Đồng nghĩa của lay over

Alternative for lay over

Đồng nghĩa: stop over, superimpose, superpose,


To make an intermediary stop somewhere


To postpone or assign to a later time or date
delay postpone defer shelve remit put off hold over put over hold up hold off on suspend stay hold off adjourn prorogue reschedule put on ice put on the back burner table put back put on hold put in cold storage take a rain check on pigeonhole mothball respite lay on the table put on back burner procrastinate carry over retard hang fire hold in abeyance keep in abeyance continue intermit stand over stall protract prolong set aside extend slow detain hang up waive hold give rain check lay aside put aside reprieve leave to another time pause save keep slow up freeze dismiss do later sideline put off the evil day put off the evil hour put to one side tie up hinder block impede lengthen obstruct arrest interrupt cease discontinue break off put in abeyance bar stop terminate put an end to rule out file dissolve disband stave off halt withhold quit push back bring to an end lay off prorogate check recess pink-slip omit break up count out inactivate cut short put on the shelf can put a stop to call a halt to forestay give a rain check cool it hold back restrain curb inhibit avoid interfere with hamper thwart evade prevent stymie trammel frustrate fetter encumber hamstring shackle keep back set back slow down end stonewall reserve suppress restrict derail baulk repress hobble cramp brake clog shut down hog-tie put a brake on stand in the way of bork bridle handcuff balk hold something over park retain hang refuse rebuff cool temporise take a raincheck dally temporize contain take offline neglect leave renounce put on the bank burner put on one side still slow pedal filibuster resist catch cut break limit forestall stifle cancel sever refrain keep from leave off manacle short-circuit prevent from making progress handicap embarrass not move pull up draw up stand still come to a standstill sabotage stand stand off bring up fetch up peter out fence cut off bring to a standstill bring to a halt bring to a close take a breather from put on a back burner put out of commission decommission rearrange put into storage shut up change the date pack away discourage oppose fend off quiet avert pour cold water on turn off ward off indispose put a damper on shake divert throw cold water on control suspend proceedings knock off finish let up take a break come to an end take a breather take a recess take five call a halt take a rain check foil retardate call it a day cripple choke bring to screeching halt close off make late confine shut off get in the way of back off bog down choke off throw a spanner in the works of take down crimp throw a monkey wrench in the works of deter cumber get away from give the slip slip away from fob off run from give the runaround

Trái nghĩa của lay over

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