Đồng nghĩa của worm out of


Say that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical
recant renounce repudiate deny forswear abjure disavow retract withdraw renege disclaim recall unsay abnegate disown foreswear repeal revoke abandon apostatize forsake relinquish take back abrogate annul backtrack cancel contradict countermand nullify renege on rescind void welsh withcall back down back off back out call back dial back weasel out eat one's words go back on one's word reject rebut gainsay disallow negative disaffirm disconfirm refute negate eschew go back on word wash hands of renig disacknowledge refuse impugn give up weasel out of drop out go back on surrender backpedal spurn cop out pull out yield resign avoid back pedal beg off chicken out discard scratch concede climb down worm out wiggle out shy from fink out abdicate wimp out bow out kick drop retreat from withdraw from get cold feet throw in the towel blow it off decline default on refrain shun fail to honour sacrifice pull out of forgo cast off cast aside hold back rat on contravene refuse to acknowledge bottle out lose your nerve turn yellow give way wuss out have no stomach for think better of something make concessions bottle it funk out row back dissociate from do an about-turn do a U-turn cry off call off throw off dispense with chicken out of get cold feet about change your mind forbear turn your back on divorce oneself from turn back on refuse to accept do away with pack in jack in abstain wash your hands of wash one's hands of turn one's back on abstain from refrain from break betray default disprofess back out of go back reverse welsh on backtrack on tergiversate desert submit have no more truck with have done with resign from defect from opt out violate oath jump ship do an about-face break your word break one's promise break a promise cop out of demur acquiesce accede retreat admit give in recoil reconsider balk concede defeat admit defeat accept defeat pull back baulk cave in give ground oppose admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement eat humble pie disprove explode debunk contest discredit challenge declare untrue controvert counter rebuff quash invalidate dissent from disagree with confute curb ban take exception to begrudge call on say no to enjoin from shoot down in flames restrain exclude taboo doubt prevent keep back disagree turn thumbs down disbelieve stand in the way block shoot down shoot full of holes not buy withsay forbid


To question or quiz, especially in a thorough or investigative manner
pump interrogate quiz grill question cross-examine probe catechize ask examine query sweat question intensely debrief question persistently sound out put questions to question closely cross examine draw out put the screws on give the third degree put through the mangle put through the wringer worm something out of someone put through the third degree interview cross-question enquire inquire investigate give the third degree to inquire of roast ask questions of go over work over put the screws to check pick one's brains scrutinize press canvass scrutinise test inquisition hit hit up ask questions browbeat drill try try out gather intelligence give the third review third-degree double-check reexamine bombard ask pointed questions put the pressure on give somebody the third degree third degree put somebody through the mill sweat out put on the hotseat seek an answer find out put a question to make inquiries request information request information of feel out enquire of seek information of seek information want to know needle solicit go over with a fine-tooth comb pry put out feelers test the waters pry into pop the question buzz frain petition consult talk converse make inquiry ask about search for answers hold out for raise question show curiosity look into sweat it out of seek answers put to the question talk to converse with have a discussion with confer with give oral examination hold inquiry get for the record hold a meeting with have a dialogue with study explore analyze analyse research verify assess inspect appraise evaluate search sift knock dissect scan confirm go into prove enquire into inquire into check out educate train teach seek prospect request sound monitor plumb dig into delve into establish conduct an enquiry into look-see put out a feeler delve pierce dig check up check over carry out an inquest into search into conduct an investigation into penetrate certify survey note ascertain grade measure judge vet audit parse case tell take a dekko at go through compare look over take stock correct ensure count give something a going-over eyeball keep account enquire about give something a once-over make sure of give something the once-over test out look see candle look at scout out give something a look-see frisk assay doubt trial set an examination for subject to an examination sample challenge screen substantiate dispute suspect validate demonstrate experimentalize pilot try on run something up the flagpole put something through its paces carry out trials on prove out see how it flies put to the test put something to the test try on for size see how wind blows stack up experiment with send up a balloon run idea by someone run it up a flagpole shake down put someone through their paces put something to the proof match up put through its paces give a tryout make a trial run mistrust oppugn impeach contest distrust disbelieve demand have reservations about call in question entertain doubts about impugn raise doubts about harbour suspicions about call into question express suspicions about express reservations about have suspicions about object to raise objections to cast aspersions on put out a feeler question throw doubt on harbour reservations about cast doubt on feel uneasy about

Trái nghĩa của worm out of

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