Đồng nghĩa của gnarly

Alternative for gnarly

gnarly /nɑ:ld/ (gnarly) /'nɑ:li/
  • tính từ
    • lắm mấu, xương xẩu (thân cây, cành cây; ngón tay...)
    • (nghĩa bóng) hay càu nhàu, hay cằn nhằn, khó tính (người)

Tính từ

(slang) Excellent or attractive in nature
excellent great marvellous marvelous cool magnificent superb fine neat nifty sensational swell wonderful boss keen exceptional choice splendid admirable superior prime sterling select first-class first-rate satisfactory positive nice satisfying agreeable acceptable worthy favorable valuable precious sound pleasing super rad reputable welcome honourable ace commendable spanking capital honorable deluxe super-eminent congenial shipshape gratifying super-excellent recherche stupendous tip-top exquisite beautiful lovely sublime favourable heavenly good slick likable delightful appealing enjoyable pleasant outstanding supreme comforting stunning mild enviable lovesome flashy affable gorgeous exhilarating pleasurable euphoric fair ravishing enchanting comfortable glamorous photogenic elegant fascinating seductive presentable tasteful sunny amiable joyous engaging hunky pretty clear tempting quality divine striking top cunning resplendent A1 cheery drop-dead dollish amusing glossy dainty cute splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking flamboyant beauteous attractive comely zingy soothing fetching knockout rapturous blessed taking aesthetic delicate pulchritudinous statuesque glamourous intoxicating well-favored fun hospitable showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad masterly impressive fantastic rare grand stellar terrific top-notch superlative awesome fabulous elating splendorous paradisiacal grateful copasetic genial passable delightsome recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling paradisiac ecstatic telegenic dulcet charming alluring copacetic paradisal relishable blest paradisaical calming esthetic savory paradisaic phat dandy hot righteous classic accomplished topflight immense prizewinning lofty fantabulous unsurpassed noble radical mean dynamite top-shelf cracking groovy prize out-of-sight jim-dandy topping unreal crackerjack not too shabby world-class first-string primo peachy high-class corking A-OK of high quality fab very good second to none of a high standard peachy keen par excellence number one splendiferous top-hole top-of-the-line bang-up numero uno wicked dope supernal irie likeable savoury unblemished bad flawless crack bully uninjured whole entire unbroken intact perfect up to snuff unimpaired undamaged unharmed unhurt unmarred

Tính từ

(slang) Dangerous or full of peril
dangerous hazardous risky unsafe parlous perilous exposed hairy precarious threatening vulnerable chancy critical desperate dicey difficult grave grievous insecure jeopardising jeopardizing menacing problematic serious treacherous uncertain shaky terrifying ticklish unsound unstable dynamite fraught with danger in danger rocky touchy venturesome touch-and-go at risk touch and go in jeopardy playing with fire on thin ice Russian roulette tricky dodgy unpredictable sticky high-risk iffy delicate unhealthy problematical wicked thorny unchancy speculative awkward erratic jeopardous unsure death-defying unreliable capricious loaded unsteady hot alarming reckless prickly tricksy sensitive tough catchy nasty knotty spiny unsettled taxing ominous slippery daredevil lethal haphazard harmful rugged extreme breakneck scary shonky endangered dangersome ugly defenseless defenceless wide-open long shot hanging by a thread on slippery ground out on a limb fluctuant dubious incalculable dire awful terrible life-threatening acute worrying deadly fatal bad rickety dreadful severe destructive distressing unprotected adventurous profound very bad tight wobbly life-and-death doubtful peracute explosive bleak exigent arduous unpleasant upsetting grim suspect urgent punishing pressing bitter unguarded drastic weak appalling malignant viperous venturous egregious frail troublesome frightful undependable volatile trying flimsy unsecured heavy in the balance onerous vexatious challenging forbidding irksome bothersome tottering rough dark disagreeable worrisome concerning fragile open to attack consequential unfriendly disturbing questionable spartan hostile sobering painful brutal madcap depressed daring not safe tottery unclear suicidal cliffhanging suspenseful woeful catastrophic ruinous hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand unknown threatened injurious toxic sore tragic loose untrustworthy fearsome calamitous unshielded ill-protected imperative crucial intolerable lamentable hopeless deplorable burning charged tense undefended unlocked assailable compelling harsh intense horrible unsettling ghastly sickening tenuous on a limb