Đồng nghĩa của pull the plug on


To terminate or abolish something
discontinue abort end finish stop terminate wind up abolish break off bring to a halt bring to an end cancel dispense with do away with drop get rid of interrupt put an end to put a stop to suspend abandon ax axe call a halt to cease cut give up phase out refrain from scrap withdraw give something the chop intermit leave off pack in quit knock something on the head halt conclude cut out cut off call a halt cut short desist close lay off can pack up shut down scrub desist from wrap up knock off kill break up shut off call it quits bring to a close wind down belay dead-end pass lapse expire break kick complete wink out elapse let up give over determine put the kibosh on arrest eliminate finish off nip in the bud bring to a stop check ditch dump adjourn deactivate dissolve close out disconnect round out scratch call off round off get shut of lay off of wrap die extinguish ultimate get shot of annul switch off go put a stop to something withhold junk come to an end bring to a conclusion run out prorogue prorogate recess bring to an untimely end discard quash remove have done with jack in back out of lay aside forgo abstain from set aside bin consummate call it a day crown pull the plug sew up settle wind something up relinquish get done resolve pack it in end up sunder put the lid on put paid to top off nip something in the bud dispose of surcease disjoin blow off dissever intervene bag it separate interpose pause part disunite interfere with cut into disturb say goodbye to break into bring recall rescind call cry off knock it off nullify stop midstream revoke pull up repeal close down bring to a standstill curb immobilize turn back stem immobilise hold up put out disengage disable neutralise turn off turn out neutralize shelve postpone renounce stay delay defer waive omit curtail put off forsake get off freeze put back pull out of get out of do without hold off stop dead stop short put in cold storage put on ice stall throw in the towel forlet stop trying throw in the sponge abbreviate shorten clip abridge leave unfinished break short stop in full flow stop cold disregard leave out ignore pigeonhole pass over brush aside table reschedule disband mothball put aside hold over give something a miss shake off render needless put on hold bar hang up retard stave off push back lay on the table hold pink-slip put on back burner count out take a rain check on keep in abeyance put in abeyance rule out file lay over procrastinate inactivate protract put on the shelf put on the back burner hang fire hold in abeyance sever take a breather from put on a back burner forbear from steer clear of preclude skip shirk resist pass up stay away from bypass keep from withhold from refuse back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from avoid restrain from break the habit of rein in shy from shun check out from swear off escape from kibosh skip out on call it quits on skirt surcease from


