Đồng nghĩa của act in accordance with


To recognize and abide by
respect obey follow abide by adhere to observe comply with conform to heed uphold acquiesce to defer to honor honour accept acknowledge assent to consent to agree to submit to yield to accord to carry out execute implement keep keep to live by stand by stick to stick with accede to act upon adopt agree with be in accordance with be in conformity with bow to concede to concur with cooperate with do as told embrace fall in line with fall in with follow orders hold to mind pay attention to pay heed to stick by take heed of toe the line fulfil fulfill go along with meet satisfy fill acquiesce in make good on be true to answer conform keep faith with goose-step to complete follow through with redeem discharge live up to perform effectuate respond to act according to accord with be faithful to knuckle under support act on effect match comply be bound by be faithful measure up to match up to be true be guided by be loyal to go through with recognize recognise submit regard sanctify yield surrender succumb adhere be in agreement with give in to assent serve concur agree accord have regard to acquiesce cave in bear out pay regard to do what one is told be as good as don't rock the boat square with carry through accommodate to bear in mind see through give in take to heart make it through be ruled by get through conform with play it by the book endorse grant approve of back shake on hold note consecrate go to the wall for maintain give one's backing to listen to watch practice take notice of make good be governed by practise keep to the rules adapt to stick to the rules go by the book adhere to the rules go with the flow play by the rules be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves adjust to follow the rules acquiesce with give allegiance to come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to fit in with stay in line play the game play ball capitulate be loyal remain true to cleave to be devoted be devoted to sticky by be attached be constant concede kowtow cave relent action budge consummate affect realize accomplish apply reach accommodate defer blink nail achieve actualize attain administer quit knuckle truckle be servile bow realise do actionize perfect enforce cope with harmonize with do justice to put into effect make the grade coincide with be good enough carry off put into action deliver on cut the mustard cohere with put into practice follow up on pull off tally with follow through on pass muster check with perform according to be heedful of fill the bill cater to fit the bill bring to completion put into operation chord with fit cohere correspond accede respond coincide harmonize check dovetail comport rhyme reconcile chord tally take orders get into line give way do as you are told do as one says play second fiddle do one's duty do what is expected come to heel hold fast get in line do one's bidding go suit level jibe be in harmony be consistent with rime be consonant consist balance be congruous harmonise be consistent gee be compatible align with match up check out fit in sort square be in agreement indulge consent humour humor gratify approve allow permit come round pander to subscribe notice appease please be mindful of engage okay say yes give way to mark feed attend consider take into consideration tolerate brook hear hearken satiate sanction hark harken quench adjust adapt suffer take into account undertake take note of have regard for concentrate on attend to yes behave according to give one's approval to provide for roll over and play dead give carte blanche give blessing throw in the towel say yes to give the go-ahead say uncle give something the nod go along pander fawn on acquit sign appeal to go by set reach a decision warrant toe the mark play along with bow down to take as a guide pay attention believe dig listen endure wear stomach bend buy occupy withstand OK ditto do as one is told by get a load of hang on give a thought to give heed take notice take note give heed to give ear to pick up take heed gladden favour cater entertain favor officiate spoil pamper fold give up bless let give the nod give permission for sign off on make a deal roll over put up with grin and bear it be subject to take it lying down stoop to lump it be regulated by keep in step take dispatch bring about assign distribute take up give one's blessing to hoist the white flag cry uncle give the green light to accept tacitly give the thumbs up to say the word cut a deal give the go-ahead to give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to listen up mollify cosset appreciate show consideration for mollycoddle overindulge coddle flatter show regard for relieve knuckleunder fawn admit cringe buckle placate soothe pacify slake be deferential have due regard for assuage settle for ratify be happy with compromise on confirm contract make do with remember be a slave to be cognizant of sympathize with be aware of comprobate back down enter into be game for relent to come round to surrender to give the green light back down to astipulate cover make allowances for keep in mind allow for take cognizance of call to mind think of sustain advance deliver supply provision furnish sate equip bear be sufficient for fit the bill for suffice for be sufficient be enough for be enough serve the purpose come up to keep up with be good enough for be adequate for qualify for be adequate process cater for

Trái nghĩa của act in accordance with

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