turbulent eruptive vital overwrought clamant disastrous significant considerable pregnable unfastened unbolted controversial poor sorry outrageous lousy crying impregnable formidable serpentine mortal portentous queasy impending emergent inflammable inflammatory unsubstantial importunate imperious weighty exacting hard big fierce excessive major intensive strenuous grinding toilsome on collision course strained anxious jerry-built loosened teetery slack slackened lax relaxed spindly decrepit necessitous full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil irredeemable irretrievable chronic nebulous important instant volcanic combustible stressful wonky insubstantial sketchy feeble essential wavering immature rootless vacillating unconvincing sudden decisive knife-edge afflictive all-important highly charged easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken nerve-racking

Tính từ

(informal) Marked by a characteristic deemed as being impressive with regards to fashion
cool stylish chic fashionable trendy hip voguish in modish smart modern sophisticated cosmopolitan elegant happening now sharp trendsetting appealing attractive classy glamorous impressive mod big funky swinging fly hep kicking kicky massive snappy snazzy spiffy supercool swish tony turned-on def fresh groovy sassy exclusive in fashion in vogue all the rage up to date bang up to date high-toned up to the minute with-it all the go au courant in thing with it a la mode on fleek le dernier cri contemporary latest current popular hot swell swank newfangled swanky chichi faddy posh favored favoured up-to-the-minute in style in-thing well-liked a go-go natty up-to-date downtown new dashing designer nifty schmick dapper faddish upscale red-hot du jour debonair rakish culty favorite popularized latest thing crowd-pleasing popularised favourite trig de rigueur flash dressy vogue state-of-the-art high-class swagger neat ritzy ultra-modern avant-garde sought-after newest spruce in favour in demand prevalent modernistic trim pop new-fashioned last word in favor prevailing usual genteel customary fab tasteful innovative jaunty well dressed novel well-dressed large uptown slick ultramodern leading edge space-age unconventional present-day new age well turned out well-groomed excellent well turned-out dressed to kill as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox styleworthy desired liked approved down the new advanced wanted inspired recent plush upmarket fancy celebrated stylin' flashy fine latter-day leading cutting-edge cutting edge well liked jazzy ostentatious beautiful dap contemporaneous brand-new plugged-in neoteric innovatory pioneering fashionably dressed showy clean clever ingenious in the mainstream à la mode far-out earthy offbeat undercool wicked sexy flippant party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest on trend hottest exciting last-word swaggy high-fashion understated flattering besuited sumptuous grand deluxe swishy distinctive first-class legendary well-known preferred desirable lovely big thing good timely must-see dope stunning gorgeous with style shiny craze fad chi-chi widespread commercially successful successful bang up-to-date in good taste well put together polished pizazzy splashy pizzazzy super glorious well loved bling dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look flamboyant colorful gay bright loud fancy-pants colourful smooth urbane sleek pretentious steezy courtly majestic plushy handsome superior stately refined graceful in with it well-turned-out crucial spiff suave dainty prim thrilled select dicty expensive admired awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware accepted on the cutting edge in the latest style spruced up welcome sporty dressed to the nines switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to commercial dressed to the teeth marketable saleable in the know present smartly dressed progressive excited touched moved electrified animated stirred aroused elated atingle forward-looking sought lovable prominent beloved likable notorious extant fave famous trending existing latter leading-edge go-ahead twenty-first-century present-time unique creative original high-tech likeable well received immediate instant ongoing hi-tech modern-day modernized modernised newly discovered groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle nowadays coeval prompt being topical commenced already today started begun existent worked up fired up for the time being in duration going on ad hoc at this moment just now even now in process under consideration innovational artistic unprecedented imaginative inventive strange trailblazing unheard-of far out modernist different unaccustomed futuristic way out unfamiliar unexplored visionary out-of-the-box unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional

Tính từ

Worthy of high praise
praiseworthy commendable laudable admirable creditable estimable meritorious excellent exemplary worthy applaudable fine honourable deserving gone honorable keen meritable pillar select slick stellar sterling swell thankworthy tough deserving congratulations worthy of admiration salt of earth good notable exceptional respectable great outstanding noble first-class first-rate distinguished superb grand superior exquisite superlative top-notch tip-top prime noted noteworthy praisable righteous wonderful marvellous magnificent impressive illustrious fab choice eminent glorious splendid supreme bully marvelous unsurpassed incomparable reputable world-class high-quality super terrific virtuous wicked smashing decent mean brilliant premium valuable boss cracking cool sensational neat unparalleled peachy perfect beautiful unrivaled sublime crackerjack stunning phat capital dope heavenly preeminent elite peerless pre-eminent venerable lovely supernal rare matchless prizewinning sovereign attractive worthy of commendation high blue-ribbon gilt-edged high-grade very good unrivalled reliable upright fantastic awesome prestigious divine fabulous worthwhile honest top tiptop fantabulous amazing incredible spectacular extraordinary nifty topping groovy classic immense radical exclusive enviable desirable phenomenal elegant invaluable splendiferous dynamite hot dandy topflight ace champion unreal brill beaut famous corking frontline primo gangbusters wizard hype bumper gangbuster banner celebrated acclaimed prize brag down bonny brave bonnie boffo deluxe accomplished special fancy advanced crowning striking lofty priceless vintage dominant ideal transcendent jim-dandy first-string blue-chip four-star five-star gilt-edge peachy keen par excellence number one bang-up numero uno top-hole quality of the highest quality top-shelf out-of-sight high-class of high quality really good top-of-the-line of the highest standard esteemed renowned honored A1 A-OK of the first water honoured of the highest order of the first order of note impeccable upstanding sound flawless unequalled unimpeachable irreproachable seemly smart dependable refined faultless blameless very best the best justified needy justifiable rightful eligible due fitting unequaled right well-favoured well favoured rad schmick dream solid masterly world-beating meritious golden winner meedful belting sik greatest pearler exo barrie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chillin' copacetic out of this world cat's pajamas best ever super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight zero cool A-1 hunky dory top drawer believeable satisfactory up to the mark reputed organic well-thought-of suitable palmary nasty batting a thousand not too shabby salt of the earth certified ripping bodacious mega top-level mint outrageous class fantastical stupendous topnotch tremendous legit bosting top-of-the-range remarkable consummate delightful best gorgeous dazzling finest prodigious surpassing leading enjoyable unmatched unique amazeballs majestic pleasing imposing resplendent beyond compare magic unsurpassable proud splendorous paramount nice awe-inspiring chief inimitable prominent massive exalted memorable august foremost formidable important wondrous elevated premier bonzer stately highest breathtaking gratifying skillful skilful spiffing exciting radiant unblemished on fleek mind-blowing pleasurable crack immaculate heroic precious towering royal monumental absolute pleasant singular top-quality top-drawer regal well-known colossal without equal unbelievable unexcelled unexampled delicate positive nonpareil grandiose bad thrilling goodly pure epic baronial tops dreamy heroical rapturous Homeric top of the line top of the range principal magnific major ultimate extreme agreeable culminating commanding top-tier too much imperial enchanting arresting astonishing spanking powerful virtuoso ravishing luxurious sightly charming unmarred favorable out-of-this-world alluring indefectible standout statuesque beauteous predominant appealing inspired dainty astounding beezer favourable welcome classical extravagant gallant fair intense primary big star fascinating first quintessential winning unbeatable shining fabby of a high standard to die for lead luxury paradisiacal paradisiac satisfying inspiring topmost too good to be true only recherche moving excelling optimal lavish sumptuous stirring shipshape pretty finished classy def bewitching cute coruscating congenial scrumptious comely taking far out optimum blissful famed staggering foxy dignified OK main worthiest idyllic triumphant bright pulchritudinous aesthetic good-looking lovesome maximum immortal covetable stainless spotless untainted expensive whole