To reveal one's true nature, especially unintentionally
expose reveal disclose unmask show unveil display divulge betray exhibit manifest uncover unearth air demonstrate out bare evince present brandish declare bewray crack denude leak nake prove spill unbosom catch out make known lay bare let out show up blow wide open give away let drop let slip smoke out spill the beans on tell of trot out blow the whistle on find out make manifest make obvious tip off let cat out of bag put on view bring out into the open give the game away let on about take the wraps off let the cat out of the bag debunk uncloak nail undress lift the lid tell communicate discover bring to light indicate impart proclaim broadcast confess publish make public blab bespeak express announce blurt out report admit illustrate release let on signify come out with evidence make clear establish pass on publicize make plain convey denote relate utter be evidence of go public with unfold signal publicise attest suggest explain bring into the open inform disseminate confirm spill the beans substantiate corroborate verify promulgate affirm testify to voice state spill the beans about detail validate recount mouth spell out narrate intimate acknowledge describe support showcase document open up expound blow the lid off back up determine relay highlight set forth spill your guts about clarify bear out point out articulate mention let the cat out of the bag about blurt squeal circulate babble recite cough certify enunciate speak bring out argue authenticate specify elucidate take the lid off lay open register show beyond doubt come out of the closet give out tattle get across imply spread emphasize hint say flash attest to unclothe vent break talk ascertain vouchsafe confide ratify assert emphasise uphold represent feature reflect vouch bear witness to pass betoken squeal about fess up cough up delineate sustain tell all about discuss explicate avow come out get off your chest enlighten justify point to testify give an account of break the news make evident lay out be a sign of clear up blow the gaff point toward put across pinpoint unshroud share blow spring chronicle detect open provide details gossip unclose portray unburden verbalize vocalize profess sing rehearse concede settle illuminate whisper give own up cite exclaim fill in clue in sound own endorse let fall circumstantiate resolve define keep posted propose show clearly brief blow the gaff on note witness demystify address advertise advertize predicate characterize flag up tip one's hand verbalise vocalise simplify read let it all hang out come clean about come clean be an indication of expose to view connote talk about make a clean breast of ostend unravel go public on put into words run over decipher give substance to the fact that give the show away let cat out of the bag untangle witness to the fact that break down reel off give the details of characterise unriddle let in on allow to be seen teach throw light on designate flesh out demonstrate the truth translate give voice to go into detail trust entrust show evidence of identify turn up transmit give up furnish unrobe unfurl overshare snitch lay something bare put the spotlight on disburden expose information slip disport evoke put on display put on show declare one's preferences trickle transpire post symbolize result from infer transfuse conduct transfer open up on notify give credence to mark elaborate unburden oneself ventilate bring forward bring into view spotlight elicit introduce bring out into open bring to public attention put cards on table dish the dirt get out of system give the low-down bring to public notice spill all confide in tell all symbolise pin down point at set out figure out dope out solve instruct to make clear get out bear witness give proof provide evidence give weight to hold up to view go public parade sport strut exteriorize smoke something out raise reinforce project prescribe point crack wide open breathe let hair down blow the whistle predict mean make out adduce submit depict annotate educate spell it out shed light set the scene disentangle defog paint a picture decode put in plain words unscramble diagram make intelligible guide put in plain English express in words give an explanation of insinuate buzz draw out foretell spell submit proof submit evidence establish evidence produce evidence produce proof show to be true debate moot charge apprise advise familiarize acquaint chart show and tell wave around put accost engage ask stipulate arrange spin paint vouch for constitute proof of constitute evidence of unload on spill to crack to retail level sketch familiarise verse clear weave show once and for all espouse agree trumpet give vent to open your heart lay it on share a confidence lay the gaff bend an ear pronounce bring to the surface catch up have one's say give expression to mortify defeat belittle shame discredit convict worst humiliate embarrass invalidate accede accept leave word call upon give evidence of tell on put before spit it out give facts wise up recognize allow give details of claim grant realize assent constitute evidence appreciate opine allege asseverate press word remark recognise yield acquiesce concur realise constitute proof give the facts score off point up let down offer mutter contend protest deliver spout plead chatter repeat cry maintain outline shout enounce avouch aver orate phrase mumble purport quote give utterance to retell put forth chirp perorate swear modulate yammer intone pipe spiel soliloquize throw out drawl jaw summarise yak regurgitate lip gab get off gas put forward speak about stress sound out murmur summarize pop off pipe up with declaim go into details 'fess up cop to make a clean breast own up to get something off one's chest spill your guts let somebody in on put to shame put spotlight on interpret formulate make a fool of show in bad light put somebody to shame explicitize construe analyse make simple analyze shed light on get something straight clear the air explicitise sort out draw a picture of straighten out clear the air about make perfectly clear


Get rid of or give up
ditch discard scrap chuck dump jettison junk shed throw out abandon drop throw away shelve ax axe cashier deep-six dispose of eighty-six exorcise exorcize lose pitch reject scrub toss unload get rid of trash cast off chuck away chuck out do away with lay by shuck off slough off get shut of fling away fling off get shot of throw on the scrapheap throw overboard knock on the head give the boot bin dispense with cast aside toss out eject eliminate relinquish forsake expel remove cast dismiss see the back of throw clear out write off set aside have done with cast away can desert slough dispose fling root out weed out destroy part with shuck give up offload cull yield disburden put out to pasture throw aside dispatch shrug off throw off shake off toss aside thrust aside cast out sluff off disown leave do without manage without cope without bung out bung away make away with cut heave release hurl abdicate maroon exclude dispossess repudiate doff banish auction nix 86 adios chase refuse slip evict extrude unburden clear unhand forgo away negative sweep away fling out let go surrender turn down discharge wash your hands of rid oneself of free oneself of loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate wreck retire pour out empty out tip out throw over the side consign to scrap heap break up empty rid turn out clean out put aside shift foist palm off off-load exhaust sort let go of cede hand over renounce deliver up sacrifice give away clean up tidy up run off kick out show out let out demobilize allow to go turf out disband force out send home send away send off disperse boot out boot deport oust bounce liberate out bundle demobilise lock out push aside rout drive out drum out scour shake out liquidate eradicate purge rout out exterminate expunge wipe out lift gut cleanse erase strip void rid of

Trái nghĩa của pull the plug on

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