Đồng nghĩa của have no fight left


To surrender or give up one's resistance
back down surrender submit yield give in give up admit defeat concede defeat accept defeat back off chicken out wimp out capitulate succumb cave in throw in the towel acquiesce concede give way raise the white flag throw in the sponge relent defer knuckle under bow budge fold show the white flag lay down arms fall quit blink cede climb down buckle under accede fall victim wave the white flag give up the struggle crumble be overcome cry uncle agree comply go under resign put up white flag pack it in be beaten be overwhelmed toss it in concur make concessions assent approve relinquish be conquered by be overwhelmed by be overcome by bend go down lay down say uncle buckle backpedal come to terms eat crow resign yourself roll over give yourself up pull out give give away the store bow to lose bail out desist cut out drop bow out collapse kowtow be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee surrender to humble oneself cave give ground eat humble pie go along with give oneself over let go hand over fold up break be conquered suffer defeat turn over abdicate cry quits turn in call it quits call it a day stop back out withdraw accept throw in your hand retreat fall in line be defeated fall to pieces be a casualty to lose one's position to be smitten by be taken by be overthrown by be overthrown lie down pass into the hands of pass into enemy hands be destroyed by eat dirt fall victim to be defeated by be vanquished by be beaten by crumple give in to consent fall apart come apart break down come round comply with acquiesce in crack sanction truckle allow endorse topple conform subscribe okay permit bless give the nod founder break apart fall in knuckle go go to pieces fall apart at the seams submit to agree to tumble concur with yield to chuck in implode accede to disintegrate stop trying pay homage chuck it in show white flag vail throw up one's hands throw up the sponge adhere roll over and play dead subjugate genuflect subdue act in accordance with cooperate with heed observe be servile topple over give out fall down subside settle come down slump shatter sag wilt go out sever break up come apart at the seams let give permission for concede to say yes sign off on make a deal yes assent to abide by conform to play ball soften honour respect honor waver hesitate weaken vacillate be deferential adapt knuckleunder adjust admit cringe fawn accommodate agree with obey sink ease off ease up tumble down ratify authorize warrant pass recognize adopt give permission espouse validate confirm shake on buy pass on subscribe to consent to concur in support rubber-stamp give the go-ahead to back embrace authorise give the green light to ditto grant recognise give the OK to give five give the thumbs up to give one's leave say the word say yes to cut a deal licence license mandate OK give the stamp of approval to accord

Trái nghĩa của have no fight left

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