well-favored effulgent extraordinaire upmarket mind-boggling esthetic sweet far-out favoured up to snuff time-honored head princely profound skilled central kingly entrancing expert award-winning aces crucial acceptable solemn glamorous untarnished beyond comparison favored masterful joyous peak unforgettable highest quality blessed selected super-eminent super-excellent unspoilt amiable marvy captivating paradisal paradisaic opulent palatial tempting exhilarating exceeding glowing lank kif supereminent delectable especial respected irie miraculous flashy tasteful state-of-the-art ecstatic knockout untouchable entire intact glossy flamboyant fetching drop-dead splashy showy hunky-dory eye-catching zingy not bad effusive excessive key laudatory cardinal exaggerated inflated lordly handsome insane enthralling profitable above average unflawed eye-popping jaw-dropping spiritual rich complete most ruling unusually good utmost crazy original way-out transcendental archetypal privileged uttermost conspicuous advantageous affecting uplifting inspirational abstract panegyrical graceful desired of highest order portly max preferable top-class enticing something else upscale seamless shapely delicious slap-up prize-winning momentous sought-after influential win-win above and beyond extremely good rousing one in a million splendrous angelic pompous alone costly dear pricey apical in a league of their own maximal impassioned dramatic preferred unmatchable spendy ultraexpensive pricy symmetrical up to standard up to scratch up to par hip full of praise ostentatious very nice outside picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect without fault well-formed easy on the eyes big-ticket palatine high-end celestial grade A swanky queenly top quality considerable ominous top-end high-ticket ten foolproof adept utopian experienced defectless all right chic alright well-made frabjous unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged splendacious plush exacting better than expected unprecedented rewarding arch- distinctive promising eloquent surprising agitating good quality high-caliber a cut above choicest paradisic ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable saintly eventful marked osm highest-ranking rockin marquee signal particular proper heavy world hundred-proof significant refreshing awing good-quality high-calibre crashing high-ranking overbearing arch primal overmastering overriding prior presiding master sovran A-number-1 mostest solid gold legendary very fine eximious thoroughbred a million dollars authoritative magical what hallowed creative final prevailing outshining plummy cushy portentous theatrical star-studded lionized far-famed celebrity glittering much-publicized unchallenged pukka ridiculous like a million dollars imaginative unparagoned all-time solid-gold likely without parallel without match without peer sacred holy staid highly regarded aristocratic unapproached posh ingenious the very best superfine diverting stylish decorative very agreeable very pleasant eclectic the one-in-a-million a standout innovational innovative of repute of distinction plump plum dominating A-list first-line genius innovatory the most what great five star of the highest type high quality top grade best-quality the dog's bollocks highest-quality lionised all-star awe-striking heart-stopping eye-opening unspoiled unsullied ambitious haughty pretentious large world class deep like wow high-minded of high standing well thought of highfalutin' climactic enterprising inventive essential traditional sick mad without blemish ascendant talented gifted resourceful in a class of its own hors concours loftiest cordon bleu consequential daring bold absorbing touching adored ripe mature virtuosic unthinkable prized gee-whizz forcible vital crash-hot no-expense-spared elaborate likable indispensable valued inestimable treasured model effective herculean ill infinite unlimited intellectual intuitive eternal primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined boundless innate theoretical mother of all comforting affable comfortable photogenic hunky clear mild euphoric seductive presentable sunny engaging copybook prototypical enormous pronounced gigantic off-the-wall off the wall well-done hot property representative dollish amusing snazzy showstopping cheery glamourous intoxicating in order dishy relief glad fun cunning soothing hospitable prettyish of genius invincible beyond grasp rhapsodic titanic humungous humongous monstrous giant extensive gargantuan genial passable delightsome telegenic elating copasetic savory grateful darling dulcet blest paradisaical calming recreative relishable indomitable unconquerable fortunate lucky eulogistic unstoppable total have-it-all best possible severe astronomic acute