce repudiate abolish revoke recant eject evict pass over put out deny access to set aside send to Coventry not count refuse to admit sideline drive out miss out refuse admittance get rid of throw out force out blacklist disclude put an embargo on prevent from entering shut the door on leave out in the cold clot not consider close one's doors to forget about rebut shut decline fight force back push back drive away beat back drive back taboo fight off knock down brush off force off disown put down stand up against duel beat off put to flight see off chase away cast aside cut give cold shoulder to thrust back keep away dispute keep at arm's length stand off gum up turn down turn back drive off send packing put on brakes dampen harness measure rule straiten hold in check gaol jail keep within bounds impound circumscribe imprison rein back guide direct hogtie delimit keep down box up tie down lock up sit on put away pin down pull back hem in crack down keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash keep the lid on skin


To block or clog up a space or opening
obstruct block clog choke dam occlude plug stuff jam congest close clot bar stopper barricade obturate cumber hedge stop up clog up block up bung up plug up gum up dam up shut off cut off gunge up stand in the way of stop fill seal bung fill up impede pack hinder cork check close off blockade close up caulk block off stem curb close out silt up suppress halt clutter up block out shut restrict retard slow hold back restrain prevent inhibit repress control stopple seal off stall stifle gag seal up fill in foul hamper overfill block something off crowd overcrowd glut leash entrammel tie burden hang on keep at bay hold the fort resist attack constrict confine overburden hedge out cover staunch secure cap gibbet kill stunt die drown squeeze noose wring contain brake arrest curtail shut up stymie hold in intercept stay jam up bridle hold off choke up stanch make airtight make watertight shut out interfere with limit stonewall thwart brim heap cram charge load choke off bottle muzzle ram top jam-pack lade throttle obscure hold the line ram in top off cut out lock out smother bottle up cork up tape up bind up throng overrun fill to overflowing pile crush swarm overflow mob mass flock squash pile up occupy all of congregate surge squish cram into crowd into congregate in press into squash into squeeze into bunch inside pack into pack like sardines pervade wedge into stuff into wedge compress compact stick force thrust chock swamp bear shoehorn pound sandwich cluster elbow push deluge stream bundle shove sardine huddle gather bunch troop muster justle press pack 'em in jam into pack in pack it in pile into cram full flock to flock into occupy

Trái nghĩa của get in the way of

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