Đồng nghĩa của clamoring

Alternative for clamoring

clamors, clamored, clamoring

Đồng nghĩa: complain, cry out, demand,


Present participle for cry out, make commotion
agitating appealing barking bawling baying bellowing blustering claiming crying debating demanding dinning disputing hollering insisting roaring routing screaming screeching shouting yelling calling out crying out raising Cain raising the roof putting up a howl howling shrieking thundering vociferating calling hallooing holloing sounding off yelping growling clamouring whooping wailing yowling ululating hooting yawping caterwauling cheering yammering raising your voice snarling squawking squealing yapping exclaiming singing out moaning braying groaning squalling trumpeting cooeeing singing speaking loudly raising voice calling at the top of your voice protesting uttering booming keening lowing bellering blaring crowing hailing hissing belling snapping hollering out cawing shouting out gabbling grunting sighing cackling trilling mourning sobbing weeping lamenting blubbering yipping whining whimpering questing outcrying saying brusquely berating speaking brusquely announcing proclaiming speaking angrily saying angrily speaking abruptly grumbling saying abruptly muttering brawling shrilling repining griping carping inveighing bleating whingeing maundering complaining grouching nagging croaking murmuring grizzling fussing yauping grousing crabbing bellyaching beefing grumping kvetching kicking greeting deploring grieving bemoaning bewailing wauling sniveling snivelling declaiming railing fulminating sorrowing kicking up a fuss hurrahing huzzahing woofing rumbling screaking voicing squeaking jowling calling hello to pressing giving tongue carrying on crying loudly miaowing cursing raising a ruckus crying the blues urging careering juddering skidding shuddering kicking up a storm shouting loudly bickering quarrelling quarreling threatening gnarling speaking out spitting making screeching yelling at uttering threat speaking up talking loudly insisting on making a claim for mithering grieving for decrying disparaging remonstrating objecting condemning grieving over impugning lashing admonishing castigating upbraiding denouncing reviling criticizing lambasting ranting vituperating regretting weeping for scolding recriminating roasting censuring trashing blasting reproaching vilifying crying for wailing for eating one's heart out pining for wailing about hurting taking it hard complaining about bleeding kicking self shedding tears for beating one's breast raining weeping over storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching criticising jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss about tongue-lashing grouching about kicking up a stink about cracking down on running down letting have it bellyaching about laying into taking exception complaining vehemently about going after having at ripping into inveighing against expostulating laying out


Present participle for a light ringing sound such as that made by metal objects being shaken together


In urgent need of immediate attention
pressing imperative important compelling critical crucial urgent vital burning high-priority demanding exigent importunate necessary serious acute clamant constraining crying dire emergent imperious instant key necessitous pivotal essential inescapable claiming clamouring distressing exacting forcing heat-on hurry-up immediate irresistible obliging persuasive requiring unyielding now or never of the essence of the utmost importance significant paramount indispensable required requisite needed of great consequence needful pre-eminent all-important life-and-death mandatory fundamental integral consequential vitally important must-have momentous compulsory called for obligatory grave central prerequisite desperate decisive great weighty substantive basic pertinent current all important cardinal extreme topical prevalent relevant severe controversial active drastic intense contemporary binding parlous terrible peremptory climacteric sore live very important deciding very great demanded primary heavy principal meaningful chief earth-shattering life-or-death world-shaking bottom-line insistent overriding coercive unavoidable without lacking needing worrying strategic determinative necessitating involving basal fatal major radical mission-critical business-critical demanding attention real calling for clamorous underlined constitutive lively nitty-gritty much needed meat-and-potatoes name-of-the-game coal-and-ice of interest incumbent intrinsic involuntary forced core nonelective emergency impelling popular dominant widespread running appropriate compulsatory rudimentary innate inherent leading capital driving foremost quintessential expedient incumbent on prime wanted name of game specified desired preferred elementary proper recommended de rigueur prevailing earnest circulating common portentous historic alive debatable unsettled fateful apocalyptic determining effective top-priority called-for life and death epoch-making earth-shaking far-reaching of current interest life-saving world-shattering life or death of great moment of vital importance extremely important

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