leviathan thumping vast mountainous ginormous astronomical likeable savoury flattering adulatory approving invulnerable rave utter commendatory appreciative complimentary unassailable very enthusiastic highly favourable sheer categorical outright insurmountable impregnable bulletproof insuperable popular acclamatory admiring approbatory thoroughgoing downright categoric thorough unqualified coveted fit for a king liked unmitigated definite stark plumb nth unalloyed arrant unadulterated unconditional happy approved wanted deadly clean rank dead dreadful flat blooming fashionable wantable requested worth having encomiastical laudative looked-for in demand well-liked all the go in favour well liked all the rage in favor sought after longed-for in vogue crowd-pleasing well received not beatable errant perfected cotton-picking out-and-out all-out blank chronic flat-out straight-out deep-dyed exciting envy much to be desired cream uppermost awesomesauce flagship bosker top-grade in a class all by itself more desirable most desirable most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Very unusual or remarkable
extraordinary remarkable exceptional unique amazing astonishing phenomenal rare unusual odd singular peculiar uncommon curious strange surprising astounding fantastic incredible sensational miraculous momentous notable prodigious striking stunning unbelievable arresting eye-catching fanciful improbable unforgettable weird absurd conspicuous dubious noteworthy preposterous ridiculous special spectacular stupendous uncustomary unrealistic unwonted wild aberrant aberrated abnormal anomalous atypical bizarre doubtful especial exceeding extraordinaire extravagant eye-popping fantastical freak funny grandiose implausible irrational ludicrous nonsensical offbeat out-of-the-way preternatural queer serious tremendous unaccustomed uncanny unco unlikely unprecedented whimsical wondrous amazeballs cockamamie comical crazy foolish inconceivable insane mad oddball unfamiliar unimaginable unreal unthinkable wacky zany flash forby hare-brained heavy unexpected far-fetched make-believe off the wall off-the-wall out of the ordinary unheard-of never to be forgotten off beaten path out of this world unconventional outlandish outstanding freakish eccentric irregular awesome wonderful different staggering great quirky marvellous marvelous deviant unorthodox impressive fabulous untypical freaky far-out quaint rum breathtaking unparalleled outré erratic sublime off-centre unnatural unheard of bizarro screwy kinky awe-inspiring out of the way mysterious kooky mind-blowing significant brilliant novel idiosyncratic dramatic mind-boggling overwhelming way-out eye-opening extreme mystifying weirdo unaccountable whacky puzzling superior funky original kookie wacko distinctive startling shocking baffling perplexing queerish outrageous off-kilter spaced-out inexplicable cranky exotic left-field magnificent jaw-dropping imposing considerable signal memorable incongruous way out intense terrific important prominent incomparable glorious marked splendid excellent impossible out there superb monumental superlative powerful uncharacteristic supreme major stupefying grand eerie unordinary spooky particular portentous jarring magical divergent distinguished indescribable strong noticeable unknown peerless substantial unequalled something else awful alien fishy isolated dazzling massive unpredictable daggy foreign towering unequaled questionable new matchless incomprehensible big acute unrepresentative fresh unrivalled distinct jolting flabbergasting profound exciting creepy fascinating famous obscure deep paramount monstrous far out unearthly perfect bewildering unforeseen droll unrivaled surpassing meaningful commanding beyond belief individual outre enormous surreal unutterable alternative grotesque supernatural super scarce huge aberrational devious dumbfounding deviate eminent transcendent thrilling consequential unmatched vast blindsiding historic infrequent unconvincing unexampled large nonconformist interesting emphatic bold pronounced unreasonable material incredulous beyond compare exquisite unconceivable unanticipated uncompelling suspicious sizeable superhuman sizable formidable inimitable unsurpassed dumfounding capricious consummate out of the common immense celebrated pre-eminent solid typical ample excessive characteristic high appreciable flakey without equal flaky sudden perverse gee-whizz lavish unpredicted majestic stellar perverted transcendental incogitable extensive exorbitant smashing inordinate red-letter distinguishing showy non-typical deviating weighty electrifying splashy illogical flamboyant catchy refreshing hard to swallow salient renowned classic top ultimate unexcelled beautiful off-key avant-garde groundbreaking nonstandard