Đồng nghĩa của mothball


To store or shelve (something that is no longer used)
decommission defer delay postpone shelve suspend table pack away put aside put off shut up put into storage put on ice put out of commission put on the back burner adjourn put back hold off reschedule hold over remit take a rain check on respite prorogue pigeonhole put in cold storage put over hold in abeyance put on hold stay hold up continue hold off on stall lay on the table put on back burner hold procrastinate interrupt carry over lay over set aside prolong protract retard keep in abeyance hang fire give rain check detain break off discontinue intermit terminate dissolve hold back bring to an end call a halt to extend stand over lay aside withhold arrest cease disband recess put on the shelf cut short prorogate dismiss sideline halt file slow hinder stop impede waive break up put in abeyance give a rain check slow up do later hang up put off the evil day put off the evil hour put something on hold hold something over forestay temporise temporize dally put on the bank burner put on one side hold something in abeyance take a raincheck cool it set back slow down bar quit check pink-slip omit inactivate can neglect leave renounce avoid block lengthen obstruct put an end to rule out stave off push back lay off count out put a stop to end pause park reserve suspend proceedings curb knock off take a break restrain finish let up freeze come to an end take a recess take five take a breather call it a day take a rain check call a halt retain suppress hang put to one side tie up cool contain take offline put something off refrain from refrain rearrange reorganize get across put across reprieve save keep cut break cancel sever leave off keep back reorganise cut off tarry dillydally dawdle linger loiter lag poke keep from bring to a standstill bring to a halt bring to a close take a breather from drag one's feet leave to another time put on a back burner surcease desist rest wait relinquish abandon surrender yield hang back cede reject give up sit tight take no action elongate resign refuse disregard drop abjure sacrifice abdicate forsake avoid doing something play a waiting game forgo spurn draw out drag out disclaim disown allow dispense with remove grant do without renege stretch stretch out outstretch hold one's horses keep from doing something bide one's time hand over sign away turn down turn over perpetuate wire-draw sustain spin out pad string out keep going keep up prolongate carry on draw extend the duration of make longer expand drag on keep something going go on with


To put aside or into storage, typically as a result of having collected a surplus of
store keep hoard stockpile stow save cache deposit reserve stash husband place put accumulate amass cumulate plant stock archive collect gather hold load pack preserve tuck conserve garner park retain warehouse bank bury hide hive hutch maintain reposit squirrel treasure pack up put aside put away lay by pack away put by put down put up set aside squirrel away stash away keep in reserve lay aside lay away lay in lock away lock up put in storage put in store stock up on lay up put into storage put to one side roll up salt away sock away stock up with stow away get in supplies of tidy away tidy up save for rainy day put aside for a rainy day put away for a rainy day regulate secure scrimp contain skimp bottle budget control use sparingly keep back hold back store up keep intact manage thriftily go easy on economize on save for a rainy day be frugal with be careful with use economically pile up heap up conceal assemble hide away stock up withhold earmark allocate build up round up buy up dedicate seal up keep safe scrape together acquire pick up scare up lodge shut away put aside for rainy day heap hang on to accrue harvest stack up hang onto save up rack up run up secrete house devote tot up stack spare shelve pile file hold onto reap mount up build up stocks glean cull put by for a rainy day bring together gather in draw together load up on defer buildup add sustain buffer economize squirrel something away safeguard entrust consign jam bundle stuff lay posit pigeonhole cram invest economise wedge consecrate commit shove tuck something away rack tuck away file away aggregate muster keep on hand ensconce accrete amound get hold of top off keep out set by give up to clear away clear up put in the bank pack like sardines hill keep a place for get together put together injure confine harm hospitalize disable pull in add up cover ditch duck screen hospitalise bulk up concentrate mass clean up put in the hole crate possess pick pack something up lump beat up repress stifle group keep hold of hold fast to hold on to keep possession of retain possession of bunch keep for oneself set something by hold in lay down cling to swell fill up dump ingather not part with keep to yourself retain in one's possession put in a case box up put in a trunk pluck take in plough cut bring in crop plow bin mow strip harrow


To hold (something) at a fixed level or in a fixed state for a period of time
freeze fix hold peg check curb limit restrict cap confine control set regulate arrest immobilise immobilize inhibit hold down keep down hold up restrain constrain bridle trammel hinder govern contain tame fetter hamper keep measure rule rein in keep within bounds keep the lid on bottle up keep a tight rein on cork up pull in shut in circumscribe suppress repress demarcate delimit moderate bound impede smother retard stifle bar muffle subdue muzzle strangle constrict discipline keep under control deter curtail gag terminate cramp entrammel specify prescribe demark straiten withhold delimitate cork girdle define hold in put a limit on keep in check keep lid on box in bite back cool down put the brakes on cut back cool off keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt choke back hold back fight back tie up stem the flow of button up keep a lid on slow down keep back hem in hold in check place a limit on tie down mark off put a brake on keep within limits draw the line on enclose encircle surround establish determine encompass mark out delineate isolate envelop stipulate environ gird compass stop crack down come down on ring concentrate handicap mark crack down on separate fence outline imprison focus inclose prevent circle clamp down on embrace wreathe obstruct box up contract border stamp out edge fence in wall in settle decide cage designate prelimit pen narrow distinguish hobble coop tie stake out clamp down put a stop to put an end to set limits on impose limits on bind rein cool identify besiege beset pinpoint hem put away pin down put a ceiling on stem impound invest wrap kill flank coop up gaol jail engird rim verge keep within the limits of lock up blockade fringe skirt encase set out close in not allow to go beyond hedge in cut off describe clarify set aside protect take tough action shut down interfere with set a limit on stymie zero in center on come down hard on fix on halt compose collect encumber slow hamstring shackle set the limits differentiate ring-fence indicate nail down thwart simmer down divide cramp someone's style draw segregate discriminate detach go around siege beleaguer enwreathe throng trap enwreath distinguish between hedge margin close in on circumvent enclave loop ring round enfold inundate lay siege to close around round encage wall narrow down centre on localise center localize centre closet house pound corral immure line rail mure lock in seal off intern block off cordon off put inside fence off mew up mew crib classify ration shrink temper decrease modify shorten reduce chain qualify tether diminish dampen quell detail leash bit harness stop from spreading quash get tough on get tough debar swathe cloak blanket swaddle squash detain stay rein back guide direct hogtie send up hang up clip someone's wings cut down on crush tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks take severe measures against make do with only come down heavily on be happy with take stern measures against belt squelch keep in name arrange extinguish put on ice sit on pull back silence lay down appoint choose keep in line bring under control end have on a tight leash overcome conquer throttle set the limits of set the boundaries of set bounds to put out pour cold water on gain mastery over put down block out nip in the bud slap down throw cold water on snuff out gain control over select allot prearrange conclude finalize resolve on resolve arrive at ordain decide on finalise solve schedule work agree on work out set a date for

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