Đồng nghĩa của shy away


To draw back in fear, cringe, back down
back away back off cower cringe draw back flinch recoil retreat shrink pull back blench fall back withdraw shrink back quail blanch recede wince retire start shy squinch grovel shrink away get cold feet falter quake waver move back shudder step back move away pull out crouch take fright show fear back out return regress shake with fear yield abandon surrender balk hide dodge duck have cold feet faint droop give ground jump back spring back refuse start back slink huddle boggle scruple jerk back lose ground crawfish give way backpedal drop back give up baulk go backward hesitate quiver tremble shake shiver quaver run off scarper take off turn tail peel out run away cut and run resile escape make off leg it quit run vamoose split leave turn away bolt hightail it flee clear out beat it run for it go away depart decamp go ebb retrocede retrograde back exit go back adjourn remove skedaddle repair go off hook it seclude oneself vacate absent oneself take flight get away betake oneself scram draw away absent yourself run along distance oneself regroup give back straggle drop behind lag behind fall behind slow down take a hike take leave shut oneself away abstract oneself take oneself move out of retreat from retire from make oneself scarce bail out draw blow check out bow out clear get lost head for the hills bug out fold evacuate make a quick exit make one's getaway beat a retreat elude fly take to one's heels skip off levant skidoo fly the coop show a clean pair of heels cut out beat a hasty retreat break disengage do a bunk light out take a powder do a fade evade do a runner make a break for it make a run for it go to one's room separate shut oneself away in betake yourself get off make an exit leave for part go out subside abate lessen sink decline dwindle wane diminish moderate fade decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate relent retrogress close taper off retract fall away drop off drop let up reduce go down ratchet down drain away phase down move further off die away die down die out die off flow back


To avoid proceeding through reluctance
hang back hesitate dither vacillate waver demur teeter wabble falter halt scruple stagger wobble hover lag linger pause procrastinate straggle hold back shilly-shally hang fire hold off shrink back stay back drag your feet drag your heels stay in the background be reluctant to come forward stall delay fluctuate haver swither oscillate dawdle equivocate temporize dally wait hedge alternate shillyshally tergiversate dillydally seesaw pussyfoot stumble defer deliberate be doubtful baulk ponder debate be unsure be reluctant be uncertain boggle doubt be unwilling stop temporise dilly-dally weigh hang think twice balk pull back sit on fence be indecisive be hesitant flounder hem and haw mammer hum and haw think about blow hot and cold be undecided pussyfoot around be irresolute sit on the fence balance prevaricate tarry waffle yo-yo sway beat about the bush stonewall play for time use delaying tactics put off chop and change faff about be ambivalent flip-flop loiter filibuster run hot and cold be in two minds drag poke mess about waste time quibble be non-committal dodge the issue evade the issue take your time be unable to make up your mind drag one's feet play a waiting game take one's time reel flannel beat around the bush tremble parry questions fudge the issue get cold feet gain time dodge faff around trifle palter duck the question totter be evasive diddle creep crawl lollygag lallygag mope have doubts hang around be unable to decide hang about kick the can down the road change one's mind see-saw vary rock lurch change fudge swing postpone idle evade shuffle roll sidestep weasel while away time putter mince words tergiverse be vague shuck keep changing your mind buy time stay put mark time kill time cop out stall for time lag behind avoid the issue goof off put off doing something pass the buck cop a plea let the grass grow under one's feet drag one's heels beg the question be dilatory go from one extreme to the other wobble about be on the fence will and will not potter tumble fence-straddle straddle whiffle bobble quaver change mind loll slouch mess around move slowly be on the horns of a dilemma duck avoid avoid committing oneself um and ah have misgivings second-guessing oneself doubt yourself become unsteady doubt oneself flicker use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision adjourn retard prolong protract be long sit around fool around be tardy hedge one's bets be noncommittal mince one's words sidestep the issue shuffle around give the run around goldbrick cool quiver bide trim shudder stay remain refuse shy jib whiffle waffle keep changing one's mind postpone action defer action take a raincheck suspend action let slide express misgivings express reluctance express reservations warm a chair goof around hang round tail hold the phone trail stop over tool lose time get no place fast rest lodge dance around euphemize tapdance be tentative be divided dodder feel uncertain wonder about wait and see be cagey amble plod second-guessing yourself fudge and mudge back and fill think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical have reservations about have doubts about harbour suspicions about have hesitations about express suspicions about express reservations about entertain doubts about harbour reservations about have suspicions about fluctuate on have one's doubts about feel uneasy about wait around hang on be slow fall behind shamble toddle careen waddle horse around potter round potter around potter about not keep pace hobble fence trip zigzag topple walk unsteadily slide slip shimmy blunder wheel weave parry distract divert be ambiguous cavil jive escape elude lie falsify eschew con adumbrate double-talk fib shuffle about run around cover up straddle the fence hold over tell white lie cloud the issue duck the issue give run around

Trái nghĩa của shy away

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