noisy bodacious cool hefty substantive famed colossal astronomical record nonconforming utmost identifying attractive eventful healthy paranormal one of a kind mythical ground-breaking heroic fine without parallel cockeyed abundant confounding second to none horrendous unknowable newfangled exclusive divine splendorous untried anomalistic stirring individualistic epic supernormal out in left field ideal specific disquieting steep atypic unsettling romantic magic unconscionable unconforming essential laughable immoderate stiff heterodox sporadic nonpareil voluminous intolerable landmark kenspeckle grabby manifest supermundane observable legendary ghostly discriminating radical seldom unimagined unfathomable diagnostic symptomatic diagnostical whopping suspect generous obvious handsome giant tidy standout severe respectable off-base arcane quizzical earth-shattering harebrained good off-color much madcap moving off the beaten track earthshaking heteroclite preeminent dynamite out of line primo unsubstantial distorted sui generis weird and wonderful one and only far-reaching unintelligible from left field newsworthy off-center scarcely credible few and far between in left field alarming incommunicable thin proud gorgeous royal out of the question cock-and-bull undreamed of elevated inane inconsistent resplendent celestial unexplored little known stately luxurious unholy surprise tall mystical risible frightening God-awful unusually good lofty differentiating rogue occult fatuous best glamorous metaphysical otherworldly disturbing chance informal enigmatic ungodly scary fluky uncommunicable engaging evident barbarous proper undue arrestive inscrutable befuddling profuse labored laboured wayward glamourous illusory unceremonious warped twisted senseless cock-eyed ineffable too good to be true gigantic overmuch imaginary farcical bohemian unspeakable unsurpassable plethoric dilly signature frightful tectonic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious recherche dreadful untold headline mystic malformed overextravagant nutty contrary Bohemian enthralling unmistakable personal overdue unnerving devilish illustrious hippy out of place fancy specialised awkward unmerciful critical revolutionary touching boundless overweening suspenseful baroque boho attention-grabbing unthought of supranatural specialized pioneering impenetrable perceptible unhinged demented disparate titanic mammoth private hallucinatory hulking hypothetical insupposable numinous humongous forceful vital large-scale mythological dissimilar theatrical fab few inspiring best ever above average crucial major-league goodly out-of-this-world par excellence phony weak august uplifting fateful better than expected highly unlikely occasional buzzworthy influential urgent front-page first-time thin on the ground phoney principal imperial undreamed-of flimsy largish not in the least likely out of sight steady of note pivotal out of the blue awe-striking too much remote opulent palatine avant garde in a league of its own swell elegant regal won't wash palatial first-rate in a class of its own hair-raising full of it princely magnific without warning recondite solemn kingly difficult to believe swanky beyond the realm of reason sumptuous first-class queenly statuesque splendiferous noble uninvestigated heavenly heroical beyond the bounds of possibility venerable ominous very great sightly baronial Homeric very unique immortal bigger than life very unusual odd strange leading finest chief foremost confusing other inexpressible determining blinding unbeaten offhand out-there unsocial cherished seldom seen unworldly other-worldly maverick topmost star loner providential pretend imitation concocted ersatz made-up staged discordant wandering representative innovative slang disconcerting perturbing chimeric imaginative romanesque esoteric straying digressive rambling without peer shady egregious nondescript asinine pointed wonderworking defective transgressing disputable shaky equivocal dodgy dubitable debatable doubtable deviative rummy dotty unharmonious copious breaking new ground problematical problematic captivating humorous arbitrary humbling reasonable upsetting exhilarating colourful whopping great what unhealthy unbalanced touched old-fashioned faultless flawless immaculate impeccable flustering devastating chimerical extra special eccentrical vagarious changeable teratoid fitful shock psycho mental disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent incoherent unexplainable out of keeping only excentrical corrupt off-beat the utmost exemplary model prototypical quintessential disproportionate unannounced astronomic gargantuan unnormal heteromorphic off the rails errant larger than life very different altered imported variant ready dope sick legit enjoyable mind-altering beat ambitious visionary misleading artificial inapprehensible raving antisocial whacking lunatic tense intriguing bent psychic fortuitous unforeseeable unlike one-off irreplaceable fat titantic bugged out suppositious potty illusive barmy daft whacking great immeasurable can't miss it undescribable the foreign-looking unrestrained disorderly surpassing belief random like nothing on earth insoluble unsolvable not prepared unblemished not on insupportable beyond possibility festive all your own psychedelic bountiful goofy silly impracticable mercurial what great streets ahead unparagoned heart-stopping godlike deranged not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams rad oversize decent loony infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo funny peculiar wicked maximum imcomprehensible reachy exaggerated overblown happy maniacal stupid featherheaded external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine beyond your ken bad ill imprudent dreamlike derisory foolhardy unworkable puerile quixotic balmy pure gripping riveting lively Herculean herculean fundamental unacceptable offensive undiscovered topical extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful archetypal in a class by itself not normal clear-cut visible overdone nasty late horrid unseemly uncivilised atrocious uncivilized spesh hidden dark uttermost inexplainable abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding world class graphic climactic vivid citable mentionable namable nameable red-carpet primary main celebratory drop-dead clear over-the-top OTT not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe reaching infeasible daring impassioned groovy dandy delicious absorbing affecting like wow hunky-dory rousing wildering omnipotent bionic irresponsible plentiful oversized bulky outsized outsize biggish maximal from abroad extramundane phantom non-rational hypernormal unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded very good relevant lamebrained scatterbrained shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady forcible heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up limitless unrepeatable unrepeated of particular interest worthy of note delightful admirable ostentatious gilt-edged telling charming jazzy compelling cogent gratifying studied bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason spectral zero cool worthy of mention murder splash boss hot underlined stand-out patent high-profile nameless never before encountered little-known unrenowned golden beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer portly won't hold water full of holes open to doubt for the birds past belief discrete diacritic mythic decisive milestone breath-taking purpose-built without precedent once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind separate highest greatest beyond human intensified fairy invisible unrevealed superordinary ghostlike secret uncomprehensible concealed predominant ascendant rip-roaring action-packed fairy-tale of substance preponderant cardinal impactful high-priority mighty capital keynote burning conclusive glaring high-level pressing heavy-duty earnest resonant all-important worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum ponderable potent climacteric grave triumphant fulfilling real worthwhile key of moment epoch-making the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at all-time scanty subtile subtle sparse tenuous attenuate short light attenuated deficient semioccasional scattered rarefied unfrequent limited firm sturdy sound folkloric fictitious soaring cheering shining satisfying honorable exalted pleasurable rewarding bright pleasing honourable epochal heart-warming deadly raging sovereign mortal excelling useful durable valuable heavyweight recognizable fictional imagined apocryphal traditional proverbial untenable superabundant infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute inspirational eternal accomplished primordial unequalable transcending whole unconfined intact innate abstract theoretical finished mother of all greatest possible strained uncredible distinguishable familiar custom identifiable allegorical parabolic symbolic storied earth-shaking terrifying rings phony hard to believe hard to take sky-high sky-scraping multistorey mountainous big-deal horrifying recognisable customised personalised individualised enchanted storybook made up fabled well-known of importance beyond grasp altitudinous Brobdingnagian not able to hold water spine-chilling of consequence of significance independent idiomatic subjective intimate customized patented individualized privy detectable express personalized decipherable cock and bull ginormous petrifying airy spiring aerial unmatchable unmeasurable towery skyscraping chilling fearsome blood-curdling scaring appalling forbidding ghastly hairy dread sinister bloodcurdling intimidating dire terrible eldritch horrible redoubtable direful spine-tingling nightmarish fearful hair-curling cliff-hanging causing excitement more than human

Tính từ

Extremely unpleasant in nature
awful dreadful foul horrible disgusting hideous nasty appalling horrid offensive frightful horrendous gross abominable revolting sickening loathsome nauseating vile nauseous odious repugnant obnoxious repulsive distasteful repellent tremendous bad hellacious objectionable poor stinking diabolical dire noisome rubbish vulgar abhorrent alarming beastly deplorable detestable distressing evil fulsome grotty icky lousy noxious obscene rancid repellant serious abysmal disgustful festy godawful harrowing loathly scandalous ugly depressing godforsaken grody grungy raunchy unpleasant unsightly yucko yucky very unpleasant God-awful sick-making from hell terrible wicked disagreeable displeasing troublesome irritating annoying irksome miserable unpalatable execrable vexatious uncomfortable unlovely hateful invidious uncongenial unwelcome rotten unpleasing unsavory harsh yukky unsavoury bitter shocking undesirable monstrous ghastly fearful eye-watering tragic grim horrifying frightening formidable terrifying terrific gruesome grievous unspeakable grisly atrocious intimidating nightmarish dread grewsome spine-chilling redoubtable direful scary forbidding fearsome nightmare horrific hair-raising lurid macabre calamitous frozen spooky shameful shuddersome mean creepy like death warmed up heinous daunting woeful lamentable unsatisfactory crummy unnerving outrageous dismal disturbing wretched cruel disgraceful traumatic pathetic disquieting upsetting insufferable very bad hellish egregious substandard inferior stressful difficult pitiful inadequate bogging fraught perturbing unsettling poxy duff pits agitating chronic hairy excruciating savage inhuman vicious hopeless disconcerting troubling rank evil-smelling foul-smelling smelly mediocre worrisome discomforting heavy useless laughable dismaying acrid malodorous putrid fetid severe agonizing torturous hard pongy stinky whiffy niffy petrifying distressful doleful overwhelming sick miasmal funky skanky mephitic third-rate second-rate tormenting troublous grave pants olid damnable painful eerie tragical startling foetid unacceptable ropy rebarbative sad rubbishy fiendish hurtful galling hostile agonising on the nose gut-churning despicable contemptible ruthless unbearable infernal punk unendurable a load of pants malevolent ungodly dreaded scaring parlous astounding bloodcurdling bloody sanguine unpardonable abject unforgivable inept bungling shoddy disheartening indescribable pitiless oppressed impoverished stark brutal merciless bleak grotesque inexcusable bum sucky inconceivable unbelievable tricky trying testing tough demanding frustrating pressured taxing catty poverty-stricken menacing unimaginable disastrous awesome murderous arduous tiring gruelling ineffable unutterable blood-stained awe-inspiring lame deficient inexpressible abusive impertinent insolent biting embarrassing cutting discourteous chilling preternatural undefinable beyond words trashy garbage wanting low-grade cheap paltry worthless indescribably bad beyond description indescribably wicked indescribably evil stupefying imposing impressive mean-looking grueling cut-rate under par low-quality less-than-stellar poor-quality second-class below par sub-par cruddy two-bit stunning astonishing bewildering amazing staggering baleful surprising too horrible for words glaring striking powerful afraid massive morbid weird a stinker of a a bummer of a spine-tingling infamous villainous humourless sombre humorless discomposing sober mortifying solemn somber nefarious gloomy sedate worrying heartbreaking unfortunate regrettable iniquitous violent unreasonable steep uncool unhappy saddening sour unappealing awkward afflicting uninviting afflictive affecting immoderate exorbitant insupportable unfair flagrant intolerable excessive barbaric concerning anguished sorrowful heartrending unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT preposterous O.T.T. extortionate uncivilised depraving flagitious debasing contumelious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing ignoble extreme uncivilized debauching corrupt notorious degenerate wanton criminal sinful over the top opprobrious heart-rending gut-wrenching nerve-racking off-putting nail-biting heart-breaking nerve-wracking satanic extremely bad devilish demonic demoniacal demoniac cacodemonic malicious malignant demonical demonian implacable Luciferian Mephistophelian diabolic black-hearted unholy serpentine

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